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Britains Fate Is

Sealed Following
Muslim Baby Boom
By: Paul Wilkinson

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In January 2014, it was announced that 320,000 children (aged under five) out of a total of 3.5
million are born into Muslim families in England and Wales. This is approximately 9.2% and
demonstrates a colossal demographic change in the younger population.
Leftists and liberals have always scoffed at the suggestion of higher Muslim birth rates, calling it
the fiction of right-wing nut-jobs. Well I dont want to say I told you so, but it is damning evidence
of the exponential Muslim growth compared to the rest of society!
Even in politically correct Britain the newsreaders had tellingly unenthusiastic expressions as
they delivered the news to the nation; however there was no elaboration on the true horror of
what this trend actually means. Barely registering more than a cursory check in the mainstream
media, this demographic shift has far reaching consequences for the future direction Britain will
In the 2001 UK census, Muslims accounted for 3% of the population. Yet a decade later, in the
2011 census, due to birth rates and uncontrolled (and unwanted) Muslim immigration, the figure
officially rose to 4.8% (not including illegal immigrants). Now with Muslims currently
reproducing at double the rate of everyone else, Britains future looks more Islamic than
Why We Should Worry
There is certainly a case that the non-Muslim population is not reproducing enough, but why is
the expanding Muslim population such an issue? Pamela Geller describes in the article; The
Effects of Mass Muslim Immigration some of the many concerns we should have, but I would like
to add some additional valid fears.

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Firstly, it matters because if these trends continue over the next couple of generations it will
destroy the UK economically. (Y.K. Cherson describes the implications of this in How the West
Is Committing Financial Suicide). One example being in 2010 it was revealed that over 50% of
Muslim men and over 75% of Muslim women were economically inactive in the UK. Also studies
have shown that 55% of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins, and in Bradford, this rises
to 75%. So whilst the average Brit was working hard and paying taxes, those taxes were
paying for the average Muslim to not work, marry their cousin and recklessly have
children (approximately half of Britains Muslims have Pakistani heritage). If this cycle does not
stop, the nation will then go into financial meltdown, if it has not already. Interestingly, despite
Muslims making up around 22% of the global population, they account for only 5% GDP.
This is what Assistant Secretary-General of the Islamist Muslim Council of Britain (MCB),
Ibrahim Mogra said of the news of the high Muslim birth rates: This is a sign that Islam is
becoming an integral part of British society. I would say it illustrates how Islam has elbowed its
way in and is an integral drain and division! Mogras statement is actually incorrect because
more and more young Muslims reject the Western society they are born into and want to see
Sharia implemented.
Secondly, aside from the welfare payouts, the added security risks and annual billions costs of
monitoring Muslims, there is the impact of how this boom in the Muslim population affects our
culture and society as a whole.
Unlike any other religion Islam is different because it calls for oppressive laws for Muslims and
non-Muslims that are contrary to our Judeo-Christian based secular laws. This makes Islam
incompatible with Western society because Islam has to separate itself from the
mainstream society in order to survive. The multiculturalists may be satisfied with the damage
they have caused with importing Muslims, but the notion of Islam playing its part in a fully
functional multicultural society is a complete misnomer.
Islam by its very nature is supremacist, discriminatory, totalitarian and expansionist, like for
example when Islam is in the ascendancy, it will subdue and humiliate minorities by enforcing the
Jizya status. When Muslims are in the minority their pattern is of unruly behaviour, playing the
victim and calling for special treatment. This usually increases exponentially to their size, until
finally they are powerful enough finally to enact a power grab.
The goal of Islam is not to peacefully coexist but to eventually implement the Sharia
Changing Demographics Leads to Changing Behaviour
Muslims may seem peaceful in tiny numbers but as their numbers increase, the negative
behaviour also increases exponentially which impacts the rest of our society. This is an important
aspect that liberals and politicians fail to grasp; Muslims have a different psychology to non-
Muslims, which affects their attitude and behaviour in their adopted We stern countries.
Nicolai Sennels describes here perfectly how Muslims view their own identity, deal with anger,
attitudes to non-Muslims and their values, etc.
Add large numbers of Muslims to a country like Britain with Judeo-Christian values and we have
seen evidence of rising influence and/or bad behaviour, for example:
An estimated 25% of all meat consumed in the UK is now halal. Muslims prisoners demand
to be given halal food and special privileges; non-Muslim schoolchildren are often fed halal
without their knowledge and many times the food at sports events is halal only.
Muslims are vastly overrepresented in the prison population which increased from 7.7% in
2002 to 13.4% in 2012. Inmates are bullied into converting to Islam due to the growing
power of Muslim gangs.
Sharia courts are already practicing within some mosques, creating a parallel legal system
that is contrary to UK law. Muslim Patrol tried to implement Sharia law by harassing
members of the public in East London.
The Salman Rushdie Satanic Verses controversy in the 1980s gave us an early indication
of hair-trigger mass rioting. Since then we have seen ugly demonstrations regarding the
Danish printing of Muhammad cartoons and banning of people like Pamela Geller and
Robert Spencer from entering the UK due to fears of Muslim violence, (and their support of
Israel was a factor as well).
Islamisation is at full-throttle across Western Europe as Soeren Kern describes in his articles
about the past year alone in France and Belgium and the Netherlands. In Britain, the Muslim
takeover is now gathering momentum, and we are projected to witness Islam becoming
the most practiced religion within twenty years.
We are all told to celebrate this enforced diversity, or super diversity as it has become known,
thanks in no small part to Tony Blairs New Labour flooding the country with immigrants. Our
politicians and media, the useful idiots, paralysed by political correctness and their
own liberal agendas and self-interests, never gave a thought to our own culture and mislead the
public into thinking that Islam is harmless and is not here to take over.
The Equality Act 2010 has made Islam equal to the host culture that it both despises and is in
conflict with, and later this year Islam will be taught to all UK schoolchildren. However the
content will no doubt paint an inaccurate picture of normalising Islams existence in Britai n
and portray Islam as a misunderstood victim and not the vile predator that it really is. Thus
indoctrinating impressionable future generations into gullibly thinking Islam is a part of Britain and
is peaceful like all other religions, just as the Islamist MCB wants.
What the Islamic Future Has in Store
Current trends of unneeded immigration and higher Muslim birth rates will see more mosques
being built, more knee jerk reactions and demands made by Muslims, more political correctness
forced upon non-Muslims, an increase of terrorism plots and attacks, increasing friction with non-
Muslims (especially where the Muslim population expands), more halal, more hate preachers,
more Muslim cries of Islamophobia and a never ending cycle of Muslims playing the victim, etc.

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We have already witnessed Muslims organising themselves politically in places like Tower
Hamlets. As a result, there have been instances of electoral fraud in places like Birmingham, and
there are current concerns in numerous towns and cities in the UK of more fraud from the
Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities. With some of this fraud coming from inside mosques it
also demonstrates how Islam is entwined with politics. The danger to the non-Muslim population
is that politicians can chase the Muslim bloc vote, because this can change the course of
elections, as it did in the example of Franois Hollandes Socialist Party receiving up to 93% of
Muslim votes in the 2012 French election.
The whole situation could be likened to a runaway train, or perhaps that is being too generous
because it is a train wreck already. Brits do not just have to contend with uncontrolled Muslim
immigration but also, without a mandate, the total capitulation to the EU super state and open
borders with nearly 30 other European countries. Douglas Murray pointed out: But what levels,
after alls said and done, do the celebrants of diversity want to get to? What is their ideal target
figure? Is a ceiling of 25 per cent white Britons in London or the country at large optimal?
Or would it be 10 per cent? Or none at all?
The end result is 620,000 white British left London in the space of one decade because it no
longer feels like home. In Birmingham less than a third of pupils schools are now white, with
Asian students making up almost half of the total classroom population. Some areas of the UK
are so colonised that entire schools have no white British pupils and it is projected on current
trends that indigenous Brits will be a minority throughout the UK in roughly half a centurys time.
Whether the advice of Anjem Choudary encouraging more babies so that Muslims can take over
the UK, to the so-called moderate Mo Ansar relaying the same message, is heeded, the facts
cannot be ignored.
Whatever happens, liberals are currently content with having needlessly transformed
harmonious, Islam-free Britain of around sixty years ago, to now having nearly 10% of babies
being Muslim. Will future liberals be happy when we arrive at 30-40% Muslim? By then liberals
may have realised their stupidity, but its doubtful that anyone will be held accountable, and most
importantly, the nations fate will have long been sealed.