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The Denison Calzoni lineup of

radial piston hydraulic motors, now

available from Denison's sales team
and distributors throughout the
world, shares the same kind of
unique pedigree and excellence of
design that Denison vane, piston and
valve products are known for.
The Calzoni motor's functional
principle: It's in the transmission of
hydraulic force to the motor's eccen-
tric shaft by means of a telescopic
piston-cylinder system without the
need of other mechanical compo-
nents - n a m e l y, piston rods.
The piston-cylinder system acts
between the two spherical surfaces
of the eccentric shaft and cylinder
head. An important advantage of
the Calzoni principle is that the seal-
ing circular profile does not change
its geometry under pressure.
The specially hardened eccentric
shaft provides minimum mechanical
wear and hydraulic losses, thus
boosting mechanical and volumetric
e f f i c i e n c i e s .
Hydraulic oil distribution is
achieved by means of a rotary valve
driven by the motor shaft. The timing
system has a radial configuration and
is hydraulically balanced. It has been
designed to self-recover in case of
thermal expansion and contraction.
As a result, the motor prov i d e s
smooth transmission of the torque,
even at extremely low speed.
Calzonis uniqueness
is designed in
Denison Calzoni was formed in
mid-2000 as the result of Denison
Hydraulics' acquisition of 100
percent of the shares of hydraulic
motor manufacturer Riva Calzoni
Oleodinamica S.p.A., Bologna, Italy.
Look! No piston rods.
The design development of a
venerable Bologna, Italy, manufac-
turing company, Calzoni hydraulic
motors have long been used on the
world's contruction equipment
m a c h i n e s .
Historically strong in Europe and
the Far East, Calzoni today has
greater visibility and availability (as
well as sales, service and support)
in North America than ever before.
Since the acquisition
of Calzoni by Denison
Hydraulics last year, sales,
s e r v i c e, support and application
assistance for these low speed, high
torque motors is available from a
core stocking location at Denison's
headquarters in Marysville, Ohio,
and through Denison's extensive
network of distributors in the U. S . ,
Canada and Latin America.
The Denison
Calzoni MR
Denison Calzoni motors
now sold and serviced
from Marysville, Ohio
Denisons role as a major
hydraulics supplier to the con-
struction equipment industry
took a giant step forward in 2000
when the company completed
the acquisition of Italian
hydraulic motor manufacturer
Riva Calzoni Oleodinamica S.p.A.
Calzoni now Denison
Calzoni markets its low speed,
high torque motors to manufac-
turers of construction equipment
machines. That market has long
been a focus of traditional
Denison hydraulic products,
namely, vane pumps made in
Vierzon, France, and piston pumps
made in Marysville, Ohio.
Were now able to approach
manufacturers with more of a
systems approach to their
hydraulic needs, says Denison
Calzoni sales manager Mike
Beals, whos based at the
Denison headquarters in
Marysville, Ohio. Were teaming
with our hydraulics sales forces
in Europe, the Far East, North
America and Latin America to
strengthen the companys position.
Where Calzoni has a strong
relationship with a particular
construction equipment manu-
facturer, were now able to offer
the full Denison line. And at cus-
tomers where Denison is strong
but Calzoni isnt, were taking
advantage of the opportunity to
introduce our motors.
The acquisition gives the
Calzoni product instant access to
the Denison world-wide distribu-
tion network as well as Denisons
own sales force.
Deni son Hydraul ics, Inc. 14249 Industrial Parkway, Marysville, OH 43040
w w w. denison@deni sonhydraul 1 . 8 0 0 . 5 5 1 . 5 9 5 6
Calzoni acquisition strengthens
Denison in construction market
Calzoni acquisition strengthens
Denison in construction market
Denison Calzoni radial piston hydraulic
motors for construction equipment.