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it is really 1000 hours...?

or pls read this n applying for any of the following

licenses for nursing practice in uae, one should strictly follow the
procedure implemented by the three agencies. some hospitals do require
only one of these, so you should choose which among the three should be
your top priority. if you intend to test your luck by going there without
any employers, the need of processing the following documents should be
1) prc license and certifcate
as long as you pass the philippine nle, there is not much of a problem. all you need
to do is after you get your license and board certifcate, have it authenticated at
professional regulations commission (prc), whichever branch you get your license.
you need to photocopy each document, get it metered at the documentary stamp
window for 21php each document (near the gate of prc if in manila, i ust don!t "now
in other provinces) and give it to authentication window (1st #oor main bldg $ the
place where you get your license and board certifcate). you need to pay %&php for
each document at the cashier and give it bac" to the authentication window
wherein you can get your claim stub for dfa. you will wait for 2 wee"s and you can
claim the two documents for 100php each 'red ribbon' (dfa authentication)
2) transcript of records (tor) and diploma from your college of nursing
have your diploma and tor photocopied and give it to your registrar of your nursing
school. you need to pay necessary amount for the processing of your documents.
you will get a stub for claims at dfa or you will go to commission of higher education
(ched) and have it authenticated.
i ust don!t "now with other colleges(universities if they automatically submit the
copies of top and diploma directly to ched. if you will get it from ched, you have to
bring it to dfa and have it authenticated. you need to come as early as you can (li"e
)$%am) to be frst in line (since it opens at around *am), you may either get a stub
or pic" it up right away. (remember, 100php for each document authenticated)
+) higher seconday certifcate (highschool diploma)
if your diploma is written in flipino, have it transcribed through your highschool
registrar and pay the necessary fees. it is also advisable for you to get your
highschool f$1+% (tor) because it is re,uired for dep ed authentication. you also
need to have at least three certifed true copies of every highschool documents,
have it drysealed and labeled as certifed true copy at your highschool registrar.
after getting your highschool credentials, go to your respective department of
education (dep ed) division o-ce and have the certifcate (if from ,c, the division
o-ce is at san francisco high school, ust at the bac" of sm north edsa anne. bldg.)
you need to pass the following to the dep ed division o-ce/ hs tor and diploma.
please bring the original copies. the certifcation is for free. after getting the
certifcation, go to your dep ed regional o-ce (if from ncr, the o-ce is located at
the bac" of sm north edsa main bldg,) you need to bring the remaining two pairs of
the certifed copies of highschool documents, and the originals (note/ don!t give the
original copies to them). in addition, you need to give two copies of certifcation
from the dep ed division o-ce. you need to have 2 pieces of colored passport si0e
pictures, in formal attire, and in white bac"ground. you also need to pay some
amount for the documentary stamp. afterwhich you may proceed to dfa and have it
1) copy of the experience certifcates from previous employers
i had my employment certifcate notari0ed and certifed at the local regional trial
court (rtc) where i once wor"ed in the same city, and have it authenticated at dfa
(also needs multiple copies for the local attorney and rtc)
&) have your nursing tor and diploma attested at the uae embassy.
you can send the two documents at any www outlet and you need to pay
appro.imately 2,200php for each document (1,100php for the two) or, you can go to
their embassy, pay appro.imately 1,*00php for each document and have your
energy drained.
please don't forget to get your own passport
there are three licenses for uae, but it is really optional to get all of them.
1) ministry of health (moh) $ standard license for uae
2) department of health (doh) $ mainly re,uired for dubai
+) health authority $ abu dhabi (haad) $ abu dhabi licensing
222doh and haad should be ta"en if you have enough hospital e.perience (usually
not less than 2 years). e.empted to the rule for doh are newly nursing graduates $
no more than + years222
the re,uirements for each licensure is almost the same, but di3ers in the number of
wor"ing hours and e.emptions. usually, your future employers will be the ones to
help you get your license. the government agencies really needed the employers to
be a part of the licensing maybe beacuse to avoid overcrowding of nurse, ust li"e in
the philippines. you may want to read their respective websites about some of the
e.emptions to une.perienced newly grads, or fnishing your masters degree in
nursing will e.empt you from ta"ing the nursing e.amination.
i got the copy of the following re,uirements for application in the three
for doh:
1. fll medical facility inspection from in case of additional specialty
2. fll application form (health professionals licensure form) by the facility, and
application for licensure by the candidate.
+. copies of ,ualifcations attested by uae embassy
1. recent good standing certifcate from the medical council.
&. copies of e.perience certifcates
). list of surgeries performed by the candidate (for surgeon doctors only)
%. passport copy
*. one color photograph
4. application 5 assessment fee
10. license fee
222 e.emption is applicable to those who fnished masteral degree in nursing 222
for moh:
1) academic achievement/ all e.patriate applicants who graduated from foreign
nursing programs must have graduated with a minimal attainment of si.ty percent
()06) of total mar"s.applicant should have at least a three (+) year diploma in
nursing with a minimal attainment of si.ty percent ()06) of total mar"s and after a
twelve (12) years secondary school education.
2) nursing e.perience/ all e.patriate applicants must have had at least one
thousand (1000) hours e.perience within the three (+) years prior to applying for
registration in the uae.
+) the originals or certifed copies of each of the following/
a. passport including a valid uae residence visa or other proof of legal stay in the
b. statutory evidence of any name change (marriage license, other legal document).
c. school leaving certifcate (highest level attained before entry to nursing or
midwifery education).
d. nursing or midwifery education certifcate ( diploma ( degree$ (length of
education and academic achievement must be verifed by means of o-cial
transcript if not clearly specifed on certifcate ( diploma ( degree).
e. nursing(midwifery licensure or registration showing current validity
re,uired documents attached to the application form are as followw/
1.copy of the degree(diploma(certifcate course and should be submitted in either
arabic or english language (attested from the uae embassy).
2.copy of the nursing registration certifcate issued by the nursing board(council
from the country of origin.
+.copy of higher secondary( secondary certifcate or its e,uivalent or pre$nursing
educational certifcate.
1.transcript of your nursing education.
&.copy of the e.perience certifcates from previous employers.
).passport copy. colored photograph.
*.application and assessment fees.
for haad:
to apply for licensure as a 7nurse(midwife8 to wor" in the private sector in the
emirate of abu dhabi you are re,uired to demonstrate the following/
1) you have successfully completed 7secondary school8 and have been awarded a
highschool certifcate.
2) you have successfully completed a minimum ,ualifcation of/ registered nurse
(rn)/ not less than three years of nursing education. (holders of program comprising
2 years nursing plus 1 year midwifery ,ualify as practical nurse)
+) transcript of professional training 9 must include theory and clinical hours
1) practicing professional license 9 valid and current from home country
&) a certifcate of 7good standing8( registration or license from each country where
you have been employed. if you wor"ed in a country and for a government facility
where you practiced on your 7home license8 (e.g. saudi arabia) please ensure to
submit certifcate of employment in place of certifcate of 7good standing8
)) relevant e.perience to the position/
o e.perience attached must cover the minimum re,uirements of the p,r 2
o o-cial certifcate of service (cos) from an authori0ed person at health facility
(must be from human resources ( medical director)
o cos must specify the position held and areas of practice.
o cos must specify the employment period(duration
o all cos must be clear and readable.
o date from (dd(mm(yyyy ) to (dd(mm(yyyy).
o e.perience must be in a substantive post (volunteer wor" and training is not
%) uae moh evaluation(licensure if applicable
*) you have gained relevant e.perience as follows/ a registered nurse for a
minimum of two years fulltime in an acute care facility with at least one year in
basic medical and surgical nursing.
note: please try to browse for their websites for additional information.
you can use your search engine and key-in moh uae, doh uae or haad.
hope this mini info helps. if i miss something vital, please mention it
through the reply box. thank you