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Mind ATM Driver & Controller




ATM Smart driver to support Switch Application or Core Banking Application.


Machine type Personal Computer (PC), min Xeon quad-core CPU, i5 family.
O/S Window Server 2003/2008
Execution Process type Window Service
Communication Protocol TCP/IP
Database PosGreSql 8.4 versi Window 32 bit
Output Message standard Iso8583 ver 1987 ( 1997/2003 optional)
ATM messaging NDC+ emulation
ATM Capcity per process 10 ATMs via E3 Dual Core Pentium CPU
30 ATMs via E5 Quad Core Xeon CPU
50 ATMs via E7 Quad Core Xeon CPU

Proven : Simple driver with High Performance
ATM smart driver/controler has passes proven concept test and implemented
successfully at several installation at 2 town of Java Island in Indonesia, with significant
average result of 93% processing up-time (5 persen was scheduled down and 2% of
communication failure by networ provider) . Transaction processing is seemingly
undertake by ATM smart driver in a box of standalone PC connected to authorization
Core Banking system located in Jakarta ( about 700km away) via VPN internet cloud.

Mind ATM Driver & Controller


Sample : Implementation topology

Drawing 1: PC Box with 2 Processes of ATM Smart driver. Each process can manage 5-10 ATM depending on PC E3-CPU.

ATM Smart driver may be used as a module in a switch application to make it able
to receive ATM transactions. At this stage, source code may be compiled into one
switch application level, or uses DLL as your ATM module.
ATM Smart driver may as well be used as a standalone to control ATM
infrastructure and route authorization transactions into Core Banking system or
many Core Banking systems. At this implementation, ATM driver stands as an
ATM controller application that sits in a standalone PC BOX and connected into
Core banking system with TCP/IP.