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Information Online Medieval Resources A.selection of freely available online resources specifically relevant to the Medieval period. Bil iographical >> Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB) http: he-or Texts, translations and bibliographical resources. Dictionaries and related research resources >> Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub Gateway to the Anglo-Norman dictionary and Anglo-Norman Source Texts (text archive). Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (Bosworth and Toller) http://ebeowulf. Digital version ofthis still standard nineteenth-century dictionary, Dictionary of the Scots Language http:// | A glossary of terms used in Heraldry http:// Hypertext Book of Hours www Latin / English electronic version of the primer or Book of Hours Lewis and Short Latin-English Lexicon bhttp://nerseus.uchicago,edu/Reference/lewisandshort.htm Classical Latin dictionary The Medieval Bestiary Medieval llustrations and texts relating to a wide range of beasts BS NaNO Peat ela] Medieval Lands, A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families Medieval resources online (Leeds University) Lh ims/i line/medr | Middle English Compendium http://quod lib. umichedu/m/mec/ Electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary, bibliography of Middle English prose and verse, and Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse Orbus Latinus http://www html Index of Latin place names and their modern equivalents Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE)! Transnational Database and Atlas of Saints’ Cults http:// Jit University of Leicester project to map and record evidence for medieval saints’ cults provides searchable datasets for numbers of English dioceses and some other European regions Corpora of texts and translations >> Bibliotheca Augustana http://www.! Large resource of Latin and vernacular texts (including Latin text of the Decretals [see under C13, Gregory ve) British History Online http://www. rowing resource of primary and secondary works on British (including medieval) history, includes numbers of Victoria County Histories, various London medieval records, London chronicles, cartularies, catalogue of ancient deeds, lay subsidy records, wills, Calendars of Close Rolls, Calendars of Papal Registers, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, Feet of Fines, Rymer's Foedera, Register of the Freemen of the City of York etc. The Camelot Project bttp:// lib.roch i /cphi Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and basic information on Arthuriana, from the University of Rochester BS NaNO Peat ela] THE University ffork Tal cemurreltce)a) Christian Classics Ethereal Library Large collection of Christian texts mostly in translation, including numbers of medieval texts (includes Latin texts of Augustine, Aquinas and Rolle) Database of Middle English Romance bttp:// Decretals http://faculty.cua,edu/Pennington/canon%20Law/marriagelaw.htm Medieval marriage canons translated into English. For complete Latin text, i.e. not just marriage canons, see Bibliotheca Augustana above Digital Index of Middle English Verse Digital MGH (dMGH) Digital facsimile page images of all volumes of the MGH, Editions en ligne de Ecole des Chartes The electronic Grosseteste Fathers of the Church A large collection of Patristic texts in translation Franciscan Archive http htm| In Parenthesis, http://www. Modern translations of a range of medieval texts from various countries Internet Medieval Sourcebook http://legacy.fordham edu/Halsall/sbook.asp Late Medieval English Scribes mn ?nav=off BS NaNO Peat ela] The Library of Iberian Resources online http:/ /libro.uca,edu/title htm Mostly secondary Iterature, but some editions of medieval primary sources Medieval history texts in translation (Leeds University) Lh i 40/medieval resear Ht i history texts in translation TEAMS: http://www. Scholarly editions and translations ofa large number of Middle English texts See also the Anglo-Norman Hub (above) See also the Middle English Compendium (above) See also the ORB (above) Historical Documents >> Ancient Petitions To search the database of ancient petitions on The National Archives' Discovery catalogue, choose the advanced search option and enter reference number SC8 into one the boxes next to the options Search for or within references > Any of these references. This can be combined using the other boxes with searches for individual words, names, places, dates etc. The Anglo-American Legal Tradition,edu/IndexPri.html Huge archive of records from The National Archives relating to the royal courts (reproduces original documents) Calendars of Patent Rolls http://sdrc lib,,htm Searchable edition of published medieval Calendars of Patent Rolls using digital images of original printed editions Calendars of Close Rolls: see British History Online above Cause Papers http://www,uk/causepapers/index,jsp Database of cause papers (records of litigation within the ecclesiastical Court of York). Wil in time include numbers of digitised images of the sources, held in the Borthwick Institute. BS NaNO Peat ela] a CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts http.// Searchable online textbase consisting of 13.7 million words, in over 1100 contemporary and historical documents from many areas, including literature and the other arts The Parliamentary Rolls of Medieval England Searchable edition of Latin text and translation of Rotuli Parliamentrum 1379 poll tax returns for West Riding of Yorkshire and Howdenshire Lh nuki, ig/eng/" MIs /VKS/ Rolls13791 Electronic (and hence searchable) edition of old Yorks. Archaeological Journal editions Taxatio Database http://www. Information collected during the assessment conducted for the taxatioof Pope Nicholas IV in 1291-2 Virtual Norfolk,htm| Collection of translations etc. of Norfolk-related primary sources including some medieval material including the Norwich Heresy Trials (1428-31) and numbers of wills Art Historical Materials >> British Listed Buildings http://www. Catalogue with listing entries, map references, and a few photographs of all listed buildings. Catalogue of Digitized Manuscripts The Churches of Britain and Ireland http://www churches-uk-ireland,org/county_ index.html Small photographs of every church in the British Isles. The Church Monuments Society Numbers of photographs of medieval monuments and some bibliographical material Corpus of Anglo Saxon Stone Sculpture bttp:// recor BS NaNO Peat ela] THE University ffork Tal cemurreltce)a) Corpus of Romanesque Sculpturein Britain and Ireland Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, Picture Archive Very large and searchable database of images of English medieval stained glass Corsair Hh Medieval manuscripts from the Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York Digital Scriptorium Lh Searchable database of thousands of images from several thousand medieval manuscripts Digital library of St Gall Digital images of complete manuscripts from the early Middle Ages e-codices Virtual manuscript library of Switzerland Gatehouse - fs Online gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales, the Channel sles and the Isle of Man. Imagine York https://www.exploreyork, Old photographs of York - includes now lost medieval buildings. http://www| Medieval and renaissance material culture ~ a good collection of pictures. Manuscrits Enlumés hetp:// French illuminated manuscripts website. Medieval illuminated manuscripts bttp:// Medieval illuminated manuscripts from the Dutch national library BS NaNO Peat ela] THE University ffork Tal cemurreltce)a) Medieval Manuscript Image Index (St John's College, Cambridge) L, i fs age_index/ Misericords bttp:// Extensive collection of photographs of medieval misericords Munich Digitization Center (MDZ) htm|?c=startseite&l=en&projekt Online publication of the cultural heritage preserved by the Bavarian State Library New York Public Library Digital Gallery Si i Includes large collection of medieval manuscripts Oxford Digital Library Li ll I Manuscripts from the Bodleian Library, Oxford BS NaNO Peat ela]