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Educating India Educating World
Monday the 20th of May, 2013
The Convocation was a momentous occasion where
Presidents of Asias two great nations
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honble President of India &
His Excellency, Mr. Hamid Karzai, Honble President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
graced the dais along with
Shri Shivraj V. Patil, Governor of Punjab &
Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honble President of India, delivering the Convocation Address
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Honble President of India, conferring Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) Honoris Causa Degree on
His Excellency, Mr. Hamid Karzai, Honble President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
The rays of ochre light, in the LPU seal, symbolize the dawn that dispels the
darkness of ignorance and ushers in knowledge through education.
The seal also reinforces our resolve to become the Sun of Knowledge that will
illuminate, ignite, energize, and empower people across the globe.
Lovely Professional University is a secular university committed to fulfilling its mission without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion,
national origin, age, sex, gender, disability or other such grounds.

Information published by the university in this Prospectus, university website,

advertisements or otherwise in any manner must be read in conjunction with
supplements, updations, rectifications, clarifications, corrigenda, notices etc. as
and if issued by the university from time to time. Applicants and others
concerned must ensure that they know up-to-date information before applying
for admission or any other purpose whatsoever.

Certain pictures and details, not belonging to the university, have been used in
the prospectus and other informative material of the university. This is merely for
the better understanding of the relevant content or for general information.

Best efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of content published in the
Prospectus, university website, advertisement and other material published by
the university. However the university does not give any assurance about any
content being error free and will not assume any liability arising on that account.

The university reserves the right to add, withdraw or change at any time without
any notice, information published anywhere, as and if deemed necessary,
including not limited to information in the Prospectus, university website,
advertisements and other material as well as any provision or facility, whether
existing or new. No responsibility will be accepted by the university for hardship
or expenses incurred by any applicant or any other person(s) for such addition,
withdrawal or change, no matter how they are caused.

The university does not take any responsibility for the authenticity of the
information made out or taken by any applicant or any other person from any
website, blogs, search results, classified websites, chat sites, inquiry (verbal,
online or written) or any source other than the information published in the
university Prospectus or as available on the university website (;
and for the actions of applicants or others concerned on the basis of such

In case of any dispute on any matter concerning the university, whether covered
by the Prospectus or not, and/ or for interpretation of any content of this
Prospectus/ university website/ advertisement or information material of the
university, decision of the competent authority of the university shall be final and
binding on all concerned, and thereafter the courts at Kapurthala, Punjab (India)
only shall have jurisdiction for unresolved disputes.
LPUDE Online
LPU e-Connect Log-in
LPU Rankings, International Memberships,
Recognitions & Approvals
LPU - A Globally Connected University
Benets of Distance Education
Directorate of Distance Education
LPU Distance Education (LPU DE)
Vision & Mission
Features of LPU Distance Education
Programme Details
Programme Schemes
How to Apply
General Admission Guidelines
Important Instructions
Distance Education-The New Era of Education
Late Sh. Baldev Raj Mittal
Sh. Baldev Raj Mittal, the Founder Chairman of the Lovely Group was
an entrepreneur par excellence. By virtue of his initiative,
perseverance, resourceful ness, and tenaci ty to overcome
overwhelming odds, he became a living icon in his lifetime. His ability to
translate his dreams into reality elevated him to the stature of a
The heights gained by the Lovely Group bear testimony to his tireless
efforts, indomitable will, and strong sense of commitment to his ideals
and goals. His deep faith in the dictum Paying back more than what
we are paid became the cornerstone of Lovely Professional University,
and this cherished conviction will always continue to inspire and guide
us. Our presence in the education sector is an humble tribute to
perpetuate his quintessential existence.
Shall Flutter like a sparrow....
and into oblivion I will fly
His words evoke fond remembrance
and are always a source of
inspiration for all of us.
Ashok Mittal
Message from the
India's student-age population is one of the largest in the world. The
Gross Enrollment Ratio of India in higher education is targeted from
existing 18% to 30%. But, there are serious gaps leading to the
decrease of exposure to competent higher education systems. Such
gaps can be bridged with help of Distance Education, as it can be
tailored to fit around the students' current life position.
The Distance Education at LPU is a flexible and dependable system of
education purveying knowledge to the very door step of every section
of society. Its mission of 'Educating India Educating World' aims to
include wider dimensions of student centric and affordable learning
approach, hence, making it an important element leading to a
transformed scope of higher education in India and beyond.
Rashmi Mittal
The Directorate of Distance Education at LPU strives to
fulfill the mission of providing for the varying educational
needs of a culturally diverse and geographically
dispersed student body and the goal of preparing
students academically, personally, and professionally for
successful careers. It exerts itself to be a realistic and
accessible option to a large variety of people from
young students to adults wanting to upgrade
themselves for better career opportunities.
LPU DDE is always on the look out for ways to innovate
the curriculum design, content, teaching methodology
and evaluation techniques for the delivery of courses to
be more convenient, accelerated and affordable.
Let nothing stand in your way!
LPU is a community of thinkers and learners interested in
making a difference to global societies. With its Distance
Education programme, the university strives to meet the
educational needs of those students who might otherwise be
unable to attend on-campus classes either due to distance
or time and financial constraints. The university recognizes
that its student population is diverse and has a wide range of
educational needs, hence it uses different strategies to bring
education opportunity to distant locations. The university will
continue to maintain and develop facilities enriched with
advanced technologies for enhancing the learning process
of students at a distance.
With one common goal of achieving an educated work
force for a better tomorrow, I welcome you at LPU.
Dr. Ramesh Kanwar has been the Distinguished Professor and Chair of the
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department (ABE) at Iowa State
University, USA after doing Ph.D. Degree from there. He has worked as a
consultant for the World Bank, European Commission, Global Environment
Facility, UNDP, USAID, NATO, FAO, and many foreign governments and
universities across 50 countries. He was awarded Doctorate Honoris
Causa in 2007 by the Trakia University of Bulgaria and an Honorary
Doctorate degree in 2000 by the Georgian Agrarian University in Tbilisi,
Georgia. He has received numerous prestigious awards including
International Service Award from Iowa State University. He has authored
more than 500 publications including 167 refereed journal articles, 10
book chapters and 90 conference proceeding papers.
Ramesh Kanwar
Business India
review success
and many more....
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Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), UK
International Association of Universities (IAU), France
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA
The Institute of International Education (IIE), New York
The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), Thailand
of LPU
University Grants Commission (UGC)
National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)
Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)
Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP)
Council of Architecture (COA)
Bar Council of India (BCI)
The Institution of Engineers (India)
Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
Recognitions &
Approvals of LPU
Memberships and
LPU has won the 7th e-INDIA Award
(for the year 2011) for being the
Best ICT enabled University
LPU adjudged The Best Private University of the Year 2013 by
ASSOCHAM. Union Minister of Human Resource Development,
Dr. M.M. Pallam Raju honouring Sh. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor
Lovely Professional University, Punjab with the Award
2. In a Comprehensive study on Universities (Established After Year 2000)
3. In an exhaustive survey of 450 Indian Universities for the year 2009-2010
LPU e-Connect (online LMS of
LPU DE) has won the 8th e-INDIA
Award (for the year 2012) for
Best Open & Distance Learning
Initiative of the year
Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Parkash Singh Badal,
honouring LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal with "Entrepreneur
of the Year Award" at Ludhiana Management Association
(LMA) function
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A Globally
The University provides study abroad opportunities
in 25+ foreign universities through
Study Abroad Programmes
Washburn University
Troy University
Wayne State University
Binghampton Univesity
University of Missouri
California State University San Bernardino
University of Iowa
Otterbein University
Fayetteville State University
Iowa State University
Kirkwood Community College
University of Northern Iowa
ISEP ( International Student Exchange Program)
University of Zagreb
Shaanxi Normal University
Ningbo University
Kunming University
Yichun University
South China Normal University
Beijing Union University
Beijing Institute of Technology
Elite Education International
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Kwame Nkrumah
University of Science and Technology
Royal Bussiness College
Wikato Institues of Technology (Wintec)
University of Business and
International Studies | 4
University of Burundi
University of Wolverhampton
University of East London
Tames Valley University
University of Northampton
University of West London
Edinburgh Napier University
Murdoch University
Central Queensland University
Kaplan Business School
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Mount Royal University
McGill University
University of Fraser Valley
Universidad Europea De Madrid
Warsaw University of Technology
FPT University
Limkokwing University of
Creative Technology
Mongolian National Univirsity
Mongolian University of Science
& Technology
Mongolian State university of Agriculture
Tribhuvan University
Sun Shine University
Jungwon University
Chonbuk National University
Hanbuk University
Chosun University
Sangmyung University
Kyungpook National University
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In this age of Globalization, where knowledge explosion along with
technological advancement is impinging upon the burgeoning population to
get equipped with necessary professional and academic skills for excelling
in their career pursuits, the concept of technology infused distributed
learning is increasingly gaining importance. This has ushered in a new era -
the era of Distance Education, which has recongured the way a student
From home assignments/tutorials to web-based instruction and online
learning, Distance Education has emerged as the most remarkable
technology based innovation in education. It is bringing education to the
very doorstep of the learner and is opening new paths of progression for all.
Distance Education endows unmatched exibility to its students by virtue of
which even working professionals, entrepreneurs or housewives can look
forward to pursue higher education and upgrade their knowledge and skill
set while continuing to do whatever they are doing.
7 |
Benets of
Distance Education makes lifelong learning possible. Along with
enhanced access to educational opportunities, it offers convenience,
exibility, and affordability. The benets of Distance Education are
innumerable; some of them are:
Distance Education suits the diverse educational requirements of
students, businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and house-wives
and is benecial to any individual who wants to pursue higher education
while still continuing with what he/ she is doing.
The maximum duration of Distance Education programmes provides its
students enough time to complete their programmes. This exibility is
specically given, keeping in mind that the Distance Education students
have other commitments too.
Distance Education allows exibility to study anytime of the day, be it in
the wee hours of the morning or at late nights. Students may choose to
study in the comfort of their homes, while travelling, while they are in the
waiting area of a railway station or an airport, or any other place where
they wish to be.
Distance Education provides multi-tasking opportunity to students.
Flexibility and convenience, rendered by it, provide the students freedom
to heed to their other responsibilities too.
Age is no bar for anyone wishing to pursue a Distance Education
One can always enhance his/ her academic and professional acumen by
opting for Distance Education programme which in turn helps in
increasing one's remuneration and promotional potential. Additional
qualication gives an edge to an individual over his peers and colleagues.
Liberty without learning is always in peril;
Learning without liberty is always in vain.
- John F Kennedy | 8
9 |
'Educating India Educating World' is the endeavour of LPU Distance
Education, which is established to cater to the needs of students who
cannot pursue formal education in colleges and universities. It allows
upgrading of skills, increase in productivity and development of a new
learning culture with the use of cutting edge technological advancements. It
makes signicant contribution to enhance the cause of higher education by
emerging as relevant and appropriate revolution to meet the challenges of
access, affordability, suitability and portability.
LPU Distance Education offers various Degree and Diploma Programmes
at the Bachelors and Masters levels, to impart education to various strata of
the society, varying from students to professionals, housewives and even
entrepreneurs. This, in a way, will help every aspirant to accomplish his/ her
unfullled dreams of academic pursuits.
It constantly strives to provide a convenient study mode of affordable and
anytime-anywhere quality education in a technology-rich environment.
Education (LPU DE)
Directorate of
With support of LPU, the largest university in the country, the Directorate of
Distance Education (DDE) is bridging the gap between education and the
education seekers at a fast pace, through usage of technology, which
signicantly extends the reach and quality of education. DDE aims at
making Distance Education, a credible and valued mode of learning, by
providing education without a compromise.
DDE is a modern and dynamic wing of the university, lled with energy,
enthusiasm, compassion and concern. Its team strives hard to meet the
demands of the industry, to ensure quality in curriculum, teaching
methodology, examination and evaluation system, and to provide the best
services to its students. DDE is proud of its values, by virtue of which, it
ensures to make an impact on the education system and the learners.
Through affordable education, online resources and other student support
services, DDE intends to reach the unreached. | 10
in terms of number of Students on a single campus
11 |
Vision &
Creation and establishment of a versatile and credible Distance Education
system across the globe, thereby, realizing the precept of 'Educating India
and Educating the World'.
To provide affordable learning opportunities to higher education seekers,
so as to make quality education accessible to every individual irrespective
of his residence, language, background and age.
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Features of LPU
Distance Education
The university adopts technology driven blended system of delivery to offer its various Distance Education
Programmes at Masters, Bachelors, Post Graduate Diploma, and Diploma levels to various strata of the society
including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives, employees and self-motivators. Provision of
Exhaustive Online Support also including Self Learning Material (Study Material) for certain courses, is
made through LPU e-Connect (Online Learning Management System) for the facilitation of the learners. Additionally,
Personal Contact Programme at the University Campus, Phagwara, Punjab are also conducted for certain
courses. Distance Education students getting opportunities to participate in certain university events is another
unique feature of LPU DE.
Other features of LPU Distance Education are:
Affordable Fee Structure,
Provision of Lateral Entry,
Comprehensive Evaluation System,
Provision of Student Career Support, etc. as detailed further
15 |
Online Support
LPU Distance Education website ( is a customized gateway
designed to provide comprehensive access to information, people and
processes of LPU Distance Education system and services. The website
intends to present its information in personalized form to suit the varied
needs and characteristics of prospective/ current students, parent/
guardian or other concerned.
The website is accessed and viewed by users from all across the world
and is in tune with the technological know-how of its wide range of users
by making itself compatible with more than 200 browsers and different
mobile platforms like Android, iPhones, Window Phones, Blackberry,
Symbian etc.
The Website is well designed, structured, user friendly and easy to
navigate and has all the links categorized under relevant heads/ sections
facilitating different users to fetch the desired information quickly.
Various details are available on the LPU Distance Education
website including:
Key features of LPU Distance Education System
Programmes Details, Fee Structure, Eligibility Criteria, Admission
Criteria, Duration, Scheme and Syllabi
Admission Process, Admission Forms, Admission Guidelines, and
Self Learning Material for certain courses
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Academic Calendar/ Important Dates
Evaluation Procedure, Examination Pattern, Date Sheet, Information of
Examination Centres
Announcements, News and Events
University Contact Details
LPU Distance Education provides an exhaustive Online
Support through Dynamic Website and Online Learning
Management System (LPU e-Connect).
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot
read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.
- Alvin Toffer | 16
17 |
LPU e-Connect, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Lovely
Professional University, offers ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong and secure
online connection that links its students located at different geographical
locations with the university.
Based on enterprising web portal technology, it truly automates various
administrative and academic processes of Distance Education and
minimizes the shortcomings of physical distances by providing 24X7
accessibility through its various useful features. LPU e-connect is a boon
for students as they can learn as per their convenience along with their
other commitments. Students enrolled under LPU Distance Education are
allotted a personalized User ID and Password through which they may
access various interactive and dynamic features of LPU e-Connect which
serves the motto "Your Education Your Way".
LPU e-Connect is accessible through various Applications like iPhone, iPad,
Android Mobile Phone, Android Tablet, Windows 8, Windows Mobile Phone,
and Facebook.
providing information through Announcements, Personalized Messages,
and Running Reminders.
providing pool of different academic resources like Self Learning Material
for certain courses, Scheme, Syllabi, Programme Guides etc. in a very
interactive way.
Document Connect
providing various policies, guidelines, forms, formats etc.
Course Connect
providing information related to the status of students' current as well
previously registered courses.
My Account
serving as a personalized account containing details related to the student
and his/ her progress.
Relationship Management System
facilitating the users to post their queries, suggestions etc.
facilitating students to give feedback to the university on various parameters
from time to time.
Help Guide
providing complete help manual for users to access various functions and
modules of LPU e-Connect effectively.
Exam Connect
giving information regarding Date Sheet, Student Grade Card, Result,
Examination Pattern and forms like re-appear, re-evaluation etc. available
Key Modules of LPU e-Connect
Exhaustive Online Support
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Self Learning Material
(Study Material)
Study material available in Self Learning format, is one of the best features
of LPU Distance Education. Generally, in Distance Education mode,
students are physically at distance from their teachers/ mentors. Hence the
study material meant for them is required to play 'teacher-function' also in
addition to providing knowledge and information. The study material
developed by LPU is self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-
motivating, self-evaluating, and hence is called Self-learning Material
SLMs for various courses are provided to the learners and that is through
LPU e-Connect (Online Learning Management System) and LPU DE
website permitting students to study wherever they want and
to ip through the pages of the virtual study material on their computers,
laptops, Tablets, i-pads, i-phones etc.
With help of various tools in SLM like Caution, Notes, Tasks, Did you
know?, Pictures, Graphics, Exercises, Case Studies, Examples, etc.,
students nd it easy to learn on their own.
Self Assessment Questions and Review Questions in SLM enable students
to gauge their learning on the topics covered in the unit and to keep them
active throughout the learning process.
Other features like Summary, Keywords, Glossary and Further Reading
make the SLM comprehensive and stimulating for the students enabling
them to understand better.
Personal Contact Programme at University Campus, Phagwara, Punjab,
are conducted for certain courses that provide the students an opportunity
for conceptual understanding of the courses and also for interacting and
learning from other students.
Personal Contact
Programme (PCP)
Formal education will make you a living;
self-education will make you a fortune.
- Jim Rohn
at University Campus
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Provision of
Lateral Entry
LPU Distance Education provides exibility to the aspiring students to get
admitted in the 2nd or 3rd year of certain programmes through Lateral
Entry option subject to fulllment of eligibility criteria and other conditions
prescribed by the university in this regard.
Fee Structure
'Financial constraints' should not come in the way of pursuing your
educational and professional aspirations. This is the philosophy behind
LPU Distance Education offering its programmes at economical fee
structure making quality university education quite affordable for all.
Experience is a good school, but the fees are high.
- Heinrich Heine
23 |
Evaluation System
Evaluation system at LPU is aimed at bringing out the best performance from
students and consists of descriptive as well as analytical questions.
As per the evaluation system presently in force, students are evaluated on the
basis of two components; End-term Examination and Continuous
Assessment with weightage of 70-80% and 20-30% respectively.
Examination System at LPU is highly transparent. End-term Examinations are
conducted at the end of each term, i.e. once in a year for annual programmes
and twice a year for semester based programmes.
Education's purpose is to replace
an empty mind with an open one.
- Malcom Forbes | 24
25 |
Career Support
A division of Student Career Services is operating at the university with a
vision to equip students with versatile traits to match core needs of the
corporate world. This division acts as an intermediate between the corporate
world and the university by providing the budding students with guidance in
their choice of career and an easy access to employers for providing ample
opportunities for Placements.
Students are provided with the placement support by informing them from
time to time about various placement drives at different locations to enable
them to avail the opportunities.
Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
- John Dewey | 26
SMS 'LPUDE' to 53030
Jalandhar-Delhi G.T Road, (NH-1),
Phagwara, Punjab-144411
For Enquiry: Ph. +91-1824-300360
Fax: +91-1824-506111