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IBM BladeCenter(TM) and IBM BladeCenter H (TM) Advanced Management Module Firmwa

re Update
- IBM BladeCenter E Chassis 7967(ALL), 1881(ALL), 8677(ALL)
- IBM BladeCenter H Chassis 7989(ALL), 8852(ALL)
- IBM BladeCenter HT Chassis 8750(ALL), 8740(ALL)
- IBM BladeCenter S Chassis 7779(ALL), 1948(ALL), 8886(ALL)
1.0 Overview
2.0 Installation and Setup Instructions
3.0 Unattended Mode
4.0 Web Sites and Support Phone Number
5.0 Trademarks and Notices
6.0 Disclaimer
7.0 IBM License Agreement for Machine Code
1.0 Overview
1.1 This package will update the IBM Advanced Management Module
software only. It will not affect any device drivers.
This package contains several files. Unpack this package
to gain access to the individual files within this package.
1.2 Enhancements
- none
1.3. Level of Recommendations and Prerequisites for the
- none
1.4 Dependencies:
- Effective October 2010 Internet Explorer 6 (any version) will
no longer be supported by the Advanced Management Firmware.
2.0 Installing and Setup Instructions
To use this package, perform the following steps:
a). Open a Web browser. In the address or URL field, type
the IP address or host name of the Advanced Management Module
to which you want to connect. The Enter Network
Password window opens.
Note: The Advanced Management Module defaults to DHCP. If a DHCP
host is unavailable, the Advanced Management Module assigns a
static IP address of after 2 minutes.
b). Type your user name and password in the Enter Network
Password window. If you are using the IBM Advanced Management Mo
for the first time, you can obtain your user name and
password from your system administrator. All login attempts
are documented in the event log. A welcome page opens in
your browser.
Note: The Advanced Management Module is set initially with a use
name of USERID and password of PASSW0RD (with a zero,
not an O). This user has read/write access. Change this
default password during your initial configuration for
enhanced security.
c). Select a timeout value, in minutes, in the field provided.
If your browser is inactive for that number of minutes, the
Advanced Management Module logs you off the Web interface.
d). Click Continue to start the session. The browser opens the
System Health page, which gives you a quick view of the system
e). In the navigation frame, click MM Firmware Update under MM Contr
then click Browse.
f). Switch to the drive and directory containing the unpackaged file
Navigate to the PKT file you want to update.
Note: There is one packet file that can be updated:
Do not restart the management module until CNETCMUS.PKT file has
g). Click Open. The file (including the full path) appears in the bo
beside Browse.
h). To begin the update process, click Update. A progress indicator
opens as the file is transferred to temporary storage on the Adv
Management Module. A confirmation page opens when the file trans
is completed.
i). Verify that the PKT file shown on the Confirm Firmware Update
page is what you intend to update. If not, click the Cancel butt
j). To complete the update process, click Continue. A progress indic
opens as the firmware on the Advanced Management Module is flas
hed. A
confirmation page opens to verify that the update was successful
k). If the CNETCMUS.PKT file has been flashed, continue with step 2l
; otherwise
repeat steps 2e through 2k until CNETCMUS.PKT has been flashed.
l). After receiving a confirmation that the update process is comple
click the option "Restart MM" and click the Restart button. Cli
ck OK
to confirm that you want to restart the Management Module.
NOTE: Restarting the Advanced Management Module will disconnect
your current
m). Click OK to close the current browser window.
n). To log into the Advanced Management Module again, open your brow
ser and follow
the regular login process.
Note: To cancel this process at any point, click Cancel.
3.0 Unattended Mode
Unattended installation can be performed using the Advanced Management M
odule's CLI
capabilities or via UpdateXpress BladeCenter scripts.
The CLI can be used via telnet or SSH, and the update commands can be au
tomated using
scripts. Please refer to the IBM support web site for the CLI User Guide
, specifically
the "update" command.
UpdateXpress BladeCenter scripts fully automate the Advanced Management
Module's firmware
update process. These scripts are available as part of the UpdateXpress
4.0 Web Sites and Support Phone Number
4.1 IBM Support Web Site:
4.2 IBM BladeCenter Web Site:
4.3 If you have any questions about this update, or
problems applying the update, go to the following
Directory of Worldwide Contacts at URL:
5.0. TradeMarks and Notices
5.1 The following terms are trademarks of the IBM
Corporation in the United States, or other countries
or both:
* BladeCenter
* Netfinity
* Netfinity Manager
* Advanced System Management
Other company, product, and service names may be
trademarks or service marks of others.
6.0. Disclaimer
6.2 Note to Government users:
Note to U.S. Government users-- Documentation related
to restricted rights-- Use, duplication and disclosure
is subject to restrictions set forth in GSA ADP Schedule
Contract with IBM Corporation.
7.0. IBM License Agreement for Machine Code
You accept the terms of this IBM License Agreement for Machine Code ("Ag
reement") by
your initial use of a Machine that contains Machine Code.

The term "Machine Code" means microcode, basic input/output system code
"BIOS"), utility programs, device drivers, and diagnostics delivered wit
h an IBM
Machine, and may sometimes be referred to as "Licensed Internal Code" or
"LIC" in
documentation or on the Machine with which the Machine Code was delivere
d. All such
code, whether referred to or marked as Machine Code, Licensed Internal C
ode or LIC, is
subject to this license. Machine Code does not include programs and code
provided under
separate license agreements, including but not limited to open source li
agreements. Acceptance of these license terms authorizes you to use Mach
ine Code with
the specific product for which it is provided.
The term "Machine" means an IBM machine, its features, conversions, upgr
ades, elements
or accessories, or any combination of them. A Machine may include comput
ing resources
or capabilities that are to remain inactive, or whose use is restricted,
until the
right to access and use the resources or capabilities is properly acquir
ed for the
Machine directly from IBM or through an authorized IBM reseller (called
Capacity"). Examples of such computing resources and capabilities includ
e but are not
limited to processors, memory, storage, processing capacity identified a
s interactive
processing capacity, and workload-specific resources or capabilities (su
ch as a
specific operating system, programming language or application to which
use of the
Machine is limited).
International Business Machines Corporation or one of its subsidiaries (
"IBM") owns copyrights in Machine Code or has the right to license Machi
ne Code. IBM or
a third party owns all copies of Machine Code, including all copies made
from them. IBM
licenses Machine Code to only one rightful possessor at a time.
If you are the rightful possessor of a Machine, IBM grants you a nonexcl
usive license
to use Machine Code (or any replacement IBM provides) on, or in conjunct
ion with, only
the Machine for which IBM provided it, and only to the extent of IBM aut
horizations you
have acquired for access to and use of Built-in-Capacity. If your use of
Capacity exceeds the IBM authorizations you have acquired for the Machin
e, you agree to
pay IBM or (if applicable) an authorized IBM reseller the full price of
unrestricted use of the Built-in-Capacity at the then current price. You
are not
authorized to use such Built-in-Capacity until such payment is made.
Under each license, IBM authorizes you to do only the following:
1. execute Machine Code to enable the Machine to function according t
o its Official
Published Specifications (called "Specifications").
2. use only the Built-in-Capacity properly acquired for the Machine d
irectly from
IBM or through an authorized IBM reseller;
3. make a reasonable number of copies of Machine Code to be used sole
ly for backup
or archival purposes, provided you reproduce the copyright notice
and any other
legend of ownership on any such copies. You may use the copies onl
y to replace
the original, when necessary; and
4. execute and display Machine Code as necessary to maintain the Mach
You agree to acquire any replacement for, or additional copy of, Machine
Code directly
from IBM in accordance with IBMs standard policies and practices. You als
o agree to
use that Machine Code under these terms.
You may transfer possession of Machine Code and its media to another par
ty only with
the transfer of the Machine on which that Machine Code is authorized. If
you do so, you
agree to 1) destroy all your copies of that Machine Code that were not p
rovided by IBM,
2) either give the other party all your IBM-provided copies of Machine C
ode or destroy
them, and 3) give the other party a copy of these terms and provide all
documentation to that party. IBM licenses the other party to use Machine
Code when that
party accepts the terms of this Agreement. These terms apply to all Mach
ine Code you
acquire from any source.
Your license for Machine Code terminates when you no longer rightfully p
ossess the
associated Machine.
No other rights are granted under this license.
You agree to use Machine Code only as authorized above. You may not do,
for example,
any of the following:
1. otherwise copy, display, transfer, adapt, modify, or distribute (e
or otherwise) Machine Code, except as IBM may authorize in a Machi
nes user
documentation or in writing to you;
2. reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise translate Machine
Code, unless
expressly permitted by applicable law without the possibility of c
3. sublicense or assign the license for Machine Code; or
4. lease Machine Code or any copy of it.
Built-in-Capacity is protected by certain technological measures in Mach
ine Code. You
agree to IBM's implementation of such technological measures to protect
Capacity, including measures that may impact availability of data or per
formance of
your Machine. As a condition of your license to use Machine Code under t
his Agreement,
you may not circumvent such technological measures, or use a third party
or third party
product to do so, or otherwise access or use unauthorized Built-in-Capac
ity. In the
event IBM determines that changes are necessary to the technological mea
sures designed
to limit access to, or use of, Built-in-Capacity to that which has been
authorized, IBM
may provide you with changes to such technological measures. As a condit
ion of your
license to use Machine Code under this Agreement, you agree, at IBMs opti
on, to apply
or allow IBM to apply such changes.
If you obtained Machine Code directly from IBM and an IBM Customer Agree
ment or
equivalent agreement is in effect between you and IBM ("ICA"), then the
terms of this
Agreement are incorporated by reference into that ICA. If no ICA is in e
ffect, or if
you obtained Machine Code from an IBM authorized reseller or other third
party, then
the terms of IBMs Statement of Limited Warranty are incorporated into th
is Agreement
by reference and apply to any questions or claims regarding warranty, li
governing law or jurisdiction for Machine Code.
If there is a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and those of
the ICA or
those of IBMs Statement of Limited Warranty, as applicable, the terms of
Agreement prevail, but only to the extent of such conflict.