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Nowadays, Premarital sex is very rampant among the society.

And sad to say, such sex

causes some maladies in the society. Examples of such are the increase incidence of unwanted and
unprepared pregnancy, single parenthood, and hedonism. But what is Pre-marital sex? Pre- marital sex,
that is, sex efore marriage. A form of pre-marital sex that is emerging today!s is the reality of "casual
sex" y persons# couples with or without commitment to settle in matrimony. Premarital sex is
something which almost everyone $nows aout. %ome proudly proclaims that they engage in while
others do it secretly. &owever, there are still some who do it ut are unaware of such term.

'ifferent people view it differently( for some it)s acceptale while for some it)s a ig sin.
At present, there is an increasing amount of discussions in newspaper and maga*ines in which various
things attriuted to premarital sex are discussed. At present, one can say that it)s normal to $now people
who had sex already. But what)s alarming is the rapid growth of the numer of people who had sex
efore marriage. 'ifferent researches show the rise of this numer. +n the last century, only a few, if not
*ero, gave themselves to premarital sex. ,his information if compared to present data would give an
overwhelming difference. Practicing premarital sex is more often attriuted to men. +t is for the reason
that males are more aggressive than females. &owever, as mentioned earlier, things have changed. +f
things were ta$en ac$ to the first place, it is necessary to $now why people have sex at all. ,he answer
is as simple as reproduction. &owever, later in time sex was viewed in another way. +t is said that
premarital sex is only -ust for pleasure. .oreover, sex is said to e fun. /viously, sex efore marriage
is indeed used for pleasure. ,his perception has contriuted to hasty oost in the incidence of
premarital sex in the Philippines. .ost proaly, this pleasure is the reason for the people)s positive
regards to premarital sex. As a matter of fact, women are now competing with men in terms of sexual
experience. ,his is rought aout y women!s newly developed permissive attitude towards sex.
'ifferent people might have various reasons in committing premarital sex aside from positive view on
sex. %ome people might -ust e financially incapale of eing married, thus, they engage in premarital
intercourse. %ome could -ust e doing it to uild up an image in front of their peers. ,he worse part
here is that people who commit the said act are not only exposing themselves to some ris$s ut they are
staining the traditional 0ilipino image of eing conservative. ,his is not to say that premarital sex is
totally wrong that it should e eliminated ut it)s -ust that this action possesses potential ris$s which
might affect not only the individuals involved in it ut the society, where they elong, as well. ,hings
always change, especially now that it is the modern era. Along with this, the norms also change.
&owever, it)s -ust sad to note that things have -ust gone worse. ,he idea that sex is -ust for fun is
actually a very cheap reason to engage in premarital intercourse. Noody $nows if these people who do
it even weigh the pleasure they get from it against the different conse1uences which they might
encounter. An even more disturing fact is that the age range of people who do it is getting younger and
,o sum it all, Pre- .arital %ex is really not good and it is ad for us. +t really contradicts
with our moral law. +t is a sin therefore. + $now we all are sinners and noody!s is perfect ut don!t
ma$e it as an excuse to commit sins. 2od is merciful ut &is forgiveness depends on how you repent, if
it is from your heart. 2od gave us the chance to live in this universe and therefore we should live for
&im. All things on earth, &e owns. 3e don!t even own even a single thing ecause even the wind &e
owns it. 3e are &is children, &is followers. By following &is commandments we can somehow give
than$s to our 4ord 5esus 6hrist. 4et us act as 6hristians. 4et us prove that we are sons and daughters of
2od. 7ememer this saying,8 2reat things come to those who wait.8 2ood day and 2od less people.
A Position Paper in
RS 55: Pre-Marital
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