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Bachelor medicine Booklist Molecular medicine

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In G2020 each student can partly choose himself which sources he will use to learn. The list of
general books that can be found in this document consists of two categories: (1) books which
are available as e-books in the central medical library (CMB) and that can be studied digital and
(2) books that are not available through the central medical library and that students therefore
need to purchase themselves. The majority of books are in English. The e-books that are
available in CMB can, in most cases, be replaced by a Dutch alternative. These alternatives
however are not available through CMB. Therefore students need to purchase these alternative
Dutch books themselves.
The learning objectives of the written tests are formulated independent of a certain source.
Each week relevant sources for the learning objectives are given. If multiple sources are given
that are overlapping, of course not all sources have to be studied.

In the following booklist you will find for each subject what books are going to be used. The
books that are available as an e-book in the Central Medical Library (CMB) are marked in
yellow. In most cases the Dutch alternative for each subject can be found in the list as well (that
is not available in the Central Medical Library).
In green you can find the books from the booklist that was already sent earlier to the students,
because they are not available as e-book in CMB.

It is important to note that personal copies of e-books cannot be used during the open-book

Availability books during open-book tests
All written tests of the basic curriculum consist of a closed book part where no sources are
allowed and an open-book part during which sources can be used. As electronic source only the
e-books of the CMB platform will be available. Next to that all non-electronical relevant sources
(like hard copy books) can be brought to the exam.

Bachelor medicine Booklist Molecular medicine

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Green: On earlier list
YELLOW: available as e-book via the CMB

ANATOMY (semester 1)
Essential clinical anatomy
KL Moore
Wolters Kluwer/ ISBN 9781469832012/ Revised 5
international ed./ 2014

CELL BIOLOGY (semester 1)
Alberts: Essential Cell Biology
B Alberts, D Bray, K Hopkin, A Johnson, J Lewis, M Raff, K Roberts, P Walter
Garland Science / ISBN 9780815341307 / 4rd ed / 2014

SURGERY (semester 1)
Quick (Burkitt): Essential Surgery
CRG Quick, JB. Reed, SJF Harper, K Saeb-parsy, PJ Deakin. Elsevier Health Sciences / ISBN
9780702046742 / 5th ed. / 2014

ETHICS (semester 1)
Singer: The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics (limited access)
PA Singer
Cambridge Textbook Bioethics/ ISBN 9780521694438 / 2008

Have ten: Leerboek Medische Ethiek
HAMJ ten Have, RHJ ter Meulen, E van Leeuwen
Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum / ISBN 978 90 313 9919 2 / 4
herziene druk / 2013

The developing human
KL Moore, TVN Persaud, MG Torchia
Sanders/ ISBN 978143772002/ 9th Revised edition/ 2013

FARMACOLOGY (semester 1)
Rang & Dale's Pharmacology
HP Rang, MM Dale, JM Ritter, RJ Flower, GJ Henderson
Elsevier Health Sciences / ISBN 9780702034718 / 7
revised edition / 2011

Ree van: Algemene Farmacologie
JM van Ree, DD Breimer (red.)
Elsevier Gezondheidszorg / ISBN 9789035228665 / 2
druk 2006

PHYSIOLOGY (semester 1)
Guyton: Textbook of Medical Physiology
AC Guyton, JE Hall
Elsevier Saunders / ISBN 9781416045748 / 12th ed. / 2010

Bouman: Leerboek medische fysiologie.
LN Bouman, HWGM Boddeke, JHJ Muntinga
Bohn, Stafleu en van Loghum. ISBN: 978-90-313-9909-3 3de druk 2014,

Bachelor medicine Booklist Molecular medicine

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FORMULARIUM (semester 1)
British National Formularium
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Pharmaceutical Press/ ISBN 9780857110848 / 65
edition / September 2013

Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas

GENETICS (semester 1)
Jorde: Medical Genetics
LB Jorde, JC Carey, MJ Bamshad
Mosby / Elsevier / ISBN 9780323053730 / 4th edition 2010

Read: New Clinical Genetics
A Read, D. Donnia
Scion Publishing/ISBN 9781904842804, 2
edition, 2012

Mackenbach: Leerboek Volksgezondheid en Gezondheidszorg
JP Mackenbach, K. Stronks (red.)
Reed Business / ISBN 9789035234451 / 6
geheel herziene druk, 2012

Verbeek: Werk en gezondheid
JHAM Verbeek, PBA Smits
Bohn Stafleu van Loghum / ISBN 9789031382941 / 4
druk 2010

(For English other sources or translations are available)
Bachelor medicine Booklist Molecular medicine

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HISTOLOGY (semester 1)
Kerr: Functional histology
JF Kerr
Mosby / ISBN 978-0729538374 / 2nd. ed. 2009

Abbas: Cellular and Molecular Immunology
A. Abbas,A. Lichtman, S.Pillai
Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 7
edition revised
Saunders / ISBN 9781437715286 / 2011

Rijkers: Immunologie
TG Rijkers, RHWM Derksen, CGM Kallenberg, FGM Kroese
Bohn Stafleu van Loghum / ISBN 9789031342631 / 2008

Kumar: Clinical Medicine 8th Edition
P Kumar, M Clark /
Elsevier Health Sciences / ISBN 9780702044991 / 8e druk / 2012

PEDIATRICS (semester 1)
Kliegman: Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics
KJ Marcdante, RM Kliegman, HB Jenson, RE Behrman
Elsevier Health Sciences / ISBN 9781437706437 / 2010

Murray: Medical Microbiology
PR Murray, KS Rosenthal, MA Pfaller
Elsevier Mosby Murray: Medical Microbiology
PR Murray, KS Rosenthal, MA Pfaller
Elsevier Mosby / ISBN 9780323086929 / 7th edition / 2012

NEUROLOGY (semester 1)
Kuks: Leerboek Klinische neurologie
JBM Kuks, JW Snoek / Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum / ISBN 9789031392162
druk, 2012

Mumenthaler: Fundamentals of Neurology (limited access)
M Mumenthaler, H Mattle. Thiema / ISBN 3-13-136451-3 or 1-58890-450-4

PATHOLOGY (semester 1)
Robbins: Pathologic basis of disease
Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Robbins
Pathology) Elsevier, ISBN 9781416031215

Morrison: An introduction to Health Psychology
V Morrisson, P Bennet ISBN 9780273735199
n een bijbehorende syllabus: Health Psychology Syllabus, Block 1.4.
Compiled by J Fleer, M Hagedoorn and R Sanderman, an Pearson Custom edition, University of
Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen.
Pearson education / ISBN van het Health Psychology pakket 2013 is 9781782731429 / 2013
Bachelor medicine Booklist Molecular medicine

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LAW (semester 1)
Engberts: Leerboek Gezondheidsrecht
DP Engberts, LE Kalkman-Bogerd
Bohn Stafleu van Loghum / ISBN 9789031399628 / 3
druk, 2013

(For English other sources or translations are available)

Kirkwood: Essential Medical Statistics (limited access)
BR Kirkwood and JAC Sterne / Blackwell Science / ISBN 9780865428713 / 2003