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1. Hydrocarbon product management(HPM)

a. Purpose of HPM in Oil and Gas industry
b. Static and Dynamic Conversions
c. Material Master for Oil and Gas Module
d. Concept of UOM group and conversion group
e. Silo management
2. Transportation and Distribution( TD)
a. TD Overview
b. Stages of the Shipment
c. In-transit stock in SAP
d. Shipment Costing
3. Traders,Shceduling and Work Bench(TSW)
a. TSW Overview
b. TSW push-pull model
c. TSW process flow-Daily process
d. TSW Components
e. TSW Integration
f. TSW Interfaces
4. Service Station Refilling(SSR)
a. SSR Daily Claim
b. SSR fleet card processing
c. SSR payment card processing
d. SSR Complaint processing
e. SSR Reconcilation SAP standard
f. SSR Dip processing