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URS Certification

ISO Standard Will Improve The Level of

Growth And Development

ISO standard will improve the level of growth and

development within the competitive market and
gaining client trust, business efficiency and come
through wide price savings. a corporation is
accountable towards managing and controlling for
each side of an organization's activities to fulfill the
uality needs and once you follow the ISO
Certification processes then it ensures your
system satisfies the ISO needs.
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URS INDIA Certification !or All Standard " ISO #$$%&
ISO'TS %(#)# and O*SAS %+$$% Certification
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ISO #$$% Certificate is a Statement !or
Accreditation Given 23 ISO
ISO !""# $ertificate is a statement for accreditation
given by ISO %International Organization for
Standardization& to a company or organization for
following the ISO !""# standard and thus meeting
demands of the customers.
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ISO #$$% Certificate
ISO #$$% Trainin4 53 URS

'(S can euip the candidates to attain all

necessities of ISO #$$% customary and upholding
the standard. )t the end of the 'rsindia training the
individual will get the certificate through ISO !""#
$ertificate body.
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The Complete Ran4e of URS Certifications

'(SI*+I) is one of the ISO certification

companies that offer various types of certifications
such as ISO !""#, ISO #,""#, ISO -.""#, ISO
/"""#, O0S)S #1""#, ISO'TS %(#)#, ISO --""",
and so on. If your organization functions within
sectors such as servicing, agriculture,
manufacturing and more, you can get ISO !""# for
your company under our easy procedures.
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Ran4e of URS Certifications
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URS INDIA Certification is a Leadin4
Independent Certification 2od3

'(S I*+I) $ertification is a leading independent

certification body providing ISO $ertification services
to a wide range of industries all over India and
specializes in ISO !""#, #,""#, -.""#, --""",
#1""#, #2,1/ and $3 4arking $ertification. 5hile
there are two 6uality 4anagement System which
i.ewith specific reuirements to meet regulatory
needs. 7he 6uality 4anagement System by
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ISO Certification 6rocess

each standard has different methods but some of

the process is same like assessment stage,
implementation, documentation, certification audit
and verification. 7he result of the process is same
for each standard, which is to develop e8cellence
model for the organization through transparent,
productive, effective and efficient way, providing
clear ob9ectives : policies for the clients to achieve
compliance and certification.
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Ursindia ISO Certification Services
6rovider Cons/ltant
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ISO'TS %(#)# A/tomotive S/ppl3 Chain
standard and also the 7/alit3 6olic3 of the
6uality ;rocedures< = It is normally called as middle
management handbook and describes
department activity for a system approach to
provide consistent 6uality ;roduct. 7hey are
considered to be the core of the system
documentation and confidential documents. 7hey
describe however the tasks and functions of the
assorted departments should be performed to
satisfy the necessities of the ISO>7S #?!,!
)utomotive Supply $hain standard and also the
6uality ;olicy of the corporate.
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