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The Fall of Lucifer

Something terrible happened to this shining angel: "How art thou _FALLEN_from
_HEAVEN_, Lu!ifer"" #$saiah %&:%'() Lu!ifer had a great fall) Lu!ifer fell into sin, and
this sin is des!ribed in E*e+iel ',:%-.."/hine heart was _L$F/E0_12_ be!ause of th3
beaut3)" He be!ame 2410 of his beaut3, wisdom, and his power)
Here is what Lucifer should
have said:
My beauty and my wisdom and my
power have all come from God who
has made me what I am. All that I
have I have received from God my
Creator; therefore my proper
response to Him is to thank Him and
praise Him and be what He wants
me to be, for He is such a reat

Here is what Lucifer did
How beautiful I am! How wise I am!
How powerful I am! God is not the
only one who is reat. I am reat
also. "hy should all the anels
worship God# $hould they not
worship me %ust as they do God# I
"I&& '( &I)( *H( M+$* HIGH!
,Compare Isaiah-./-01-.2.
Lu!ifer ne5er said these words out loud, but he said them in his_HEA4/_#$saiah %&:%6()
0oes 7od +now what people and angels thin+ in their hearts8 _9ES_7od dis!o5ered
S$NF1L 24$0E in the heart of this angel)
Isaiah 14:13-14 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will
exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of
the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights
of the clouds I will be li!e the most "igh#
4ead $saiah %&:%6.%&) :hat two words do 3ou find repeated five times in these two
5erses8 _________ _______________ Lu!ifer did not ha5e an "e3e problem," but he had
an "I problem)" :e !ould spell his problem this wa3:
$he humble creature %ants to &IF$ '(
$he proud creature %ants to &IF$ '(
$(&4 )*+e!iel ,-:1./#
$he humble creature reali+es that $he proud creature ta!es credit himself
everything he possesses he has
0*1*I2*3 from God )1 1or# 4:./#
for all that he has and forgets that he
%ould have absolutely nothing apart from
$he humble creature says, 5NOT 45
6I&& )7I 6I&&7/, but God8s %ill be
done#7 )9ee &u!e ,,:4,/#
$he proud creature says, 7I 6I&& )9*&F-
6I&&/, and I care little about G:389
$he humble creature is 3*(*<3*<$#
)7I need God for everything;7/
$he proud creature is I<3*(*<3*<$# )7I
don8t need God, and I don8t %ant God# I8ll
do my o%n thing in my o%n %ay for my
o%n glory#7/
$s ( 0 I 3 * a problem in our world toda38 $s this same sin in the hearts of men
toda38 Are there men who ha5e a problem with SELF.:$LL8 $s there an3 person who
does not ha5e a problem with SELF.:$LL8 Are there people who ha5e a spirit of
$N0E2EN0EN;E8 $n what forms does this thin+ing displa3 itself in our world toda38
Let us !onsider the fi5e "I WILLS" of Lu!ifer as found in $saiah %&:%6.%&:
%( "I WILL ASCEND INTO HEAVEN." Lu!ifer wanted to mount up or s!ale to the
hea5ens) He desired to occupy the highest hea5ens, to probe, and to penetrate +ingdom of
the infinite 7od) He wanted to ha5e a 5er3 H$7H position"
position and ser5i!e before 7od<s throne was not enough) He wanted a throne from whi!h
he !ould e=er!ise final authorit3 and ma+e de!isions pertaining to the angeli! host #"the
stars of 7od"() He wanted to rule o5er all the angels) 7od had made him an e=alted
angel, but Lu!ifer wanted to be e=alted e5en more) #He was not !ontent to shine as the
"morning star"> he wanted to shine as the star of stars..with a brillian!e that would far
outshine all the other stars #e5en as the Sun<s brightness ma+es all the other stars fade
awa3 so that 3ou !annot e5en see them during da3light hours()
desired to sit or be enthroned in the highest pla!e ha5ing all the angeli! assemblies in
submission to him) He wanted to be the !enter of attention) He wanted to be $0L$?E0
b3 all)
often used in the @ible to spea+ of the glor3 of 7od) Lu!ifer !o5eted 7od<s glor3 for his
own) He failed to a!+nowledge that his glor3 and beaut3 all !ame from and was
dependent upon 7od) $n his sinful pride, Lu!ifer wanted a glor3 that would impress and
dazzle all !reatures)
A( "I WILL !E LI%E THE MOST HI"H." He wanted to be EQUAL with 7od and to
ta+e 7od<s pla!e as 2ossessor and 4uler of all) He wanted to be!ome a !ompletel3
independent !reature who was responsible to no one)
2astor 7eorge F) 2arsons !reated this helpful diagram to show Lu!ifer<s fi5e haught3 "$
Lu!ifer was on!e 2E4FE;/, but he be!ame imperfe!t and sinful: "/hou wast perfe!t in
th3 wa3s from the da3 that thou wast !reated, until _ $N$B1$/9 _ was found in thee"
#E*e+iel ',:%A() Lu!ifer was on!e S$NLESS, but he was sinless no more) 7od found
#dis!o5ered( $N$B1$/9 and S$N in the heart of this angel) Lu!ifer had lifted up his heart
and gone off tra!+ #li+e a train that has been derailed() 7od found an angel whose heart
was filled with 24$0E) /oda3 we do not !all this angel Lu!ifer) /oda3 he is +nown b3
other names, espe!iall3 /HE 0EV$L and SA/AN) 4emember that 7od did not !reate the
0e5il> 7od !reated a perfe!t angel who later sinned and be!ame the de5il)