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F ull Gospel Lighthouse Church, Inc.

624 Torringford West St., PO o! "2#", Torrington, CT #6$%#&"2#"

Phone' "&()6#*&4)%&4"+$
P.stor' /e0. 1.niel ossid2
September 2014
Dear Friend,
Greetings to you from everyone at the church. I trust you are e!! and
!oo"ing to #esus, the author and finisher of our faith. #ust remember that if you are
going through a batt!e, it$s not over yet. %he &uthor and Finisher of your faith
hasn$t put 'is pen don yet. %he story has not been to!d of the victory that is
coming. (oo" to 'im and "eep on be!ieving and trusting in 'im ho !oves you
for the anser to your prayers) %here have been many ansers to prayer recent!y
that our peop!e have testified of, things that are *ust miracu!ous that the (ord did
for those ho turned to 'im ith faith be!ieving. & +hristian testified of a co,
or"er ho as diagnosed ith -.S. It as devastating, especia!!y because hers
is a rare form that the doctors cannot treat. %he +hristian to!d this oman that
there is a!ays hope. .ith man, it may be impossib!e/ but ith God all things are
possib!e. She he!d on to those ords. 0ecent!y, some tests have come bac" that
ama1ed the doctors because the !esions on her brain are hea!ing and shrin"ing) It$s
an abso!ute mirac!e) 2very day she sti!! ho!ds on to those ords spo"en to her, and
she may yet have a !ong ay to go, but she is !iving in the faith and hope of #esus
%here is a tendency to ma"e everything e do more comp!icated than is
necessary. I remember hen I first got a desire to "no the (ord. -y friend to!d
me her testimony, of ho the (ord saved her from her sins and came into her
heart. I as s"eptica! at the time and as"ed her if she as a fundamenta!ist. She
as"ed me hat that as, and I to!d her it is someone ho be!ieves the 3ib!e ord
for ord. She said, 4'o e!se are you to be!ieve54 %hat made so much sense to
me) If e be!ieve the 3ib!e and !ive the 3ib!e to the best of our abi!ity e i!! be
ama1ed at ho everything e!se i!! fa!! into p!ace. 6eace comes to our hearts
because e aren$t stressed out over things e don$t "no, or can$t contro!, or
things that e fear are coming our ay. 7o onder #esus to!d the discip!es,
4Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven4 8Matthew 18!9.
%he (ord as spea"ing to the discip!es about simp!e faith in God. If you te!!
a chi!d something, they be!ieve it because they have no reason to not be!ieve you.
I may be simp!e,minded, but I simp!y be!ieve that God so !oved your or!d that
'e gave 'is on!y begotten Son) Some peop!e !ament, 4If on!y God ou!d te!! me
that 'e !oves me I i!! be!ieve.4 3ut 'e did te!! you 'e !oves you through the
3ib!e. "eremiah !1! says, 4#he $ord hath appeared of old unto me, saying,
%ea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love therefore with lovingkindness
have I drawn thee.4 Isn$t that onderfu!5 God !oved us before 'e even created
us) .hen my ife as carrying our daughter, she said to me one day, 4I don$t
"no ho this person inside me is, but I "no they are seet) &nd I *ust !ove
them)4 %hat as many years ago and our daughter certain!y turned out seet)
6eop!e te!! me that a!! the time. .e!!, God !oved you before you ere ever born,
too. 'e provided for your needs of faith, eterna! !ife, and b!essings here on earth.
%he &post!e 6au! said it this ay: 4&ho shall separate us from the love of
'hrist(4 %hen he named many things, such as 4tribulations, or distress)))death,
nor life)))nor things present, nor things to come)))shall be able to separate us
from the love of *od, which is in 'hrist "esus our $ord4 8+oman 8!,-!.9.
6au! as persuaded that God !oves us) %he &post!e #ohn rote: 4&e love /im,
because /e first loved us4 8I "ohn 01.9. -y !ove for God doesn$t dra 'im to
me faster. It$s a!ays been His !ove that dre me!. %he &post!e 6eter to!d us,
4'asting all your care upon /im1 for /e careth for you4 8I 2eter ,39. %hese
are *ust a fe verses in the 3ib!e that te!!s us of God$s !ove for each of us. 'e cares
and is concerned about everything e are concerned ith. 7o matter hat you are
facing today, you can confident!y turn to the (ord #esus, "noing that 'e i!! be
there to bring you through it a!!) 4&ait on the $4+5 be of good courage, and
/e shall strengthen thine heart wait, I say, on the $4+54 82salm 63109.
(et me invite you to our church. ;ur services are at <24 %orringford .est
Street in %orrington, +%. ;ur schedu!e of services is Sunday at 10 &- and = 6-,
and .ednesday at =:>0 6-. -ay God b!ess you abundant!y and remember, e are
praying for you)
0ev. Danie! 3ossidy