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Civil Service REVIEW
Diagnostic Examination

1. Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, cycle carbon
through the carbon cycle. Which other process(es) also
participate(s) in the carbon cycle?
a. nitrogen fixation by bacteria on legume roots
b. evaporation of water vapor into the atmosphere
c. movement of organic phosphates through the food web
d. biological processes such as photosynthesis
2. Elephants are not the most common species in African grasslands.
The grasslands contain scattered woody plants, but their numbers
are limited by the elephants. Removing the elephants causes the
grasslands convert to forests or shrublands which support fewer
species than the previous grasslands. Elephants can be defined
as what type of species in this community?
a. producer b. dominant c. redundant d.
3. Which of the following is the BEST example of the biological
principle of structural adaptations?
a. Pigs have litters. c. There are many breeds of dogs.
b. Snakes eat frogs. d. Cacti needles are modified
4. In humans, carbon dioxide and water quickly combine to form
carbonic acid in the presence of a particular enzyme. Most likely,
this same enzyme
a. helps in the breakdown of acidic foods in the stomach.
b. is not involved in other types of reactions because
enzymes are specific.
c. is not involved in other reactions where the temperature and pH
are the same.
d. helps in the synthesis of sugars during photosynthesis.
5. All life on Earth interacts with the nonliving environment and exists
in a region known as the biosphere. Interactions within the
biosphere produce a web of interdependence between organisms
and the environment in which they live. Which levels of biological
organization includes all the others listed?
a. biome b. ecosystem c. population d.
6. Along the northern edge of the temperate zone are dense
evergreen forests of coniferous trees(not bearing fruit). These
biomes are called boreal forests, or
a. tundra. b. savanna. c. taiga. d. desert.
7. Which biome is correctly paired with a factor or organism that is
found there? a. boreal forest moss c. temperature
forest prairie dog
b. tundra permafrost d. grassland bear
8. A wetland is an ecosystem in which water either covers the soil or
is present at or near the surface of the soil for at least part of the
year. Wetland areas are under government protection because
they are
a. inexpensive building sites. c. important for shipping
b. very limited in number. d. breeding grounds for many
9. The photic zone in marine ecosystems is important because
a. it provides a habitat for chemosynthetic organisms.
b. it is the layer where photosynthesis takes place.
c. it is an area free from predator-prey relationships.
d. all the organisms in this layer are consumers.
10. Autotrophs are organisms that
a. rely on other organisms for their energy and food supply.
b. consume plant and animal remains and other dead matter.
c. use energy they take in from the environment to convert
inorganic molecules into complex organic molecules.
d. obtain energy by eating plants.
11. Humans, monkeys, and apes are all primates because they
share common traits. Humans differ from primates because
a. they can walk upright. c. they use speech.
b. they have larger brains. d. all of these
12. Throughout the history of life on Earth, which factor has probably
been the chief cause of the extinction of species?
a. human interference with the natural environment
b. failure to adapt to the environmental change
c. competition within species d. volcanic eruptions
13. Mycobacterium leprae causes leprosy, Corynebacterium
diphtheria causes diphtheria and Vibrio comma causes
a. tetanus. b. tuberculosis. c. cholera. d.
14. One day you wake with a sore throat and a runny nose. Your
doctor takes a swab from your throat, sends it to a lab, and
telephones you the next day to say that antibiotic will not help you
get better. Which of the following is the most likely reason for the
doctor's statement?
a. Having waited a day, it is too late to take an antibiotic.
b. You need an antiseptic, not an antibiotic.
c. You need to be vaccinated instead of taking an antibiotic.
d. You are infected by a virus.
15. A male three-spined stickleback fish will attack male red-bellied
sticklebacks and models of fishes that have a red underside. It will
not attack males or models that do not have a red underside. What
is the best conclusion that can be drawn from the behavior of this
a. The stimulus for an attack is a fish with red fins.
b. The stimulus for an attack is a red underside.
c. The stickleback fish will defend its territory against all other fish.
d. The stickleback fish will not attack red-colored fish.
16. Two organs are considered to be part of the same body system if
the organs a. are located next to each other.
b. work independently of each other.
c. work together to carry out a life function.
d. are made up of cells with organelles.
17. Some infectious diseases are spread from one person to another
through coughing, sneezing, or physical contact. Other infectious
diseases are spread through contaminated water or food. Animals
that carry disease-carrying organisms from person to person are
a. pathogens. b. antigens. c. vectors. d.
18. Which statement describes one effect of a fever?
a. It increases the growth of pathogens.
b. It decreases the rate of chemical reactions.
c. It increases the heart rate.
d. It decreases the number of white blood cells.
19. What are the two most common gases in the atmosphere?
a. hydrogen and oxygen c. oxygen and nitrogen
b. nitrogen and water vapor d. hydrogen and nitrogen
20. Which condition helps determine the quality of lake water?
a. the amount of nitrogen
b. the amount of dissolved calcium carbonate
c. the amount of potassium
d. the amount of dissolved oxygen
21. What is the first city to be established in 1565 in the Philippines?
a. Manila
b. Davao
c. Cebu
d. Iloilo
22. What is the oldest school in the country?
a University of Sto. Tomas
b . University of San Carlos
c. University of the Philippines
d. Philippine Normal University
23. This is the safest province geologically in the Philippines because
it is the farthest province from volcanoes and earthquake faults.
a. Babuyan Island c. Tawi-Tawi
b. Sulu d. Palawan
24. What is the name of the palace that Imelda Marcos built for the
visit of Pope John Paul the Second in 1981?
a. The Coconut Palace c. The Marble Palace
b. The Jeweled Palace d. The Sampaguita Palace
25. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the
preserved remnants of colonial Spanish architecture.
a. Cebu City c. Laoag City
b. Vigan City d. Candon City
26. What is the fishing capital of the Philippines?
a. Dagupan City c. General Santos City
b. Navotas City d. Surigao City
27. It is dubbed as the Bangus Capital of the Philippines.
a. Dagupan City c. General Santos City
b. Navotas City d. Surigao City
28. What is the largest city in terms of land area?
a. General Santos c. Davao City
b. Quezon City d Metro Manila
29. It is the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is separated
from Taiwan by the Bashi Channel. Some say you can hear a cock
crow here from the southernmost point of Taiwan.
a. Saluag Island, Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi
b. Pag-asa Island, Kalayaan, Palawan
c.Itbayat, Batanes
d.Pusan Point, Caraga, Davao Oriental
30. What is the smallest province in the Philippines in terms of land
area and population?
a. Agusan del Sur c. Agusan del Norte
b. Batanes d. Bataan
31. It is the definite or aligns at portion of earths surface which is the
subject of sovereignty rights and interests. Form the political
standpoint, it is referred to as:
a. State c. Sovereignty
b. Government d. Territory

32. Court that shall have the jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases
involving graft and corruption and such other offenses committed by
public officials and employees.
a. Sandigan Bayan
b. Office of the Special Prosecutor
c. Department of Justice
d. Regional Trial Court
33. Despite strong protestations from Mang Jose, the government
took away from his private property for public use upon payment to
him or just compensation. What power of the State was involved in
the particular case?
a. Police power c. Power of Eminent Domain
b. Power of taxation d. Absolute Power of the
34. It is the legitimate platform of the incumbent president to make an
accounting to the people the achievements and framework of the
b. Press conference
c. Achievement report
d. Performance appraisal
35. Every time Josas parents leave the house, they chain him to a
post of their house padlock the door of his room without food, water
and sunlight. He was untidy and emaciated. What rights were
a. The natural and primary right of parents to rear their children in the
manner convenient to both parents and children.
b. The rights to healthful well-being and ecology.
c. The right to travel and abode
d. The right of the child to protection, care and support of his parents.
36. It is the department which has the authority to make laws and to
alter or repeat them
a. Administrative department c. Judicial jurisdiction
b. Executive department d. Legislative

37. Which principle is violated when department of the government
encroaches upon the powers confided to other departments?

a. Supremacy of civilian authority over the authority
b. Guarantee of local autonomy
c. Separation of powers
d. Government of laws and not of men
38. Which power does the state exercise in its act of requiring
teachers to have license for teaching before they are allowed to
a. Police power
b. power of taxation
c. Eminent power
d. Executive power
39. The term of office of the senator
a. One year c. Six years
b. Three years d. Twelve years
40. The power to declare the existence of a state of ware belongs to
a. Congress c. Sandigang Bayan
b. President d. Supreme Court.
41. Amendment or revision of the Constitution may be propose
through any of the following except.
a. Constitutional Convention c. Peoples Initiative
b. Constitutional Assembly d. Peoples Power
42. The regular election of the Members of Congress shall be held on
the second Monday of
a. April c. June
b. May d. July
43. The members of the Commission on Appointment shall be
composed of
a. 24 c. 25
b. 26 d. 27
44. All appropriation, revenue or tariff bills etc. shall originate
exclusively in the
a. House of Representatives c. Senate
b. Sanggunian Panlalawigan d. Supreme Court
45. An enrolled bill may become a law after a lapse of
a. 30 days c. 40 days
b. 60 days d. 90 days

46. The following are state policies EXCEPT
a. Strengthening the family as a basic autonomous social institution
b. Giving priority to the teaching of the English language
c. Freedom from nuclear weapons in Philippine territory
d. Giving priority to education, science, arts, culture and sports

47. The Constitution empowers the President to declare Martial for
a. 30 days c. 45 days
b. 60 days d. 90 days
48. The president and the vice- president shall have the same term
of office for _________under the 1987 Constitution.
a. 3 years
b. 6 years
c. 9 years
d. Extendable
49. It is the only constitutional court in the Philippines
a. Court of Appeals c. Shariah Court
b. Family Court d. Supreme Court
50. The legislative power shall be vested in the Congress of the
Philippines which shall consist of:
a. The Supreme Court
b. The President and the Vice-President
c. The Senate and the Justice Department
d. The Senate and the House of Representatives
51. What is the quotient when (-40)(32) is divided by (-8)(-20)?
a. -8 b. -6 c. -4 d. 8
52. Find

given that x = 1, y = 2, and z = 2.

a. b. 3 c. 5 d. 9
53. Which of the following numbers give a remainder of 2 when
divided by 5 and a remainder of 1 when divided by 4?
a. 7 b. 12 c. 17 d. 31
54. The expression x
+ 4 can be translated as ____.
a. the sum of x & four c. the square of the sum of x &
b. the sum of the square of x & fourd. the square of x & four
55. When x = -3 and y = -1, which of the following has the largest
a. 11y
b. 5xy c. x
+ y
d. 4(x +
56. What two numbers whose sum is 160 will have the largest
product possible?
a. 93 & 77 b. 81 & 79 c. 80 & 80 d. 90 &
57. What is ?
a. 3 b. 3 c. 9 d. 3
58. Rodia can cross-stitch a design for 10 days while Vessy can do
the same job in 15 days. How long will they finish the job if they
help each other?
a. 5 days b. 6 days c. 8 days d. 10
59. Product of the sum of (-15) & (56) by the difference between (-19)
a. -205 b. -502 c. -250 d. 520
60. Evaluate -56 + {- [ - 42][ - 4]} {6 x (-3) + 18}.
a. -112 b. -224 c. -260 d. 92
Direction: Search for grammatical errors in the underlined sections
of the following sentences and select the option that best corrects
them. If there is no error, choose option A.

61. To no ones surprise, Joe didn't have his homework ready.
A. no ones surprise
B. no ones surprise
C. no-ones surprise
D. no ones' surprise
E. no one's surprise

62. Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), the great
transcendentalist philosopher, wrote in his essay "Self-
Reliance" of the need for an individual to develop his capacities.
A. essay "Self-Reliance"
B. essay, "Self-Reliance"
C. essay: Self-Reliance
D. essay, Self-Reliance
E. essay; "Self-Reliance"

63. I always have trouble remembering the meaning of these two
common verbs, affect (to change" or "to influence") and effect
("to cause" or "to accomplish)."
A. "to accomplish)."
B. "to accomplish").
C. "to accomplish).
D. To accomplish.
E. "to accomplish.")

64. The circus audience received a well-deserved round of
applause for the perfectly timed acrobatic stunt.
A. audience received a well-deserved
B. audience gave a well deserved
C. audience did receive a well deserved
D. audience gave a well-deserved
E. audience did get a well-deserved

65. The fact that boxing is known to cause head injuries and
brain damage should lead us to inform the public and push for a
ban on boxing.
A. should lead us to inform
B. could lead us to inform
C. should of led us to inform
D. will lead us to inform
E. should have led us to inform,

Direction: Choose the underlined word or phrases labeled a, b, c, or
d which are NOT acceptable in formal written English. Choose e if
there is no error.

66. The decision of the legislators are upsetting to many people. No
a b c d

67. Your information, in addition to the data gathered by the
a b
are helping to solve the scheduling problem. No error.
c d e

68. A low flying bat gave Lynn and I a moment of panic. No error.
a b c d e

69. Internet access allow us to communicate with other people
a b c
in the world. No error.

70. If you are to work at least four hours a day on the project,
we would complete it in a shorter time, and with few problems. No
b c d

71. Did you know that Kevin and he are having a conflict? No error.
a b c d e

72. The number of socialized housing units sponsored by the
a b c
increase each year. No error.
d e

73. Probably neither Jupiter nor the other outer planets is capable of
a b c
sustaining life. No error.
d e

74. Television viewers claim that the number of scenes depicting
a b
consumption has increased dramatically over the last decade. No
c d

75. The families whose town was flooded during the hurricane
a b c
temporary shelter. No error.
76. perennial
a. persisting for several years c. complete
b. formed into a body or association d. hesitant in acting
77. exquisite
a. holding conventional beliefs c. indigenous
b. just born d. carefully selected
78. brevity
a. enthusiasm c. short or concise
b. something known to be true d. a strong feeling or emotion
79. contort
a. to move back c. to name for office
b. to twist into abnormal shape d. to persuade
80. revoke
a. to explain using pictoral examples
b. to call back, to withdraw
c. to say what will happen in the future
d. to remember an important event through ceremony
81. Sino ang tinaguriang Ama ng Wikang Pambansa?
a. Lope K. Santos c. Manuel L. Quezon
b. Ponciano B.P. Pineda d. Dr. Jose Rizal
82. Pang-abay na nagsasaad kung paano ang pagganap ng
a. Panggaano c. Pamaraan
b. Panlunan d. Kusatibo
83. Ang angkang pinagmulan ng mga wika sa Pilipinas.
a. Bahasa Indonesya c. Indones Polinesyo
b. Malayo polinesyo d. Indones Malayo
84. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi kabilang sa walong
pangunahing wika ng Pilipinas?
a. Tagalog c. Cebuano
b. Kapampangan d. Chavacano
85. Tukuyin ang salitang may klaster.
a. Radyo c. chopsuey
b. nars d. shampoo
86. Alin ang tamang baybay ng salita?
a. sawing-palad b. ala-ala c. lumi-lipad d. bahaghari
87. Instrumento sa pagpapahayag ng iyong iniisip at
a. Puso b. utak c. wika d. labi
88. Ano ang kasalukuyang ahensyang pangwika sa bansa?
a. Surian ng Wikang Pambansa
b. Komisyon ng wikang pambansa
c. Linangan ng mga Wika sa Pilipinas
d. Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
89. Tukuyin ang salitang may klaster.
a. klaster b. radyo c. chopsuey d. kalsada
90. Tukuyin ang salitang may diptonggo.
a. Klaster b. radyo c. chopsuey d. kalsada
91. Tawa____tawa ang mga bata nang mapanood nila ang
Enteng kabisote.
a. niyaring c. ng
b. nitong d. nang
92. __________ ng umaga nang tumigil ang buhos ng ulan.
a. Mag-iikalima c. Magiikalima
b. Mag-ii-kalima d. Mag-iika-lima
93. Siyay dumating sa ganap na ______ ng umaga.
a. ika-walo c. ikawalo
b. ika-8 d. ika8
94. Anong taon ipinanganak ang Filipino bilang katawagan ng
wikang pambansa?
a. 1955 b. 1963 c. 1987 d. 1959
95. Alin ang wastong salita ng bata?
a. Nanay, akoy darating diyan?
b. Darating nanay ako
c. Nanay, darating ako diyan
d. Ako, nanay, darating ako diyan
96. Isda ko sa Maribeles, balahiboy kaliskis ito ay:
a. Salawikain c. bugtong
b. kawikaan d. palaisipan
97. Napatunayan ko sa aking sarili na _________ pala ang
pangarap ng mga tao.
a. iba-iba c. ibat-iba
b. iba at iba d. ibat iba
98. Ito ang wikang pambansang na isinasaad sa 1937
a. Tagalog c. Filipino
b. b. Pilipino d. Sebuano
99. Madaling nababalino sa lihis na gawain ang mga
kabataang lalaki. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng salitang may
a. natutuwa c. namamalik-mata
b. nagagayak d. nakaiiwas
100. Tukuyin ang pares minimal sa mga sumusunod na
magkapares na mga salita
a. moru-duro c. pala-bala
b. suklay-kulay d. tulay- mulay