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Select City Walk

Go Shopping!!!!

Spread over 6 lakh sq ft of prime retail space, Select CITYWALK is one of the
largest shopping centers in Delhi with over 150 brands and F&B outlets under one

The brands have been carefully cherry-picked, to create a shopping ensemble,
reflecting New India and her comfort with contradictions, a blend of tradition and
modernity; for the Indian who embraces the future with lan and values her roots

Combining three strong retail genres: Staple Traditional (Family), High Voltage
(Youth) and Celebration (Centre-stage), the widespread shopping centre captures
the full shopping basket for the urban sophisticate, across product categories and
price points. Zoning has been followed very well and strategically, and therefore
shops of a similar customer base are in close proximity of each other, vertically or
at the same level. The atriums make it easy to spot them all, from every level.

Select CITYWALK is the strongest destination in the city, for certain shopping
categories such as Perfumes & Cosmetics, Urban / Contemporary Fashion,
Accessories, Denim, Home and Children

Select City Walk is a vibrant, upscale, unique shopping & leisure environment in
the heart of South Delhi, Saket. Housing some of the most exciting Indian &
International brands under one roof; it combines luxury and high street shopping,
together with destination cafes, bistros, restaurants and bars.

Planman Marcoms Intent

To provide an experience similar and better than the most elite shopping areas
in New Delhi like GK-I M-Block Market, Khan Market etc.
To Increase quality walk-ins in the mall, mainly targeting South Delhi Women.
To ensure repeat footfalls, i.e. to boost the frequency of visits by serious buyers
To effectively communicate their USP amenities such as Optional Valet
Parking, Foreign Currency Exchange, Driver Lounges & Basement Restrooms,
Doctor on Call and Infirmary, Help for Elders & Physically Challenged,
Childrens Play Area, Parking spread across 3 levels, Travel Desk, Business
Centre, Gift Wrapping, etc.
To enhance the overall shopping experience and to distinguish the brand from
other shopping destinations.
Nature of Association

Retainer client for a period of 8 months (July 08 Jan 09)
During the tenure of association we conceptualized & designed all
communication collaterals for the mall - ranging from print creative, internal &
external communication, promotions, offers and events

Central Communication Objective

Primary Reach-out to South Delhi women
Secondary Build event properties and promotions that enhance recall and
loyalty for the brand Select City walk.


Unlike any other mall the positioning for City walk was not created basis the
size, space, location and ingredients of the mall. The positioning strategy
centered around creating associable reflections in the mind of the most import
TA south Delhi women.
The mediums selected to communicate the positioning were select outdoor
spaces and prominent but not frequent print ads in mainline dailies.
The mall amenities were communicated by creatively utilizing the available
spaces within the mall itself - easels, standees, fabricated walls, danglers,
elevator posters, washroom back-lights, concierge desks, parking lots and LCD
Since a mall cant sustain alone on the brands present in the mall, we suggested
the 3E model which included engage, entertainment and enthrall to be able to
communicate a wholesome experience for the family

Planman Marcoms Strategy Genesis

2) High Street
3) Kidz Club
4) Entertainment Concepts
5) Oktober Fest
6) Monsoon Campaigns
7) Enthrallment
8) Leaflet
9) News paper Ads
10) Campaign Creatives


We created a distinct identity for this property in the form of a logo which gave a
very gothic look and feel as the objective was to promote this property as a parallel
shopping experience where in the mall itself you could get some local street-side
flavors of Delhi coupled with very boutique and niche up-market goodies from
across the globe. In a nut-shell the Flea@Night on Wednesdays became the perfect
blend of homemade / handmade yet exclusive and exquisite.

High Street

The High Street pilot event was created with the objective of providing an
international traveler experiences akin to shopping in any high street around the
world in an air conditioned mall.

Kidz Club

A dipstick consumer research was done targeting the shoppers (male &
females).The objective of the research was to find out how a mall can engage the
kids while the parents are busy shopping. As a result Kids Club was initiated to
keep the kids (age group - 3 years onwards) busy. Kids club came out as a tactical
idea which eventually became the most integral part of the promotional activities
of the mall.
Also for mothers shopping with infants we initiated feeding rooms.

Entertainment Campaigns

Under engagement we conceptualized the following properties


Oktober Fest

The event aimed at offering a truly international experience, while effectively
drawing in the largest segment of the customer base, those who look for
experiences that are stylish and larger than life. It was a three days event which
started with the fashion show captivating international models and it ended with a
beer festival. This event was organized to welcome the S.Oliver brand for the first
time in India.

Monsoon Campaigns

Monsoon campaign was conceptualized to increase the sales in monsoon when
people dont prefer to go out shopping. In this event we organized enticing
discounts from retailers for customers and publicized it through different mediums.
Needless to say the otherwise dull monsoon months for a mall on an average
registered sales comparable to the more festive months.


We conceptualized the idea of the tallest Christmas tree in the capital, made of
crystal and it got huge local media publicity and people thronged to the mall to get
pictures clicked with this attraction.
We invited international artist of par excellence on an annual event calendar that
had performances, artists and shows happening in the live mall through-out the


Published leaflets to promote various campaigns, shops, events & themes at Select
city walk.

Newspaper Advertisements

Various Newspaper advertisements were designed to attract target audience.

Campaign Creatives

To gain a connect with the audience and create an interesting structure to the entire

Keeping South Delhi women as the central Target Audience.

Planman Marcoms Result

The Mall has won awards/accolades like Best Marketing and Promotion at
the Asia Pacific Retail Awards 2008 & the Images Retail Award for
marketing in the year 2009.

Select Citywalk today has become citys landmark & benchmark not just in
shopping, but also in entertainment & leisure activities.

Brands residing in the mall gained a lot from the malls exposure, resulting in
huge spike in their overall sales.

Select Citywalk also acted as a springboard for various brands to launch
themselves in the region. The acute marketing & promotional campaign of the
mall resulted in huge footfalls, which ultimately benefited retailers in their
brand visibility.

Citywalk has become a brand in itself, instead of being just another shopping

Ruby Tuesday & Sbarro

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) owns and operates the Ruby Tuesday concept in the
higher end of the bar and grill segment of casual dining. The restaurants offer
simple, fresh American dining with a range of appetizers, handcrafted burgers, a
garden bar, which offers up to 46 items, fresh chicken, steaks, crab cakes, salmon,
tilapia, fork-tender ribs, and more.
Sbarro, launched in the year 2007, is an American favorite for its exceptionally
fresh food and authentic Italian fare, including homemade mozzarella, imported
cheese, and delicious sausage and salami.

Nature of Association

Worked on a project for 18 months
Scope of work included packaging, all Launch Ads for new outlets and all PoP /
PoS designing for all outlets

a) Introduction stage: (especially for Sbarro) - Introduced and positioned the
brand in the market

b) Brand Awareness: made people aware of the brand, what all it has to offer

c) Brand Excitement: We made people think of ONLY of Ruby Tuesday and
Sbarro when it came to American food -getting goose bumps when you
think of the brand.

d) Increasing sale: packaging, suggesting lucrative offers, like 20% off on
one slice, therefore highlighting the cost factor

In a nutshell, Planman Marcom successfully was their Brand consultant cum-
conceptualizes of all their creative works.

D - Mart

D-Mart is a supermarket catering to daily needs, they commit the lowest price of
all there products from the competition yet not compromising on the quality, they
wanted a new positioning line which talks about Bachat catering to masses to
classes, coz they feel everybody and anybody is PRICE CONSCIOUS , so we
played on price to start with.

Its a 365 days discount store!!

Nature of Association

Agency on records for a tenure of 1 year
In Store Branding , Print Creative, Outdoor , POP & POS
Print Ad's - TOI & HT (Full page) next to big bazaar most of the time
Outdoor - Hoardings in prime location , Railway station Branding , Bus
In Store Branding - Danglers , Posters , Banners
Product Packaging
Marketing Collaterals - Catalogs , Pamphlets , Leaflets
Seasonal Ad's - PRINT ( NEWSPAPERS )

Benefits of Association

Increase in sales through effective packaging which is now see through
packets where the believability factor for the consumer increases
Definite increase in percentage of sales
They have become a BIG competition to BIG BAZAAR, coz of the full page
color ad's and quality products at value for money

Alcome Perfumes

Alcome perfumes and cosmetics PLC, a subsidiary of Alcome Perfume and
Cosmetics LLC, U.S.A, was started in the year 1988.
Alcome markets 6 major brands ruling in the U.S.A, Europe, Australia, All Gulf,
Far East And Latin American markets. Alcome ensured not only a stupendous
growth but also broadened its product portfolio extensively.

Nature of Association

Worked on a project for 12 months
Scope of work included Complete Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & 360
Marketing Campaign
Major project undertaken was the Ad film in February08 for which Celebrity
endorsement was undertaken by bringing in Ms.Bipasha Basu as the official
endorser for Alcome perfumes.

Amtek Auto Limited

Amtek is a diversified automotive component supplier in the global auto
component manufacturing and supply chain. Observing a powerful entrepreneurial
culture, the forward looking company manufactures automotive systems,
assemblies, modules and components. Tapping into its proven capabilities, over the
past 25 years, Amtek has lived upto its commitment to fulfil the rising indigenous
demand and compete in the global forum.

To launch Brand AUTOSWIFT to enter aftermarket business.

Planman Marcoms Role

Designed a high impact media campaign for the launch of Brand
Complete Brand Positioning & Consulting was done by Planman Marcom.
Developed & designed all communication collaterals.
Brand Logo, Product Packaging , Advertising Campaign, Radio Jingles