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Superman Comic Timeline:

The Man of Steel miniseries was DC's chance to "reboot" their flagship character,
Superman, for a new generation with a new writer and a new series. After the MS
mini, the new Superman series started with !". Action Comics, which had been
published continuousl# since "$%&, 'ept its original numbering se(uence, which is
wh# the first listing for Action is !)&*. The original Superman series, which had
begun its run in "$%$, was rechristened The Ad+entures of Superman ,AS-. li'e
Action, AS 'ept its original numbering se(uence and starts here with !*/*. 0n
"$$" DC began a fourth Superman title, ta'ing its name from the miniseries that
started it all: Superman: the Man of Steel. 0n "$$*, the# launched a fifth Superman
title, which came out four times a #ear, called Superman: The Man of Tomorrow
,MT-. MT stopped publication in "$$$, and MS stopped publication in /11%.
Superman info:
2elp with reading order: The Triangles
Starting with Superman !)" in "$$", DC began trac'ing the order of the Supertitles b#
instituting what soon became 'nown as the "triangle number s#stem." The co+ers
of the respecti+e Supertitles all had little triangles on them with a #ear and a
number ,Superman !)", being the first, was labeled ""$$"3""-. The triangles were
supposed to help readers 'eep trac' of what order to read the stories in, and helped
the Supertitles flow into each other, creating a sort of seriali4ation of the
Supertitles. 2owe+er, it wasn't monitored as closel# as it should ha+e been, and b#
the late "$$1s it was getting out of control. 5# that time the triangles were less
about stor# order and more about publication order. 6ou'll notice if #ou pa# close
attention that 0 ha+e se+eral issues, particularl# from /111 and /11", that are not
listed in consecuti+e triangle numbers. this is because m# collection is organi4ed
and listed chronologicall#, and DC slipped up with the labelling. The last "triangle
title" was Action Comics !7&) ,/11/3*-.
The Following info taken from:
Superman Comics History
8Last updated September 30, 20049
2ere is an o+er+iew of Superman's comic boo' career, since writer :err# Siegel ,"$"*;
"$$<- and artist :oe Shuster ,"$"*;"$$/- in+ented him while still teenagers. 0n "$&<, DC
Comics re+amped the Superman comics recreating Superman and his supporting cast of
friends and enemies. This o+er+iew helps show how Superman's first )1 #ears of
ad+entures ha+e influenced his new ad+entures.
n :ul# "1, "$"* :oseph Shuster is born in Toronto, Canada. 2is famil# mo+es to
Cle+eland, hio when he is "1.
:erome Siegel is born on ctober "7, "$"* in Cle+eland.
:err# Siegel uses the name Superman in a fan4ine stor# "The =eign of the Superman".
The stor#'s character was a +illain, but Siegel (uic'l# thin's of a Superman being a hero
and with artist :oe Shuster does a stor# The Superman.
:err# Siegel re+ises the Superman concept, and with Shuster creates the stor# that would
e+entuall# appear in Action Comics !".
New Fun, the first comic boo' with all original content is published b# Ma>or Malcolm
?heeler;@icholson. 2is compan# would e+entuall# be 'nown as DC Comics. 0n
ctober's issue !<, Siegel and Shuster's first professional wor' appears. 5efore selling
Superman, the# in+ented other characters li'e Slam 5radle# and Doctor ccult.
'ol!en (ge of Comics )une "#%*-"#$&
5usinessmen 2arr# Donenfeld and :ac' Aiebowit4 bu# out Ma>or ?heeler;
@icholson. Aiebowit4 thin's of a new title, Action Comics, and calls a friend,
M.C. Baines at the McClure S#ndicate, and Baines sends o+er some material
re>ected for newspaper s#ndication. DC editor Cincent Sulli+an pic's up the
Siegel and Shuster Superman stor#.
0n March, after being unable to sell their Superman stor# for newspaper
s#ndication, Siegel and Shuster sell the first Superman stor# for D"1 per page, and
all rights to their character Superman to DC Comics for D"%1. The sample
Superman newspaper strips were re>ected b# Enited Features S#ndicate, Gs(uire
Features, and 5ell S#ndicate. =eportedl#, in "$%7 ?heeler;@icholson had also
re>ected Superman.
Action Comics !" ,:une- introduces Superman/Clark +ent and fellow reporter
,ois ,ane at the Dail Star newspaper, with a first run of /11,111 copies priced
at "1 cents. 0t would be selling )11,111 copies monthl# b# issue !7. Superman's
first editor was Cin Sulli+an.
Action Comics !< ,@o+.- introduces )immy -lsen.
The sudden success of Superman had Shuster hiring art assistants, including Haul
Cassid#, Aeo @o+a', and ?a#ne 5oring to do in'ing and bac'grounds. 5oring
would e+entuall# be a prominent Superman artist.
0n :anuar#, the McClure S#ndicate begins distributing a Superman newspaper
comic strip, which lasts until "$<<. The strip written b# Siegel had the first use of
the name Ir#pton, and Superman's parents being originall# called :or;A and Aora.
Following the success of Superman in Action Comics, Superman ,Summer- !" is
published, starting as a (uarterl#, reprinting material from Action Comics !";/.
Superman is the first superhero to ha+e his own title. 0ssue !" had a new /;page
origin including the first use of the name Ir#pton in the comics. Also added to the
reprinted stor# from Action Comics !" were four new pages.
Action Comics !"< identifies Superman's home town as !etropolis.
n Februar# "/, the radio series officiall# debuts
Action Comics !/% has Superman's arch;nemesis criminal scientist ,uthor with
red hair.
Clar' Ient's newspaper is now called the Dail "lanet in Superman !*. 0t was the
radio show that first changed the name of the newspaper to the Dail# Hlanet, and
called the editor Herr# ?hite.
Superman !7 introduces /erry 0hite as Clar''s newspaper editor.
Siegel and Shuster do a / page stor# for Loo# maga4ine called "2ow Superman
?ould Gnd the ?ar".
All$Star Comics !7 includes Superman and 5atman as honorar# members of the
:ustice Societ# of America superhero group.
%orld&s 'est Comics !" begins with Superman and 5atman in separate stories. $<
pages for ") cents. %orld&s 'est Comics becomes %orld&s Finest Comics with
issue !/ and lasted until "$&<. Superman had appeared on the co+er of New (or#
%orld&s Fair "$*1 comic with 5atman and =obin.
Superman !"1 has a bald Author.
Action Comics !)" introduces the +illain the /rankster ,swald Aoomis-.
Action Comics !<* introduces the +illain the Toyman ,?inslow H. Schott- a former
to#ma'er who uses to#s as a motif in his crimes. 5# the "$71's Schott had reformed and a
new To#man ,:ac' @imball- appeared until Schott 'illed @imball and resumed being the
To#man ,Superman !%1)-.
Superman !%1 introduces the magical )th Dimensional being 2r. 23y4ptlk ,pronounced
miJ;#e4;pitel;ic'- who can onl# be made to lea+e b# tric'ing him into sa#ing or spelling
his name bac'wards ,'el;tip4;#eJ;im-. nce Mr. MJ#4ptl' is tric'ed into returning to his
dimension of Kriff, he can't return for at least $1 da#s. 0n Superman !%1, his name is
spelled MJ#4tpl'. Mr. MJ#4ptl''s pre;Crisis debut is now considered to be in Superman
Mort ?eisinger becomes editor of the Superman titles.
The ad+entures of Superman as a bo# in Small+ille start with !ore Fun Comics
!"1"'s introduction of Super5oy. Superbo# had a laborator# and troph# room
hidden in the Ient's basement, with a secret access tunnel he could use when
becoming Superbo#. The initial Superbo# scripts were b# Don Cameron. The first
stor# said Ir#ptonians were not superpowered.
/ost 'ol!en (ge "#$6-"#$#
The ad+entures of Superbo# mo+e from !ore Fun Comics to Ad)enture Comics in issue
Ad)enture Comics !"1%.
After DC Comics creates Superbo#, Siegel and Shuster sue DC Comics. Siegel
had been ser+ing in the militar# during ??00 while the Superbo# comic was
being planned. Siegel claimed 2arr# Donenfeld had earlier re>ected a Superbo#
series, and Siegel and Shuster were getting declining amounts from their "1 #ear
contract with DC Comics signed in "$%&. The# sued to regain rights for Superman
as'ing for D) million settlement. The# recei+ed D"11 thousand for Superbo#, and
DC Comics did not renew their contract. After being fired from DC Comics and
tr#ing a new character called Funn#man, Siegel and Shuster separated in "$*$.
Superman and 5atman appear in All$Star Comics !%< with the :ustice Societ#.
0n Superman !*& Superman first manages to time tra+el b# fl#ing at super;speed.
Superman !)% tenth anni+ersar# issue had "The rigin of Superman" presenting a more
detailed origin of Superman including the cause of Ir#pton's destruction, with art b#
?a#ne 5oring. This stor# named Clar''s adopti+e parents as being :ohn and Mar#.
Superbo !" begins and lasts until "$7$.
Although a mountain hideawa# had been mentioned since "$*/, it isn't till
Superman !)& that the name Fortress of Solitu!e is used.
Superman !<" "Superman =eturns to Ir#pton" introduces green kryptonite ; the
glowing radioacti+e remains of the planet Ir#pton and deadl# to Superman, first
mentioned in The Ad)entures o* Superman radio show in "$*). 0f eJposed to
green 'r#ptonite Superman will wea'en and lose his powers. 0f eJposed long
enough he would die. Breen 'r#ptonite can be safel# stored within a lead
container, and is harmless to humans. 0ssue !<" is also when Superman first
learns about his Ir#ptonian heritage.
/re Sil8er (ge "#&.-(ugust "#&6
Superbo !"1 introduces Superbo#'s friend Aana Aang. 0n the Superbo#
ad+entures, Aana often acted li'e Aois would towards Superman. 0n "$<), she
also acted as the costumed character +nsect ,ueen ,origin in Superbo !"/*-.
Superman ! <). First time Superman encounters other Ir#ptonian sur+i+ors, in
this case the +illains Mala, E;5an, and I"/1.
Action Comics !")& ,:ul#- solidifies Superman's origin b# including Superbo# and
naming :onathan and Martha Ient.
0n Superman !7<, Superman first teams up with his friend 5atman. 0n "$)*'s
%orld&s Finest Comics !7" the# begin wor'ing together.
Superman 3$D features art b# Curt Swan. Swan's wor' on this comic and wor' on
Superbo# and :imm# lsen comics earned him the >ob of being the standard
Superman penciler. Swan would remain the primar# Superman artist until the
"$&< re+ision.
?ith the popularit# of :ac' Aarson's :imm# lsen in "The Ad+entures of
Superman" TC series, Superman&s "al, -imm .lsen !" is published with Curt
Swan's art. The first issue introduced :imm#'s signal watch which Superman
would respond to when hearing the distincti+e 4ee ; 4ee ;4ee.
Attac's on the content of comics, including Frederic ?ertham's boo' Seduction o*
the +nnocent lead to a E.S. Senate in+estigation. =esponding to public pressure
comic boo' publishers create the Comics Code Authorit# to set standards.
Ad)enture Comics !/"1 introduces Suberbo#'s Ir#ptonian pet dog +rypto the Super;
Dog. Ir#pto was originall# Superman's pet on Ir#pton. :or;Gl had launched Ir#pto in an
eJperimental roc'et. The roc'et was belie+ed lost after a collision with a meteor, but
when Ir#pton eJploded a few da#s later, the roc'et was swept along with Superman's.
Ir#pto's roc'et reached Garth after Superman's. Ir#pto found Clar' Ient and posed as
Clar''s dog Chip, while Clar' was in Small+ille.
Sil8er (ge Sept9 "#&6-"#6#
Aois Aane's ad+entures are tried in Showcase !$;"1.
Superman&s /irl Friend, Lois Lane !" begins lasting until "$7*. The series'
principal artist was Iurt Schaffenberger, and introduced the concept of alternate
realit# "imaginar#" stories.
0n Superbo !<&, Superbo#'s imperfect duplicate :i4arro appears.
0n Action Comics !/*" the concept of the Fortress of Solitude as a structure
hidden within an arctic mountain is first used. The Fortress concept would
de+elop into being a three;stor# structure accessed b# a giant door in the
mountain re(uiring the use of a huge golden 'e# disguised as an aircraft mar'er.
?ithin the Fortress Superman 'ept items li'e the 5ottled Cit# of Iandor, a
Hhantom Kone +iewer and pro>ector, troph# room, laborator#, communications
center, a personal diar#, robots to impersonate Superman, archi+es and memorial
to Ir#pton.
:rainiac with the bottled Ir#ptonian cit# of +an!or that 5rainiac had stolen
before Ir#pton's death using a shrin'ing ra# appear in Action Comics !/*/.
The ,egion of Super-Heroes from the %1th centur# is introduced in Ad)enture
Comics !/*7, when Superbo# becomes a member.
Superman !"/% has a full;length issue stor# tr#ing out the idea of a Supergirl
character, where :imm# lsen uses a magic talisman to wish for a Supergirl.
Superman's #oung cousin Supergirl ,Iara Kor;Gl-, who had sur+i+ed Ir#pton's
death because her entire cit# of Argo Cit# had been blown into space on a huge
fragment, first meets Superman in Action Comics !/)/. Iara adopts the secret
identit# of Ainda Aee and starts li+ing at the Mid+ale rphanage. Supergirl went
on to e+entuall# >oin the Aegion of Super;2eroes, be adopted b# Fred and Gdna
Dan+ers, and attend Stanhope College. "The Supergirl from Ir#pton" was written
b# tto 5inder with art b# Al Hlastino.
0n Superman !"/7 the huge ape Titano is introduced.
After Superbo# encountered it in "$)&'s Ad)enture Comics !/)/, in Superman
!"/& Superman eJperiences re! kryptonite. Aater ,!"%$- the origin of red
'r#ptonite as ha+ing been green 'r#ptonite transformed when passing through a
strange radioacti+e cosmic cloud is disclosed. =ed 'r#ptonite's effect is to cause
Superman's bod# to temporaril# transform after a warning tingling sensation. The
effect usuall# lasts no more than *& hours and once a change occurs, that t#pe of
transformation won't happen again.
0n Superman !"/$ we learn how when Superman attended Metropolis Eni+ersit#
he met ,ori ,emaris, a mermaid from Atlantis in a stor# b# 5ill Finger.
:ohn Corben becomes 2etallo when following a car accident, a professor creates
a robot bod# for him powered b# green 'r#ptonite in Action Comics !/)/. 0n the
"$71's following Corben's death, his brother =oger became 'nown as Metallo
after a criminal organi4ation caused =oger to be in>ured and pro+ided a robotic
0n Action Comics !/)* Author using a duplicator ra# creates a :i4arro Superman.
This imperfect double would e+entuall# ha+e a 5i4arro;Aois as a companion and
li+e on the cubed planet 2trae ,Action Comics !/<%-.
:err# Siegel returns to write at DC Comics, and wor's with Mort ?eisinger,
wor'ing until the mid "$<1's.
An updated +ersion of the "$*1's :ustice Societ# with Superman as a member is
tried out in 'ra)e 0 The 'old !/&;%1 called the )ustice ,eague of (merica.
5eing a success, -ustice Lea1ue o* America !" soon follows.
Superman Annual !" appears reprinting stories.
Superman !"*" "Superman's =eturn to Ir#pton" written b# :err# Siegel, has
Superman seeing his Ir#ptonian parents and meeting A#ra Aerrol. The artist was
?a#ne 5oring.
0n Ad)enture Comics !/7" "2ow Author met Superbo#", AeJ Author's first name
and the origin of his hatred of Superman since their childhood is re+ealed.
0n The Flash !"/%'s stor# "Flash of Two ?orlds" DC Comics begins the
multi+erse concept b# reintroducing the Bolden Age +ersion of The Flash ,:a#
Barric'- li+ing on Garth;/ being met b# the current Garth;" +ersion of the Flash
,5arr# Allen-. Stor# b# Bardner FoJ, editor :ulius Schwart4.
0n Superbo !$1 bo#hood friend Hete =oss secretl# learns Superbo# is Clar'
0n Superman !"*$ the 'imaginar#' stor# "The Death of Superman" appears.
0n Ad)enture Comics !/&% the ghostl# dimension called the /hantom ;one is
introduced where pro>ected Ir#ptonian criminals li+e on waiting to escape.
Superman and :imm# lsen appear as Flamebird and @ightwing in Iandor in
Superman !")&.
Supergirl begins her public career as a superhero in Action Comics !/&).
0n Superman&s "al -imm .lsen !%" :imm# lsen first becomes <lastic ,a! after
drin'ing a serum and temporaril# gaining the abilit# to stretch his bod#.
0n Superman !"<" the first telling about Ma and Ha Ient's death occurs.
0n Superman !"</ the 'imaginar#' classic tale "The Ama4ing Stor# of Superman;
=ed and Superman;5lue".
-ustice Lea1ue o* America !/" "Crisis on Garth;ne" reintroduces the :ustice
Societ# of America starting the tradition of multi+erse crosso+er ad+entures
lasting until "$&)'s Crisis.
?hen the Superman character was up for cop#right renewal, Siegel and Shuster
again attempted to regain the rights with a lawsuit. The lawsuit e+entuall# was
finished in "$7) unsuccessfull#.
0n Superman !"<7 "The Team of Author and 5rainiac" we learn that although
appearing as a green;s'inned humanoid, 5rainiac is reall# an android created b#
the ruling computers of the planet Colu. Art b# Curt Swan and Beorge Ilein.
"Superman's Mission For Hresident Ienned#" appears finall# in Superman !"71,
after the presidential assasination.
DC Comics begins the 20 "a1e /iant format reprinting stories. !" has Superman
stories, and is also labelled as being an annual.
Action Comics !%*1 introduces the +illain /arasite ,MaJwell :ensen- who gains
the abilit# to drain a person's lifeforce energ# after being eJposed to radiation.
After a successful tr#out in "$<*'s The 'ra)e and the 'old !)* another popular
DC Comics hero group appears in Teen Titans !" which lasted until "$7%. The
group went through se+eral changes after "$<*.
/ost Sil8er (ge "#7.-"#7#
The Garth;/ +ersion of Superman based upon the Bolden Age's rendering is
introduced in -ustice Lea1ue o* America !7%.
Supergirl lea+es Action Comics after issue ! %7< and mo+ies to Ad)enture
Comics. The Aegion of Super;2eroes replaces her in Action Comics.
The @ewsbo# Aegion appear in Superman&s "al -imm .lsen !"%% b# :ac' Iirb#,
and also includes Morgan Gdge's first appearance. Iirb#'s "The Fourth ?orld"
concept featuring rion and the @ew Bods battling Dar'seid de+eloped from this
stor# in the comics The New /ods, The Fore)er "eople, and !r3 !iracle.
:ulius Schwart4 becomes the Superman editor lasting until "$&<'s change with
Action Comics !*"$. Murra# 5oltinoff had ser+ed briefl# as editor after Mort
?eisinger's retirement.
Superman recei+es his first ma>or re+amping in Superman !/%% b# writer Denn#
'@eil, when Morgan Gdge bu#s the Dail "lanet and decides Clar' Ient should
become a tele+ision news reporter for ?B5S, and a nuclear accident transforms
all 'r#ptonite on Garth into harmless iron.
'@eil's re+ision of Superman continues in Superman !/*/ when Superman loses
half his le+el of power following a battle with a sand doppleganger formed b# a
creature from another dimension. This depowering, howe+er, is onl# temporar#
and writer '@eil (uits writing Superman in protest. 8See the boo' Superman at
40 edited b# Dennis Doole# L Bar# Gngle ,"$&7- for more details.9 0n "$$/'s
Superman Special !", ?alter Simonson's "The Sandman" ac'nowledges this "$7"
Superman !/*$ introduces +illain Terra-2an ,Tob# Manning- as a "$th centur#
cowbo# using alien technolog# and a winged horse called @o+a.
Superman !/)7 includes a short stor# re+ealing that if Ir#pton hadn't been
destro#ed Superman would ha+e become the leader of the Breen Aantern Corps, a
group of interstellar police created b# the inhabitants of the planet a.
Supergirl gets her own comic, which lasts for two #ears. Then she mo+es to
Superman Famil.
0n Superman !/<* Ste+e Aombard as ?B5S' new sportscaster and foil to Clar'
Ient appears.
"The rigin of Superman" b# assistant Superman editor G. @elson 5ridwell, art
b# Curt Swan and Murph# Anderson is printed in the special maga4ine Ama5in1
%orld o* Superman.
DC Comics begins a series reprinting important comics with a facsimile cop# of
Action Comics !". This reprint series did Superman !" in "$7&.
Superman&s "al, -imm .lsen changes format and becomes The Superman
Famil with issue !"<* lasting until !/// in "$&/.
Lois Lane ends with issue ! "%7. 2er comic merges with Super1irl and -imm
.lsen to become Superman Famil.
Superman meets Mar+el Comics' Spiderman in the one;shot tabloid Superman )s3
The Ama5in1 Spiderman written b# Berr# Conwa# and art b# =oss Andru and
Dic' Biordano. 0n the stor#, Superman and Spiderman wor' to stop Author's plan,
assisted b# Doc ctopus, to hi>ac' a space station. 2ow the Mar+el and DC
characters happen to coeJist is ne+er eJplained, and unimportant an#wa#.
The Garth;/ Supergirl named /ower 'irl is introduced in All Star Comics !)&.
The Garth;/ Iara Kor;el would >oin the :ustice Societ# of America, and later
another group, 0nfinit# 0nc ; a group of children of :ustice Societ# members.
Hower Birl adopted the secret identit# of Iaren Starr. Following "$&)'s Crisis,
Hower Birl's origin was re+ised since the Garth;/'s Ir#pton's histor# was now
in+alid. Iara found she was reall# the grand daughter of Atlantis's sorceror Arion,
who had sent her into the future with the false memories that made her belie+e she
was Superman's cousin.
:enette Iahn becomes DC Comics's publisher.
DC Comics "resents !" debuts featuring Superman teamed up with different DC
Comics heroes lasting until "$&<.
Action Comics !*&* celebrates its *1th anni+ersar# b# telling the stor# of the
marriage between Superman and Aois Aane ; of Garth;/.
Artist @eal Adams and others help pressure DC Comics into crediting Siegel and
Shuster in the comics, and pro+iding an annuit#, after publicit# for the Superman
0n Superman !%%&, Iandor is finall# enlarged b# Superman on a phase;world called
=o'#n, celebrating the *1th anni+ersar# of the comic.
/re 2o!ern (ge "#*.-"#*&
Superbo becomes The Le1ion o* Super$6eroes with issue !/)$. The same #ear he gets
his own title The New Ad)entures o* Superbo which lasts )* issues, until "$&*.
Mar+el Comics publishes another cross;o+er ad+enture written b# :im Shooter, with
Superman and Spiderman stopping Doctor Doom and the Harasite in !ar)el Treasur
7dition !/&.
Darin1 New Ad)entures o* Super1irl begins. 0t lasts /% issues, until "$&*.
Action Comics !)** celebrating Superman's *)th anni+ersar# has +illains AeJ
Author and 5rainiac redesigned. Author gets battle armor from the planet AeJor,
using a concept b# Beorge Here4. 5rainiac no longer a green;s'inned android,
using a concept b# Gd 2annigan. This issue also has a teJt b# :err# Siegel and a
"pin;up" b# :oe Shuster.
0n DC Comics "resents Annual !/, a time;tra+elling histor# professor, Iristin
?ells, assists Superman b# using /$th centur# science as Superwoman.
DC Comics publishes the "/ part series Crisis on +n*inite 7arths ,often refered to as >ust
Crisis- to transform the DC Comic superhero multi+erse into a single uni+erse with one
timeline. 'Host;Crisis', Superman and other heroes who fought the stor#'s +illain, the Anti;
Monitor, remember the battle but no longer recall the eJistence of the Garth;/ Superman
or an# other characters from the now destro#ed parallel Garths.
0n issue !7 the Garth;" Supergirl dies.
0n !& 5arr# Allen ,The Flash- dies.
0n !"1, Superman and some of Garth's heroes go to the dawn of time. Aater DC
Comics eJecuti+e editor Dic' Biordano eJplains this e+ent allows the origins of
Superman and the other heroes to be rewritten.
0n !"" the heroes who went to the dawn of time find the multi+erse, including
Garth;", has been replaced b# a single uni+erse.
0n !"/ after finall# defeating the Anti;Monitor, the Garth;/ Superman, his wife
,Garth;/ Aois Aane-, and the Garth;Hrime Superbo# ,introduced in DC Comics
"resents !&7- go to li+e in another dimension from which the# won't return.
DC Comics "resents !&7 had two stories. First ha+ing how Superman of Garth;"
met the Garth;Hrime Superbo#, and that Superbo# went to see Garth;". The second
stor# was the Garth;H Superbo#'s origin: ?hen that uni+erse's Ir#pton was being
destro#ed b# its Sun going no+a, :or;Gl uses an eJperimental teleporter to send
his son to Garth, where the bab# is found b# :err# and @aomi Ient. The bo# is
named Clar', and shows no superpowers until one night when dressed in a
Superbo# costume for a costume part#, his powers finall# manifest ; >ust as
Superman is sent to Garth;H b# members of the Superman =e+enge S(uad. Garth;
H was supposedl# in our uni+erse where Superman is a character in comics
published b# DC Comics.
2o!ern (ge "#*6-Current
Following the landmar' "$&) Crisis mini;series, DC Comics begins re+amping
different heroes. Artist3writer :ohn 5#rne is hired to re+amp Superman. 5#rne's
+ision of Superman combining the best of the Superman legend from comics and
other media is introduced in a < part biwee'l# mini;series The !an o* Steel,
followed later b# three % part mini;series that further flesh out Superman, his
histor#, and the supporting cast of characters: The %orld o* 8rpton ,"$&7;"$&&-,
The %orld o* Small)ille ,"$&&-, and The %orld o* !etropolis ,"$&&-. This re+ision
has produced new +ersions of +illains such as ma'ing AeJ Author into a corrupt
billionaire industrialist.
The first Superman's ,i.e. the +ersion of Superman de+eloped for almost )1 #ears-
career ended with one of the best Superman stories e+er: "?hate+er 2appened to
the Man of TomorrowM" ,Superman !*/%, Action Comics !)&%- was an
'imaginar#' stor# about Superman's last ad+enture where he confronts his deadliest
foe. ?ritten b# Alan Moore and art b# Curt Swan, Murph# Anderson, Beorge
Here4, and Iurt Schaffenberger this /;part stor# was a wonderfull# nostalgic
eJcursion wea+ing together man# elements of the Superman legend. 0nstead of a
letter page, each issue had an article gi+ing an o+er+iew of the title since "$%& b#
DC Comics' G. @elson 5ridwell.
0n the final issue of DC Comics "resents !$7, the pre;Crisis fates of the Hhantom
Kone, Mr. MJ#4ptl', 5i44aro and 2trae, and the remains of Argo Cit# are told.
%orld&s Finest Comics ends with issue !%/%.
A new Superman series begins while the first Superman monthl# is retitled as
Ad)entures o* Superman with !*/*.
Superman meets the Aegion of Superheroes and the "poc'et uni+erse" Superbo#
in Superman !&. Superman +isits the "poc'et uni+erse" in Action Comics !)$".
?a#ne 5oring dies ; his last Superman stor# being in Secret .ri1ins !" ,Apr
0n Superman !/" the new Supergirl's ,MatriJ- origin appears ; created from protomatter
b# a heroic AeJ Author from a 'poc'et uni+erse', after the Superbo# of that uni+erse
disappears. Supergirl first appears in Superman !"<.
0n Action Comics Annual !/ Superman while in space encounters a Ir#ptonian artifact
'nown as the <ra!icator.
0n Ad)entures o* Superman !*<< 2an' 2enshaw first appears, who later becomes
'nown as the C#borg.
Clar' Ient proposes to Aois Aane in Superman !)1.
0n Action Comics !<</, Clar' tells Aois he is Superman.
Superman9 !an o* Steel !" debuts.
:oe Shuster dies at age 7& on :ul# %1.
After stopping the monster =ooms!ay, Superman appears dead in Superman !7).
Ad)entures o* Superman !)11 has the first appearances of Steel, Super5oy, a new
+ersion of the Gradicator, and the C#borg Superman.
The new Superbo# is featured in Ad)entures o* Superman !)1" created as a clone
b# a secret go+ernment genetics pro>ect to replace the then still presumed dead
0n Superman !7& the C#borg Superman ,2an' 2enshaw- is featured, later
responsible for destro#ing Coast Cit# in Superman !&1.
0n Action Comics !<&$, Superman is shown being re+i+ed in the Fortress of
Solitude. 2e uses a Ir#ptonian battle suit to return to Metropolis in Superman9
!an o* Steel !/), and following the defeat of the C#borg ma'es his public return
as Superman in Metropolis in Ad)entures o* Superman !)1).
Superbo !" debuts as a monthl#.
DC Comics publishes the :ero 6our mini;series. Designed to further smooth out timeline
inconsistencies caused b# stories published, especiall# about e+ents in the %1th centur#
about the Aegion of Superheroes, :ero 6our concluded in issue !1 with an updated
timeline of e+ents in the DC Comics superhero uni+erse. Although affecting the histor#
of some superheroes, :ero 6our didn't significantl# alter Superman's histor# since the
"$&< reboot.
Superman9 The !an o* Tomorrow debuts as a (uarterl#, allowing for a new
Superman comic to be published e+er# wee'.
Superman appears in the DC Comics and Dar' 2orse Comics mini;series
Superman )s3 Aliens. Superman sa+es a girl named Iara on a d#ing asteroid cit#
called Argo Cit#, from attac's b# aliens.
Starting in December, DC Comics and Mar+el Comics co;publish the mini;series
DC )s3 !ar)el. This pro>ect includes a series of !" issues published as Amalgam
Comics in "$$<. ne of the Amalgam Comics is Super Soldier ! " combining
Superman with Mar+el Comics' Captain America.
n :anuar# /&, "$$<, :err# Siegel dies at age &".
0n Action Comics !7/1 Aois Aane brea's off her engagement with Clar' Ient.
n :une "<, "$$<, Curt Swan dies at age 7<.
Superman is a central character in the Glseworld's *;part mini;series 8in1dom
Come written b# Mar' ?aid, art b# AleJ =oss. 0n an alternate future, ?onder
?oman persuades a self;eJiled Superman to lead a group of heroes against a
#ounger +iolent generation of superhumans.
Super1irl !" debuts as a monthl#, after Supergirl had an earlier "$$* four part
mini;series and appearing in Showcase.
Superman Ad)entures !" debuts as a monthl# tie;in with the ?5 @etwor''s
cartoon show Superman.
Superman loses his powers when the Sun goes out in the Final Ni1ht *;part mini;
After becoming engaged again to Aois in Superman !""&, Clar' and Aois are
married in the special one;shot Superman9 The %eddin1 Album featuring
numerous artists and writers.
Superman >oins 5atman, ?onder ?oman, Flash, A(uaman, Breen Aantern and
Martian Manhunter to form the :AA ,:ustice Aeague America-.
Superman is again in+ol+ed in a DC )s !ar)el cross;o+er, parts " L * of All
Superman regains his powers in Superman $ The !an o* Steel !<*, after losing
them in the "$$< Final Ni1ht mini;series.
Superman's powers change dramaticall#, ma'ing him an energ#;based being. A
new blue and white containment suit was made for him to be able to control the
new powers. fficiall# announced in the landmar' issue Superman !"/%.
Ma#or 5er'owit4 is assassinated. AeJ Author and the Contessa ha+e a child called
Superman is split into / seperate beings: Superman =ed and Superman 5lue
than's to the teaming;up of the C#borg and To#man in the special Superman
;ed<Superman 'lue !".
Superman =ed L Superman 5lue and +arious other DC heroes battle to protect
earth from the Millennium Biants. 5# eJpelling all their energies, the two
Supermen sa+e the da#.
0n a <1th Anni+ersar# special Superman Fore)er !", Superman is returned to his
classic blue, red and #ellow costume and his traditional powers.
The Dail# Hlanet is bought out b# AeJ Author who immediatel# shuts down the
@ewspaper lea+ing Clar' without a >ob. Aois L :imm# ,along with other Dail#
Hlanet staff- are hired b# AeJ's new @ews @etwor'.... AeJCom.
After ha+ing some precogniti+e dreams of disasters, Superman decides to lea+e
behind his life as Clar' Ient and become Superman /* hours a da#, 7 da#s a
Superman builds an arm# of Superman =obots to protect the earth from itself,
setting himself up as Iing of the ?orld. Dominus is disco+ered to be behind
Superman's dellusions, and is sent into the Hhantom Kone b# Superman, who goes
about tr#ing to restore his reputation and the world's faith in him.
AeJ Author m#steriousl# sells bac' the Dail# Hlanet, and the great Metropolitan
@ewspaper is up and running with Clar', Aois, :imm# and Herr# bac' on board.
Clar' ta'es on the >ob of Foreign Correspondent.
n @ew 6ear's G+e, a future +ersion of 5rainiac ,5rainiac "%- materiali4es and
taps into earth's power, upgrading Metropolis into a futuristic cit#. nl#
Superman's use of Ir#ptonian technolog# stops 5rainiac "%, but AeJ Author
sacrifices his daughter Aena to gain control of the new hi;tech Metropolis.
Superman rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude within a Tesseract with Steel's help.
Aois begins acting +er# strange, rebelling against Clar'. Finall# Superman
disco+ers that it was actuall# the Harasite mas(uerading as Aois.
Superman becomes criticall# ill due to nanobot technolog# infecting him
internall# with 'r#ptonite. 2e is sa+ed b# Steel, Supergirl, Superbo# and the
Atom who conduct a microscopic rescue.
Superman finds himself in a strange alternate realit# where he is regarded as the
world's worst Super;+illain. 0t isn't until MJ#4ptl' re+eals that he stupidl# ga+e
the :o'er his powers that Superman reali4es that the :o'er has altered realit# to fit
his own twisted mind, and together with Steel, Aois and 5atman, things are finall#
returned to normal.
AeJ Author becomes the Hresident of the E.S.A.
:ohn 2enr# 0rons and Hrofessor 2amilton de+ise a wa# for Superman ,and Aois-
to tra+el through the Hhantom Kone to Ir#pton, where Ial;Gl meets his parents,
:or;Gl and Aara, and his pet dog Ir#pto. After some highl# action pac'ed
ad+enture, Superman and Aois return to Garth, with Ir#pto close behind.
Superman is badl# hurt and spoo'ed b# a super;powerful man calling himself
Beneral Kod, howe+er their ongoing battle is interrupted when Garth is attac'ed
b# the galactic power 'nown as 0mperieJ. An enormous war ensues, with Garth
allied with Apo'olips and other pre+ious enemies in a >oint effort to stop 0mperieJ
from destro#ing the entire uni+erse. 2owe+er their defeat of 0mperieJ results in
the e(uall# dangerous return of 5rainiac "%... but ultimatel# he too is defeated.
The death toll from the war is enormous.
Superman begins seeing a ps#chiatrist... Dr Claire Foster.
Clar' publishes an article about AeJ Author's in+ol+ement in the 0mperieJ ?ar.
Clar' is fired b# Herr# ?hite ,who then secretl# hires him to wor' underco+er to
dig up dirt on AeJ-.
AeJ disco+ers Superman is reall# Clar' IentN 2owe+er his memor# is wiped
clear of this 'nowledge when Manchester 5lac' ,who also 'nows the secret-
starts attac'ing e+er#one Clar' Ient has e+er 'nown.
Aana Aang goes missing in Suicide Slum. After much trouble Clar' Ient finall#
sa+es both himself and Aana than's to some help from a #oung girl called Traci
Superman battles Dar'seid to reclaim the soul of :ohn 2enr# 0rons.
Superman disco+ers 2ope, one of AeJ Author's personal bod#guards, tortured and
held prisoner on a sub;le+el of AeJCorp Towers. Clar' Ient returns to the Dail#
Hlanet with a front page article all about Author's in+ol+ement in the scandal.
A new Supergirl called Cir;Gl arri+es in Metropolis claiming to be Superman and
Aois' future daughter. Created b# the Futuresmiths, Cir;Gl is re+ealed not to be
Superman's daughter when he tra+els into the future with a future +ersion of
At first thin'ing he is Ial;Gl on Ir#pton, Superman soon reali4es that he's
actuall# in the 5ottled Cit# of Iandor, where somehow "11 #ears ha+e passed
since his last +isit. Ci+il unrest within the cit# leads to an all;out battle between
Superman and Hreus, a Iandorian policemen of sorts, who thin's Superman is an
imposter sull#ing the name of the 2ouse of Gl.
Clar' Ient is demoted from his >ob at the Dail# Hlanet due to his eJpose on
Hresident Author, and left to wor' in the Shac', the lowest position a reporter can
Bog comes to town loo'ing to destro# Superman... and nearl# succeeds. Aeft
badl# in>ured, and with Aois on assignment in Emec, Superman reco+ers under
the care of Aana Aang ,now separated from Hete =oss-. Aana tells Clar' she lo+es
him and tries to con+ince him that he and Aois are not right for each other.
Aois is shot while on assignment in the war;torn nation of Emec. Superman
rescues her, but has to sit idl# b# as doctors tr# to sa+e her, +owing he'll ne+er
lea+e her side again.
A #ear ahead of the e+ents mentioned abo+e, Superman finds himself in an
aw'ward position. 2e confides in a priest called Father Aeone. A million people
ha+e +anished, amongst them Aois, due to a weapon that he hunts down. Finding
the weapon in the possession of a Beneral InoJ ,who too' it from a desparate
dictator-, Superman battles G(uus, a creature lo#al to InoJ, onl# to ha+e G(uus
turn on the weapon again, causing more people to +anish off the face of the earth.
0n possession of the weapon, Superman is confronted b# the :AA about its use,
and >ust barel# trusted to tac'le this problem on his own.
Superman !emorial +ssue, Comics Calues Monthl# Special ,"$$/-
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