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E (united Arab Emirates)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an expanding
country. It is a better place to live than 20 years ago
because now there are beautiful high-rises, wonderful
looking cities and is a much more vibrant place. Most
countries in the U.A.E are very rich because of oil and
products some of them contain.
The countries located around the U.A.E are Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, and Oman. Qatar and
Bahrain to the west, Iran to the north, Oman to the
east and south. The U.A.E is exactly 86,600km, the
capital of U.A.E IS Abu Dhabi. 1.4 million Of the
population is born or taken citizenship and the rest are
tourists or workers from other countries.
General information:
The Australian embassy is located in Abu Dhabi on
sheilzh zayed, the first street on the Al Muhairy centre,
on the 8
floor. In the U.A.E they speak Arabic mostly,
Arabic is the official language. FLAG:
The official religion of the U.A.E is Islam. The U.A.E is
home to rich cultural heritage thats been strongly
influenced in the resourcefulness of its people who
exploited the harsh environment of the region to the
limit. The largest tribe, the bani yas, roamed the vast
sandy areas that covers almost all of the emirates of
Abu Dhabi.
Food and festivals
Traditional foods in U.A.E. You will find that most of
their traditional foods are very rich and have unique
tastes. The 5 best traditional foods you must try are,
stuffed camel, Al harres, Shawarma, Al Machboos, and
Hummus. Some key events/festivals include the Green
Festival, which is where they do a wide range of
awareness activities across the seven emirates. That is
the best festival they do.
Climate weather/Natural disasters
U.A.E weather is sunny all year round. Although the
months between June and September are the hottest.
When the temperatures soar up to 113 Fahrenheit or
45 degrees Celsius, it is very hot during the day along
with high humidity levels. The coastal regions of U.A.E
are discomfort humid. The minimum temperature in
the U.A.E is usually in January, which is 12 degrees
Celsius. In the U.A.E they have a lot of sand storms in
the desert and rarely earthquakes.
Interesting facts
The worlds longest grandstand is the Meydan
Racecourse in the U.A.E. It Hosts the Dubai World Cup,
was inaugurated in 2009 and its connecting building is
1.6 kilometres in length. The Atlantis Aquarium in
Dubai has a minimum of 200,000 fish.
Road rules
In the U.A.E licence is required at all times. There are
speed limits, they are usually 40-80 km in the urban
areas, 25km in parking areas and on road service and
100-120km on main highways and roads to other
emirates. Also in residential areas its 40km. In the
U.A.E it is left hand drive.
Conclusion: Altogether the U.A.E is a very nice/unique
place to live because of the nice foods, weather
conditions and some strict laws. It is a very beautiful
place to live and have lots of fun!!!