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Ashley Vranizan

20344 Center Brook Square

Sterling, Virginia

I'm currently a part-time student at NOVA. My first job consisted of being a server at a retirement home,
Ashby Ponds. Soon after working at the retirement home, I was promoted to service coach, which is a
management position in dining services. This experience has allowed me to communicate well with any
management team as well given me the tools I need when communicating with customers, co-workers, and
management. I currently work at a dine-in casual restaurant called Nando's, but I am looking for a new
opportunity to learn more than just restaurant business. The ultimate goal in mind is to branch out from the
restaurant business and begin to pursue a career that will help me learn more about the criminal justice field
in general. I have developed and implemented essential tools needed to enhance my leadership skills.

In applying for the position as a Security Officer, I hope to broaden my experience by working hard as a
security office while obtaining my degree in criminal justice. My ultimate goal is to collaborate with the team
and further enhance the safety and reputation with a new hard-working employee.

With my father being a federal law enforcement officer, I have been able to learn and inquire several
different skills in the security field such as leadership, responsibility, accountability, dedication, hard work,
and several other important aspects that have encouraged me to apply for a security position.

Northern Virginia Community College/Active student

Employment History

Ashburn, VA
July 2014 Present
I was involved in this store opening from the beginning, and was able to learn more about how owning a
store works as well as all the mechanics of creating a successful business. As an expo, I ensure all food being
served to the customers is of the best quality and ensure a great experience. Although this career has been
fulfilling, I hope to broaden my experience in the retail business.

Ashby Ponds-Service Coach
Ashburn, VA
May 2013 July 2014
As Service Coach I was able to enhance my skills in customer satisfaction and delivered exceptional service
by greeting and serving customers in a timely, friendly manner. I managed closing duties, including
restocking items and reconciliation of the cash drawer.

Ashby Ponds-Wait Staff
Ashburn, Virginia
August 2012 May 2013
My background in working for the Wait Staff at Ashby Ponds has giving me the knowledge and techniques
in order to successfully bring new perspectives and a qualified member as a Service Coach.