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And here is the result of the changes to my file.

Although I made my short name shorter than

my regular name in this example, in real life I would put the longer Acme Business
Intelligence on the login screen using the property and the shorter Acme BI
on all other pages using the
Youll most likely want to make similar changes to the default system (CMS) and authentication
related properties in the and files. You can
also set a default system and authentication type for the Web Intelligence Rich Client by
following SAP KB 1821519.
Adding or changing Favicons
If you want to dress up your users browser with a favicon, overwrite the standard Tomcat
favicon.ico file with your own at <INSTALLDIR>/Tomcat6/webapps/ROOT then restart Tomcat.

Here are the favicon locations for the BI Launchpad, Central Management Console (CMC) and
others. I like to replace the BI Launchpad and Explorer favicons. I prefer to leave the CMC
favicon as-is, as only a few people see it and its easier to find when multiple browser tabs are in

Place new InfoView.ico in C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP
INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.InfoView\web\images. Place new explorer.ico in C:\Program Files
(x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\explorer.
Be sure to clear Tomcat cache C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP
BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\work\Catalina\localhost\ before restarting.
Changing the Default Web Intelligence Paper Size
When SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 is initially installed, the default page size
is A4. This international standard (see Wikipedia) is used nearly around the world but is not the
same as the standard Letter size used in the United States and Canada.

Previous versions of Web Intelligence stored the default paper size in a file named
defaultconfig.xml. This file remains in BI4 virtually unchanged from previous releases, but it is
now located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP
INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.AnalyticalReporting\web\WEB-INF\classes. But BI4 no
longer uses this file to define default paper size. Instead, Web Intelligence 4.0 derives attributes
like page size, header size, footer size, and margins from a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), not the
old XML configuration file. The procedure for changing the default paper size from A4 to Letter
can be found on this article I wrote for the EV Technologies blog.
NOTE: Existing reports will still have the page size set when the document was saved; however,
this modification will change the default page size setting for all new documents.
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 Launch Pad Default Preferences
My colleague Chris Greer has a great write-up on setting default user preferences, either by
user or group, which is a new feature of the BI 4.0 platform.
Weve looked at customizing the BI Launch Pad home page, the favicons, and the Web
Intelligence default paper size. Ill update this post periodically as I discover useful ways to
further customize the default SAP BusinessObjects experience.