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Information request Information for the Bank
(Please provide the following information in
the right-hand column in typewritten form

1. Company Information
Exact name and address of the
company (legal domicile)

Contact details
(names of contact persons, phone numbers,
fax, e-mail-addresses, etc.)
Date of creation
Place of registration

Names of shareholders / partners and

their respective holdings (%)
(details below)

Number of employees

Office locations / roles

Organization chart?
(Please provide a copy if available)

Names and function of each member

of the management team.
(including background information
e.g.curriculum vitae professional
qualifications of each member of the

2. Shareholders / Beneficial
Owner (If the shareholder is not identical with the
(In case of more than one shareholder Beneficial Owner (BO), then also provide the
please provide the information below information below for each BO)
for each)
• Family name / First name or
Company name
• Nationality
• Legal domicile (full address – no P.O.
Box please)
• Date of birth or registration
• Repartition in shares
• Background information (origin of
wealth, partition in other companies,
professional qualifications)
• Public functions ( politics, religion,
3. Company Activity
What kind of products does the
company deal in or what type of
services does it offer? (Please provide
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detailed information )
Which country/countries does the
company buy products or services
(In case of several countries please indicate
which is main market)

Who are the company's suppliers?

(Commercial companies, governments etc.)
- please provide names)

Which country/countries does the

company sell products or services to?
(In case of several countries please indicate
which is main market)

Who are the company's buyers?

(commercial companies, government
entities etc. - please provide names)

4. Financials
• Audited figures (for the last 3 The financial information may be sent to us by
years) confidential mail or will be obtained during the
• Management figures personal meeting at the bank before the account
• Budgets opening.
• Business Plans
5. Relationship with UBS
What is the purpose of the account
relationship ? (Commercial transactions /
payments or investments / management of

What are the needed banking

(account, credit lines, FX, electronic
payment system, …)

Who will be the signatories on the


How will initial funds be paid into the

(Bank transfer or other means of deposit)

How were the funds acquired which

will be paid initially into the account
(Please provide detailed information)

How will future funds be generated

which are to be credited to the

What will be the approximate yearly

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volume of business booked over the
(Expressed in account currency)

What will be the expected permanent

assets (working balance and investments)
on the account within 6 - 9 months?

P.S. Please note that a fully completed and comprehensive questionnaire will significantly speed up
the processing of your account opening request.

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