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HVAC system
AR I (American Refrigeration Institute).
BS 1710:1984 Specification for identification of pipelines and services
BS 1224:1970 Specification for electroplated coatings of nickel and chromium
BS 2600-1:1983 Radiographic examination of fusion welded butt joints in steel
ethods for steel ! mm up to and including "# mm thick
BS 2640:1982 Specification for $lass II ox%&acet%lene welding of carbon steel pipework
for carr%ing fluids
BS 2910:1986 ethods for radiographic examination of fusion welded circumferential
butt joints in steel pipes
BS 2971:1991 Specification for class II arc welding of carbon steel pipework for carr%ing
BS 4515-1:2009 Specification for welding of steel pipelines on land and offshore
$arbon and carbon manganese steel pipelines
i!e i"htin" System
#$A ' ((ational )ire *revention Association)
A#S% B16&1 - 1998 & $ast Iron *ipe )langes and )langed )ittings.
A#S% B16&5 - 1996 & *ipe )langes and )langed )ittings.
AS'M A47 Standard Specification for )erritic alleable Iron $astings
AS'M A106 ( A106M - 13
Standard Specification for Seamless $arbon Steel *ipe for +igh&,emperature Service.
AS'M A135 ( A135M - 09)2014*
Standard Specification for -lectric&Resistance&.elded Steel *ipe
AS'M A183 - 03)2009*
Standard Specification for $arbon Steel ,rack /olts and (uts
AS'M A197 ( A197M - 00)2011*
Standard Specification for $upola alleable Iron
BS 903-A39:1980+ %S, 1653-1975
ethods of testing vulcani0ed rubber. 1etermination of compression set under constant
deflection at low temperatures
AS'M A234 ( A234M - 13e1
Standard Specification for *iping )ittings of .rought $arbon Steel and Allo% Steel for
oderate and +igh ,emperature Service.
AS'M A536 - 84)2009*
Standard Specification for 1uctile Iron $astings
BS 750:2012
Specification for underground fire hydrants and surface box frames and covers
BS 2789:1961
Specification for iron castings with spheroidal or nodular graphite
BS 5163-1:2004
Valves for waterworks purposes Predominantly key-operated cast iron gate valves. Code of
BS 5163-2:2004
Valves for waterworks purposes Stem caps for use on isolating valves and associated water
control apparatus. Specification
BS 5423:1987
Specification for portable fire extinguishers
BS -# 671-1:2012
)ixed firefighting s%stems. +ose s%stems +ose reels with semi&rigid hose
.A'-/ S0S'-MS
12.-C :Qatar eneral !lectricity and "ater Corporation #$ahramaa%
&PC #&niform Plumbing Code%.
BS 864
Capillary and compression tube fittings of copper and copper alloy Specification for compression
fittings for polyethylene pipes with outside diameters to 'S ((()
BS 1010-2:1973
Specification for draw-off taps and stopvalves for water services #screw-down pattern% *raw-off
taps and above-ground stopvalves
BS 1212:1990
+loat operated valves Specification .
BS 1394:1987
Stationary circulation pumps for heating and hot water service systems.
BS 1968:1953
Specification for floats for ballvalves #copper%
BS 1972:1967
Specification for polythene pipe #,ype -.% for above ground use for cold water services
BS 2456:1990
Specification for floats #plastics% for float operated valves for cold water services
AS'M 32444 - 99)2010*
Standard ,est /ethod for *etermination of the 0mpact 1esistance of ,hermoplastic Pipe and
+ittings by /eans of a ,up #+alling "eight%
BS 2580:1979
Specification for underground plug cocks for cold water services
BS -# 287-1:2011
Qualification test of welders. +usion welding Steels
BS 2879:1980
Specification for draining taps #screw-down pattern%
BS 3505:1986
Specification for unplastici2ed polyvinyl chloride #PVC-&% pressure pipes for cold potable water
BS 3958-1:1982
,hermal insulating materials
BS 4127:1994
Specification for light gauge stainless steel tubes3 primarily for water applications
BS 4346:1982
4oints and fittings for use with unplastici2ed PVC pressure pipes.
BS 4991:1974
Specification for propylene copolymer pressure pipe
BS 5114:1975
Specification for performance re5uirements for 6oints and compression fittings for use with
polyethylene pipes
BS 5154:1991
Specification for copper alloy globe3 globe stop and check3 check and gate valves
BS 5163:2004
Valves for waterworks purposes .
BS 4513:1969
Specification for lead bricks for radiation shielding
BS 4522:1970
/ethod for the determination of density of li5uids at .78C
BS 6144:1990
Specification for expansion vessels using an internal diaphragm3 for unvented hot water supply
BS 6281:1982
*evices without moving parts for the prevention of contamination of water by backflow.
BS 6282:1982
*evices with moving parts for the prevention of contamination of water by backflow .
BS 6283-1:1991
Safety and control devices for use in hot water systems
BS 6721-10:1989+ %S, 6437:1984
Sampling and analysis of copper and copper alloys /ethod for determination of chromium in
copper alloys9 titrimetric method
BS 6572:1985
Specification for blue polyethylene pipes up to nominal si2e )- for below ground use for potable
BS 6700:1997
Specification for design3 installation3 testing and maintenance of services supplying water for
domestic use within buildings and their curtilages
BS 7671:1992
1e5uirements for electrical installations. 0!! "iring 1egulations. Sixteenth edition
3%# 8079 :
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride #PVC-C% pipes - *imensions
3%# 8080
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride #PVC-C% pipes - eneral 5uality re5uirements3 testing

3!aina"e systems
Qatar eneral !lectricity and "ater Corporation #$ahramaa%
BS 416-1:1990
*ischarge and ventilating pipes and fittings3 sand-cast or spun in cast .
BS 437:2008
Specification for cast iron drain pipes3 fittings and their 6oints for socketed and socketless systems
BS 534:1990
Specification for steel pipes3 6oints and specials for water and sewage
BS 1010-2:1973
Specification for draw-off taps and stopvalves for water services #screw-down pattern% *raw-off
taps and above-ground stopvalves
BS 1125:1987
Specification for "C flushing cisterns #including dual flush cisterns and flush pipes%
BS 1189:1986
Specification for baths made from porcelain enamelled cast iron
BS 1184:1976
Specification. Copper and copper alloy traps
BS 1188:1974
Specification for ceramic wash basins and pedestals
BS 1202:2002
Specification for nails Steel nails
BS 1212:1990
+loat operated valves .
BS 1244:1988
/etal sinks for domestic purposes .
BS 2456:1990
Specification for floats #plastics% for float operated valves for cold water services
BS 3402:1969
Specification for 5uality of vitreous china sanitary appliances
BS 4514:2001
&nplastici2ed PVC soil and ventilating pipes of :..; mm minimum mean outside diameter3 and
fittings and accessories of :..; mm and of other si2es. Specification
BS 5254:1976
Specification for polypropylene waste pipe and fittings #external diameter -;.) mm3 ;<.7 mm and
(;.< mm%

BS 5255:1989
Specification for thermoplastics waste pipe and fittings .
BS 5503-3:1990
Vitreous china washdown "C pans with hori2ontal outlet Specification for "C pans with
hori2ontal outlet for use with =.( > maximum flush capacity cisterns.
BS 5572:1994
Code of practice for sanitary pipework .
BS 5889:1989
Specification for one-part gun grade silicone-based sealants
BS 8313:1997
Code of practice for accommodation of building services in ducts
4$2 S0S'-MS
1C33 : Qatar civil defense department specifications&
.5657 :2atar )uel $ompan% specifications.
#$A ' ((ational )ire *revention Association)