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Philosophy behind the Course

In todays world, where systems are becoming increasingly complex, there is a growing need
for multi- disciplinary technical professionals who can understand the systems, their
functioning, analyse issues, and solve them. It is in this aspiration that the Systems Science
program , has been started at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur.

Systems science is the study of systems, to analyse their behaviour and find the
mathematical relations governing them, and to build a model of the system. It is an
interdisciplinary field that studies the nature of complex systems in nature, society, and
science itself. It aims to develop interdisciplinary foundations that are applicable in a variety
of areas, such as engineering, biology, medicine, and social sciences. The program aims at
creating systems thinkers who would develop, construct, operate, redesign, analyse, verify
and integrate various systems.
Not only would this programme create professionals and academicians, it also aims to
create entrepreneurs who would come up with startups that solve real life problems.

Programmes offered and Course structure
In IIT Jodhpur, Systems Science is being offered at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral
levels. Started in 2010, the course offers a wide array of subjects.

At undergraduate levels, the course includes subjects including Probability and Stochastic
Processes, Digital Signal Processing and Networks, Systems Engineering, Dynamical Systems,
Operation Research and Optimization, Social Network Communities, Business Dynamics,
Systems Design, Risk & Uncertainty Modelling, Cognitive Science, Embedded Systems
Design, Statistical Methods, Stochastic Methods of Finance, Data Mining Machine Learning,
Large Scale Numerical Simulations, Systems Psychology and Computational Systems Biology.
Apart from this, there are also several courses which are aimed giving a foundation in the
basic trades of engineering. Additionally, students can opt for multiple electives and core
courses from other branches of engineering and science to gain expertise in a particular

At graduate levels, the course offers a largely similar platter of courses, the emphasis,
however being on the underlying mathematical framework, and modelling systems, rather
than giving a flavour of other trades of engineering.

The PhD program promotes interdisciplinary research both in theoretical and applied areas
of systems science. The mandatory PhD coursework is designed for the students to give
them a solid background in Mathematics and systems modelling. Students have the
opportunity to explore developments of theory and the application of this theory in solving
real life problems.

Entry Criteria
The entry to the undergraduate course is through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)
conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The candidate should clear the
advanced level JEE to qualify for admission to the Systems Science course at IIT Jodhpur.

The entry to the graduate program is by means of GATE score, together with interviews.
Admission opportunities are notified about on the institute website, as well as, through
major national dailies. B.Tech / M.Sc holders of any specialization, who have studied
mathematics at 10+2 level are eligible to apply.

The PhD course is open to students from all disciplines of engineering, with primary focus
being on Quantum Information, Cryptography, and Computational Finance.

Career Prospects
Systems Science students have a variety of options for higher studies. Various universities
across the globe offer graduate and doctoral programmes in Systems Science. Also, they can
choose to specialize in any of the core disciples, now that they have a firm background in
systems theory and thinking.
A System Science graduate can find employment in a wide array of industries, ranging from
finance to space technology to consultancies to banks. The analytical and optimizing nature
of the course makes it universally relevant, and hence there is no dearth of employment
opportunities. Moreover, the course at IIT Jodhpur has been designed in consultation with
industry experts, thereby ensuring that the course remains industrially relevant.