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Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014
The Road towards Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving The Future of ADAS | Legal & Liability Aspects | Driver-Vehicle Interaction |
System Reliability & Sensor Systems | X-by-Wire Technology | HMI for Autonomous Driving

November 17 18, 2014 | Detroit Marriott Troy, Michigan | USA | http://autonomous-driving-tech-detroit.we-

After the success of Autonomous Driving in Berlin, we.CONECT is proudly inviting more than 150 senior level
executives and leading professionals in the field of ADAS from all over the world to the first Automotive
Tech.AD Detroit 2014 conference.

"Outstanding collection of key players in the industry!
This event enabled to touch all angles autonomous driving"
Prof. Emilio Frazzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The international community of automotive experts will discuss the advanced and pressing technological,
safety-, risk-, social- and legal tasks of autonomous driving to be prepared for their disruptive impact on the
market and consumer. Leaders will be exposed to unexpected issues, trends and innovations in the coming years
and are ready to tackle these at the The Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 by linking with top-level-executives
and develop top strategies and sustainable solutions from benchmarking and information exchange.

Highlights in 2014: Keynote Sessions from the following industry leaders:

Center for Automotive Research Stanford University / USA | Dr. Sven Beiker, Executive Director,
will explain what is supposed to be meant with automated driving. He is going to reveal that automated
driving will become a part of our life much sooner and unlike widely spread imaginations in several
different ways than one might expect.

Daimler AG / Germany | Ingo Kruse, Counsel, will discuss what could happen when two Automated
Cars collide. He explains how the law will and should apply to driverless cars. Additionally he is going to
refer on liability issues that might arise in the context of Autonomous Driving.

Induct Technology / USA | Corey Clothier, Business Development, will focus his keynote presentation
on the Future of ADAS. He is going to map out the role of Autonomous Driving and its disruptive
potential for the upcoming years.
The Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 is a great opportunity to network and benchmark projects and strategies
across new information flows and know-how from peers the field. Participate in the Icebreaker Session on the
evening before the conference to get to know pioneers and newcomers of the industry. Enjoy the benefits of
collective intelligence during the World Caf, which offers new and stimulating impulses to your business strategy.
Meet with innovative business partners and discuss processes, solutions and products face-to-face. We.CONECT
enables you to discuss issues hands-on in an effective atmosphere.

Individuals interested in attending, sponsoring or finding out more about the Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014,
please visit:

We look forward to welcoming you in November in Detroit!
Your we.CONECT Team