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1. In what different ways is the rei!i"#s $"%%#nity &in $risis' (ine 2)* Use y"#r
"wn w"rds as far as +"ssi,e. -2.
Answers sh"#d $"ntain / +"ints0
(a) A!ein!: members growing older/graying/no younger members
(b) 1windin!2 numbers/membership is reducing/shrinking/getting smaller/fewer in
(c) Gr#d!es2 Sanders2 they harbour long-standing anger and spread rumours about
each other/they are on bad terms/at odds with each other/personal/animosities/ill-
feeling/fighting apparent/gossiping about each other/spreading rumours.
Candidate's Sa%+e Answer2
The rei!i"#s $"%%#nity has a +"+#ati"n that is ,e$"%in! s%aer and $"nsists "f
%"re "d f"3s. Ani%"sity and h"stiity $an ,e fet a%"n! the residents.
2. 4"w d"es the first +ara!ra+h i#strate &the rede%+ti5e +"wer "f f""d' (ines 67
8)* (2 %ar3s)
Answers %#st $a+t#re the %eanin! "f &rede%+ti5e'2
(a) bad state before ill feelings/bad feelings/tensions/animosities
(b) better feelings after.good will/peace/unity/togetherness/friendships (more
positive elements)
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers2
They +#t hatred aside and %ade +ea$e "5er this s#%+t#"#s %ea.
9""d #nites +e"+e: s" that ani%"sities are f"r!"tten a%"n! the +e"+e
$ee,ratin! their f"#nder's ,irth and they $"%e t"!ether in +ea$e.
/. E;+ain what the a#th"r %eans ,y $ain! fast f""d "#tets &ready s"#r$e "f $hea+
ref#ein!' (ines /67/8). Use y"#r "wn w"rds as far as +"ssi,e. -2 %ar3s.
3 points to look out for in the answers
(a) !"#$%: common/many of them/easily accessible/convenient/speedy
(b) &'"#(: ine)pensive/affordable/good value/cost-effective/
* !"+,"--./0: satisfy hunger/provide nutrition/stock up on energy/not concerned
about the 1uality of food
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers2
9ast f""d is aways a5aia,e t" satisfy "#r h#n!er at aff"rda,e +ri$es.
9ast f""d "#tets !i5e i%%ediate f"r%s "f aff"rda,e and "w $"st re+enish%ent
"f ener!y. The f""d ser5ed at fast f""d "#tets is n"t "ny ine;+ensi5e ,#t refis
and re+enishes "ne with f""d.
<. What d"es the a#th"r %ean ,y &$#inary di5ersity' (ine <0) and h"w is it
threatened* -2 %ar3s.
(a) 5ariety "f f""d
(,) (threatened ,y) = %"re +e"+e n"w #sin!>rise "f !",a "#tets>fast f""d
"+erati"ns>ta3in! $#st"%ers fr"% "$a "#tets>sa%eness in$reasin!
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers2
Pa$es whi$h se a 5ariety "f f""d whi$h are #ni?#e are a$t#ay threatened ,y
the inf"w "f fast f""d resta#rants whi$h attra$t $#st"%ers away.
@C#inary di5ersityA is the 5ari"#s ty+es "f f""d a5aia,e t" #s. It is threatened
,y the d"%inan$e "f %#ti7nati"na ,rands s" "$a ,rands has t" ,e +hased "#t
res#tin! in the "ss "f "$a $#isine.
the 5ariety "f "$a f""ds is threatened ,y s"$ia +resti!e that a $ertain $#t#re's
f""d has that %a3es +e"+e reBe$t their "$a f""d +r"5iders.
C. Usin! y"#r "wn w"rds as far as +"ssi,e: e;+ain the ir"ny whi$h the a#th"r
des$ri,es in ines C<7CC. -2.
(a) (+r";i%ity>$"seness "f) ,""3s en$"#ra!in! eatin!: with ,""3s ad5"$atin! eatin!
(,) Is a $"ntradi$ti"n>ad5"$ates $"ntradi$t"ry>$"nfi$tin! ,eha5i"#r>"ne w"r3s
a!ainst the "ther
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers2
The ,""3s $"ntradi$t ea$h "ther in their $"nte;t: yet they are +#t
t"!ether where "ne ta3s a,"#t re$i+es s" y"# $an eat %"re and the "ther is
a,"#t eatin! ess t" "se wei!ht.
The $""3,""3s en$"#ra!e +e"+e t" eat %"re yet the diet ,""3
en$"#ra!es +e"+e t" eat ess t" +r"%"te Western ,ea#ty: whi$h is the si%
fi!#re. One $ann"t +"ssi,y d" ,"th: yet these ,""3s are +a$ed side ,y side "n
the she5es.
The "ne en$"#ra!in! %"re eatin! thr"#!h $""3in! is fi!htin! f"r a
s+"t in the sh"+ with the "ne en$"#ra!in! the e;a$t "++"site D t" eat ess thr"#!h
E. Why is the w"rd &her' (ine EE) in in5erted $"%%as* -1.
4he is a fictitious character/she does not e)ist/recipes are the author5s.
Candidate's Sa%+e Answer2
This is ,e$a#se she is a fi$ti"na $hara$ter: n"t rea ,#t %ade #+ ,y the a#th"r.
6. E;+ain the a#th"r's #se "f the w"rd &e5en' in the +hrase &e5en in the a,ein!
and +a$3a!in!' (ine 6/) -2.
(a) E5erythin! a,"#t the f""d itsef $an ,e ?#esti"ned>$riti$iFed>$an ,e$"%e an
(,) t" s#$h an e;tent>t" s#$h an e;tre%e that there are en5ir"n%enta iss#e>$"n$erns
ar"#nd h"w the f""d is +a$3a!ed>s"%ethin!>detais whi$h a++ear insi!nifi$ant
"r ha5e n"thin! t" d" with f""d are ?#esti"ned.
Candidate's Sa%+e Answer2
4e i%+ies that the ittest detais %#st n"t ,e "5er""3ed0 it as" s#!!ests the
$"%+i$ati"ns that arise in $""3in! a %ea.
A "t "f fa$t"rs ha5e t" ,e ta3en int" $"nsiderati"n when ,#yin! f""d: #ni3e
in the +ast. N"w: e5ent he s%aest a$t "f a,ein! and +a$3a!in! %#st ,e
$"nsidered: t"".
8 Whi$h as+e$t "f the a#th"r's ar!#%ent in the ast +ara!ra+h is reinf"r$ed ,y the
?#"tati"n fr"% G.S. Hi* -1.
SOIEREIGN2 (his w"rds>they e%+ahsised that) it is a %atter "f +ers"na $h"i$e>it
is #+ t" y"#>it is n"t #+ t" e;+erts.
Candidate's Sa%+e Answer2
&After a "f y"#: n"t the e;+erts ha5e the fina say' is reinf"r$ed ,y the
?#"tati"n fr"% Hi.
The ?#"tati"n reinf"r$es h"w we are e%+"wered with $h"i$e when it $"%es
t" $"ntr"in! "#r diet.
The ?#"tati"n ,y G.S. Hi reinf"r$es that whate5er "thers %ay +r"$ai%: "ne
has the fina de$isi"n "5er "nesef.
J Gi5e the %eanin! "f the f""win! w"rds as they are #sed in the +assa!e.
Write y"#r answers in "ne w"rd "r a sh"rt +hrase. -C.
C"nsiderati"ns f"r I"$a,#ary K#esti"n2
Answers need t" $"n5ey the n#an$es "f the w"rds.
Ri$h $"nn"tati"n
If the first +art "f the answer ri!ht: it d"es n"t %atter whether the se$"nd
+art "f it is wr"n!: the %ar3 is sti awarded.
Heanin! %#st ,e in $"nte;t "f the +assa!e
Use a +hrase t" e;+ain.
I"$a,#ary 1 %ar3 0 %ar3
(a) re%"te (ine 2) +ar/far away/far off/distant/not
easy to reach/cut
Candidate's Sa%+e Answer
4ard t" a$$ess
(,) t"3en (ine 1/ 4ymbol/sign/demonstration/gesture
+orm of
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers
# simple act
4ymbolic gesture
L tr#%+etin! (ine CC) #nnouncing loudly/(intensifier
needed/ proclaiming/broadcasting
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers
loudly advertising
publicising in a loud way
eye-catching manner
(need to use the 1ualifier
(d) destit#te (ine E<) 8ery poor/had
nothing/penniless/down and out/in
real poverty/fallen on hard
impoverished/in a sorry state/in a
dire need
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers
e)tremely poor
in dire straits (need to use
the 1ualifier 6very5
(e) fra#!ht (ine 6<) -aden with/burdened
with/complicated by/weighed down
with/troubled with/ridden with/full
of/overwhelmed by
Candidate's Sa%+e Answers
a$ed with
+e++ered with %any
ne!ati5e e;+e$tati"ns
#ssociated with
10. Usin! %ateria fr"% +ara!ra+hs 2 and / "f the +assa!e (ines J7/8): s#%%arise
what the a#th"r has t" say a,"#t the i%+"rtan$e "f f""d in rei!i"ns and in
fa%iies: and h"w as+e$ts "f %"dern ife are ,rin!in! a,"#t $han!e.
Write y"#r s#%%ary in n" %"re than 120 w"rds: n"t $"#ntin! the "+enin!
w"rds whi$h are +rinted ,e"w. Use y"#r "wn w"rds as far as +"ssi,e. -8.
:hen religions and families are concerned; food is important firstly; because..
Lifted Re7e;+ressed P"ints
2 "ither the in$#si"n "r +r"hi,iti"n "f
$ertain f""dst#ffs.
A. :hether through meals; prayers to
gods or abstinence; all of which allows
and disallows/ some food.
3 4uch in!redients are "ften +re+ared in
a ti%e7h"n"#red way: esta,ished
when +reser5ati"n te$hni?#es were
M. <he contents are cooked in a time-
tested and traditional /conventional
developed way
3 .n feastin!; the participants $ee,rate
an e5ent "r a ife
C. .n meals; food marks an important
moment/occasion or e)istence of a being
9 =n other occasions; a +"rti"n "f the
f""d is "ffered t" the deity as a t"3en
1. # certain amount of the food is
presented to the gods as a sign/symbol of
"f !ratit#de "r a++ease%ent0
other faiths feature fastin! as an a$t "f
at"ne%ent: sef7denia
"r $"%+assi"n: where "ne "5er$"%es
the +hysi$a w"rd and $"n$entrates
"n the s+irit#a: "r a$ti5ey shares in
the s#fferin! "f "thers.
thanksgiving or
E. a way to placate and pacify them.
9. =thers are done as an act of contrition
for sins committed;
G. fasting or showing care and concern
for others
A =a $"%%#nities are #nited and
stren!thened thr"#!h the f""d they
eat and the eatin! +atterns and
,eha5i"#rs whi$h a$$"%+any it.
4. +ood integrates and reinforces cultures
through the manner / method of
consumption and conduct.
"ating the same food esta,ishes a
sense "f $"%%#nity; making it seem an
e)tended family in which the traditional
foodstuffs e5"3e %e%"ries "f "ther
ti%es and +a$es $r#$ia t" the
+arti$i+ants' $reeds and $#t#res.
I. &onsumption of the same food builds a
sense of cohesion.
G. and reminds their common
past/heritage/history and the locations
which are important to the participants5
beliefs and races.
23 . <he act of a family eating together
echoes this; and can reinf"r$e in3s and
+r"%"te $"hesi"n=
N. .t also strengthens connections / links
and builds bond
23 :here even the sha+e "f the ta,e and
the eatin! arran!e%ents $an ,e si!ns
"f stat#s and hierar$hies.
L. <he physical appearance of the table
and seating patterns of the participants
reflect their familial positions and stature
.n %any "f t"day's h"%es; however;
the tee5isi"n and n"t the dinin! ta,e
is more often the h#, of eating activity
as the family mean comes under
+ress#re fr"% the +a$e "f %"dern ife
and its attendant de%ands.
H. <hese days; technology such as the
television has become the central place
where families gather together for a meal.
N. <oday; with the stress of the rat race
and the various e)pectations
2C .n an e5er7in$reasin! number of
families ,"th +arents !" t" w"r3;
#nder%inin! in tw" ways the f"r%er
+re5aen$e "f +re+arin! and eatin!
%eas at h"%e.
O. <oday; both parents work and thus
they do not cook and eat with their
2? +irstly; more w"%en; are now
enterin! the w"r3 f"r$e and n" "n!er
fee ",i!ated ,y $#st"% "r $#t#re t"
$""3 when they ret#rn h"%e; and so
s+endin! "n ta3eaways "r +re7
+re+ared %eas has increased greatly.
P. &areer women do not cook anymore
and so they buy food home for the family
2@ 4econdly there is n"w far %"re eatin!
"#t at fast f""d "#tets; a s"$ieta shift
dri5en +arty ,y the de%ands "f
$hidren: wh" ha5e ,een tar!eted ,y
the %an#fa$t#rers' ad5ertisin!
K. <here is an increase in fast food Doints
today and more time is spent on
R. also; children are now targeted by
producers of such ready made food.
$a%+ai!ns with merchandise and "ffers
ass"$iated with areas "f y"#n!
+e"+e's interest s#$h s+"rt: %#si$
and fi%s.
<he youth are also 6victims5 of food
S. as they connect it with their hobbies
and desires as in sports; music and films
2A (arents; +erha+s feein! !#ity about
w"r3in! s#$h "n! h"#rs; often find it
hard t" resist the te%+tati"n t" treat
their $hidren t" a %ea there.
T. +eeling bad about not preparing and
eating together with the family; parents
submit to their off-springs5 demands by
eating at fast food Doints.
#nd when these $hidren the%se5es
,e$"%e teena!ers: their s"$ia i5es
are as" "ften ,#sy and freneti$ay7
+a$ed; and fast f""d "#tets +r"5ide
ready s"#r$es "f $hea+ ref#ein!; as
well as being +a$es f"r the i3e7
%inded t" $"n!re!ate.
U. <he whole cycle repeats when children
become adolescents and as food out there
are cheap;
I. to they gather there to meet.
P"ints7Har3 Ta,e O(different ea$h year)
2-3 E 2 mark
3-9 E 3 marks
>-C E 3 marks
?-@ E 9 marks
A E > marks
2B-22EC marks
23-23 E ? marks
F 29 E @ marks
22. .n this article; (atricia =54ullivan describes some current issues around the subDect of
food. 'ow applicable do you find her observations to yourself and your own
a. &andidates will be given full credits to answers which adopt different approaches
H provided they present a valid response to the re1uirements of the task.
REKUIREHENTS2 Candidates sh"#d2
a. ")plain how issues around food are /are not important for themselves for
4ingaporeans generally (<hey may say 6is5 to one; and 6is5 not to the other.
b. 4upport their views with reasoned arguments
c. 4how understanding of the ideas and attitudes in the passage
d. ")plain why they agree or disagree with them
EPPLANATION2 Candidates sh"#d sh"w #nderstandin! "f s"%e "f the f""win!0
a. <he significance of food in their religions / some other religions
b. &hanges in family eating habits due to parents5 changing working patterns.
c. <he centrality of the television
d. :orking women less likely to cook at home.
e. !ise of fast food outlets and their threat to local businesses / culinary diversity
f. <he influence of western diet.
g. =besity and its causes
h. -oss of cooking skills / rise of cookery programmes on television
i. (opularity of diet books / contemporary nature of female beauty
D. +ood issues H (carbon footprints / endangered animals/ animal welfare / chemical
modification / additives / fairplay / fair ta) / recycling
EIALUATION2 Candidates sh"#d2
a. Iuestion / show reasons for approving / disapproving some of the author5s views
b. 0ive e)amples from their own and their society5s e)perience in support of their
c. Jay put forward original ideas on the significance of food
CO4ERENCE2 Candidates sh"#d ha5e a sense "f a start > ,e!innin!
a. #dopt a consistent viewpoint
b. #rgue logically
c. =rganise their answers into cohesive; themed paragraphs
d. (aragraphs to show continuity and duration of argument
e. Jaintain relevance to the task in everything that they write
f. "nd with a summation or clear concluding paragraph / sentence
2010 Ca%,rid!e Re+"rt "n A++i$ati"n K#esti"n
What y"# sh"#d d".
2. #nswer the application 1uestion only at the end after you have answered all the
short 1uestions and summary.
3. :hen application 1uestion has part that reads like this; 6how applicable are the
writers5 views might be to yourself and your own society5; ensure that you cover
limbs of the 1uestion but do not have to do so in e1ual proportions: a brief;
personal anecdote or reflection will often serve very well as an introduction to a
wider consideration to societal attitudes and trends.
3. # candidate is advised to focus on three or four issues selected from the passage and
write about them in detail; rather than mention several issues superficially.
9. # candidate should not Dust say K. agree with thisL as this is a minimal response. 'e
needs to show how the issue is applicable to his / her society by giving an e)ample of
it in operation and analy7ing its effects; beneficial or detrimental as they see it.
>. ,se only the sirname of the writer rather than calling his name which overly familiar
with the writer.
C. # candidate should give a brief; focused introduction; which is followed by sensitive
and well-informed analysis of significant issues; and rounded off with concise
What y"# sh"#d n"t d".
2. $o not begin with your conclusion: eg I agree with the authors views . The
reas"n is if y"# d" s" in this way: then any si!nifi$ant iss#es "5er whi$h y"#
disagree later with the author will render your stand in your introduction
3. #lso do not e)press in this way; I agree to a small/ large/ lesser / greater/ certain

11. In this arti$e: Patri$ia O'S#i5an des$ri,es s"%e $#rrent iss#es ar"#nd the
s#,Be$t "f f""d. 4"w a++i$a,e d" y"# find her ",ser5ati"ns t" y"#rsef and
y"#r "wn s"$iety*
a. 'ow applicable or relevant are her observations to yourself H how they affect you
b. 'ow applicable or relevant are her observations to your own society H 4ingapore in
this case and also to all 4ingaporeans or any #sian societies.
=5 4ullivan describes and commented on some of the current issues around
the topic on food and overall; . find her some of her observations very
relevant and applicable to me and my society. 'owever; some of her
observations lack depth perhaps because she is foreign to some of the
nuances of other indigenous cultures.
4ingapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society and as such; she is
very rich in various cultural practices. +urthermore; such diversity of
cultural practices has evidently manifested the diversity of various cultures5
food and she remains distinctive and uni1ue despite the influ) of foreigners
and their cultures. .n paragraph 3; =54ullivan described the various
characteristics and significances of why and how food is used on various
occasions. +or instance; she said that food is used as a way for penance or
contrition and for showing concern for others. <his is indeed true in some
cultures but not in others. <he Juslims fast during !amadan and the
reasons are for being closer to 0od and for showing compassion to others.