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September 14, 2014

Luke 4:1-2
Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert,
where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of
them he was hungry.

C cc O tCCO LCO Ccc 1O1
To the desert, where Jesus was able to commune with the Father for 40 days without any distraction.

C1 O cC 1C1 CO cc O LCO Ccc
1O1 OC c CCcs O tCC a OCOc aO O
We realize that just because youre close to God, temptations wont disappear. The good person
isnt free from temptations, he just has the ability to overcome them.
Jesus shows us that to achieve strength in faith, we accept the reality that we, as His followers,
would be subjected to temptations. We are able to overcome theses temptations through Christ who is
our strength.

CcO 1 OCO c1O CcO 1 OCO csOCO C
My desert is when I could not reach my dreams.

CcO ccC aC11C- c1 OCO c1O C c
In the last Bar review, I realized that God is the source of all wisdom and intelligence. I have been
prospered by God through all my abilities. In the process, I became so full of myself. I forgot that God
was the source of it all. I became pasimpleng yabang. Only when I failed in my exams did I realize that
God was the source of it all. From there, everything just fell into place even without me doing drastic
changes. God was waiting for me to come to Him all this time so that I could feel His Love.

My Prayers and Reflections Today:
Jesus didnt stay in the desert forever. He used it to seek the Father by prayer and fasting. You
dont stay in your desert forever. Your difficult place is only a season. God will use it so that youll be a
better person. And then youll move on.
Your desertyour trialsempty you so that God can fill you up.
Sometimes, when were full and satisfied, we dont grow anymore.
Trials force us to grow. Fasting does the exact same thing.
We empty ourselves so that God can fill us up.

Other things that affect me most is when I am not liquid, meaning i have no money in my pocket. I
become irritable, I dont go out of the house, I forgot all the other good things that I have.
But now with Gods patient leading, I am now detached from material things, and my mind is beginning
to get sharper again. My old creative juices are flowing back, on how to achieve my dreams within lesser
time so that I could focus on rapidly improving my health.