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305 ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS - I (TA) L-T-P: 3-1-0 Credits: 4

RC Circuits: Response of high pass and low pass RC circuits to sine wave, step, pulse and square
wave inputs, Tilt, Rise time. Differentiator, Integrator. Small signal diode model for low and high
frequencies, clipping and clamping circuits. Analsis of !alf wave, full wave and "ridge
rectifiers. Analsis of #, C, #C $ % &ilters. 'ener voltage regulator, transistor series (with
feed"ac)* and shunt voltage regulators, Short circuit and fold "ac) protection.
M!d"#e II
DC analsis of +,Ts - +,T as amplifier. Small signal equivalent circuits (#ow frequenc % and h
models onl*.Transistor +iasing circuits, Sta"ilit factors, Thermal runawa. +,T as switch.
Small signal analsis of C., C+, CC configurations using appro/imate h"rid % model (gain,
input and output impedance* 01S&.T I-2 relation, load lines, small signal parameters, small
signal equivalent circuits. +od effect. +iasing of 01S&.Ts amplifiers. Analsis of Single stage
discrete 01S&.T amplifiers 3 small signal voltage and current gain, input and output impedance
of +asic Common Source amplifier, Common Source amplifier with and without source "pass
capacitor, Source follower amplifier, Common 4ate amplifier.
M!d"#e III
!igh frequenc equivalent circuits of +,Ts, 01S&.Ts, 0iller effect, short circuit current gain,
s-domain analsis, amplifier transfer function. Analsis of high frequenc response of C., C+,
CC and CS, C4, CD amplifiers. 5ower amplifiers: Class A, +, A+ and C circuits - efficienc and
distortion. +iasing of class A+ circuits. Transformer less power amplifiers.
Te$t %!!&s:
6. Sedra and Smith: Microelectronic Circuits, 4'e, 1/ford 7niversit 5ress 6889.
:. Donald A ;eamen. : Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design, 3'e, T0!.
6. 0illman and !al)ias: Integrated Electronics, T0!, :<<=.
:. Spencer $ 4hausi: Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design, 5earson .ducation, :<<>.
>. Roger T. !owe, Charles 4. Sodini: Microelectronics: An Integrated Approach, 5earson
.ducation, 688?.
=. R . +olstad and # ;ashels): Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, +'e, 5earson
@. 4opa)umar: Design and Analysis of Electronic Circuits, 5hasor "oo)s.
The question paper shall consist of two parts. 5art I is to cover the entire slla"us, and carries
=< mar)s. This shall contain 6< compulsor questions of = mar)s each. 5art II is to cover >
modules, and carries A< mar)s. There shall "e > questions from each module (6< mar)s each*
out of which : are to "e answered.
( Mi)i/"/ 001 Pr!2#e/s -)d A)-#3sis)