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No. SNEA(I)/CHQ/CMD/ 2012-14/51 dated 05.08.

Sri A. N. Rai
Ne# De$%i.
S&'( )0* +&,era--&atio- 'e-e.t to dire/t$0 re/r&ited e1,$o0ee+ o2 !SN"
3 i-ordi-ate de$a0 i- +ett$e1e-t /reated $ar4e +/a$e re+e-t1e-t a1o-4
t%e E1,$o0ee+.
Re+,e/ted Sir
Implementation of superannuation beneft to directly recruited employees of BSNL
was under the consideration of BSNL management for the last few years. A
committee was also constituted to study the issue as per the agreement reached
between the Forum of BSNL UnionsAssociations and BSNL !anagement on
"#.#$.%#"%. &owe'er( the committee rather than going into the merits of the
issue and the future conse)uences on the employees on superannuation( only
considered one aspect( the paying capacity of the company and recommended *ust
%+ further contribution from BSNL side.
,o't appro'ed the %
-./ recommendation on superannuation benefts and as per
0-1 order dated %$."".%##2( 3/-S1 would be allowed 4#+ of basic pay as
superannuation benefts( which may include /-F( ,ratuity( -ension and -ost
.etirement !edical Benefts. 5he /-S1s should formulate their own mechanisms to
manage these funds on their own or operate these through insurance companies
on f6ed contribution basis7. It was later clarifed by 0-1 'ide letter dated
#%.8.%##9( that 7T%e /ei$i-4 o2 )0* to#ard+ +&,era--&atio- 'e-e.t #o&$d
'e /a$/&$ated o- !a+i/ ,a0 5 IDA i-+tead o2 !a+i/ ,a0 a$o-e. C6SE+ t%at
do -ot %a7e +&,era--&atio- +/%e1e 1a0 2or1&$ate +&/% +/%e1e a-d
o'tai- t%e a,,ro7a$ o2 t%eir ad1i-i+trati7e Mi-i+tr0 7. /-SUs li:e B&1L( /oal
India( N5-/( -ower ,rid /orporation( NL/( AAI( 1IL ha'e already implemented this
scheme w.e.f #".#".%##;.
In the formal meeting held on "9.#4.%#"8( BSNL !anagement informed us that a
&igh Le'el /ommittee has been formed to ree6amine the recommendations of the
earlier committee. It is understood that the &L/ also failed to ma:e any concrete
study on the merit of the case.
In BSNL( all the absorbed employees are co'ered by ,o't pension scheme under
.ule 4;A. <nly the BSNL directly recruited employees are not ha'ing any social
security measures other than 1-F. <nly to protect the interest of such directly
recruited employees( did the ,o't formulate this scheme. Ignoring this serious &.
issue simply in the name of fnancial implication is demorali=ing the entire BSNL
recruited employees( which will in turn defnitely will seriously impact the future
growth of the company.
>e are happy to :now that the !anagement /ommittee considered the proposal of
%+ and found it inade)uate to resol'e the issue. At least the !/ understood the
merit and gra'ity of the matter. &owe'er the matter is to be resol'ed at the
earliest by mutual consultations with all the sta:e holders.
/onsidering the abo'e facts it would be most appropriate and *ust for BSNL
!anagement to seriously consider the following suggestions submitted by the Assn
in its letter dated #?.#2.%#"4 on the implementation of the scheme.
a@ !SN" +%o&$d i-/rea+e t%e 68 /o-tri'&tio- 2ro1 t%e e1,$o0er9+ +ide
2ro1 t%e ,ro,o+ed 2* to 12*. 2* i+ too 1ea4er a-d -ot a//e,ta'$e
at a$$.
b@ T%e date o2 e:e/t o2 t%e +/%e1e +%o&$d 'e 01.01.200; i-+tead o2 <date
o2 a,,ro7a$ o2 t%e +/%e1e '0 t%e Ad1i-i+trati7e Mi-i+tr0=. T%e date o2
e:e/t 2ro1 01.01.200; a-d E1,$o0er+ 68 /o-tri'&tio- > 12* i+ 'ei-4
&-i2or1$0 2o$$o#ed '0 a$$ t%e C6SE+. T%ere i+ a'+o$&te$0 -o ratio-a$e or
?&+ti./atio- 2or !SN" Ma-a4e1e-t to ta@e a de/i+io- /o-trar0 to #%at
i+ de/ided '0 a$$ C6SE+.
Sir +i-/e t%e i++&e #a+ de'ated 2or $a+t 2e# 0ear+ a-d t%e 1atter i+
re$ated to t%e +&,era--&atio- 'e-e.t+ o2 t%e !SN" dire/t$0 re/r&ited
e1,$o0ee+ !SN" Ma-a4e1e-t +%o&$d /o-+ider it +01,at%eti/a$$0 i- a
ti1e 'o&-d 1a--er a+ it i+ t%e o-$0 +o/ia$ #e$2are 1ea+&re a7ai$a'$e to
t%o+e e1,$o0ee+.
Re+o$&tio- o2 t%i+ +i-4$e i++&e #i$$ 'oo+t t%e 1ora$e o2 a'o&t )1000
EAe/&ti7e+ a-d No- EAe/&ti7e+ dire/t$0 re/r&ited '0 !SN" a-d t%at #i$$
reBe/t i- t%eir ,er2or1a-/e i- t%e /o1i-4 da0+ #%e- t%e /o1,a-0 i+
$oo@i-4 to#ard+ t%e1 2or it+ re7i7a$.
Cit% re4ard+
(D. Se'a+ti-)
Co,0 to(
". Sri Anupam Sri'asta'a( 0I.AFin /!@( BSNL for information and necessary action
%. Sri N. B. ,upta( 0I.A/FA@( BSNL for information and necessary action please.
4. Smt Su*atha .ay( 10AFin@( BSNL/< for information and necessary action please.
8. Sri Neera* Cerma( ,!AS.@( BSNL/< for information and necessary action please.