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Veterinary Questionnaire: Your Pet Health

Queries Answered
A vet visit once a year is necessary for every pet. This helps to solve some hidden health issues that your
pet might be facing from a long time. A regular checkup solves many of the covered issues and helps
your furry companion to stay healthy. Whereas, there are numerous small issues for which you may
think its not necessary to visit your vet but you do want a reliable answer that would support you to
take care of your pet.

There are numerous questions that come to our vet, which have been disclosed here to help you get the
fair idea about what usually pet parents have common questions to ask about their pets health care
and the most common problems their furry friends face.
I just got these kittens about 2 weeks ago. They seem to have been treated for tapeworms but I found a
roundworm on our kitchen floor a day ago. I dont have the money to go to the vet but I was wondering
if you had a generic brand of revolution, or if you could tell me a single treatment for fleas and worms.
Vet Answer:-
Unfortunately, there isnt any generic product equivalent to Revolution, but there are treatments for
fleas and internal parasites which are non prescription. For example, for fleas you can use Advantage,
Advantage II or Frontline Plus. The kitten needs to be at least 8 weeks old if you use one of these
products. For internal parasites you can use Popantel or Felex Paste, the treatment for internal parasites
should be repeated after 2 weeks.
I was wondering if there is a tablet for cats for fleas?
Vet Answer:-
Yes, there are tablets available for flea prevention for cats. The product is called Capstar. Please see
below for some information about this product:
Capstar is indicated for the treatment of fleas on dogs and cats.
Dosage and administration
Capstar tablets are administered orally at a minimum recommended dose of 1mg/2.2lbs
Capstar tablets should be given orally, either directly into the mouth or mixed into a small portion of
food and given immediately. Administer on any day when fleas are seen on the animal. No more than
one treatment should be given per day.
Special precautions for use
Do not use on ani mal s l ess than 4 weeks ol d or wei ghi ng l ess than 2.2l bs
Further information
Effects on fl eas may be seen as soon as 15 mi nutes after admini strati on. Between
95% and 100% effi ci ency i s observed wi thi n the fi rst 6 hours and 100% effi ci ency i s
reached wi thi n 24 hours.
To hel p prevent re-i nfestati on, the addi ti onal use of a sui tabl e treatment to control
i mmature stages of the fl ea l i fe cycl e i n the envi ronment i s recommended.
Ni tenpyram i s nei ther embryotoxi c nor teratogeni c. It can be gi ven to animal s at all
stages of pregnancy or l actati on.
Poncho i s 19 months ol d and hi s wei ght i s 10.3 l bs and I want to buy Advantage. I am
not sure whi ch one to buy smal l dog pack or medi um dogs pack?
Vet Answer:-
If your dog has few fl eas, I recommend to use small dogs and i f l ot of fl eas, go wi th
medi um si ze. It appl i es to al l pack si ze.
My dog has sei zures, and has been di agnosed wi th Epi l epsy. They have gotten
i ncreasi ngl y worse, more frequent and l asti ng l onger. I need to know whi ch drugs are
effecti ve. She i s taki ng Zoni simi de, compounded for dogs. The Phenobarbi tal she had
been on has caused some l i ver damage. Pl ease tel l what other treatments are
avai l abl e.
Vet Answer:-
The epi l epsy treatment has si de effects on the l i ver but to prevent thi s probl em you
shoul d admi ni ster l i ver protecti on at al l ti mes. A good medi cati on to provi de protecti on
to the l i ver woul d be one that contai ns the acti ve i ngredi ent, Si l ymari n.
My Ethel i s 12 years ol d. She i s perfect when she walks but when she pl ays wi th my
ki ds or runs, she i s faci ng a probl em i n her l eft knee. What shoul d I do to remove thi s
pai n?
Vet Answer:-
I woul d recommend you to use Ri madyl or Previ cox as we have seen good resul t wi th
these treatment. Al so provi de suffi ci ent vi tami ns wi th gl ucosamine. If the probl em
remai ns after a month, consul t your Vet.
These are the common queri es that come through our experi enced vets desk. For the
most common fl ea and ti ck i nfestati on or i ntesti nal worm i nfecti on, vets usual l y
recommend preventi ve measures. Thi s woul d safeguard your four -l egged compani on
from mi nor heal th i ssues.
For any of your query for your pet heal th, you can avai l our onl i ne free servi ce of
Ask a Vet. Our certi fi ed and experi enced vets woul d al ways be eager to hel p you
out wi th your pet s heal th probl em.