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10 June 2012 As The World Churns

Q: Much is at hand in the world; we believe we are about to witness the collapse of the Greek
economy with rapid effects and weve read that Spain is close to requiring bank bailouts for the
sector to survive. Could similar effects threatening Greece spread to Spain and across the
A: Yes. Economic conditions across the European Union and Euro Zone nations are
generally difficult; the European Union is showing the first signs of its breakup. What happens
to any one nation in any precise aspect will not alter the trend of fiscal strains, breakdowns,
unemployment and eventual return to separate nations and currencies.

Q: Is this isolated to Europe mostly?
A: No, global economic interdependence will cause effects to reverberate worldwide.

Q: What about European nations not using the euro currency, such as the United Kingdom
and Switzerland?
A: They will feel effects also, not so much directly related to currency and its relative value but
certainly to the slowdown. Overall effects will be even and trend downward.

Q: Mexico, the United States and Canada?
A: As highly integrated economies, many effects are felt in these nations simultaneously and
will occur there also.

Q: Caused by Europe?
A: No, although European economic effects will ripple over, they are not a cause. North
Americas economic challenges have been self generated.

Q: How do these developments relate to the shift, the concept of an upcoming rise in
consciousness of humanity?
A: These are all a part of the process; the economic disturbance is the breakdown and
reformation of economic systems that have not served the better interests of humanity in an
equal way. There have been several movements arising from this. What is called Communism
arose directly from perceived inequity and unfairness of economic systems yet devolved into a
power structure arrangement; the noble goal put forth by its intellectual creators did not
seriously consider human nature and what could be called a universal law. Detractors of the
scheme accurately identified this aspect and opposed Communism for lacking recognition of a
basic universal ideal, benefit and reward from efforts.

Q: What will come to replace current economic arrangements?
A: Localized economies and barter will become more common. Remember always awareness
will rise and with it will come enhanced appreciation, respect for and genuine enjoyment of
possessions for beauty and function. Economic systems have included appearance and rank
based upon outward aspects and qualities; purchases include a large component of
consideration for status and opinions of observers. This will reduce significantly; this is one
small indicator of a larger, paramount alteration where need and function will be emphasized,
status lowered many levels.

Economic systems will be localized, in many cases very local. The international, intercontinental
aspect of commerce will vanish almost entirely.

Q: What will happen to society?
A: A large question; an interesting hybrid of policy trends will be created. There is much
dispute, mostly pointless, over approaches and positions taken for political gain. One view
favors personal responsibility and reliance and this will be much more widespread and accepted.
Another view says greed and avarice rule and are used to gain and maintain advantage and must
be cut out. Economic changes will force this to the top of the list also. Political adversity will
drop off; popular complaints are that common ground and compromise are necessary yet the
loudest calls for this often come from the least willing to have it. Its used to accuse the opposing
position in hopes for capitulation, to allow one side to maintain objectives without ceding
ground. All sides of political spectrums do this and have done so vigorously; true awareness and
compromise will be reached and the previous arguments will appear childish, despite active
pursuit as is common at this moment.

Q: What will happen to families?
A: Family units will become more emphasized and a return to a more family centered life
will happen. Reproduction rates will fall and world population will begin a steady decline to last
several decades. This will not have immediate repercussions on any group of families, as global
aspects will drop off. The way families lived and interacted prior to automobiles will return. It
will be positive.

Q: If global commerce goes away, what economic effects will result from that?
A: Unemployment, certainly. Humanity will again see others for who they are, not what they

Q: How much unemployment?
A: By current standards of salaried work, to will not be employed.

Q: This will be devastating, will it not?
A: No, it will not. Much value, understood as cost and price, of things deemed basic needs
will fall as they are, in many cases, ridiculous. A family must spend more than half its earnings
to have just shelter; to pay for the dwelling, pay tax on the income to pay for the dwelling and
pay tax also on the perceived value of the dwelling. Similarly clothing, basic furniture and
implements for cooking, food storage and other activity cost extraordinary percentages of what a
family typically earns. The provider of the product, the device, the service and materials all see a
need to earn to then secure for themselves these things. A circle of costs and needs arises; this
cycle has become pervasive as human society has developed and in many aspects, is pointless. It
does not serve the purpose of life on Earth.

Q: So costs and value will be less?
A: Yes, by much. Awareness of the soon to be experienced dimensions will frame the ideas
about this which have permeated humanity for hundreds of years under current dealings and
before that in prior schemes and arrangements. The idea that wealth provides a solid benefit will
be changed. Take for example the number of societies that would impose harsh punishments for
theft, decry hunger and then punish theft of food. The response we know; we observe with
curiosity and sometimes disappointment the responses, such as tolerance would create
permissiveness about theft overall. This is true however when did you all become so rigid,
relatively uncaring to not consider causes; does food theft feed a vice? Why does this develop?
What things paved the route to this point, a society that paves roads with materials brought
great distances, using conveyances from across vast oceans yet accepts there are fellow wo/men
who must steal to eat? We are often equally disappointed to see reactions that insist on forcing a
solution, taking it unwillingly from the most able to provide it. Your newly rediscovered
awareness will cast these considerations aside; you will all see your situation as a boat and
yourselves as passengers aboard it.

Q: Why do we not know specific dates and details of events?
A: If you knew such things, what would happen? Youd seek whats pleasurable by your
understanding of that and avoid challenges. How would you see benefit?

Q: Why dont we understand our intended role and purpose?
A: This would reduce your life to a school assignment, would it not?

Q: We all hear often that loss lifts appreciation; we only know what we had after discovering it
is forever gone. Is this always the case?
A: This is Earth custom and training; to develop and follow a habit. Habits provide
predictability and this implies security. Quiet contemplation has fallen from favor and this is a
habit that will return to provide great benefits. The porch rocking chair and the shade tree
hammock are two medications many doctors should prescribe.

Q: Are future events certain to occur as many have described and even warned?
A: You cannot come live on Earth as you do any more casually than could you buy a house.
Each of these is deliberate and, while some houses are chosen with little investigation, most are
thought through. Your time here at this stage of Earth and the arrival of a new age and elevated
dimensions, was precise and deliberate. You understood the trends and will recall that process
when time comes for that. There is always control and ability to change course and shift effects,
to lessen or strengthen. The way, extent and effect of events are always under humanitys
control; the rise to higher dimensionality will reawaken humanity to this, across a majority of
the worlds human population. The occurrence, extent and reach can be adjusted. Always
understand you all came with eager anticipation to benefit from experiences, events to occur and
the choices you would all make before the circumstances presented.