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7/6/2014 System Generated Schemas in SAP HANA | SCN 1/2
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SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing
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A schema is just like a database folder.The relavant tabels are going to group together according to the particular
schema definition.

There are 3 types of schemas.

1. 1. User Defined Schema
2. 2. System Defined Schema
3. 3. SLT Derived Schema

User Defined Schema is created by user (DBA or System Administrator)

System Defined Schema Where all the list of tables views going to be associated.

There are 5

a. a. _SYS_BI
b. b. _SYS_BIC
c. c. _SYS_REPO

SLT Derived Schema :When we configure the SLT first time(by administrator) they are going to give schema name--
>meaning a configure name and that configure name that is provided or configure out side the HANA in the source
system or in the SLT replication server.That particular name is container of list of the tables that need to be pulled
from the source system.

SYS_BI: This schema stores all the metadata of created column Views.

_SYS_BIC: Whenever we activate HANA Models, its going to be stored hear in _SYS_BIC System standard schema

_SYS_REPO: Whatever the objects are there in the system is available in repository

_SYS_STATISTICS: All the system configurations and parameters.

_SYS_XS: XS stands for XML Server engine. All the 3rd party Web Services can Connect & Communicate.

Venkat Naveen Kumar.
System Generated Schemas in SAP HANA
Posted by Venkat Naveen Kumar Kottey in SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing on 08-Aug-2013 08:03:11
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1 Comment
Ajay Chinta 03-Sep-2013 12:26
Hi Venkat,

Are there any plans from SAP to release schema for commonly used objects like customers,
products, campaigns etc?

7/6/2014 System Generated Schemas in SAP HANA | SCN 2/2
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