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Saivam for Humanity (Kumeraintharen Murugiah, Malaysia)

The Saiva philosophy is a definitive faith, breaching geographical and demographical boundaries to uphold humanity அப்பாலும் அடிச்சார்ந்த அடியார்க்கும் அடியயன் – சுந்தரர், என் நாட்டவர்க்கும் இறைவா யபாற்ைி – மாணிக்கவாசகர். Tenets of Saivam were woven to be viable at all times and regions, standing tall on the base rationalism and science, defined as absolute intellectual finality graced upon

humanity. I quote myself ‘Humanity is love and kindness without any boundaries towards the life in every being, mother nature and the Almighty”, and that is what exactly Saivam cultivates உலகுக்கு உயிரானாய் – மாணிக்கவாசகர்.

The chronicles of the Saiva Saints, Sekhilar’s Thiruthondar Puranam alone would suffice to affirm the universality and the egalitarian views of the Saivaneri. The 63 Nayanmars are from no specific class, age or gender; covering all clusters of the society; kings, soldiers, priests, poets, farmers, musicians tribal hunter etc., blatantly refuting the Varnaashrama Dharma. The Nayanmars have expressed their sincere devotion for Sivam in various means of the Seelam, Nonbu, Serivu and Arivu path while leading different lifestyles; be it Kallaram, Illaram, Sellaram or Thuravaram. Just as the sun could vaporises water from any source, with no discrimination and remain untainted, similarly Sivam accommodates all and remain noble.

We further understand that Saivam is impartial towards any faiths of the world, even to the atheists. There is no antagonism in Saivam, it respects the viewpoints of other faith and embraces them all with a feeling of fellowship and affection. Saivam endorses that each faith is a step (யசாபான முறை) meant to give invaluable experiences to individual souls respective to its maturity. Sivam nurtures the souls as does good parents does to their children so that the soul grows up healthy and finally attain Mukthi. Thus, regardless how someone look like, where and how they worships (or even don’t) and who they love, no single soul will be excluded from Sivam’s mercy and love. This fundament of Saivam leaves no space for intolerance nor discrimination at any cause.

எக்யகாலத்து எவ்வுருவாய், எத்தவங்கள் சசய்வாருக்கும் அக்யகாலத் தவ்வுருயவயாம் – காறரக்காலம்றமயார்

எங்யகனும் யாதாகிப் பிைந்திடினுந் தன்னடியார்க் கிங்யகசயன் ைருள்புாியும் எம்சபருமான் - திருஞானசம்பந்தர்

ஆசராருவர் உள்குவார் உள்ளத் துள்யள அவ்வுருவாய் நிற்கின்ை - திருநாவுக்கரசர்

யாசதாரு சதய்வம் கண்டீர் அத்சதய்வமாகி மாசதாரு பாகனார் வந்து எய்துவார் - அருணந்தி

Consequently we appreciate that Saivam serves mankind exclusively that it is beyond mere rituals and adherence to code of conduct of Thirumurai and Saiva Siddhanta texts alone; it takes all the glitches of life and universe in collective. Every kind of knowledge which is earning the gradual inner development of Grace in our

self is Saivam, றசவஞ் சிவனுடன் சம்பந்த மாவது திருமூலர், சிவம் – சசம்றம (பூரணத்துவம்), முழுறம, உண்றம.

Contrary to the notion that believe in God deprives freedom and exercise of free will. Saivam inculcates freedom of humanity, நாமார்க்கும் குடியல்யலாம் திருநாவுக்கரசர், that no one is subject to anyone, the genuine human freedom where there is absence of subjectivity to a nation, cult, religion, ideology or whatever. Saiva community are seekers of the ultimate truth; an understanding that is free from all prejudices and hence truly objective - விறனயின் நீங்கி விளங்கிய அைிவின்







சசம்சபாருள் காண்பது அைிவு – திருவள்ளுவர். This freedom could only be attained once the soul is submissive with Sivam, who is Supremely Autonomous and Free from all bondages. The soul too would delight in such freedom, like a coal becoming fire in fire, anyone who comes (with Grace) closer to Sivam becomes like Sivam.

Evidently, the promoters and revolutionists of Saivaneri, uprooting from Tholkapiyar, Thiruvallular, Thirumoolar, the child prodigy ThiruNyanaSambanthar

who preceded the Bhakti Movement, the Meikandar ‘s Parambarai and subsequently to the most recent saint of our times Ramalingga Adigalar, were aspiring to free man kind from dogmas which leads to mental repression. The holy lineage (திருமரபு திருக்கூட்டம்), unanimously championed a progressive and systematic existential analytics on Pathi (Being), Pasu (Self) and Paasam (non-Being), striving to establish global society which is God’s Directive (இறை ஆறை), self-progressive and evaluative with open but systematic thinking.

It is undeniable that Saiva philosophy is the exclusive work of the Tamils, the ambrosia of the Dravidian intellect surviving centuries of authenticity despite malicious efforts for interpolation. Rev G.U Pope wrote It is the choicest product of

the Dravidian intellect. The Saiva Siddhantha is the most elaborate, influential and undoubtedly the most intrinsically valuable of all regions of India’. Through the

profound works of Saiva Saints, moulded from their spiritual experience and Sivam’s Grace, we see numerous citation reiterating Saivam’s passion for global wellbeing. Saivam is a gift of Tamils to humanity (உலகம் உய்ய தமிழர்கள் தந்த சகாறட றசவம்), inspired selflessly with love to benefit masses.

அகர முதல எழத்துஎல்லாம் ஆதிபகவன் முதற்யை உலகு – திருவள்ளுவர் நான் சபற்ை இன்பம் சபருக இவ்றவயகம் – திருமூலர்

மண்ணில் நல்ல வண்ணம் வாழலாம் றவகலும் எண்ணில் நல்லகதிக்கு யாதுயமார் குறைவிறல - திருஞானசம்பந்தர்

உலசகலாம் உணர்ந் யதாதற் காியவன் றவயம் நீடுக மாமறழ மன்னுக நின்ைது எங்கும் நிலவி உலசகலாம் – யசக்கிழார்

யமன்றமசகாள் றசவநீதி விளங்குக உலகம்எல்லாம் - கச்சியப்பர் அம்றமயப்ப யரயுலகுக் கம்றமயப்ப சரன்ைைிக - உய்யவந்தயதவ நாயனார்

We could realise the sincerity of Saivam as it shelters the infinite adaptability to the infinite diversities of human character and human tendencies. A tradition that

emphasizes human development, service to fellow beings and nature. The frequent quoting of the ‘world’ in the both Thirumurai and Thiruneri, signifies the essential message that Saivam itself is natural and environmentally origin (Self explanation of environment). Contrary to the Advaitha Vedantha view, the cosmos is not a delusion to deceive the souls but Sivam’s Great Unwritten Concealment (எழுதா சபரும் மறை). Both the macrocosm (அண்டம்) and microcosm (பிண்டம்) serves as the

platform, the divine space; எங்கும் திருயமனி எங்கும் சிவசத்தி எங்கும் சிதம்பரம்

எங்கும் திருநட்டம் – திருமூலர் for the souls to annihilate its impurities through witnessing the Dance of Shiva (ஞானசறப) hence able redeem themselves from the endless existential cycle.

Unfortunately, the impeccable philosophy of human thought system, remains as the least known of in the global arena. The Saiva community shoulder a fair share of the responsibility to spread Saivam by inspiring others through their way of life. Translation of Tamil Saiva literatures should be made more vigorously and tailored to suit community of non-Indian origin. An ethnocentric community which claims ownership of Saivam, limiting access for the resources or restricting revolutionary thoughts will eventually fall for betrayal of Saivam. Most importantly, efforts to establish a Saiva community free from prejudice and self-contradiction தம்மில் புணராறம யகளாம் புைன் – சமய்கண்டார் should be contrived. It is high time to wake up from deep slumbers, shedding off the paint of colonialist-induced mentality. Self- contradiction, infringement of human rights, inferiority, and mental slavery to a Guru or any scriptures is against the intellectual culture of Saivam. The teaching and learning of Saivam should surpass theoretical level and arise to experimental learning method where the products are not merely regurgitating the literatures. What is the use of memorizing a mathematical formula if one could not solve a single problem? Likewise, our thought system is the key that unlock doors of wisdom that should serve the purpose. Saiva institutions should be able to guide the community to overcome daily life hurdles. Practical solutions to socioeconomic and political problems faced by grass-root society should be derived from techniques and tradition of Saivam. May the visions of the Saiva Saints manifest and enlighten our souls from the darkness.