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.cnlHng juries to
Turkish World Outreach
508 Frliitvale Court
Grand Junctioh CO 81504-5768
21 January 2001
Dear Christian Friends,
Thank you sincerely for the many prayers for Marti as she underwent surgery on the 11^ of
January. The operation was very successful with the tumor being removed and some lymph
nodes taken for biopsy. She was released from the hospital the following afternoon, is healing
remarkably well and is regaining her strength. We thank our Lord for these blessings.
While the news is excellent, there is an area of concern. One of the thirteen lymph nodes
removed was cancerous, as was a small area adjacent to it. We were not looking forward to
being told by the medical oncologist that chemotherapy would be indicated; it is not! What a
tremendous answer to prayer this is.
Her treatments have already begun with an oral administration of the hormone - Tamoxifen.
She will continue this for five years. The radiation oncologist has decided to begin radiation on
the first day of February; this will continue for thirty more exposures. The tumor and the
lymph nodes areas will be treated aggressively, according to the physician.
With all this therapy, Marti has a 90% chance for no recurrence of cancer. We are thrilled and
thankful for such a good prognosis. There is absolutely no doubt that your sustained prayers
have made this possible. Our God is a great God.
Thank you also for the many cards, flowers, visits and calls. Each one has its own part in
helping her as she recovers. One of the cards included the verse that we used when raising
support in 1979 and 1980 as we prepared to go to Zambia. It remains the same huge
encouragement to us now as it did then: "...'not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,'
saith the Lord of hosts." [Zechariah 4:6]
Please continue in prayer for her strength and healing.
Ron and Marti Baumann
386 Ridgeway Drive
Grand Junction, Colorado 81503
[970] 257-1775
..calling yurks to
Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Junction, CO 81504-5768
Dear Christian Friends,
It's with great joy that I bring you this update on Marti's medical condition. As
the song goes, "AWonderful Saviour Is Jesus My Lord.,." We give Him the
honor, glory and thanks for all these many blessings.
Marti's surgery was the of January 2001. Within ten days she was back in
the classroomat Cornerstone Christian School, teaching her 4^ grade students.
She has been teaching for four and one-half weeks already! It's a remarkable
recovery, when you think about it.
Her radiation treatments continue five days of every week (she gets the weekend
off!). She has completed eighteen treatments, with thirteen more to go. The last
six treatments are scheduled to be boosted a bit. Other than being tired, she is
holding up quite well.
Thank5'ou for your continuedand sustainedprayers. The)' have made the
difference! Thank you alsofor the many cards, calls, flowers, meals and every
kindness that you have showered on us. Your expressions of love will remain
with us for a long, long time.
"...With numberless blessings each moment He crowns... I
Oh glory to Godfor such a Redeemer as mine!"
Love in Christ,
Ron and Marti
386 Ridgeway Drive
Grand Junction, CO81503
2 April 2001
.caUing yuvUs to ^brist
Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Junction, CO 81504-5768
Dear Praying Friends,
Marti and I felt the need tobringyouup to date on her treatments, recovery progress
and the future. We reallyappreciateyour support, both prayer and financial.
Marti completed her radiation series on the 19^^ of March. The examinationon that day
revealed amazing progress. Her energy level has remained fairlyhigh, and her skin
survived the radiation process quite well. For all of this we are thankful.
Fromthe very start, her medical oncologist stated that she did not need chemotherapy.
Without going into detail, we learned recently that he died rmder unfortunate
circumstances. We were stunned, needless to say, to hear of his death. As is the case in
medicineand many areas of life, there are almost always two (or more) ways to do
anything. Suchis the casewith her treatment! It is possible that her new oncologist may
recommend chemotherapy after all. We will know more after her appointment on the
16^ of April.
Please pray (with us) that God's wisdomwill be imparted to the oncologist. If
additional treatments are necessary, we certainly want to do that, but Marti would
rather not go through the trials of chemotherapy. Our prayer is that the correct decision
will be made according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
''My hope is built on nothing less...but wholly lean on Jesus' Name...
On Christ the solid Rock^ I stand..."
Love in Christ,
Ron and Marti
386 Ridgeway Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81503
3 May 2001
..calling ^urks to ^hnst
Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Jlinctioh CO 81504-5768
Dear Praying Friends,
Greetings from 'The West"! Spring has sprung, God's creation is beautiful and
life is wonderful. We Praise His Holy Name.
In our most recent prayer letter (2 April 2001), Marti and I were askingfor the
right decisionto be made relative to whether chemotherapy should (or should
not) be administered as a followup to her cancersurgery and radiation. Weare
convinced that that has happened, and we are proceeding with the treatments.
We are thankful for the influence of God's wisdom and the leading of the Holy
Spirit as we made that decision.
Marti received her first chemo treatment the 18^ of April. She has five more
scheduled that will be administered at three-weekintervals. Other than a rough
five-hour period two days later, she is doing quite well. Pleasepray with us that
the remaining treatments will also be tolerated well and that her resistance level
will stay high. She continues to teach daily in the Christian school, and, for that,
she is very thankful.
Once again, we want to thank you for all of your prayers and expressions of love,
along with your financial gifts. These all make it possible for us to remain in His
Love in Christ,
Ron and Marti
386 Ridgeway Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81503
culling ^ucfes to ^brisi
JSc^'yiOt^^jvjr^ jrcw^s^cTye:?
JULY 2001
What would we do without the thirty or so willing volunteers (from the church
community here in western Colorado) who come to the TWO office to help us,
sometimes on very short notice? The answer to that question is I don't know\ Some of
our mailings are in the 5000-piece range, which means there's a lot of printing, stacking
and stuffing going on. With twelve to fifteen "helpers" here, we can usually do the bulk
of the work in roughly three hours. There are so many ways for all of us to "serve" in
tlie building of His Kingdom. Thank you volunteers.
Our Annual Volunteer Banquet
This prayer letter ispublished and distributed byTurkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Ct, Grand Junctioh CO81504-5768
Dear Christian Friends,
TJtank you for standing by nte during this difficult time. Your cards, phone calls and
lettersare suchan encouragement.
On the 8'^ ofDecember 2000, just before ourChristmas break, I discovered a lump inmy
breast. Aneedle biopsy oftlie tissue revealed a malignant tumor. After much prayer, we decided
toproceed withour planned Christmas holiday in Tennessee withfamily. It wasa good decision.
Family has alzvays been the second most important thing in my life (God being first and
foremost), andtheir love, strength andencouragement helped prepare mefor the long road alzead.
On Thursday, January IV^, my surgeon performed a lumpectomy and removed some
lymph nodes from the right axilla region. (The surgeon xvas amazed at how zvell I recovered. I
zoas able togohome thenext day. 1told her "I liave a lot ofpeople prayingfor me". I zvas able to
resume teaching about ten days later.) The area surrounding the tumor zvas cancerfree, hut one
of the thirteen lymph nodes had a comer zoith cancer cells present. Although this zvas a
disappointment, Ron andI knew God zvas in control of the situation. God isgood!
The thirty-one radiation treatments began in February, Monday through Friday, and
ended in March. Although tlie treatments left, me zveakened, the Lord continued to give me
strengthfor each dayduring this time.
My medical oncologist Imd told me I zvould not need chemotherapy, but this changed
dramatically after his untimely death. My nezv medical oncologist, as zvell as my radiation
oncologist, foltI should have hadchemotherapy all along. Ron andI agreed, feeling this zvould be
in my best interest.
I began the first of sixchemotlzerapy treatments on the 18^^ ofApril. By tlie time you
receive thisI zvill be recoveringfrom thefifth one, and mylast treatment is nozv scheduled to be
on the 3"^ ofAugust. ]A/ith each treatment it takes me longer to regain my strength, but zvith
yourprayers I know I will make it through. I'vebeen asked over andover, "Hozv areyou doing?"
"Areyou okay?" My answer is "Yes! Vie Lord has given me His peace and I knozv His is in
During the Christmas holidays, Ron spoke to one of our supporting churches in
Chattanooga. Viis quote fromhissermon really spoke to me. "When President John Adams zvas
eighty years old, he metafriend zvho inquired, 'Hozv is John Quincy Adams today'? 'Quitezvell,
I thank you', replied the former president, 'but the house in zvhich he lives is becoming
dilapidated; in fact almost uninhabitable. I think John Quincy Adams zvill have to move out
before long. But he, himself, is well Quitezvell'."
Because I knozv Jesus as Lord and Savior, I can tell you with assurance that I amzvell,
quite zvell. I don't know zvhat thefuture holds, but I knozv holds thefuture.
Once again, thank youfor yourfaithfulness toprayfor myhealing. Love, Marti
[I DECEMBER 1907-9JUNE 2001]
24 October 2001
Dear Christian Friends,
The opportunity for evangelism in the Muslimworld has never been greater than at this
time. In view of the horrific losses we (Christian America) have sustained, now is our
chance to showthe love of Christ to these peoplewho livein darkness. Traditionally,
Christian outreach to Islamiclands has been neglected - we must now admit But, it is
not too late! God's timing is always perfect, and we need to be sensitive to His timing
and act wisely. Many Muslims in the world love peace, but they don't have the Peace
of Christ! They need Christ, and we want to see that they have Him.
We, at Turkish World Outreach, are working extremely hard to send out the message of
Christ our Savior to Turkish Muslims in Centi'al Asia, Turkey and Europe. We, the
Baumanns, are well into our sixth year of doing this. We now have a problem! Over
the past year or so, we have experienced a shortfall of our budget needs. I will mention
several factors that are involved in the decline of our financial support: some
congregations have decided to specialize in certain areas of tlie world (Africa, for
example); several individual supporters have passed away; some congregations have
had new workers arise within their own group and felt the need (rightly so) to support
them; some have decided that Muslims are "too hard" as a group to reach; and there are
other reasons I'msure.
We need your support at this time. We're especially praying that some of you wiUbe
able to send monthly support to assist with our ministry. Onetime or occasional support
would be welcome too. Asking for financial help was very difficult for us twenty-two
years ago when we decided to gointo missions full-time. It is still difficult for us to do
that, but we find it necessary again. Whenwe decided to "go" in 1979, it was a lifelong
commitment; not a five-year period nor a ten-year period, but indefinitely. Wesincerely
wish to remain here in the Lord's service another three to five years, but we need
additional support to be able to do so.
Please seek the Lord's will in this matter. We know full well that there are literally
hundreds of worthwhile mission endeavors out there, all needing support. We want
you toknowtoothatwe will give a one hundred per cent effort to"shareChristwith
the Turks" if you decideto assistus financially. More importantly, we need your prayer
Faithfully in Christ,
Ron and Marti Baumann
Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Jxmction, CO 81504
..caUin0 yurUs to C-h"*
Turkish World Outreach
508 Fruitvale Court
Grand Ilinctioh CO 81504-5768
CHRISTMAS SEASON Wannest holiday greetings from Grand Junction. When we speak ofthe holidays
the birth of our Savior and the coming New Year, we are excited to have plans to be in East Tennessee and
Georgia during that period of time. We are looking forward to being with all our family members. The only
sadness will be thai Mother will not be with us this year. It is a tremendous blessing though to know that she
has received her reward and is with our Lord forever. We'll still miss her. We certainly hope to see some of
you during our time at home.
ANNOUNCEMENT Great excitement within the
"Baumann clan" was created recently when Andrew an
nounced his engagement to Carey Ann McCulloch.
Carey is the daughter of Lynn and Carol McCulloch of
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Andrew's brother, Russell, made
the introductions at a church gathering in Knoxville in
the spring of this year. Carey, who has a Bachelor of Sci
ence degree from the University of Tennessee, is an in
tensive care nurse at a Knoxville hospital. The wedding
will be in middle Tennessee on the 22nd of June, 2002. It
was wonderful to have Andrew and Carey visit with us
here in western Colorado for a few days recently. We
ask the Lord's blessings on them as they plan for a life
time together.
Safe travel to Knoxville and back to Grand Junction during Christmas
The Lord's blessings on Andrew and Carey
Our financial support for the next three years or so
Praise for Marti's remarkable recovery from cancer and the treatment
Faithfully in Christ,
Ron and Marti