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Mirror Gazing Exercises

Inner eye exercises with mirrors are easy

and can be done on your own. The
following exercises will help strengthen
your third eye.. Do the exercises in dim
light, which will keep you mentally alert.
Do not try to anticipate or force results. Do
not worry if nothing seems to happen
immediately. You may get your intuitive
flashes later.
Prepare yourself as you do for all magical
work: become calm, call upon your Higher
Power for guidance and protection, and
know that you remain perfectly safe and at
Exercise #1: Faces in the Mirror
In a dimly lit room, sit in front of a mirror.
Center yourself and use your breath to
relax the body and expand your energy
field into the space around you. If you
visualise the breath as light flowing down
through the top of your head and out
through the soles of your feet, you will be
open to higher planes and grounded to the
As your eyes adjust to the light, regard
yourself in the mirror. Focus on your face.
Observe as much detail as possiblethe
contour and shape of your features, the
angles of the face, the way your hair falls
on the skin, and so on. Be detached, not
judgmental. This is not an assessment of
what you like or dont like, but a neutral
observation of what is. In the dim light,
your features will not be sharp and clear.
Just be the observer.
Then pull back your perspective from detail
to the whole. Look at your whole face. Hold
the gaze as long as possible. When the
image begins to blur, allow it to do so. If
your thoughts wander, refocus on your
face. Become aware of your breath.
Continue the focus.
At some point, your awareness will shift. It
may be sudden and marked, or it may be
subtle. Your face may begin to change in
the mirror, altering in shape or features. In
fact, you may look completely different.
The mirror may reveal hidden aspects of
yourself. It may show the faces of the
people you were in past lives.
You may see other visions in the mirror,
such as scenes, people and objects. You
are likely to see these better with your
averted or peripheral vision. The visions
may appear to the inner eye only.
Information, or an awareness, may come
along with these visions that will help you
to understand why they are being shown to
you. Take mental notes.
You may see nothing in the mirror except
your normal reflection, but instead have a
flood of intuitive thoughts, inspirations,
ideas or knowledge. You may hear things
distinctly with the inner voice, which may
sound audible.
You will intuitively know when you are
ready to stop the exercise. You will feel
full or you will be tired. Re-center and
ground yourself by focusing on your breath
flowing through your body and out the
soles of your feet into the earth. Stand up
slowly and make sure to breathe deeply
and out again to avoid dizziness. Then
record your experience.
Exercise #2: Third Eye Gazing
Sit comfortably in front of a small mirror.
You can position a little mirror on a table
top or dresser, or hang a small mirror on a
wall at eye level. Dim the lights in the
room. Relax and center.
Look into the mirror and focus your
attention on the third eye, the spot in the
forehead that is in the center of, and
slightly above, the brows. Imagine a
diamond of light there. Become aware of
your breath, and feel the breath pulsing as
energy through the third eye. Let thoughts
Maintain the focus for as long as you can.
The diamond of light may change shape or
grow in size. Be aware of other imagery
that may appear around you, or intuitive
thoughts or words.
When you are ready to stop, re-center and
ground yourself with the breath. Record
your experience.
Exercise #3: Scrying for Answers
Now that youve practiced seeing with the
inner eye in mirrors, try your expanding
psychic ability on specifics, such as getting
answers to questions and seeing into the
future. Compose a question such as Will
I Should I Will Plan A be a success?
and so on. You can also ask questions
about timing: When should I Be very
clear with yourself. If youre uncertain what
to ask, your answers will be vague.
Choose either the method in either Exercise
#1 or Exercise #2. After you have settled in
front of the mirror and relaxed, ask the
question. Then focus your attention on the
mirror. Keep the question foremost in your
mind. Repeat it several times silently.
What response do you get? What do you
experience in images, thoughts, sounds and
feelings? When you have the answer, you
will get a distinct signal, such as an aha!
feeling, a tingling of the skin, or a warm
feeling in the abdomen, or you may feel an
expected sensation in any part of your
If you receive no answer while gazing into
the mirror, remain confident that it will
come at the appropriate moment.
Record your experience.
For a variation of this exercise, try another
scrying tool. Polished stones, crystal balls,
witch balls, and silver bowls or trays all
serve nicely. Copy Nostradamus by painting
the inside of a small bowl black and fill it
with water. Gaze into it. A mirror with its
back side painted black will do the same job
and is more convenient to carry and store.
You may find you get the best results if you
look at the shiny surface at an angle so that
you cannot see your own reflection. This
leaves an open space for visions to appear.
Exercise #4: Mirror of the Future
You can ask the mirror to show you the
Follow the steps for Exercise #1 or Exercise
#2. As you gaze into the mirror, say,
Mirror, by the power of Alkahest, make the
future manifest or Mirror, by the power of
Alkahest, make the future of ______
manifest. Keep gazing into the depths of
the mirror as you repeat the incantation.
Alkahest is a term coined by the adept
Paracelsus for the universal solvent in
alchemical transmutation. Alkahest has
many complexities in alchemy. In its
simplest use in an incantation, it clears
away fog and obstruction.
The mirror may respond with visual images,
or you may receive a knowing within.
Record your experience. Note any dates or
time periods that you can check later
against the accuracy of what you are given.
Remember that divination sees a probable
or possible future that is the outcome of
forces presently in motion. Make sure you
are not projecting your own wishes into
your experience; remain the observer not
the judge.
If at any time you feel uncomfortable in a
mirror-gazing experience, then stop. You
may simply be tired or not in the right
frame of mind. But if discomfort continues,
it is important to find out why. If you fear
what the mirror might reveal, you should
not work with mirrors. Doubts and negative
energy must be cleared, or work will not be
productive. Ask Res if you have any
questions or concerns.
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