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The U.S. State Department's English Access Microscholarship Program (ACCESS) provides high schools
around the world the opportunity to study English with native speakers. In addition to English
language instruction, the program provides an American-style classroom experience using U.S.
materials and emphasizing avtice learning. ACCESS also fosters mutual understanding, strengthens
teachers' and students' teaching and language skills, develops critical thinking capabilities, and
conveys balanced and accurate information about the United States.

The ACCESS program was introduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004, and has been administered
by American Councils for International Education since 2006. Upon completion of the two-year
program, students recive diplomas from the U.S. State Department.

Project Tolerance through English the sister program that was designed to connect students who
not usually have a chance to study with each other, despite living close together. Under Access
program umbrella your school will participate in this program in the next two years (201372014 and

- Student is enrolled in one of following schools: M.S.. epe, KC Travnik, Gimnazija Travnik,
Busovaa and M.S. Busovaa and attending 1st or 2nd grade
- Student has an average grade (GPA) of mminimu 3.5 in previous school year (2012/2013)
- Student is willing to participate in an intensive 2-year program from February 2014 until December
- This program gives priority to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds

*Important: Students who lived in the U.S. citizenship are not eligible to apply for this program as
well as students who lived in one of English-speaking countries!!!

DEADLINE for scolarship applications is DECEMBER 18th (no exceptions). Please type your answers. If
applications is illegible it will be returned to you. Your applications should be submitted before the
test that is scheduled as as follows:

Travnik: 18.12.2013 KC Travnik 12:00-13:00 / Gimnatija Travnik 13:00-14:00

Busovaa: 18.12.2013 M.S. Busovaa 15:0016:00 / S.. Busovaa 16:00-17:00

In a case you have any questions fell free to contact Alma Piric at

1. Last Name: _____________________ First Name: ______________________
2. Mailing Address:
Street: ___________________________________________________
City: ___________________ ZIP: ________________________
3. Daytime Telephone Number : ( ) cell phone: ( )
4. Date of Birth : Month Day Year
5.Currenet High School: ______________________________ Grade:_________
6. Current avreage grade (school year 2011/2012): _______________ (on a 5.0 scale)
7. Name & address of parent(s) od legal guardian(s): Use reverse side of application if you need more
Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________
Street: _________________________ City: _________________________ ZIP: _________________
Home phone of parents or legal guardians:__________________________________________
8. Mom and dad's level of education and occupation:
9. List your acadenic honors, awards and membership activities while in high school:

10. List your community service activities, hobbies, outside interests, and extracurricular activities

11. Please answer following question on the back of this application: Why do you want to participate
in this program? What can young people do to make Bosnia and Herzegovina a better place?
(200-300 words)