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Language Learning Resources

Welcome to our latest Russian catalogue
This is a selection of the most popular and new language learning materials published in Russia. We
hope you fnd something of interest. If you have any queries or suggestions for future additions to
the catalogue, please contact Eleanor Townsend in our Marketing Department (see below). We
are always pleased to hear from people interested in our books. Everything here is distributed
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Using this catalogue
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Page 7. Self-study Courses
Page 8. Short & Intensive Courses
Page 10. Grammar
Page 12. Writing
Page 12. Listening
Page 12. Speaking
Page 14. Vocabulary
Page 14. Mixed Skills
Page 16. Reading
Page 17. Bilingual Books
Page 18. Magazines
Page 18. Graded Readers
Page 21. Monolingual Dictionaries
Page 21. Bilingual Dictionaries
Page 22. Classroom Aids
Corresponding British and European Levels for TORFL Test of Russian as a
Foreign Language Levels ( )
The table below shows a rough estimate of corresponding education levels for the books included in our Russian
catalogue. Many conform to the TORFL requirements, the offcial Russian State System of Russian Language Testing
(which are specifed in the descriptions of the books). If you have any questions on this matter please do not hesitate
to contact Eleanor Townsend in the marketing department on
of Russian
as a Foreign

Ladder Stages
(Department for
Education and Skills UK)
Beginners Elementary A1 Breakthrough
Entry Level
False Beginners Basic A2 Preliminary
Foundation GCSE
Intermediate Level I B1 Intermediate
Higher GCSE
Upper Intermediate Level II B2 Advanced
Advanced Level III C1 Profciency
B. A. Degree
Upper Advanced Level IV C2 Mastery
M. A. Degree
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Lets Go!

Chernyshov, S.
Lets gooffers an easy progression into Russian
and concentrates on everyday language. The frst
book in the series is designed for students at
the basic level, provides a good introduction to
the language, and prepares for typical situations
which are encountered in a Russian-speaking
Each textbook in this series is divided into units
where each unit looks at a different topic such as
My Town, Transport, and includes expressions and
phrases from typical everyday situations. This series
aims to develop oral competency, pronunciation
and grammar skills.
Each book contians 80-120 hours of study time,
revision units, illustrations and a multilingual
glossary (English, German, French).
041640 Textbook1 21.50
041642 CD Audio 1 12.95+
042455 Textbook 2.1 19.50
042900 CD Audio 2.1 6.70+
042463 Textbook 2.2 19.50
042916 CD Audio 2.2 6.70+

Lets Speak Russian
Glazunova, O. I.
Lets Speak Russian is a course book designed
for foreign learners studying Russian at an
intermediate level. On its eighth publication, this
book has been used as a means of teaching in
higher education institutes in Russia and abroad.
The book can be used in a classroom environment,
or even on its own by an individual learner as a self
study guide. It consists
of simple grammar
material, interesting
texts giving foreign
students useful
information about
Russia, brilliant
illustrations, and
carefully selected
exercises and
which reveal the
most complex aspects of the Russian language.
All of these qualities make this coursebook an
indispensable companion for foreign learners
who wish to not only improve their knowledge
and skills, but also to learn about Russian culture,
national traditions and customs of the Russian
This textbook includes teaching on vocabulary,
grammar, phonetics and cultural material which
have all been specially selected taking into account
the diffculties which students encounter in the
process of learning Russian as a foreign language.
At the back of the book lie grammar tables, an
answer key for the exercises and a Russian-English
dictionary with more than 2000 entries.
045511 Textbook 19.25
Russian...Its Easy!
Kurbatova, I
This course is designed for beginner adult students,
the native speakers of English who want to get the
frst level certifcate (TORFL). The course would
be of practical use for those students who want to
master the basics of Russian phonetics, grammar
and vocabulary.
The textbook contains 12 sections. Each section
contains phonetics, vocabulary and grammar. In
order to make the material easier to understand
there are grammar comments which are written
in Russian and in English. A CD is included. The
book can be used both for classroom work with a
teacher or for independent studies.
045000 Textbook + CD 38.95

Invitation to Russia
Korchagina, E. L. Stepanova, E. M.
This two-part course aims to develop the skills
needed to communicate in Russian in everyday
situations. Assignments include: writing a short
letter, flling in forms, communicating verbally
with others etc. Priglashenie v Rossiyu prepares
students for the Basic exam in Russian. (Level
False Beginners
041664 Textbook 1 + CDs 19.75
041665 Workbook 1 + CDs 19.75
041666 Textbook 2 + CDs 19.75
041667 Workbook 2 + CDs 21.50

Learn to Listen and Hear
This coursebook is part of the series Invitation to
Russia. The main aim of this book is to develop
listening and comprehension skills from a beginners
level. The authors have devised a system of tasks
and exercises based
upon a system of
language learning by
reading texts. This
course book can be
used with or without a
teacher as answers to
the exercises and test
are included. It comes
with an audio CD.
043090 Textbook + Audio CD 15.50
, -
Yes, I Speak Russian
Karetnikova, L. G.
This is a course for
beginners planning to
live, study or work in
Russia. It contains 14
units and each unit
covers about 3-4 hours
of lesson time. The book
offers simple, everyday
dialogues and role-plays,
including grammar at a
basic level. The book
also has a Russian-English
041678 Textbook 17.50
Go Ahead!
Golovko, O.
Vpered! is an
advanced course
divided into eight units:
Travel, Weather, Leisure
activities, Meeting People,
Clothes and Fashion,
Food and Drink, Health
and Home. It contains
contemporary texts,
grammar theory with
examples and exercises
with answers, all designed to help students
communicate effciently in Russian. It is ideal for
students of an advanced level who wish to develop
their knowledge and to enrich their vocabulary.
Each topic comes with a short dictionary. The book
can be used with or without a teacher and comes
with an audio CD.
043326 Textbook + Audio CD 20.75

We Live and Study In Russia

Kapitanova, T. I.
This is for students who have an intermediate
knowledge of Russian and can be used in
preparation for taking the First Level Certifcate
Test in Russian. It teaches monologue and dialogue
speech and develops reading skills. It contains
grammar tables in the back of the book which can
be used for reference and the textbook comes
with two audio CDs.
045609 Textbook + CDs 27.95
045610 Workbook 13.95

Window to Russia
Skorokhodov, L. Khorokhordina, L. V.
This newly revised two-part course has been
produced to develop the students oral and written
capabilities. It contains up-to-date information
about modern Russia, discussions on the problems
of post-Soviet society, and lively dialogues.
085627 Textbook 1 + CD 21.50
086178 Textbook 2 19.50
Rush to Russian
Glazunova, O.
Rush to Russian
is a course book
designed for foreign
students learning
Russian with little or
no previous knowledge
of the language. It can,
however, also be used
by students at any
level as a reference
guide.The main aim
of this course book
is to familiarise students with basic grammar and
vocabulary as well as with the most popular speech
constructions. All commentaries and grammar
explanations and rules are provided in English. This
introductory course teaches students the Russian
alphabet and sounds of letters. It also covers
the most basic grammar rules and constructions
suitable for this stage of study. Rush to Russian
is a unique manual which offers a step-by-step
phonetic guide, making learning easier. The book is
supplied with a Russian-English dictionary and an
answer key for the exercises and grammar tasks.
045501 Coursebook 16.25

The Way to Russia
Antonova, V. E.
Doroga v Rossiyu is a four-part course for
beginner to upper-intermediate students taking
Russian at university. It is designed to cover levels
A1-B1 of the Common European Framework.
Topics that are covered are: Introduce yourself,
Family, Leisure, Interests, Education, Profession,
Geography, History, Transport, Culture, Health, and
Traditions. The textbooks contain various language
learning material for improving grammar, speaking,
writing and listening skills and use interesting
articles and sources about Russian history and
045121 Textbook 1 27.95
045229 CDs 1 19.50+
False Beginners
045122 Textbook 2 22.75
045230 CDs 2 12.95+
045231 Textbook 3 (1) 19.50
045232 CDs 3 (1) 6.70+
Upper Intermediate
045233 Textbook 3 (11) 19.50
045234 CDs 3 (11) 6.70+
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Inspection Copy Service
An inspection copy can be supplied of any
book being considered for class adoption
(12 copies or more), and can be retained
free-of-charge if the book is adopted and
purchased direct from any branch of ESB.
Please contact us for details.

Russian: First Steps
Belikova, L. G. Shutova, T. A.
The frst part of the coursebook series Russian
Language - First Steps consists of 11 lessons full
of vocabulary and grammar material, amounting
to 160-200 hours of classroom teaching time.The
aim of the frst coursebook is to form the students
primary language and verbal skills by using simple
communicative tasks and is designed for foreign
learners who conform to the frst certifcate level
of foreign languages.
The second part of the series follows on from
Part 1and is designed for foreign students learning
Russian at a beginners level who have a basic
knowledge of grammar and a vocabulary of
600-700 words. The book consists of 9 lessons
which involve the teaching of grammar and cover
an overall time of 200-240 hours of classroom
teaching. The aim of this second coursebook is to
improve the students speaking skills with special
attention paid to communicating in typical social
045506 Part 1 26.75
False Beginners
045507 Part 2 26.75

Our Time
Ivanova, E. I. Bogomolova, I. A.
Medvedeva, S. V.
This book is designed
for those studying
Russian from a basic
beginners level and
who wish to reach
an intermediate level.
The book contains
10 chapters which
each have their
own vocabulary and
grammatical content
and contain texts with
exercises. This book is monolingual and contains
cultural information about Russia.
041882 Coursebook 11.50

Kolesova, D. V. Maslova, N. N.
Raduga is a classroom course designed for
foreign students learning Russian at an Advanced
Level-Level 2 of TORFL (Test of Russian as a
Foreign Language). The book teaches the student
excellent Russian writing skills, supported by clear
explanations included in each lesson. This textbook
also covers relative grammar material including
mistakes which are often made in Russian grammar
by foreign students. One unit of the book has
been dedicated to the development of listening
skills through the listening and comprehension
of different types of texts (artistic, journalistic,
non-fction). Another unit of the book focuses on
teaching the students how to create their own
texts in Russian in different styles and genres.
The course book consists of 14 lessons, 2 contain
revision tasks and various tests. Each lesson takes
approximately 90 minutes of classroom time and
also includes a certain amount of time allocated for
independent work. Transcripts of the listening texts
are provided in an appendix.
045513 Textbook + Audio CD 26.75

Russian Language
Ovsienko, Y. G.
This is a Russian language course which can
be used with or without a teacher. Both levels
include theoretical explanations, notes on
Russian history and culture, and instructions
and exercises. The course aims to help students
acquire a working knowledge of Russian so that
they can communicate with Russians on the
topics covered within the course, express their
thoughts in Russian on the basis of the grammar
and vocabulary studied, understand spoken Russian,
read simple texts, read with a dictionary, translate
more diffcult texts and prepare oral or written
reports on books.
041077 Textbook 15.50
041102 Textbook 14.25

Russian Class
Vokhmina, L. L. Osipova, I. A.
The Russian Class textbook and exercise book
is designed to be used by those studying Russian
from a beginners level. The books are aimed
at students aged 12-16 in secondary schools,
with Russian being their second or third foreign
language. The books are monolingual but are clear
to use, colourful and illustrated. They are divided
into various lessons where the student can learn
grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and
speaking. The workbook is to be used alongside the
textbook. The textbook comes with an audio CD.
041883 Textbook + Audio CD 19.95
041918 Workbook 11.50
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Russian Field
Voznesenskaia, I. M. Gonchar, I. A. Popova, T. I.
Fedotova, N. P.
This coursebook aims to develop language skill
and ability in accordance with the State Standard
Level II of testing Russian as a foreign language
(TORFL). The frst part of the course series
contains 6 lessons and themes, situations, problems,
grammar, vocabulary and text material which
are summarised on the frst page of each lesson.
Each structured lesson teaches the development
of listening, reading, speaking and writing using
authentic Russian.
The development of language competency is
divided into two special areas: Grammar Focus
and Vocabulary Focus which are closely linked to
all units of the lessons. Each unit will only involve
the grammar which is related to the texts of the
chosen genres. The vocabulary focus builds up the
students specialist knowledge of words by teaching
topical vocabulary linked to each unit and lesson.
A reference guide to grammar is included at the
back of the Students Book.
The accompanying workbook has been designed
for the students independent study and is linked to
all topics, grammar and vocabulary covered in the
textbook. The workbook contains various tests and
exercises and comes with an audio CD.
The teachers guide gives clear instructions for all
lessons in the book and comes with a DVD.
045514 Textbook 29.50
045517 Workbook + Audio CD 25.25
045515 Teachers Guide + DVD 22.50
Russian In An Easy Way
Gyulnara, U.
Consisting of 30 hours of classroom study, Russian
In An Easy Way is an innovative and well produced
course and would suit all beginners.
Oral practice takes the form of mini-dialogues
dealing with everyday topics (Shopping, At the
Restaurant etc.). Grammar is clearly explained in
English, and supplemented by simple exercises such
as flling in words, completing the sentences and
answering questions. Each unit contains a reading
text with space next to it for the students own
041637 Textbook + CD (MP3) 27.95
041632 Workbook 22.75
Once Upon a Time...
Miller, L. V. Politova, L. V.
These textbooks are highly recommended
for students who want to express themselves
confdently in everyday situations. The principal
focus is communication and students are
encouraged to participate actively in conversations
and discussions on various topics.
Each book contains student-friendly texts which
encourage the students to use and understand a
wide variety of common expressions and phrases.
It is well-illustrated and has a comprehensive
041630 Textbook 1 13.95
041633 CD Audio 1 6.70+
041631 Workbook 1 11.75
041884 Workbook CD1 5.45+
045394 Teachers Guide 1 8.95
041634 Textbook 2 13.50
041636 CD Audio 2 6.70+
041885 Workbook 2 6.10
041886 Workbook CD 2 10.75+
Self Study
Ages 5-7

Russian With Mother
This series of books Russian with Mother is
designed for children with compatriot Russian
parents who have moved abroad. It allows children
to learn the basics of the Russian language and
incorporates culture. It is ideal for parents to use
with their children, for teachers, study groups
or Sunday schools. The books are beautifully
illustrated and fun and easy for children to use.
Dont forget your ABC
Klementeva, T. V. & others
This ABC is designed
for Russian families
living abroad who want
their children not only
to speak, but to read
and write, in their
native language. This
teaching aid combines
features and principles
of both a textbook
for Russian children at
Russian school and a
teaching aid for Russian as a second language. It is
richly illustrated.
401526 Book 14.25

Khamraeva, E. A. Dronov, V.V.
This book is ideal
for the children of
compatriots living
abroad without the
opportunity to be
surrounded by a
Russian language
environment or
education. It allows
children to learn
the language as a
means of communication in a variety of real-
life situations. The book works on sounds and
speech development. It contains many colourful
illustrations and pictures. It also gives the child
the opportunity to practise writing the Russian
Fasle Beginners
045280 Book 12.50
Read and Write In Russian
Chubarova, O. E.
This textbook/workbook combination consists
of 25 lessons giving children an understanding
of grammar and spelling. The book contains a
number of exercises with answers included at
the back of the book. A writing composition
task occurs at the end of each lesson. The book
incorporates Russian history, culture, adapted
short stories, fairy tales, poems, articles from
childrens magazines and texts written by children
and adults. This book is ideal for children learning
Russian at home with parents or a teacher.
False Beginners
045287 Textbook 11.50
045286 Workbook 8.95

Russian Textbook
Kycherskii, A. M.
Originally designed for teaching Russian children
living abroad, this exciting textbook is highly
recommended for beginners as a supplementary
book to improve reading, writing and
pronunciation skills. The textbook is divided into
25 units and is clearly written and illustrated.
All the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are easily
explained in a most enjoyable way. A wide range
of texts have been chosen to refect the Russian
oral consciousness, and includes numerous
fairy tales (Repka, Medved, Skazka o Rybake
i Rybke...), verses, songs, sayings and tongue-
False Beginners
041635 Textbook 13.95
Moving On With Russian
Kalyuga, M.
This textbook
is for an English
speaking audience,
who know Russian
at a basic level (A2
CEF). The passages
and dialogues
cover a wide range
of themes, social
settings and a variety
of situations, as
well as combining
learning with fun. Most of the texts are in the
form of amusing stories and jokes which have
been written by native speakers and represent
typical examples of everyday conversations.
False Beginners
045562 Textbook + CD 13.95
Russian As We Speak It
Khavronina, S.
This course was intended for English speaking,
lower-intermediate students studying Russian
without the guidance of a teacher. It has,
however, also been devised so that it could
equally be used in a classroom situation.
It consists of 15 lessons, and each of those
lessons consider particular aspects of everyday
life in Russia. Each lesson includes a passage for
reading, a set of dialogues on a specifc topic
followed by grammar and vocabulary notes
and exercises. There is also a section entitled
Memorise containing common expressions that
the author recommends should be learned by
False Beginners
85683 Textbook 26.95
Easy Russian for
English Speakers
Bollinger, M.
The Russian audio course that jumps right into
learning the language with expertly structured
lessons and thematic organisation to beneft
English Speakers. Engaging, attention grabbing,
infused with cultural content to deliver immediate
results for those who need to master Russian
fast. This series includes essentials in Vol. 1 such
as greetings, travelling, numbers, food and drink,
shopping, getting around town, business meetings,
dating and telling the time. Followed by Vol. 2 with
a more detailed explanation of Russian phonetics,
Russian names, birthdays, talking about planet
Earth, fying on a Russian space ship and cultural
content with fragments of Chekhov, Gagarin and
Shakespeare in Russian. Will work with iPod, PC,
lap-top, MP3, mobile phone or any home stereo.
044317 CD 1 16.45+
044622 CD 2 16.45+
045238 CD 1 & 2 17.00+
Short &
Ages 5-7
At the Circus!
Protasova, E. Y. Khlebnikova, V.
This textbook is designed
to be used to develop
Russian language skills
by Russian children aged
5-7 living abroad. It can
be used in schools or
at home. Children are
able to listen to Russian,
read, play and speak in
Russian and learn very
specifc vocabulary. The book is full of brilliant
illustrations and comes with an audio CD.
False Beginners
045612 Textbook + Audio CD 23.75
Ages 8-10

By The Bonfre
Protasova, E. Y. Khlebnikova, V.
This textbook is
designed for Russian
children aged 7-10
living abroad. It is
for children who
have Russian as their
mother tongue and
can read and write in
Russian. It continues
on from the previous
book At the Circus!.
It aims to improve grammar and vocabulary skills
and includes a CD-ROM including pdf documents
of a teachers guide, workbook, encyclopedia,
pictures for colouring and certifcates which can be
issued at the end of the course. The CD-ROM can
also be used with an interactive whiteboard.
045613 Textbook + CD-ROM 23.75

Russian In 10 Days
Treskova, S. I. Akishina, T. E.
A Russian course for beginners which will help
foreign students learn how to read, write and
speak in Russian. The book has three parts -
Russian letters and sounds, the practice of Russian
speech and important rules of Russian grammar.
The grammar explanations, exercises and 500
phrases are given in both Russian and English.
041000 Textbook 10.95
Modern Russian In 10 Days
An updated book for beginner foreign students
learning Russian. It includes 10 intensive lessons
of Russian, intended to be learnt in 10 days. Each
chapter begins with a dictionary which gives some
important expressions of the following lesson.
Each lesson contains dialogues, pictures, texts, oral
tasks and games. The book also contains a grammar
glossary with comments and instructions for the
student. A dictionary and solutions can be found at
the end of the book.
041025 Textbook 7.75
Very Simple !
Kopytina, G.
This textbook aims to teach students to use
vocabulary in its appropriate context - this is
mainly achieved through dialogues. Grammar rules
are set out simply with basic explanations to help
the student absorb the essential aspects. Some
phonetic notes are also included.
041669 Textbook + CD 20.25

Andryushina, N. P.
This book addresses pre-university students who
will be learning Russian in Russia and abroad in
a university. The book has been recommended
by the Expert Commission of the Russian State
System of Testing Foreign Citizens in Russian and
meets the requirements of Level 1 of TORFL.
045658 Textbook 19.50

Russian in Exercises
Khavronina, S. A. Shirochenskaia, A. I.
A very popular teaching
aid on the Russian
language for English
speaking students. This
textbook is aimed at
beginners and contains
exercises designed to
consolidate and develop
the basics of Russian
grammar and vocabulary.
All assignments and
comments are in English.
The book gives the student an introductory course
and a main course. The introductory course lays
the foundation for further study of the language.
The main course is divided into threee sections
covering the use of cases, the verb and complex
sentences. The exercises come with answers
supplied at the back of the book. The book
contains various illustrations and tables.
041718 Textbook 15.25
Thank you!
Kutsereva-Zhame, A. M. Kitadze, M.
A beginners course
for students of Russian
language condensed
to approximately 60
hours. The textbook
is very colourful with
many photos, pictures
and illustrations. A
dictionary is contained
within the book and
it is accompanied by a
045540 Textbook + CD (MP3) 36.75
Levina, G. M.
A course for intermediate
Russian language learners.
The course focuses on
communicating in Russian
and the ability to hold
a conversation about
common everyday themes.
This course also develops
the students reading skills
and includes grammar
explanations (in English). It is full of colourful
045541 Textbook 19.50

Russian Lessons Through
Fairy Tales
Boiko, N. Y.
This textbook delivers its lessons through Russian
fairy tales. It introduces the student to Russian
family life, its culture and traditions and offers many
examples of everyday speech.
041675 Textbook + CDs 19.50

In This Little Basket

Shtelter, O.
Designed for students with a basic knowledge
of Russian, these unique and exciting books are
suitable for all who want to learn the language
quickly, so the emphasis is on essential vocabulary.
Each book consists of sixty enjoyable, easy-to-
solve games to interest and motivate all students,
such as crosswords, anagrams, fnd the word, and
matching words and pictures. With the answers
and a list of around 600 words at the back, these
illustrated books can be worked through alone or
in a classroom and can be used by students of all
041649 Textbook 1 8.65
041650 Textbook 2 8.65

Russian Grammar In
Levina, G. M.
Full of stimulating tasks
and riddles, dialogues
and monologues, jokes
and anecdotes, this book
offers a clear and relaxed
approach to improving
grammar and vocabulary.
The book is divided
into three parts each
consisting of 20-25
lessons. The humorous
examples are based on
everyday situations. There are practice exercises
with answers at the end of the book.
False Beginners
041680 Book 8.65

Pure Grammar
Laskareva, E. R.
This book develops
language and speech
profciency. It covers
the most diffcult
grammar topics such
as cases, verbs, verbal
aspect, verbs of motion,
participles and verbal
prefxes. The exercises
are given in order of
increasing complexity.
045267 Book 19.50
Which Case?
Which Preposition?
Velichko, A. V. Bashlakova, O. N.
This book will help students of Russian
to develop and improve their knowledge
of grammar, especially the use of Russian
prepositions. The book comes with useful
training tasks supplied with an answer key. It can
be used with or without a teacher.
045265 Book 7.65
Verbs of Motion
Yudina, L. P.
A book which gives
the student an
understanding of Russian
verbs of motion. It
is separated into 3
sections, each section
includes grammatical
explanations and tasks
for the student. Section
1 covers verbs of motion
without prefxes. Section 2 covers prefxed verbs
of motion and other transitive prefxed verbs, and
section 3 reveals the answers to the exercises. The
book contains verb tables and is well organised
with clear explanations. It is monolingual and for
students of an intermediate to advanced level of
041941 Book 10.50

The Pocket Guide To Russian
Lebedeva, M. N.
A pocket guide designed
for those who wish
to speak and learn a
little Russian but who
do not have time for
regular studies. The book
addresses students who
have a certain knowledge
of the language but can
also be used by beginners
with the help of a
dictionary. Each section of the book comes with
grammar notes in the form of tables, making the
explanations easy to follow. The book is divided
into three sections: section 1 covers sentence
structure, section 2 explains the objective relations
in the sentence and section 3 covers expressions
of space, time, purpose, the conditional and other
structures. The book contains a list of irregular
verbs and speech phrases.
False Beginners
045266 Book 5.75

Who? Where? When?
Malyshev, G. G.
This is an easy-to-
use reference book
which clearly outlines
the most important
structures of Russian
grammar. It is suitable
as an accompaniment
to any textbook or for
use on its own. The
pictures, tables and
numerous examples
are used throughout to facilitate understanding.
The content is well-structured and split into three
main sections: an introduction to grammar, an
explanation of cases, verbs, structure of sentence,
etc. and a commentary.
041683 Book 25.95
Lets Improve Our
Volkova, N. Filips, D.
The authors of this
book have selected
the most diffcult
grammatical themes of
the Russian language to
try to give the student
a better understanding
of Russian grammar.
The book consists
of various tasks
and theoretical
commentaries with
an English translation. Texts provided in the book
are interesting and include jokes, verses, riddles,
proverbs and sayings.
041687 Book 22.75

Mustaioki, A. Alestalo, M. Viimaranta, K.
This book contains
Russian grammar
explanations in English
as well as exercises,
games and tasks
covering the most
important sections
of practical Russian
045634 Book 25.95

My Friends Cases
Bulgakova, L. N.
This book focuses on one of the most diffcult
aspects of Russian grammar, cases. It consists of
a collection of exercises and aims to help the
student learn the Russian system of cases and
045259 Textbook 15.95
045260 Workbook 12.25

Russian Verbal Prefxes

Andrews, E. N.
Russian Verbal Prefxes
A practical Grammar
is designed to deepen
and develop the
mastery of prefxed
verbs.The book
targets students of
various backgrounds,
instructors and other
specialists involved in
teaching Russian as a
second language. The
course materials are designed for students who
wish to achieve Level III in the offcial Russian State
System of Russian Language testing. Each verbal
prefx is clearly explained with a short description
followed by a set of exercises.
042239 Book 8.60

Russian In Grammar Tables
Redkina, M. A.
A book containing Russian grammar set out
clearly into tables. It contains information about
Russian cases and verbs including the usage of
verbs of motion and imperfective/perfective verbs.
Grammar tables are a practical tool for students
learning Russian.
False Beginners
045262 Book 9.55
The Russian Verb
Bivon, R. Petrukhina, E.
This book aims to
give the reader a
understanding of the
Russian verb, its forms
and uses. This book
was written after 30
years of teaching the
challenges of Russian
grammar to foreign
students of Russian.
Each grammar point is
clearly explained in easy, everyday language.
041686 Book 18.75
Training Tables for
Students of Russian
A selection of useful laminated cards covering the
most important aspects of Russian grammar. These
tables are recommended for self-study use or for
classroom teaching.
041681 Cases 3.30
045620 Cases - Basic Meaning 3.30
041682 Verbs of Motion 3.30
041717 Verbs of Motion & Verbal Aspect 3.30
042958 Adverbs 3.30

Golden Pen
Kolesova, D. V.
This course is intended for intermediate to
advanced students of Russian looking to perfect
their writing skills. Zolotoe pero uses business
documents, personal letters and essay writing
as its focus. Having completed the exercises and
mastered the skills presented in the book, students
should be able to successfully pass the Level II
Certifcate of Russian.
041661 Students Book + CD 17.25
041662 Teachers Guide 4.35

Writing an Essay
Kolesova, D. V. Kharitonov, A. A.
The purpose of this
book is to give the
student an idea of the
basic types of essays
and to develop the
skills needed to write
an essay. It prepares
students for the
writing aspect in
tests and can also be
used by Russian pupils
to perfect their composition skills.
045276 Book 7.20
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Write Correctly
Beliaeva, G. V. Sivenko, L. S. Shipitso, L. V.
This coursebook is
designed for beginner
level foreign students
who wish to learn
Russian. It teaches the
formation of written
language, speech and
communication skills.
The tasks develop
the students writing
skills, and training is
given in writing CVs,
invitations, letters, etc. The texts include excerpts
from some of the most famous Russian writers.
The book consists of 18 units, each containing
explanations and exercises. The answers to the
exercises are given at the back of the book.
False Beginners
043432 Book 14.25

To Listen & To Hear
Ermachenkova, V. S.
A textbook and
MP3 set. This book
aims to form and
develop listening
skills and expands
students writing and
speaking skills. It is
recommended to be
used along with the
textbook Word (see
separate entry).
402352 Textbook + CD (MP3) 22.75
What Did You Say?
Odintsova, I. V.
A textbook and MP3 set designed for foreign
students learning Russian at an intermediate
level. This book contains various materials for
stimulating speaking and listening skills, and can be
used for classroom discussions and games.
045545 Textbook + CD (MP3) 22.75

Elementary Communication in

Akishina, A. A.
This book provides the
reader with common
phrases used in
different conversational
situations in Russian
everyday life. It teaches
the student the minimal
amount of information
necessary without
learning diffcult
grammar. This book
can be used with or without a teacher and all
comments, phrases and other learning material are
given in both English and Russian. It gives 40 hours
of conversational Russian and is ideal for those
who wish to speak Russian but have little time to
learn it. The phrases can easily be read aloud as the
Russian is transliterated into the latin alphabet and
comes with an audio CD.
041920 Book + Audio CD 10.50

Mukhanov, I. L.
This book includes
dialogue-chapters on
some common topics
relative to modern life
in Russia e.g. books,
transport, health,
weather, sport, theatre,
visiting people and
more. All dialogues
come with vocabulary
and grammar tasks as
well as oral exercises.
The book addresses foreign students with a basic
knowledge of Russian who wish to improve their
phonetic skills. It can be used with or without a
teacher and is supplied with an audio CD.
041921 Book + Audio CD 10.50
- -

Speak Russian with Good

Barkhudarova, E. L. Pankov, F. I.
This book is a practical
manual for foreign
students designed
to develop Russian
spoken speech. The
aim of the book is to
correct pronunciation
of Russian at an
intermediate or
advanced level. It
contains 20 chapters
with explanations
and exercises. The content of the material used is
literature and scientifc based.
041923 Book 5.75
Listen. Ask. Answer.
Beliaeva, G.V. Gorskaia, E. I. Eremina, L. I.
Lutskaia, H. E.
This book aims to
develop speaking skills
for foreign students
learning Russian. It can
be used by beginners
or by those who wish
to become more
profcient as additional
material for study. The
book is divided into
2 parts, the frst part
contains 10 separate
topics followed by dialogues. The dialogues in the
second part correspond to conversations used in
every day life in Russia. This book comes with an
audio CD.
Flase Beginners
042874 Book + Audio CD 11.50

The Word
Ermachenkova, V. S.
The Word supplies vocabulary and colloquial
phrases for students at levels A2-B1. The 15 topics
include Lets get acquainted, Family, City, Transport,
Home, and Theatre, cinema, TV. Short descriptions
are given in English, and the rest of the book is in
041923 Textbook 19.50

Living Phonetics
Riabova, O. V.
This book + audio CD
set has the purpose
of teaching foreign
students the correct
intonation of Russian
speech and how to
recognise it. It is
designed to be used
by foreign learners
who have passed the
basic level of Russian
TORFL or higher and can be used in preparation
for the Tests of Russian as a Foreign Language at
levels I and II. This coursebook teaches aspects
of phonetics, conversation and syntax. The
audio CD allows the student to hear the natural,
modern Russian speech and enables them to
perfect their speaking skills.
045509 Book + Audio CD 29.50

Make a Wish
Korotkova, O. N. Odintsova, I. V.
A course designed to develop oral skills,
specialising in colloquial conversation. The book
consists of four chapters with a plot incorporated
throughout. Each chapter contains interesting
texts and exercises on a variety of useful topics. An
answer key is given for the exercises.
041914 Textbook + Audio CD 23.75

Talk About Yourself
Chagina, O. V.
This coursebook is
designed for foreign
students studying
Russian at an advanced
level. It helps to
develop oral skills
through the use of
fction, non-fction
and scientifc material,
increasing knowledge
of the Russian language.
The book contains
practical exercises for grammar and speaking. It is
divided into 6 lessons which are clearly presented
and contains some illustrations.
042814 Book 14.75
It isnt Phonetics, its a Song!
Fedotova, N. L.
A textbook + CD set designed to help
teach foreign learners of Russian the correct
pronunciation of words. The set comes with the
lyrics of the songs, guidelines for teachers and a
CD with recordings of the songs. After each song
there is a recording of the music without words
for karaoke.
045563 Book + Audio CD 19.50
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Ways to order
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can order from us!
You can order online at
By phone on 01242 245252
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Lexical Minimum
Andryushina, N. P.
A series of vocabulary books appropriate to
various levels of the TORFL (Tests of Russian as a
Foreign Language) from Elementary Level to Level
2. Books 1 and 2 contain word lists and grammar
information with translations into English, German,
French, Spanish and Chinese. The books are divided
into 2 sections, part one contains vocabulary lists
and part 2 contains vocabulary information such as
explanations and notes on synonyms, phrases and
linguistic terminology. The advanced copy contains
a vocabulary list of 5100 words.
045654 Book A1 8.65
False Beginners
045655 Book A2 8.65
045656 Book B1 19.50
045657 Book B2 19.50

Russian Vocabulary in
Exercises & Crosswords
Starovoitova, I. A.
Designed for intermediate students of Russian, this
series of books aims to improve acquisition and
use of vocabulary through crosswords, exercises
and short texts.
041938 Volume 1 - People 13.95
041939 Volume 2 - At Home 13.95
Upper Intermediate
043607 Volume 3 - Town 13.95
044284 Volume 4 - Hobbies, Nature, Calendar 13.95

Walks Through the Russian

Laskareva, E. R.
This book helps foreign learners to understand
various topics - antonyms, synonyms, paronyms,
foreign words, formal vocabulary, colloquial
vocabulary, idioms, proverbs.
Exercises are given on various levels of increasing
complexity from beginners level to fuency.
All Levels
045564 Textbook 25.95

112 Tests
Tsvetova, N. E.
A collection of tests
designed for those
who study Russian as
a foreign language at
an intermediate level.
The book comes with
an answer key and an
audio CD.
045274 Book + Audio CD 23.25

The History of Russia Through
Cultural Events & the Lives of

Akishina, A. A. Akishina, T. E. Bubnova, A. P.
A book and CD-
ROM set. The book
informs the reader
about the important
events of Russias
past and about the
life of some famous
protagonists of Russian
culture and history.
The CD presents
works of some well
known Russian painters, fragments of Russian
documentary flms and various maps. This book +
CD set gives the reader the chance to read texts,
listen to authentic Russian speech and watch flms
in Russian.
043101 Book + CD-ROM 15.25
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The Adventures of Foreigners
in Russia
Kurlova, I. V.
This book is full of
humorous texts narrating
foreigners experiences
of living in Russia. It
helps teach reading
and communication/
conversational skills to
students of an intermediate
045292 Book 14.75

Read & Speak Russian
Khavronina, S. A. Krylova, N. Y.
A book designed
for students who
are studying Russian
and who have
basic knowledge of
the language. This
coursebook supplies
the reader with
educational material
for the development
and improvement
of their reading and
speech abilities. It contains various cultural texts
and vocabulary and grammatical exercises to help
the reader acquire various skills.
False Beginners
043315 Book 8.60
, ,
, ,
Listen, Repeat, Sing, Speak,
Write, Read
Kolosnitsyna, G. V.
This interactive phonetic and
colloquial course is designed
for those who have just
started studying Russian. It is
based on the authors original
methodology of teaching
phonetics and developing
various language skills
simultaneously. This teaching
aid helps the student to learn
approximately 1,200 words. The course is provided
with methodological recommendations for fve
lessons and audio CDs.
041670 Book + Audio CDs

The Golden Names of Russia
Potapurchenko, Z. N.
The series The Golden Names of Russia
consists of a collection of textbooks which come
with short flms on disc. Each textbook gives a
simplifed biography of the golden name along
with comprehension exercises. These books are
ideal for those studying Russian at an intermediate
level who have a keen interest in Russian history,
culture and literature. It teaches the student factual
information as well as reading, listening, speaking,
writing and comprehension skills.
401712 Aleksandr Pushkin 18.75
401716 Anton Chekhov 16.25
401997 Galina Ulanova 18.75
402019 Mikhail Lomonosov 18.75
401943 The Great Composer 18.75
401976 Vasily Surikov 18.75
401928 The First Astronaut 18.75
401749 Fedor Dostoevskii 18.75
401791 Lev Tolstoi 18.75

Academic Training Tests
in Russian as a Foreign
Paretskaia, M. E.
A series of training books which contain language
material within the regulations of Levels II and III
of the TORFL Exams (Advanced-Profcient Level)
and focus on relevant language skills. The books
are intended to be used in a classroom under the
guidance of a teacher but can also be used by the
students themselves as all exercises come with
an answer key. It aims to help students pass the
relevant exams.
045651 Volume 1 Grammar 13.95
045652 Volume 2 Reading 13.95
045653 Volume 3 Writing (Book + DVD) 19.50

Training Tests
in Russian as a Foreign
Andryushina, N. P. Makova, M. N.
A series of training tests for foreign students
learning Russian. Designed for those taking the
TORFL tests of Russian as a foreign language. The
books come with a DVD and both can be used in
the classroom or at home.
402351 Level 11 Book + DVD 19.50
Upper Advanced
045649 Level 111 Book + DVD 19.50

Read About Russia in Russian
Kataeva, M. B. Protopopova, I. A.
Sergienko, Z. P.
Designed for students
who have already
done about 2-3 years
of study in Russian,
the book Chitaem
o Rossii po-russki
helps students to gain
an insight into Russia
through short texts
and information about
key fgures and events.
The sections of the
book are designed for different language levels.
The book itself can be used independently, or as an
additional resource to a textbook already adopted
in the class. Questions and commentaries are
included on the texts.
False Beginners-Advanced
041709 Book 11.75

Present Day Russia

Landsman, N. Rodimkina, A.
This book was
designed for the
intermediate student.
It contains various
authentic texts taken
from newspapers
broaching subjects
such as youth culture,
work, entertainment
and other social issues
in contemporary
Russia. A Russian-
English glossary is included.
041940 Textbook 14.25

Russia Day by Day
Landsman, N. Rodimkina, A.
This textbook includes 20 texts from Russian
newspapers about youth culture, opinions about
work, entertainment and social problems in
contemporary Russia. The book has Russian-English
vocabulary with a wide range of exercises and an
answer key.
043786 Book 14.25

Reading Without Any Problems
Kostyuk, N. A.
A course for students with elementary basic
Russian (with a vocabulary of approximately 760
words). Each book has instructions and keywords
in English and is equally suitable for self-study
or use in a classroom. The books contains short
texts on a variety of discussion topics (art,
science, history, traditional stories, etc.) and will
interest students of all ages. Besides reading
practice, students can also develop their oral,
written and grammar skills. They will also extend
their vocabulary by making use of the additional
exercises in each unit on picture descriptions,
speaking and writing. The books are well-illustrated,
giving students an immediate understanding of the
topics covered and every unit has a Russian-English
False Beginners
041694 Part 1 8.65
041695 Part 2 8.65
041696 Part 3 8.65
041707 Part 4 8.65

10 Stories
a book for reading
Zhukova, N. N.
The purpose of this
book is to develop
the students reading
and comprehension
skills of the Russian
language. It familiarises
foreign students with
works by authors such
as Bynin, Averchenko,
Teff, Aldanov, Nabokov
etc. All texts are
accompanied by an
English translation of certain vocabulary, as well
as footnotes and comprehension exercises. It
is designed for students of an intermediate to
advanced level and above, and for those who are
interested in Russian literature, history and culture.
045293 Book 14.75
50 Russian Texts
Gubieva, I. G. Iatselenko, V. A.
This book of texts is
designed for anybody
learning Russian
from an elementary
- intermediate level
and can be used
independently or
in a classroom. The
book aims to help
students acquire a
working knowledge
of Russian grammar
and vocabulary as well as to develop oral skills. It
contains 50 texts of various genres: Russian history,
geography, culture, extracts from literature, along
with stories and jokes. They are arranged according
to diffculty and each text is followed by several
exercises. A Russian - English/French dictionary is
at the back of the book. The book is recommended
for use by students who have a vocabulary of 500
words or more.
False Beginners-Intermediate
040908 Book 13.25
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Begin to Read in Russian
Kurlova, I. V.
This book is designed
for students who have
a false beginners
knowledge of Russian.
It is full of short, simple
and entertaining texts
written for foreign
students, covering a
wide range of topics to
suit all audiences. The
book is divided into
chapters which cover
grammar cases and forms. It is designed to help
students read and comprehend Russian grammar
and vocabulary - some of which is translated into
English. The book comes with an audio CD of texts
read aloud to develop listening skills.
False Beginners
401665 Book + Audio CD 12.50
: ,
Russia: Characters, Situations,
Golubeva, A. V.
This book includes
carefully selected adapted
texts of Russian classic and
modern authors: Pushkin,
Tolstoi, Gogol, Goncharov,
Bulgakov, Nabokov,
Cekhov, Ilf, Petrov, Garshin,
Petrushevskaia, Tokareva.
045275 Book 9.55
Ages 5-7
Two lovely tales written in both Russian and
English aimed at children of a young age who speak
both languages, these picture books each come
with an audio CD and feature a picture dictionary.
Dara By
False Beginners
045257 Good Night, Little Hedgehog 10.95
045256 New House for a Little Mouse 10.95
. .
A. S. Pushkin
Stories of I.P Belkin
(Parallel Texts)
Maerova, K. V.
This book is designed for English speaking students
learning the Russian language of an intermediate
level. It contains the original texts of A.S. Pushkin
accompanied by the parallel texts in English.
Commentaries and exercises follow the texts to
check the students comprehension. The book
includes the stories Metel- Snowstorm and
Baryshina-Krestianka - Mistress into Maid.
045291 Book 9.85

Russian Stories
(Parallel Texts)
Struve, G.
Twelve superb tales by Chekhov, Tolstoi,
Dostoevskii, Pushkin, Bunin, and other masters.
Excellent word-for-word English translations on
facing pages. There are also teaching and practise
aids, Russian-English vocabulary, biographical/critical
introductions to each selection, study questions,
and more. The inclusion of stress accents in the
Russian text is especially helpful.
085327 Book 12.99
ELI magazines
ELI magazines have been a familiar medium
for language learning worldwide for more than
20 years. With their help, hundreds of pupils,
many of them reluctant learners, have come to
enjoy a foreign language and appreciate some
of the similarities and differences between
cultures. By integrating ELI magazines into their
lesson plans, thousands of teachers have found
a new and rewarding means of motivating their
pupils. All subscriptions comprise six issues
(September to May) and all titles are now
published in a 16-24 page spread. A Teachers
Guide and 60-minute CD are also available
for most magazine titles. These magazines are
available in French, German, Italian, Spanish,
Russian and Latin.
For Russian, there is 1 title available:
097153 Davai 15.00
For students who have studied Russian for
at least two years Davai features news,
cultural articles and traditions from the
Russian-speaking world to help students
consolidate their language skills.
Useful games, tests and exercises, along with
colourful posters about Russian culture make
learning Russian interesting and fun.
Themes for 2010-2011 editions include
traditional crafts of Russia, animals, our
friends, healthy food and rock moment.
To request a brochure, email us at:
FRENCH at the


Sample magazines can be
viewed and downloaded
A selection of Russian magazines which are very
useful resources for language learning in schools
and universities and for independent students.
Prices are for 1 year subscriptions. Please refer to
our website to view our full range of newspapers
and magazines.

Komsomolskaia Pravda
A Russian tabloid newspaper covering current
events. Designed for a younger audience. 52 issues
per year.
096560 Komsomolskaia Pravda 118.00

Argumenty i Fakty
Arguments & facts, popular Russian newspaper
covering current events. (European version). 52
issues per year.
096512 Argumenty i Fakty 125.00

An interesting analysis of Russian society and
politics and with a strong focus on culture,
especially literature. 52 issues per year.
096562 Ogonek 140.00

Russkii Iazyk Za Rubezhom
A resource for people learning Russian as a foreign
language and a useful guide for teachers. 6 issues
per year.
096535 Ruskii Iazyk Za rubezhom 199.00
National Geographic
The world-famous illustrated journal, published
since 1888, in Russian translation. Travel, adventure,
national cultures and traditions and geographical
discoveries. 12 issues per year.
096519 National Geographic 93.00
Graded Readers
Easy Readers
Easy Readers have a long and honourable history
spanning nearly 60 years. The brainchild of a small
Danish publishing house in the darkest years of the
Second World War, the series now comprises more
than 170 titles in six languages. From the beginning
it has brought together publishers and editors
in different countries in a unique collaboration
to make available to language students, authentic
literature in an approachable, yet unpatronising
The choice of reading ranges from trusty classics
to modern social drama, from comedy to detective
stories. Each language is supervised by a specialist
editor, whose brief is to simplify without losing the
favour of the original. Footnotes are used where
needed; charming illustrations and uncramped
pages make the challenge so much easier, and the
achievement very satisfying.
A-series uses a vocabulary of around 650 words
B-series uses a vocabulary of around 1200 words
C-series uses a vocabulary of around 1800 words
vocabulary of around 650 words

Zabelin, I.
Without Witnesses. Two men
encounter real hardship when
they are sent to Siberia on a
research trip.
040112 Bez svidetelej 4.55

Gajdar, A.
The exciting story of two
Muscovite brothers who embark
on a long journey with their
mother to visit their father.
040110 Chuk i Gek 4.55

Lermontov, M.
Mysterious images and deep
emotions are all conjured up in
this story set beside the Black
040111 Taman 4.55
vocabulary of around 1200 words

Ryss, E.
A detective story about four
boys who have grown up
together in an orphanage. Three
of them get a good education,
but the fourth, Petr, goes away to
work in a factory.
040113 Petr i Petr 5.70

Laskin, B.
Thank you for your attention.
A collection of humorous
stories which give a pleasant
impression of daily life in Russia.
040114 Spasibo za vnimanie 5.70
vocabulary of around 1800 words

Tolstoi, L.
Master and Man. The touching
story of a wealthy landowner
and his coachman which teaches
that the only true happiness in
life is found by living for others.
040116 Chozjain i rabotnik 5.70

Kazakov, Y.
Light blue & Green / The ugly
woman. Two contrasting stories
about love. The frst one is a
sad and humorous story about
two young people. The second
is about a rather grumpy, older
040115 Goluboe i zelnoe / Nekrasivaja 5.70

Golubeva, A. V. Maksimova, A. L.
Round the World Under the Russian Flag is an
adapted story of the frst Russian captain who
travelled round the world.
045438 Pod Russkim Flagom Vokrug Sveta 4.35

Ganapolskaia, E. V.
Those people interested in sport will fnd this
biography of popular Russian tennis star, Evgenii
Kafelnikov, totally absorbing.
041698 Pod znakom vodoleia 8.30
o /
Pushkin, A.
The Queen of Spades deals
with the horrors of gambling
mania as experienced by a
young offcer. Mistress into
Maid is a story of young love.
The seventeen year old heroine
uses all the tricks in the book to
win the object of her desires!
040117 Pikovaia Dama/Baryshnia-Krestianka 5.70

Dostoevskii, F.
The Gambler. Aleksei
Ivanovich is a teacher and
lives with a Russian family in
Germany. In the town there
is a casino. Polina, the step-
daughter in the family, takes
Aleksei to the casino. The
story describles a love-hate
relationship between Aleksei
and Polina and gives us an insight into his fatal
passion for gambling.
043900 Igrok 8.55
Easy Readers Pack
A selection of 6 Russian titles (saving a total of
Chuk i Gek
Petr i Petr
Spasibo za vnimanie
Goluboe i zelnoe / Nekrasivaja
Pikovaia Dama/Baryshnia-Krestianka
040120 Easy Readers Russian Pack 25.95

Zlatoust Library
The Zlatoust library is a series of graded readers
by popular Russian authors which have been
adapted and illustrated by the St. Petersburg
publisher, Zlatoust.
Each book has been simplifed to make them
accessible to language students and aims to
improve students vocabulary, sentence structure
and reading skills. The texts have been provided
with marked stresses, and are accompanied by
exercises and vocabulary lists. The series makes
reading and

learning a pleasurable experience.
A-series uses a vocabulary of around 650 words
B-series uses a vocabulary of around 1300 words
C-series uses a vocabulary of around 2300 words
D-series uses a vocabulary of around 3000 words
vocabulary of around 650 words

Strugatskii, B. Strugatskie A.
It is Diffcult to be God
is a fantastic and thought-
provoking tale, full of
excitement and unanswered
questions which follows a
group of historians from the
future as they travel back
through time. They visit a
planet in its medieval period- so they can watch
it progress to the next stage of civilisation.
041693 Trudno Byt Bogom 4.35
vocabulary of around 1300 words

Ponomareva Z. N.
The Caucasian Prisoner is a book of stories
written by Russian writers about the war in the
041742 Kavkazskii Plennik 6.50

Ermachenkova, V. S.
Three romantic tales based on the Tales of Belkin
045565 Po stranitsam Pushkina 4.35
vocabulary of around 2300 words

Rubina, D.
An adapted text of a popular novel.
045567 Sharfk 4.35

Rasputin, V. G.
An adapted text of Rasputins popular novel.
041716 Rudolfo 4.35

Chekhov, A. P.
An adapted text of Chekhovs Russian classic.
041708 Dama s sobachkoi 4.35

Maksimova, A. L. Golubeva, A. V.
A biography of the scientifc discoveries of Alferov
- the Nobel Prize winner for physics in 2000.
045566 Glavaia Premiia 4.35

Ulitskaia, L.
An unadapted popular Russian novel written by
Lyudmila Ulitskaia.
041705 Doch Bukhary 4.35

Dostoevskii, F. M.
An adaptation of the romantic story of a 26-year-
old unnamed protagonist who, on one snowy
winters night, comes across a young lady who
is weeping. What follows is a series of nightly
041699 Belye Nochi 4.55

Tokareva, V.
Adapted text of the popular novel.
045439 Korrida 6.50

Pushkin, A. S.
An adaptation of the popular story by Pushkin, the
Queen of Spades is a tale about an addiction to
gambling resulting in tragedy.
045440 Pikovaia Dama 7.15

Akunin, B.
The Leviathan is an adapted text of the popular
novel by Akunin.
045441 Leviafan 11.75

Yudina, G. S.
The book includes adapted text about the life
of the famous Russian surgeon Nikolai Ivanovich
045642 Genii Russkoi Khirurgii 11.75

Akunin, B.
This thriller begins in May, 1876, when a young man
shoots himself in a crowded Moscow park. Soon,
the Criminal Investigation Department is hunting
for clues. An intriguing story full of mystery,
underground chambers and coded messages.
041701 Azazel 11.75

Dostoevskii, F. M.
An adapted text of one of the great classics of the
XIX century.
042510 Idiot 7.95

Maksimova, A.L. Golubeva, A. V.
A book devoted to space discoveries.
042567 Rossiia v kosmose 11.75

Chernyi, S.
An adapted text of Cherniys
famous Mickey the Fox Terriers
Diary. Beautifully illustrated
with vocabulary in the margin.
045523 Dnevnik Foksa Mikki 13.95
vocabulary of around 3000 words

Makanin, V.
A mystery: a middle-aged, middle-ranking
bureaucrat suddenly - and for unknown reasons
- is being invited to join the infuential secretary
for tea...
041706 Chelovek svity 4.35

Dovlatov, S.
A comic story of love and life among Russian
immigrants in New York City.
041703 Devushka iz khoroshei semi 4.35

Petrushevskaia, L.
An unusual modern tale about Queen Lir who
has decided to retire and do everything that she
couldnt do before. This amusing story is full of
unexpected ideas.
041704 Koroleva Lir 4.35

Tokareva, V.
An unadapted text from one of the most famous
modern writers.
045568 Ne sotvori 4.35

Pelevin, V.
This very interesting story is about the special
relationship between the writer and Nika.
041702 Nika 4.35

Bykov, D. L.
An unadapted text from a popular author.
045569 Devochka so spichkami daet prikurit 4.35

My Russian Dictionary
Babai, N. G. Dronov, V.V.
This dictionary will help children learn Russian
letters and more than 400 Russian words. The
book contains coloured, humorous pictures of
objects familiar to every child. It consists of two
parts: an alphabetical part and a themed part
which includes illustrated exercises in the form of
the games aimed at the development of a childs
speech. The book is designed for children learning
Russian as a foreign language.
041688 My Russian Dictionary 20.25
Ages 8-10

Picture Dictionary of Russian for
Golubeva, A. V.
This picture dictionary for children learning
Russian as a second language has more than
1200 words on 45 themes. Dialogues and tasks
for developing reading skills are offered for each
041924 Picture Dictionary 18.25
Ages 11-14

Russian Language Dictionary

for Students
Alabugina, Y.
A pocket monolingual dictionary containing
signifcant vocabulary and modern words. Ideal
for school children learning Russian at GCSE or
A Level.
041739 Pocket dictionary 7.95

Russian Language Dictionary
Ozhegov, S. I. Shvedova, N. Y.
A fully revised and updated edition of this well-
known single volume dictionary. It contains
around 80, 000 words and phrases, covering the
full range of language from everyday vocabulary
to literary style Russian.
The dictionary provides comprehensive
explanations on each entry including grammar,
pronunciation, word derivation and style or
mode of expression. It provides examples of
common usage by giving some popular phrases
and idioms. There are also grammar tables with
explanations of cases and verb conjugations at
the end of the book. Recommended for advanced
students and for everyday use.
041005 Russian Language Dictionary 52.00

Russian Language Dictionary
30,000 Words
Yushakov, D.
This edition contains about 30,000 words and
includes word explanations, stylistic characters
and illustrations from the works of Russian
classical literature. The explanations are easy to
understand, and the dictionary is suitable for a
wide variety of readers - philologists, translators,
teachers and students.
042496 Russian dictionary 30.75
Ages 5-7
Picture Dictionary
English - Russian
Turhan, S. Hagin, S.
Introducing a vibrant and original picture
dictionary, an educational and visual treat. The
Milet Picture Dictionary features beautiful
artwork - something completely new in a picture
dictionary - so the readers creativity will be
stimulated while they learn words. Objects are
clearly identifed, in their contexts or separately,
for emphasis and word practice. Key subjects are
covered, including: home, school, food, colours,
shapes, plants, animals, clothing, sport, music and
081993 Picture dictionary 9.99
Ages 5-7

Russian-English Dictionary
Muller, V. K.
Mullers famous dictionary contains 10,000 words
and includes modern vocabulary. The layout
is designed to make the search for relevant
information as easy as possible and enables
the reader to expand their vocabulary. It is
recommended for use by adult students.
045753 Dictionary 13.25


New Comprehensive
Russian-English Dictionary
Krasavina, T. Ermolovich, D.
The dictionary contains 110,000 words and
phrases of modern Russian language. It includes
vocabulary that has entered the Russian language
in the past two decades, including new terminology,
conversation and everyday vocabulary and
phraseology which is not represented in other
dictionaries. The dictionary differentiates between
American and British English.
086179 Dictionary 45.50

Russian-English Dictionary
Popova, L.
A bilingual dictionary containing 40,000 words and
phrases of modern English and Russian.
045755 Dictionary 8.95

Russian-English Dictionary
Kaul, M.
This dictionary contains 30,000 words. Designed
for Russians learning English in order to improve
their vocabulary, but can be used by English
students learning Russian too.
045752 Dictionary 10.75

Russian-English Pocket
This pocket dictionary is ideal for students learning
Russian at any level. It contains the most frequently
used words in literature and speech and includes
phrases, idioms and other terminology.
All Levels
045754 Pocket Dictionary 6.70
classroom aids
All Ages
A selection of educational and fun posters for a
Russian classroom. A great aid for helping beginner
Russia. The Learning Map
Beautifully illustrated map of the Russian Federation.
045619 Russia. The Learning Map 5.95

Edible Alphabet
An illustrated poster of the letters of the Russian
alphabet represented by popular foods.
401559 Edible Alphabet 3.25

Zoo Alphabet
An illustrated poster of the letters of the Russian
alphabet represented by zoo animals.
401547 Zoo Alphabet 3.25

Offce Alphabet
An illustrated poster of the letters of the Russian
alphabet represented by offce materials.
401565 3.95

The Immense Russia
An illustrated poster of the letters of the Russian
alphabet represented by Russian traditions and
cultural items.
045618 The Immense Russia 5.95
The European
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we offer a wide range of
materials from the continent
suitable for all ages.
There you will fnd everything
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A well-proven format using the latest ideas
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The world of literature made
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games, posters, CDs, CD-ROMs,
5 Warwick Street, London, WIB 5L
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Cyrillic Keyboard
A variety of Russian Keyboard stickers in various
colours to make typing in the cyrillic alphabet
easier for all.
401846 Black 7.30+
401883 White 7.30+
401926 Yellow 7.30+
401871 Red 4.80+
401847 Violet 4.80+

Playing with Pronouns
Diachenko, L. S. Chubarova, O. E.
This game is designed
for students of all ages
learning Russian. It
teaches the student
how to use case
forms with pronouns.
This game booklet
consists of two parts:
a smaller booklet
containing texts,
tables and exercises,
and the second part consists of the playing cards
(which need to be cut out in order to use). This
game helps the student to understand a diffcult
theme of Russian grammar while making it fun and
interesting to learn.
Beginners/False beginners
045283 Game 12.50
Play with Grammatical Cases
Diachenko, L. S. Chubarova, O. E.
A game designed
for students who
have begun studying
Russian and have a
basic knowledge of the
Russian case system
of grammar. It helps
the student to secure
their skills of Russian
cases and develop
their knowledge in the
form of an interactive
game. It can be used by children and adults at false
beginners level.
False Beginners
045281 Game 8.60

Play and Remember Russian Words!
Klementeva, T. B.
Research has shown
that games improve
learning effciency by
15-20%. This game -
Play and Remember
Russian Words!
involves all kinds
of speech activity,
auditory and visual
memory. It has been
created by the author
T. B. Klementeva to help beginners of Russian to
master the language. It consists of 13 different
themes of Russian vocabulary such as family, pets,
clothing etc. where each mini fashcard has a pair.
It contains approximately 208 Russian words and it
can be used by English speaking students learning
Russian at a beginners level individually or in a
classroom environment.
045282 Game 14.25
100 Russian Proverbs
Akishina, A. A. Iamauti, M.
100 Russian Proverbs
is a game for the
development of
Russian speech in the
form of a lotto game.
It helps students to
enrich their vocabulary
and can be used by
both foreign students
learning Russian and
Russian students. It can
also be used by parents
wishing to enrich their childrens vocabulary.
Proverbs are prevalant in modern day Russia, they
are used in conversation as well as in the media
and literature. They characterise the Russian
culture as they are linked to Russian mentality.
These proverbs allow students to talk and give
their own opinions, and students may develop their
memory by learning them by heart.
045285 Game 10.50

Play the worlds best selling word game in Russian
to improve language skills.
043899 Scrabble (Russian) 23.83+
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