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Proposal for all operators mobile coverage your

Commercial Complexes

Submitted to:

For Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd.


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Confidentiality Clause

The contents of this document are provided to the customer in commercial confidence
solely for the purpose of evaluating whether the contract should be awarded to Sritel.

Document Creation Date : 12-12-2009

Document Created by : Suresh

Queries pertaining to this document should be addressed to:

Business Development Contact

Name : Mr. Suresh

E mail :

Mobile : 09448305046 (Karnataka), 9394790820


Sritel – A Brief Overview

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is a basic telecom provider and has been at the fore front of the private
conglomerates of the BSNL in Hyderabad, Bangalore.

Sritel is formed as an alliance of Unitel with Latest Communication.

Established in 2001, Unitel has been a pioneering force in the DID operator of
BSNL Bangalore. Currently Unitel as an official franchise of the BSNL is providing
the basic telephony services along with the high speed internet connectivity.

The exchange operated by the Unitel is fully equipped with 1000 lines and the
existing customer base of over 900. Unitel is in the process of expanding its
present infrastructure to more than 5000 lines. Also the 100% owned 50 km
copper cable network acts as the back bone for the existing exchange.

Basically Unitel operates from Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore with its own
building covering more than 6500 sft.

‘Latest Communication’ which is an ISP provider, boasts of 5000 lines exchange

and 8000 lines broad band connections. This operates in Vishakhapatnam city.
Also this is having its own 300 km OFC and copper cable networks in and around
the Vishakhapatnam city.

We are working with the GVK Group of companies in providing the Total telecom
services for their shopping mall / Commercial complex. This commercial complex
is a 6.5 lakh sq.ft: (7 floors for commercial occupancy and 5 floors for parking).
Currently the exchange is being setup for providing voice and data services. This
provision consists of the services from different operators like Bsnl, Airtel, Tata
etc. Also we are providing In building solutions (IBS) for better mobile connectivity
for all the cellular operators. All these erecting and commissioning work is going
on as per the telecom proposals provided.

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Service – (Cellular coverage)

1. Integrated cellular coverage services with in a building ex. Shopping
complexes, big residential complexes, theaters, big hospitals etc. gives
the advantage to the customer with in the area to enjoy the best quality

Advantages of this setup:

1. The set up will be given to all the big buildings, shopping malls, and theaters
etc. where excellent indoor cellular coverage is required.
2. This enables the customers their mobile usage from the place where they
stand with out any distraction due to bad mobile coverage. This enables good
quality in the mobile services.
3. Different technologies’ services can be provided. E.g., CDMA, GSM
4. The builder or the owner of the premises need not bother that his building
structured will be intruded every time any new service provider comes for the
installation of their equipment.
5. This setup gives the advantage to the telecom operators to connect with the
ready in-building setup, which enable their work movement faster and with out
any hassles.

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Offer to Pantaloon retail (India) Ltd.

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Service – (Cellular Coverage)
1. The Integrated cellular coverage services will be provided in the building
premises by coordinating with various telecom operators.
2. Initially the services from six various telecom operators will be provided
(includes GSM and CDMA services)
3. Each telecom operator will be charged from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 35,000/- per
month by Sritel for giving them this services among which 25% of the total
amount collected will be paid to the PANTALOON.
a. For Example: If the cellular service is provided for 7 seven operators, each
operator will be charged say on an average Rs. 30,000/-. The overall collection
will be 7 X 30,000 = 2,10,000. Among which 25% i.e., Rs. 52,500 per month
will be paid to PANTALOON by Sritel.
4. All the maintenance related activities will be monitored and maintained by
Initial investment for the setup of the control room will be born by
1. For setting up of the telecom control room approximately 200 sft may be
required and this space will be provided by u..
2. In spite of having alternate power source (Battery Setup), in case off power
failures, DG power point may be provided.
3. This operation rights FOR mobile coverage for external (3 or 6 meter poles
will be install on roof of the bulding) and internal are to be given to Sritel

To be used following equipment:

For IBS: Cellcom products like POI, 7/8, 1/2 Rf cables, omni antenna and panel
antennas, couplers, splitters and combiners.

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