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Agricultural Affairs Office

Embassy of the United States of America

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The Office Covers: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel
Tel : 02-2797-2388
Fax: 02-2796-3989
Website: http:/ /
Address: American Embassy 8 Kamal El-Din Salah Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.
Our Services:
Trade Policy
FAS expands and maintai ns access t o foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products by removing trade
barriers and enforcing U.S. right s under existing trade agreements. FAS works with foreign governments,
international organizations, and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to establish international
standards and rules to improve accountability and predictabili t y for agricultural trade
Market Development and Export Assistance
FAS partners with 75 cooperator groups representing a cross-section of the U.S. food and agricultural
industry and manages a t oolkit of market development programs to help U.S. exporters develop and
maintain markets for hundreds of products. FAS also supports U.S. agricultural exporters through export
credit guarantee programs and other t ypes of assistance.
Data and Analysis
FAS's network of global cont acts and long-standing relationships with international groups contribut e to
the agency' s unique market intell igence capacity. FAS analysts provide objective intelligence on forei gn
market opportunities, prepare production forecasts, assess export marketing opport unities, and t rack
changes in policies affecting U.S. agricultural exports and imports.
International Development
FAS leads USDA's efforts to hel p developing countries improve their agricultural systems and build their
trade capacity. FAS also part ners wi t h the U.S. Agency for International Development to administer U.S.
food aid programs, helping people in need around the world. FAS' s non-emergency food aid programs
help meet recipients' nutritional needs and also support agricultural development and education.
Our Cooperators:
Cooperator Representative
National Confectioners Association 1101 30th street, NW
Suite 200, Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-534-1440
Email :
USA Dry Pea & Lentil Counci l USADPLC headquarters
2780 W. Pullman Rd.
Moscow, ID 83843-4024, USA
Tel : 1-208-880-3023
Fax: 1-208-882-6406
USA Rice Federation Wichmannstrasse 4, Haus 5 Sued
22607, Hamburg, Germany
Tel : 49-40-4503-8660
Fax: 49-40-4503-8666
U.S. Wheat Associates, Inc.
Cairo (Regional office)
1 El Mahatta Sq.Maadi, Cairo
Telephone: (202) 2380-3162
Fax: (202) 2380-3138
U.S. Dairy Export Counci l Arab Marketing and Finance Inc. (AMFI)
Middle East Representative
P.O. Box 113-5028, Hamra-Beirut
Tabbara Bldg., Manara, Ras Beirut-Lebanon
Tel : 961-1-740378
Fax: 961-1-740393
Email :
Dairy Farmers of America 10220 N.Ambassador Drive
Tel : 1-888-332-6455
Fax: 1-816-801-6751
Web: www.dfamilk.comGeorge Butterfield, Director,
International Sales
USA Poultry & Egg Export Counci l Arab Marketing and Finance Inc. (AMFI)
Middle East Representative
P.O. Box 113-5028, Hamra-Beirut
Tabbara Bldg., Manara, Ras Beirut-Lebanon
Tel : 961-1-740378
Fax: 961-1-740393
U.S. Meat Export Federation Agrimarketing International
Amr Abdelgliel
15 AI Nozha st.
Rabaa Investment Project
3rd floor, Apt 31
Nasr City, Cairo
Tel: 02-2290-7075
U.S. Almond Board Richard Waycott, CEO
Mike Mason, Chairman
Julie Adams, VP
(State Regional Trade Groups) SRTGs
SRTG Representative
Western United States Agricul tural Trade U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA)
Association (WUSATA) 4601 NE 77t h Avenue,
Suite 240, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA
Tel : 1-360-693-33373
Fax: 1-360-693-3464
Janet Kenefsky,
Deputy Director and International Marketing Director
Food Export Midwest 309 West Washington, Suit 600
Chicago, IL 60606, USA
Tel: 1-312-334-9203
Fax: 1-312-334-9230
Web: www.foodexport .org
Food Export- Northeast 1617 JFK Blvd., Suit 420
Philadelphia, PA, 19103, USA
Tel: 1-215-829-9111
Fax: 1-215-829-9777
Web: www.foodexport .org
Southern United States Trade Associat ion 701 Poydra Street, Suite 3725
(SUSTA) New Orleans, Louisiana 70139, USA
Tel : 1-504-568-5986
Fax: 1-504-568-6010
David Bryant, Director (Georgia)
Deb May, Chief, Bureau of Market Development and