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Halliburtons HV series interval control valves (ICVs) are

remotely operated downhole valves used to control fow into or

out of an isolated reservoir interval. Te HV series ICVs are an
instrumental part of SmartWell

intelligent completion
technology, and are designed for use in areas in which on/of
or selective control over production or injection is required.
Te HV series ICVs were developed by enhancing the best
design features from the feld-proven Intelligent Completions
CC-ICV and CV-ICVs to create a more cost-efective design with
increased levels of performance.
Remote control of fow into or out of an isolated reservoir
without physical intervention
Integral locking mechanism eliminates the requirement for
hydraulic pressure to be maintained on actuator piston
Alter fow characteristics of each zone using HVC model
Robust metal-to-metal closure seal provides high
unloading diferential
Boost piston mechanism tightens closure seal as diferential
pressures are applied
Shrouded version available for stacked-zone completions
Mechanical overrride facility
Model Options
Te HV series ICVs consist of two model options.
HVO-ICV provides on/of fow control.
HVC-ICV provides variable fow control (choking) with a
customizable fow trim element. Tis fow trim element, along
with pressure and temperature measurements, enables the
calculation of accurate fow estimation.
Te HV series ICVs can also be deployed in conjunction with
non-integrated permanent downhole gauges (PDGs) for pressure
and temperature measurements.
HV Series Interval Control Valves
Remotely Control Flow Into or Out of an Isolated Reservoir Without Intervention
Intelligent Completions
Flow Control
Te HV series ICVs operate efectively in a range of applications,
such as:
High pressure/high temperature (HPHT) environments
Auto gas lif
Commingled fow
How the HV Series ICVs Work
Both models use the same operating principle and are controlled
by diferential pressure applied to the actutator piston via hydraulic
control lines. A minimum diferential pressure of 250 psi is needed
to unlock the metal-to-metal seal and allow the valve to be opened.
Once unlocked, the valve can be fully opened or returned to the
closed position by applying pressure to the appropriate control line.
Control Options
Each model is compatible with all of Halliburtons SmartWell control
systems. Te choice of control system depends upon the operational
requirements of the specifc installation, the number of wellhead
penetrations available, and the desired function of the ICV.
Using Intelligent Completions Direct Hydraulics
System with the HV Series ICVs
Te Direct Hydraulics system uses two control lines, one attached
to each side of the ICV actuator piston, to generate high actuation
forces in both the open and closed directions. Tis feature has been
feld-proven to dramatically improve the ability to shif a sleeve
which has been stuck due to scale build-up.
In multizone applications, the number of control lines can be
optimized via a networking option. Te ICVs can be networked with
a common close (or open) line in order to minimize the amount of
control lines deployed, without afecting system capability.
Using Intelligent Completions Digital Hydraulics
System with the HV Series ICVs
Te award-winning Digital Hydraulics system can also be used to
control the HV series ICVs. Te Digital Hydraulics system allows
up to six ICVs to be controlled by only three hydraulic control lines.
Each valve is coupled directly to a Digital Hydraulics decoder that is,
in turn, connected to the surface via hydraulic lines. Each decoder
has a unique address that is accessed from the surface by the order in
which the control lines are pressurized.
Using Intelligent Completions Accu-Pulse
Incremental Positioning Module with HVC-ICV
Discrete, incremental positioning of the HVC-ICV can be achieved
by complementing the Direct Hydraulics or Digital Hydraulics
systems with the Accu-Pulse incremental positioning module,
which allows the valve to be used as a choke. Te Accu-Pulse
module is a hydraulic positioning device that dispenses a fxed,
repeatable volume of fuid from the exhaust of the HVC-ICV piston
upon each actuation. Tis corresponds to the position of the fow
ports on the HVC-ICV fow trim to allow for accurate, repeatable,
incremental positioning of the ICV from fully closed to fully open.
Te customizable fow trim of the HVC-ICV, along with pressure
and temperature measurements, enables the calculation of accurate
fow estimation and allocation (FE&A). Tis function also enables
a high level of well control for internal gaslif, waterfood,
commingled fow and other applications.
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Interval Control Valve MC Series IV Series HV Series
Size (in) 2 7/8 3 1/2 3 1/2 5 1/2 2 7/8 3 1/2 4 1/2 5 1/2
On/Off Version No No - - Available Available Available Available
Choking Version Available Available Available Available Available Available Available Available
Max. OD Available (in) 4.660 5.468 5.995 8.275 4.660 5.850 7.125 8.274
Min. ID Available (in) 2.250 2.750 2.750 4.562 2.315 2.318 2.750 3.750 4.560
Min. Internal Flow Area (sq. in.) 3.98 5.94 5.94 16.34 4.20 5.94 11.04 16.38
Hydraulic Chamber Displace-
ment (cubic inches)
11.22 11.87 15.25 43.18 10.69 12.45 16.68 26.42
Piston Area (sq. in.) 1.870 2.558 4.365 8.500 1.783 2.075 2.780 4.404
Total Stroke (in.) 6.00 6.00 - - 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00
Max Working Pressure
Available (psi)
5,000 5,000 7,500 7,500 7,500 7,500 10,000 7,500 10,000 7,500
Maximum Temperature Rating
Available (deg F / deg C)
275 / 135 275 / 135 275 / 135 275 / 135 275 / 135 275 / 135 275 / 135
275 / 135
325 / 162.7
Maximum Hydraulic Chamber
rating (psi)
5,000 5,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Max Differential Unloading
Pressure (psi)
1,000 1,000 5,000 4,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000
Shroud Available No Available No Available Available Available No
Shroud OD Available (in.) 5.500 NA 7.413 NA 5.800
6.640, 7.053,
7.070, 8.030
7.925, 8.500,
8.515, 8.535
Flow Area, ID of Shroud-HVC
OD (sq. in.)
3.800 NA 4.965 NA 5.030
6.450, .980,
7.980, 8.170
9.580, 1.840,
9.480, 9.480
Deector No No No No No No Available Available
Deector OD Available (in.) NA NA NA NA NA NA 8.315
9.330, 9.335,
Flow Area, OD of HVC - ID of
Deector (sq. in.)
NA NA NA NA NA NA 5.60 13.06
a ) Special ID valves are made to order.
b ) OD of valves will be bigger if a 1/4 bypass is required for chemical injection.
c ) Chemraz

seals are standard on HV and IV series valves and are available

in cold array ( 40 F to 275 F) and standard array (70 F to 275 F).
d ) The HV and IV series are currently undergoing qualication to extend the
temp rating to 325 F and the hydrualic chamber rating to 12000 psi.
e ) The HV and IV series valves are available in various metallurgy
to suit well conditions.
f ) The IV series is an innitely variable valve with real-time pressure,
temperature monitoring and positive feedback of valve position.
g ) The HV series provides incremental positioning only in conjunction
with an Accu-Pulse module.
h ) The HV series valves come with a standard uid or gas trim.
Flow trims can be customized to suit well/reservoir parameters.
i ) The MC series valve is available as a standard where metallurgy,
thread connections, ow trims, seals etc. are concerned.
No customization is available.