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OPsiaka: CI|rietian (Mtaaiati,

George & Ethel Beckmon
8-40 Kamizono-che
Nishinomiya 662, Japan
(not for Profit corporation)
Ja nuary 15 , 1977
Forwarding Agents
Richard & Margaret Saevre
R. R. I
Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
Dear Christian Friends:
VI CT ORY ! 1 ! In November a letter was sent to the Christians in Japan (individ
uals and churches) explaining the need to replace the boiler in Madden Building at Osaka
Bible Seminary and asking that they attempt to furnish the approximately $2 ,300 to accom
plish this. Within six weeks the money was in the office and the boiler has been replaced.
So far about 130 yen above the cost of the new boiler has come and is to be applied toward
this winter's fuel bill as was explained in the letter. The weather has been colder than
normal so far but God does supply. This surprised some of the Japanese Christians and is
now a challenge to them to attempt more for His word. PRAISE GOD !
Midweek classes for us were suspended during the year end holidays but some spe
cial activities kept us busy. Shoji Motobayashi and Jenann Planned and held a special
program for youth on December 25. They decorated the church room with words in Hebrew,
Greek, Japanese and English representing the different names or offices given to Jesus of
Nazareth. They sang Christian songs, played games, some with Bible content, and had
refreshments. Seven Junior and Senior high school students who had never been in the ser
vices here before attended.
Mr. Hideo Kita, high school student, was bap
tized December 19 as scheduled in the baptistry at
the Inano Church building (we have no such facili
ties here). His father's younger sister who is a
Christian living in Tokoyo came to witness this. His
father also attended this service and then came to
church after the baptism to eat sukuyaki with the
Christians here and attend the special service that
night. (At the left Mr. Kita is standing beneath the
Japanese word "Sukuinushi" (Savior) which was over
the entrance to the church room for the youth meet-
We are back in a regular schedule after the holidays. George is teaching an ex
egesis of Galatians through Hebrews at the Seminary. Ethel has a new member in her
Thursday Bible class.
Thank you and may God bless you all in this year of 1 9 7 7 .
In Christ,
Georg^e & Ethel Beckman
Jenann says:
I'm back in language school and our class has learned our 200th Chinese character.
The young people who meet on Sunday afternoon before the Rokko Church services
(and my Sunday School class) have decided to come a half hour earlier in order to study the
Gospel of Mark. The songs we learn we sing for programs like the Christmas service and
the monthly visit to the old peoples home, and now we've been asked to have a special
number for the church service once a month.
In Jesus' name,
1. The women in Ethel's classes.
2. Ethel's preparation for her new class at the Seminary.
3. Mr. & Mrs. Higaki who continue to study the Bible with us.
4. Mr. Kita and Mr. Notogayashi as young and new hristians.
5. For the families of the above two young men,
6. Jenann and her support.
0II|ri2ltan (3Jnc.
George -&'Efhel fleckmgi
^"^"40 KamizQno>cho
Nishmomiyo 662, Japan
Dear Christian Friends:
(not (or Profit corporotion)
April 25,' 1977
Forwarding Agents
Richard & Margaret Saevre
R. R. I
Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
GREETINGS in this season of changes. Not only is this Spring but the school year and
the national fiscal year changes. As a result there are numerous other changes and thus the
members of Ethel's Bible classes change as husbands are transferred by their companies.
In preparation for some of these changes we have been very busy and the short vacation be
tween school years was all too short.
^ Mr. Satoru Taninari and Miss Matsuoka were the main people
in the graduation service held at Osaka Bible Seminary,
March 25. Miss Matsuoka had been studying for two years
and received a 2-year Certificate. She is continuing some
special s c h o o 1i ng beforeentering her life's work. Mr.
Taninari lacked one required course for a 4-year degree and
is studying that this new school term so that his degree will
become official when this is completed in July. He is preach
ing for the Nakaburi Church and living at the school. He is
Two new students began studying at the S e minary
April 12. Mr. Tetsuaki Kimura came from Sapporo,
Hokkaido, where he had been working after graduating
from high school and helping Mr. and Mrs. Faber in
the church there. His brother, a graduate of the
Seminary, is the preacher at Tomakomai, Hokkaido.
Mrs. Chieko Kawabata lives in Hirakata where she has
been attending the Nakaburi Church. She had been a
Christian, graduated from a junior college and married,
but her marriage has ended and she wants to try to do
something with her life in Christian service. She was
immersed at the Nakaburi Church a few days before
starting to study at the Seminary. Her little boy, 3 years old, lives with her and attends a
kindergarten near the Seminary. Mr. Kimura is also married. His wife has a health problem
and is with her parents this first term.
Ethel is teaching a new class in Old Testament Foundations to the first year students <\i
the Seminary. She is also continuing to teach the two women's Bible classes here as
well as some of the children who come to the Sunday school in the morning.
Jenann continues her language study and teaching the small children who come Sunday
afternoon. She is also teaching some of the children Sunday morning, which makes it
easier for Ethel.
George is teaching an exegesis of Romans and Corinthians to the second year stut'
and the inter-Biblical period to the first year students at the Seminary.
John has been admitted into the Medical College of the University of Oklahoma. He
and his wife, Tsai, are planning to move to the Oklahoma City area soon after he graduates
from Oklahoma State University next month.
1. Mr. and Mrs. Higaki. His mother is near death with cancer.
2. The leadership of the Japanese churches.
In Christ,
The Beckmans
"BlO.S///-?! ^ -
Mailing; Address
^ ; - 8 - 40 Kamizono-cho
B I 0 G R A P H I C A L SKETCH v Nlshinoniiya 662,
^ 0,. - V.'
George H^" Beckman '-v ;.-'v-'';'' V;/;:v;.v":-.
Birth; 7/28/17
Place: Platte^ South Dakota
.Place':' -v,'" /
Activities outside of ministry:
State Teachers College^ - Waynes Nehraskgj-(graduated Jan., *4l)
Manhattan Bible College (graduateci - 1943)
Attended Butler School of Religion
Lincoln Christian College (Masters Degr^eH- 1966)
Missionary to Japan sihce
Head of the New Testarti'ent Dept; Osaka Bihle Seminary
"""" Osaka, Japan
Wife: Ethel
Children & Ages: John United States Air Force Medic
. : ; will enter Oklahoma State University
-'''' ^ Stillwater, k l this Pall.
Jenarin - student Minnesota Bible College
Mary - student Berkley -University California
. ; " Ruth - student - Manhattan Bible College
On File: Yes No
Where Available
When was (he/she) "baptized a Christian? Where and "by whom?
Wayne, Nebraska
INFLUENCES: Who had an early influence on (his/her) life that led
(him/her) into a Christian ministry?
His Uncle and Aunt (John & Mabel Beckman)
Is there an early incident in (his/her) life that helped
mold (his/her) career?
"The summer of 19^3 Warren Dlttemore, a fellow student at Manhattn Bible
College, invited George to come and live with Aim in the church building at
Norton, Kansas where he was preaching. This was through the summer and
George had a chance to work in the harvest fields to earn extra money. This
was one factor that helped to direct him to serve Christ abroad "
MARRIAGE: About (his/her) marriage...When?
How did (he/she) meet (her/him)?
To Ethel Brown - Jione 10, 19^7 \
By: Dr. Nakarai at Butler School of Religion \
Met as students at Butler School of Religion.)
TESTIMONIES: As a (son/daughter/close friend/associate) is there an
incident involving you and (he/she) that you warmly or
affectionately cherish? Explain.
see attached sheet
Where? By whom?
6 ^
Do you recall a statement made by someone regarding (him/
her; that is note-worthy? What was it and who made it?
AFFILIATIONS: Where does (he/she) have church membership? living-link
relationship? mission bosird affiliation?
Living Link Churches: Central Christian Church - Belbit, Wise.
Central Christian Church - Rockford, 111.
Central Christian Church - Waukegan, 111.
Church of Christ - Footville, Wise.
" #8a:fea Cipristiatt (MtsBtaw,
Missionaries (not for Profit corporation) Forwarding Agents
George & Ethel Beckmon Richard & Margaret Saevre
8-40 Kamizono-cho OSAKA BIBLE SEMINARY R. R. I
Nishlnomiya 662, Japan Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
Influenced his decision to go to Japan
At the Buttler School of Religion George met five people that
influenced his decision to work in Japan as a missionary. The
first person was Dr. T. W. Nakarai, a Japanese, bom in the
city of Kyoto, Japan. This was his first association with a
person of another race in various Christian experiences such as
study of God *s Word, partaking of the Lord *s Supper and learning
of conversion of non-Christians of another race.
He also met Harold. Cole, who at that time was getting ready
to return to Osaka, Japan, and reopen the work of Osaka Christian
Mission after World War III He invited George to come to
Japan and help by serving on the faculty of Osaka Bible Seminary.
He then met Martin Clark:and Ray Mings who were students also
and planning oh going to;Japan to work. He also met Ethel
Brown, who had come to the School of Religion with the intention
of study and preparation to go to Japan as a missionary. After
a romance of about seyen monthsiwe made two decisions at about
the same time. One was to accept the invitation to Join
Osaka Christian' Mission and the other was to go to Japan as man
and wife. Ax George and Ethel were married by Dr. Nakarai,
June 10, 1947. Neither of them stayed long enough to get a
degree from the School of Religion. They xkeAkA arrived in
Japan, December 28, 1948. The first five years they lived in
Kyoto, the birth place of Dr. Nakarai, and started the Sakyo
Church there. This was part payment for the marriage ceremony
performed by a native of Kyoto, a city with a population of
about one million. They also taught in Osaka Bible Seminary.
Their four children were all born in Kyoto. They have
lived in Kyoto, Osaka, Hifakata and now are living in Nishinomiya.
They have continued their efforts in Osaka Bible Seminary as well
as working with various congregations in different ways.
- c3 -
' ' (mkn dprigttan
Missionaries (not for Profit corporation) Forwarding Agents
George & Ethel Beckmon Richard & Margaret Saevre
8-40 Kamlzono-cho OSAKA BIBLE SEMINARY R. R. i
Nishinctniyo 662, Japan Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
During his first term in Japan, George started the Greek
department in Osaka Bible Seminary. Mr. Akira Oda was one of the
students in the first class. George gave him extra help and
encouraged him to accept the full responsibility for the Greek
program in the seminary. He exceeded George's hopes. This program
will continue in an excellent way even in George's absence. He
also encouraged Mr. Oda to work on a Greek-Japanese lexicon as
there was none available in the world. This took a very long time.
Thanks to the help of many the lexicon became a reality.
This Greek-Japanese lexicon has been placed in the hands of
the Japanese and this is of:^great significance. This lexicon is
more important than any Greek-English lexicon. The Japanese
language unlike the English language has no Christian concepts for
a basis. Instead it is filled with Shinto, Buddhist and Confucian
concepts. Thus while the Japanese language is capable of easily
expressing many ideas with clarity it is inadequate to express
some of the basic ideas of Christianity with clarity, inxiiitx
ggwgwYtelgirsry^acyayygyBgyicBgTexgHgx ThUS, this lexiCOn iS Of benefit.
George says, "We know not what the future here holds for us.
But we have been useful and reached a very significant
goal. But there may be time yet for even greater
goals. The amb\int and difficulty of the work ahead
is exceedingly great. But this is the challenge to
greater efforts. This makes life worth living. We
can do our very best to meet that challenge. This
is what God expects. This is what gives great
- CPsaka Ctiristian (^tsstan,
Missionaries (not for Profif corporotion) Forwarding Agents
George & Ethel Beekman Richard & Margaret Soevre
8-40 Kamizono-cho OSAKA BIBLE SEMINARY
Nishinomiyo 662. Japan Brodhead. Wisconsin 53520
July 22, 1976
Eunice Towns, Editorial Assistant
Mission Services Association
P. 0. Box 177
Kemptibn, Indiana
There has been no basic change in our work since the 1974
information we sent you*
Present activity of our children:
John is married to a Taiwanese girl and they live in Stillwater,
Oklahoma where he is pre-medical student in Oklahoma State
Jenann graduated from Minnesota Bible College in May, 1974
is planning to retxim to Japan, September 12, with us to begin
language study in preparation for missionary work there.
Mary graduated from the University of California at Berkley
where she intends to continue in graduate study. She lives in
Ruth married David Hinson in June of this year. They live in
Manhattan, Kansas where they are both students at Manhattan
Christian College.
Hurriedly as this is four month furlough??? and there is
much tb do and many people to see before returning to Japan to
be in time for teaching responsibilities at Osaka Bible
Seminary beginning September 21st.
In His Service, A
George H. Beekman
OII|rtattan (Mtsstnti,
Missionaries (not for Profir corporation) Forwarding Agents
George & Ethel Beckman Richard & Margaret Saevre
8-40 Koriizon^cho 3,3I_E SEMINARY '
Nishinomiya 662, Japan Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
July 20, 1977
Dear Christian Friends:
A busy twelve week term at the Seminary and the rainy season has ended and sum
mer has begun with its hot, humid days. The weatherman keeps reporting 50% humidity, but
the guage in our living room registers nearly 80%.
The two freshman students, Mr. Kimura from Sapporo, Hokkaido and Mrs. Kawabata
from Hirakata are both mature students, both having been employed before deciding to come
to the Seminary. They are both diligent and cooperative students, which has been a great
blessing to^th^i in her first attempt to teach a course in the Seminary..-Japanese.
The twelve weekTierm has been a great experience for Ethel, Unmistakably she ben
efited more from the experience than anyone.
A few high-lights of what has happened during the three months from April to June:
1. The annual All Japan Convention of the Churches of Christ, Nearly 230 attended the
Japanese language convention held near Lake Biwa in this area, planned by the preachers
of this area. About fifty attended the missionary or English language convention held
nearer Osaka. Next Year's conventions will be held on Okinawa.
l\^.,Nakana received his Master of Arts degree from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary on
May 6.. Now all the full time Japanese faculty members have advanced degrees.
On June 18 and 19 the Rokko Church had a two day special meeting, wtih a movie on
Saturday evening and Mr. Taniyama as special speaker on Sunday afternoon and even
4. On July 3, Mrs. Oka of Ethel's Bible Class, was
iTT^inftrsed into Christ and joined the Rooko Church,
"Mrs'I ^ara had also intended to be immersed on
that day, but was away for a month caring for a
sick daughter. Now she is moving to the Nagoya
(Pictured at the left is Mr. Saitoh baptizing Mrs,
Oka in the baptistry in Sugano Hall on the campus
of Osaka Bible Seminary. There is no good place
near our home for baptisms.)
Mr. and Mrs. Shoji have joined Mr. and Mrs. Higaki in the Wednesday evening Bible
study. While Mr. Shoji has to work late in the bank often and has to miss they are en
joying the study. Pray that the two men may be led to Christ.
On July 7 and 8^t._and Mrs. Lewis Foster and daughter Gail visited us on their way
to Kyushu and on to Austrailia where Dr. Foster will be teaching one term in the Bible
College in Sydney. Dr. Foster spoke in chapel each morning and missionaries and
faculty members met here for a picnic supper with them.
Usually the women in Ethel's Bible Classes want vacation while their children have
vacation from school, but this year they asked her to continue teaching throughout the
summer. The two classes will meet together until September.
Jenannhas finished one school year in_la^nguage school. Since summer school is too
"expensive she has decided to rest from formaL study and concentrate on catching up on
other things. She is taking over more of the Sunday School work now that she has
gained more confidence in her use of the language. Sh^ still does not have enougl^reg
ular support to meet her needs.
Thank you and may God bless you
In Christ,
The Beckmans
area to live with her oldest son.
Clijrtstian ^tastan, (Snc.
Missionaries (no, fo^ p^ofj, corporation) Forwarding Agents
Gfl^^thel Beckmm Richard &Margorel Soevre
8 * 40 Komizono<cho d n i
OSAKA BIBLE SEMINARY . ' 662. Japan . /Brojheod, Wisconsin 53520
September 12, 1977;
Dear Christian Friends:
Greetings from a hot and dry Nishinomiya in Japan. While the rest of Japan had almost
too much rain during the month of August, the Kansai area had only hot, sunny days result
ing in a water shortage for some parts around Osaka. While we did not lack in water, it
took a lot of watering to keep the lawn and garden alive. This year the typhoons coming to
Japan have been very few - in fact we have had no major typhoon come this way to bring
much needed rain and cool weather, so we are still sweltering under 90 degree plus days,
though most of the nights are cooler.
Ethel's Bible classes during the day, had vacation during the month of August while
the children had vacation from school. However, we continued with the Bible class on Wed
nesday evenings. Although Mr. & Mrs. Shoji could not come very often because of his late
hours at the bank where he works, Mr. & Mrs. Higaki and Mr. Oka have been quite regular.
We are now studying the book of Acts.
This summer some of the mothers in the apartment next door have been bringing their
children to Sunday School. One afternoon Ethel invited them over for a visit and as a result
they have decided to come for Bible study twice a month while Jenann is here to entertain
their small children. This afternoon the three mothers came and brought a fourth mother and
their seven children with them. Little one year old Hiromi chan stays with her mother but
the other 2 & 3 year olds, five active boys and one girl, are almost too much for her to
handle. They will study the Gospel of Luke so Ethel can use the same preparation she makes
for her Thursday morning English Bible class. To help her out she has asked the Thursday
Bible class members to translate the questions for the lessons into Japanese for her as part
of their assignments.
While we have had some vacation from classes, we have worked hard this summer.
Ethel and Jenann painted and papered the living room, hall, and combination spare bedroom
and Ethel's study. Besides filling in for Martin Clark on Saturdays at Senri, George has
worked in the yard and garden.
/ On August 15 we received a telephone call fromjg^vlan Lemmon saying that she found
Aack Makishima whom she had taken into her home from prison two years, agg dead in her
/ bathroom. They had gone to Karuizawa together but Jack had returned home in a couple days
( *sS%at he had been dead about six days when Vivian came home aweek later. It was a
V" shock to all of us and we did what we could to help Vivian the next week or so. She is
finally getting rested and her apartment straightened up in spite of the terrible hot weather.
This week Thursday and Friday are "clean up" days at Osaka Bible Seminary when fac
ulty, students and staff make the campus a little more conducive to good study after some
neglect through the summer months. Glasses will start the 20th. George will be teaching
a class in Text and Canon to the advanced students. In this class we make some study of
why we have the particular 66 books in the Bible and why the particular original words are
included for translation into the current languages of the world.
As of September 29 our new telephone number is 0798-71-7170.
In Christ, . ,
George & Ethel Beckman
Tenann savs: "We had a lawn party on August 15 and invited young people from the
neighborhood in order to acquaint them with our young people's meetings. 'We' is Shoji
Motobayashi and 1, who did the planning, and his sister, Yuri, and Mr. Kida, who helped
prepare things for the games and sticks for the weiner roast. Ten people came, and they all
said they had a good time. Monday afternoon (Sept. 5) Shoji and I called on those who
hadn't started back to school yet (he started Thursday. - 8th, I start tomorrow - the 13th), to
invite them once more to come to our meetings. Mr. Kida's school had already started, but
after he got home we took him with us to two more homes. This was his first experience in
inviting people in person, P.T.L. !"
In Christ,
J^ann Beckman