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GK & Current Affairs: September 7, 8, 2014

2014- 09- 11 11:09:48 GKToday
1. LASIK surgery is gaining widespread popularit y and accept ance by people
who are not f riendly wit h t he eye-glasses. What is t he f ull f orm of LASIK?
[A]Laser-Assist ed In-Sit u Kerat omileusis
[B]Laser-Assayed In-Sit u Kerat omileusis
[C]Laser-Assist ed Inhibit ed Kerat omileusis
[D]Laser-Assayed Inhibit ed Kerat omileusis
Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis
Laser-Assist ed In-Sit u Kerat omileusis is gaining accept ance amongst
commoners as t he best alt ernat ive t o cont act lens or glasses. It is usef ul
against myopia, hyperopia and ast igmat ism and helps in t heir correct ion.
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2. Which day was declared as t he Himalaya Diwas by t he Ut t arakhand
government ?
[A]Sept ember 9
[B]Sept ember 8
[C]Sept ember 10
[D]Sept ember 7
September 09
Sept ember 09 was decided t o be a day which would be celebrat ed across t he
St at e t o promot e conservat ion of t he Himalayan ecosyst ems, t he alt erat ion
of which have result ed in some of t he worst weat her calamit ies in t he st at e.
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3. "Arka Rakshak" is a f amous variet y of __?
[A]Tomat o
[B]Pot at o
Arka Rakshak is a f amous t omat o variet y of Bangalore which has gone global
and will be export ed t o 7 count ries. Viet nam, t he Net herlands, Maurit ius,
Zimbabwe, Sout h Af rica, t he U.S. and Pakist an have sent request s f or t he
sale of t he variet y in t heir lands.
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4. Vijay Dut t Shridhar has won t he f irst prize of t he Bharat endu Harishchandra
Awards f or 2011 f or his manuscript __:
[A]Pehla Sampadakiya
[B]Television ki Bhasha
[C]Aurat ki Boli
[D]Maine Awaaz ko Dekha
Pehla Sampadakiya
Minist ry f or Inf ormat ion & Broadcast ing have given out t he Bhart endu
Harishchandra Awards f or t he years 2011 and 2012 on Sept ember 9, 2014. The
Bharat endu Harishchandra awards were st art ed by t he Publicat ions Division
annually since 1983.
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5. Which Union Minist ry has recent ly launched t he Know Your Right s Port al
recent ly?
[A]Human Resources
[B]Women and Child Development
[C]Law and Just ice
[D]Civil Aviat ion
Civil Aviation
Civil Aviat ion minist ry has launched a new port al namely 'Know your right s' f or
passengers. It def ines t he right s of passengers in sit uat ions of delays,
cancellat ions, baggage issues et c.
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6. First women's court in India was set up in which among t he f ollowing st at es?
[C]West Bengal
[D]Tamil Nadu
West Bengal
India's f irst women's court was inaugurat ed in Malda in West Bengal in January
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7. Jose Graziano da Silva is a f amous agronomist and writ er f rom __?
[B]Port ugal
[C]Argent ina
Jose Graziano da Silva was given t he award in recognit ion of his ef f ort s t o
promot e f ood securit y in Brazil t hrough t he Zero Hunger Programme. He is t he
15t h person t o receive Doct or Honoris Causa award by IARI and NAAS in
Sept ember 2014.
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8. Consider t he f ollowing pairs:
1. Dholera Gujarat
2. Shendra-Bidkin Maharasht ra
3. Vikram Udyogpuri Madhya Pradesh
Which among t he above is / are correct pairs?
[A]Only 1 & 2
[B]Only 2 & 3
[C]Only 1 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3
1, 2 & 3
Wit h t he assist ance of Japan, India is developing indust rial cit ies at Dholera in
Gujarat and Shendra-Bidkin in Maharasht ra, and int egrat ed indust rial
t ownships at Great er Noida in Ut t ar Pradesh and Vikram Udyogpuri near Ujjain
in Madhya Pradesh.
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9. Dr. Noel W. Hinners, a f ormer Chief Scient ist of NASA has recent ly passed
away. What is t he name of t he space program on which he had worked
ext ensively and given signif icant cont ribut ions?
[A]Project Mercury
[B]Project Gemini
[C]Project Apollo
[D]Project Soyuz
Project Apollo
Dr. Hinners gave his valuable cont ribut ion in in t he scient if ic explorat ion of t he
moon f or t he Apollo program and lat er oversaw project s such as t he Mars
Surveyor Program. He worked on Apollo program t ill 1972.
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10. Which Indian movie has been awarded t he Lion of t he Fut ure -Luigi De
Laurent iis award f or a Debut Feat ure at t he 71st Venice Film Fest ival?
[C]Singham Ret urns
Court - writ t en and direct ed by Indian writ er Chait anya Tamhane has bagged
t he prest igious honour on Sept . 7, 2014. The movie has successf ully brought
out t he narrat ive st yle in a mult ilingual court room drama.
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