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Sabbath Supplement to
A Weekday Siddur ~ As I Can Say It
For Praying In The Vernacular
Shma in any language you can hear it and understand
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Reb Zalman Legacy Project
YESOD, Foundaton !or a "ew#$ Future!
%lep$& %llance !or "ew#$ Renewal
O$ala$& %##ocaton o! Rabb# !or "ew#$ Renewal
"une '(()
*, Rabb Zalman +. Sc$ac$ter,S$alom, am t$e orgnal aut$or o! -$e .ee/day Sddur and * am
lcen#ng t$e !ollowng under t$e 0reat1e 0ommon# %ttrbuton,S$are%l/e 2.( 3nported
Lcen#e. %ttrbuton n any der1at1e wor/# may be g1en a# 40ontrbutor# to t$e "ew#$
Lturgy 5Open Sddur Project4, wt$ t$e aut$or4# name Rabb Zalman +. Sc$ac$ter,S$alom
ncluded n t$e contrbutor# l#t.
Creative Commons License Deed
Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
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lcen#or 8but not n any way t$at #ugge#t# t$at t$ey endor#e you or your u#e o! t$e
S$are %l/e 6 *! you alter, tran#!orm, or buld upon t$# wor/, you may d#trbute t$e
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.t$ t$e under#tandng t$at&
.a1er 6 %ny o! t$e abo1e condton# can be wa1ed ! you get perm##on !rom t$e
copyrg$t $older.
Ot$er Rg$t# 6 *n no way are any o! t$e !ollowng rg$t# a!!ected by t$e lcen#e&
Your !ar dealng or !ar u#e rg$t#:
-$e aut$or4# moral rg$t#:
Rg$t# ot$er per#on# may $a1e et$er n t$e wor/ t#el! or n $ow t$e wor/ #
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;otce 6 For any reu#e or d#trbuton, you mu#t ma/e clear to ot$er# t$e lcen#e term#
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e7pre##on o! #ome o! t# /ey term#. -$n/ o! t a# t$e u#er,!rendly nter!ace to
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an attorney,clent relaton#$p.
You can add personal affirmations after reading these
I affirm that God affirmed and sanctified the Holy Shabbat;
I raise all toil, suffering, and frustration of the past week
as my sacrifice to God and let go of it.
I affirm the model of our ancestor's rest, and sanctification of Shabbat.
I affirm the perfection of what is in the world, and I surrender all the urgings
and all the strivings on the plane of action, and I offer my body to rest.
I affirm the union of my efesh with the Holy !ueen and "ride.
I affirm the union of my #uach with God,
the lover of the infinitesimal and the particular with, God as the $'ayr %npin.
I affirm the union of my eshama with the resting &reator,
the #evealer of Sinai and the #edeemer of the days of 'ashiach.
%nd I affirm the union of my additional soul, my eshama (etera
with the %ncient of )ays to whom eternity is ever present.
I affirm the blessings that come down for the coming week,
and my willingness to be mindful of the Holy Shabbat even in the midst of the
< (ou who love my soul,
&ompassion*s gentle source,
+ake my guiding motives
%nd shape them to (our will.
,ike a darting deer
I will flee to (ou.
"efore (our glorious -resence
Humbly I do bow.
,et (our sweet love
)elight me with its thrill,
"ecause no other dainty
.ill my hunger still.
= How splendid is (our light.
.hich worlds do reflect/
'y soul is worn from craving
0or (our love*s delight.
-lease, good G1d, do heal her
%nd show to her (our face,
So my soul can see (ou
%nd bathe in (our grace.
+here she will find strength
%nd healing in this sight.
Her 2oy will be complete then
3ternal her delight.
> .hat pity stirs in (ou
Since days of old, my G1d/
"e kind to me (our own child
"egotten by (our love.
0or long and longing hours
I yearned for your embrace
+o see my light in (our light
"asking in (our grace.
'y heart*s desire is
+o harmoni4e with (ours
)o not conceal (our pity
Hide not that light of (ours.
= Help, my ,over, spread
(our canopy of peace,
3nfold all human beings
Give all pain surcease.
(our presence on this earth plane
)o make known to us
%nd we shall respond then
.ith song and with dance.
#ush, my love, be 5uick,
+he time for love is now,
,et (our gentle favor
Grace us as of old.
After the Shabbat Hymn by
Reb Ahron of Karlin, The Great.
0ah/ How I long for
the bliss of the Shabbat,
united in secret
with (our own fervent wish.
Give way to (our own
deep desire to love us.
'ay Sabbath in +orah
be our sacred bliss.
Share Her with us
who desire to please (ou1
6ur deep thirst for union
be met with delight
5oly -resence
filling all time and space/
7eep safe who keep Shabbat
in their longing all week.
,ike a deer that seeks water
by the banks of the river,
.e seek Shabbat, the secret
of (our sacred ame/
Grant us all week long
Her shimmering -resence,
So our hearts and our faith
be pure service to (ou/
:armly embrace us
with (our kind compassion,
!uench 5uickly our thirst
for (our unending Grace.
Give us the bliss drink
from 3den's own river.
(our praises we sing
with 2oy on our face.
,et 8acobs gift to us1
echo all week long
Infusing our lives
with a Shabbes1filled trace.
5ail Shabbat, delight
of our souls and our Spirits.
3cstasy life1throb
am awed by (our love,
Secure that (our caring
grants safety and nurture1
(ou feed us sweet nectar
from (our Source above.
%s (ou embrace us
with 'othering comfort1
In (ou I take refuge
and pledge (ou my love.
I chant to please (ou,
I weave (ou dear songs.
0or (ou my soul yearns,
0or (ou she longs.
estled in (our palm
her love for (ou grows
She will not rest
until it*s (ou she knows/
I look for words
to speak (our praises
my heart to (ou
its yearning raises.
+herefore I will speak
the virtues of (our 0ame
%nd garland with e9cellence
the honor of (our ame.
+hough I do not see (ou,
still I draw (our 0ace,
-ortray (our features,
name (our -lace.
(our prophets spoke,
(our servants darkly knew
In symbols and myths
they referred to (ou.
.hen describing (our pow*r
and declaring (our care
6f (our awesome compassion
they made us aware.
(et it is not (our "eing
that they could describe
6nly the way (our compassion
: touches our life.
&ountless their visions
of (our mysterious feats
In all their forms
(our 63ness meets.
+hey saw (ou young;
they saw (ou old.
+hey saw (ou patient,
+hey saw (ou bold.
%ncient of )ays,
3ternally 8ust,
3ach moment our Helper
in .hom we do trust.
.earing (our helmet
as hero to help us
(our strong arm,
(our right hand to save us.
(our hair drenched with light drops,
all shining with brilliance.
(our )arkness is shelter,
(our love in all radiance.
How fair is (our kindness,
how splendid (our sight
'ay our song rise to crown (ou
with endearing delight
% 2ewel all golden
(our image sends rays
with t*fillin on forehead
we follow (our ways.
.ith grace and honor,
all splendid in glory
(our people sing loudly
(our triumphal story
In words of young lovers
they ga4e at (our visage
the letters of +orah in black
hold (our message.
8ustice (our mantle
in balance with kindness
+his gives (ou pleasure
delight and sublimeness.
'ay we deserve to be scepter
in (our regal hand
% crimson royal cape,
we (our loyal band.
+he burdened sufferers,
(ou sustained them with might
How precious (ou held them,
so dear to (our sight.
(our glory my pride is,
my delight for (our care
So close (ou are,
to answer my pray*r.
(our shining face
illumines my days
I am awed by the magic
revealed in (our ways.
+o 'oshe (ou showed
(our Head1+*fillin*s knot
(our image was clear
in his mind and his thought.
+hough humble (our folk,
they are (our proud fame
(ou*re enthroned on their praises;
they honor (our ame.
+ruth is (our .ord,
enduring its worth
0rom parent to child
its message flows forth.
I cannot sing
(our praises complete,
'ay those that I do sing
and reach (ou be sweet.
,ike perfume and incense
may my singing rise high
% paean to crown (ou,
a poor lover*s sigh.
'y poor song devoid is
of all artifice
still this loving song
is my best sacrifice.
'y blessings are lifting
to rise to new heights,
+o make fertile the birth
of the +4addik with might.
%nd with these blessings,
these love words so fond.
.ith a nod of (our head,
I ask (ou; #espond.
#egard please these poor words
that I blush to recite
'y soul*s ardent longing
to give (ou delight.
? % gentle ,ord of all that is
@ "lessed and loved by each soul alive.
A Great and good (ou fill all space.
B )elight there is in knowing (ou.
= How (ou transcend all holy life
> .hich bears (ou high
above any throne
C Zehut and e5uity radiate from (ou
D Hesed and compassion
the worlds reflect.
E +he stars and the planets
(ou made to give light
< (ou formed them all conscious,
all worthy and wise
F 7nowledge and power
(ou gave them to shine
G ,ike powerful assistants
they serve (ou in space.
H 'uch light and energy
they radiate forth
I o place is untouched
by their gentle rays
J So 2oyful their path is,
so happy their course
K 3nroute to fulfill their
&reator*s command.
L -raising (our glory,
they honor (our name
M Singing (our 'a2esty*s
anthem of 2oy.
N !uietly suns shine to answer (our call
O #eflections of moonlight
change si4e at (our word.
P Seraphim, angels,
and all heavenly hosts
Q +hey praise (ou in concert
with Sfirot on high
All elements 7ingle
their harmonious tune
,ature and mankind the rhythm provide.
(ou were cosmic ,ord Adonay !alah
"efore there even was a world
+hen (our will all things did make
Adonay !eleh we call you now.
6nce when all things will cease to be
Adonay Yimloh still true will be
(ou were, (ou are, eternally
#esplendent to infinity.
(ou alone, there are not two
+o 2oin as friends, as lovers do.
"eginningless and without end
(ou keep all one
by plan and strength.
(ou are my G1d, #edeemer,
,ife -rotecting me in war, in strife.
'y holy haven and my flag
'y cup of health for what I lack.
Into (our hand I trust my breath
(ou breathe in me by night by day.
'y body is (our tool, (our gift.
.ith (ou as mine I*m not afraid.
6h ,ord, 6h ,ord, come into my heart
"uild there your shrine
and never depart
,et every passion spring from you
,et every song be new.
6h ,ord, 6h ,ord, come into my sight
&onsume the veil that hides
(our ,ight
.ith holy 2oy and grace divine
,et every moment shine.
6h ,ord, transform this lowly sphere
+hat boundaries may disappear
In mutual dependency
,et every soul be free.
6ur burden ,ord, is great indeed
0or everywhere are people in need
#eply, respond, with healing word
,et every call be heard.
6h ,ord, 6h ,ord, come into our lives
.ith peace that blesses,
love that revives
+he unity of all in all
,et every thought recall.
6h ,ord, let people be slaves no more
0ling open wide 'essiah*s door
Salvation*s boundless benefit
,et every breath admit.
6h ,ord, may we be ever one
% world of friends with 5uarrels none
,et every person know his soul
,et every heart be whole.
Halleluya/ Halleluya/
"less YAH, breath of mine.
YAH my God, You are so #ast and great
All #eiled in pride and glory$
(ou are wrapped in ,ight.
+he sky (ou spread like a sheet.
Your upper chambers are %ater roofed
As You bestride clouds.
You %aft on the %ings of %ind.
+he bree4es (ou send are (our aides,
(our helpers 1 bla4ing flames.
You founded &arth so sound
To outlast time itself.
+he abyss (ou covered like a mantle
.ater/ 6n mountains rests.
You sound a roar and they flee.
Your thunder maes them shae.
'ountains high and valleys low
+heir places they assume.
You set them limits they cannot pass
'e#er again to flood the land.
Springs 1 flow into brooks
and snake between the mountains.
All the %ild of field drin there.
The beasts slae there their thirst.
"y their shores dwell birds that soar,
Sounding calls through leaves and reeds.
You drench the hills
from Your (pper )hambers.
*rom Your hands+ produce
+he 3arth is filled.
(ou grow fodder for the tamed beasts
%nd herbs with human labor,
+o bring forth bread from &arth.
And %ine , to delight the sad ones,
3ven the trees (ou sate with sap,
+he cedars (ou planted on the ,ebanon.
There birds find their nesting.
There stors find homes to rest.
%ntelopes bound on the heights.
'armots hide behind rocks.
The !oon pulls tides and seasons.
The sun no%s %here to set.
(ou darken dusk to night,
+he forest's night life stirs.
The big cats cry for prey,
-raying God for their food.
+hey return at the rising of the sun
+o crouch once more in lairs.
.hile humans go out to %or,
To their toil , up to night.
How many things (ou do/
So wisely are they made.
%ll 3arth at (our command.
This #ast sea beyond all grasp,
)ountless are the creatures in her,
Tiny ones and giant %hales.
+here go stately ships,
+his ,eviathan (ou shaped
+o play and romp therein.
They all rely on Your care,
To feed them %ell each time.
(ou give to them and they take it.
(our hand's gifts sate them well.
You hide Your face, they panic.
You recall their breaths, they die.
They return to their dust.
(ou send (our spirit and they are re1created.
So too, (ou renew life on 3arth.
/et Your glory, Yah, fill time and space.
Tae 0oy, 1 Yah, in %hat You do$
(ou look at 3arth and she trembles,
Hills (ou touch and they smoke.
2 li#e Your song, my Yah,
!y Yah, 2 am Your tune.
,et my talking give (ou 2oy.
I am so happy, my (ah/
2 %ish no sin e3ist on &arth
All %icedness %ere gone.
"less that (ah, my soul, my breath.
42 prefer this one as the 5
of R6 'achman6s 789
)onductor , :a#id+s prayer set to music.
(ah/ (ou have scanned me
%nd discerned me.
(ou know when I am rela9ed
or agitated.
0rom afar
(ou comprehend my fantasies.
(ou design my conduct and my repose.
(ou direct my paths so I can manage.
"efore my mouth opens
(ou know what I am about to say.
(ou have shaped my past and my future.
(our hand, gently on my shoulder.
%ll this awes my awareness.
It is beyond my skills to fathom.
.hereto can I withdraw from (our spirit<
0lee from facing (ou<
If I would mount up to Heaven
+here are (ou.
If I make my bed in Hell
(ou are there too.
Soaring on the wings of the dawn,
+o find shelter in the setting sun,
It would be (our hand,
that would carry me,
(our right hand, holding me safe.
If I want to find oblivion in darkness,
+rading light for darkness,
+o (ou, it would still not be dark.
ight is as bright as day for (ou.
)ark and light 1 the same in (our sight.
(ou have designed my innards,
shaped me in the my mother's womb .
I am overcome with thanks
%t (our awesome wonders,
(our astonishing works,
6f which my soul is aware.
'y essence is not hidden from (ou,
.ho have made me in concealment,
.ho has knitted me beneath the surface.
(our eyes have seen me as embryo.
'y days11are all inscribed
in (our ledger11
)ays not yet shaped 1
each one of them counted.
How precious are (our stirrings
in me 6h God/
How powerful their impact/
I can't number them =
beyond all sand grains.
.hen I emerge from my reflection
I am still with (ou.
If (ou, God, would only rid us
from our evil/
If only the cruelty would disappear/
%nd defiance of (ou vanish,
0orgiveness overtaking enmity/
I detest hatred of (ou 1 (ah/
!uarrelsomeness repels me.
I loathe hostility to the utmost.
God/ I open myself to (our scrutiny.
7now what is in my heart.
39amine and know my longings.
See and remove any defiance from me
%nd guide me in the way
that serves (our intent for our 3arth.
Ibn 34ra
All potent G1d/ (ou made me
>%live I am,> (ou told me
(et no one's eyes can see 'e
remaining flesh 1 alive
my heart and my flesh
they sing to (ou,
to (ou the Source of ,ife/
8rought forth we were by intent
in counsel and consent
yet hidden is what this meant
from us who are alive
.esplendent in (our glory
all tales are but (our story
praise to (ou who is pouring
into our souls our life
5ow generous on (our side
+o teach us laws which guide
those who by them abide
as sources of good life
7ight we be ever right
and live all in the light
what are we but a mite
and yet (ou give us life
"orn as we are of passion
at times we lack compassion
if only we could fashion
a God1filled way of life
,ear G1d to be we yearn
0rom wicked ways to turn
before bodies to dust return
and souls to the Source of ,ife
3very way will I adore (ou
my fervent prayer implore (ou
to open my path before (ou
to sate my soul with life.
;eal filled our sires with fervor
do rouse us from our torpor
and help us meet our saviour
6f 8esse's stock 1 in ,ife
.emember / we kept (our trust
'ay (our response be 2ust
and being fair (ou must
decree us toward life
Awed am I, ama4ed at (ou
my arms I raise in pray'r to (ou
my mouth will sings its praise to (ou
6h Source and Soul of ,ife/
%ll breathing life
adores (our ame
(ah, our God 1
%ll flesh alive
is raised to ecstasy
each time we become aware of (ou/
"eyond endless +ime
and Space that's vast
(ou are )ivine
6nly (ou are the 6ne who
ultimately e9tricates and frees
ransoms, saves and sustains us
and cares when we are in distress
(ou, (ou alone secure our lives.
(ou ultimate &ause and ultimate 3ffect,
Source of all &reation
(ou manifest in all birthing
In every compliment it is (ou we praise
(ou manage (our universe
with kindness 1
with compassion all beings in it.
(ah ever awake and ever alert/
(ou rouse us from the deepest sleep
(ou give words to the speechless
(ou release the imprisoned
(ou support the stumbling
(ou give dignity to the downtrodden
3very appreciation we offer is (ours.
If ocean1full our mouth were with music
6ur tongues singing
like the ceaseless surf
6ur lips praising (ou to the skies
6ur eyes bla4ing like sun and moon
6ur arms spread like soaring eagles
6ur legs sprinting like those of deers
.e could not thank (ou enough
(ah/ 6ur God, our parents' God/
either could we celebrate by naming
the times e9ceeding millions
the places e9ceeding billions
the favors (ou did
for our parents and for us.
(ah/ 6h God/
0rom oppression (ou redeemed us
ow we can never be at home in slavery 1
)uring famines (ou fed us
enough to live on
(ou shielded us from wars and plagues
0rom diseases of body and mind
(ou pulled us out.
+o this moment (our caring helped us
.e never lacked (our kindness
1 -lease don't ever abandon us God/.1
6ur limbs want each to thank (ou
+he air of each breath
(ou breathed into us
+heir very substance bless with gratitude
with praise and celebration
honoring that e9alted holiness
so ma2estic, that is (our fame/
6ur speech is appreciation
our e9pression an oath of loyalty
our attitude surrender
our stance before (ou obedience
our feelings overwhelming awe
our inners singing scales of (our ames
%s it is in Scripture;
%ll my very essence e9claims;
(ah/ .ho< ,ike (ou<
(ou inspire the gentle
to stand up to the bully
+he poor disempowered
to stand up to the thug.
o other can claim to be what (ou are
o other can pretend to be
+H3 G#3%+ G6)
+H3 'IGH+(, +H3 %.3S6'3,
+H3 G6), '6S+ HIGH
(et nesting in Heavens and 3arth/
So we will keep celebrating
and delighting
and blessing (our Holy ame
with )avid;
>(ahhh/ breathes my soul out to (ou.
all my inners pulse with (ou/>
-otent God 0orce/
'agnanimous in Glory
3ver prevailing
%wesome 'ystery/
'a2estic 6ne, who presides over all destiny/
3ternal Sh'khinnah, Holy "eyond
Saints sing (ah/
In harmony with decent folks.
Good people e9alt (ou
Saints are (our blessing
)evotees sanctify (ou
(ou delight in our inner holiness.
0rom ever
(ou have loved us into life.
(ah?our G1d
(ou nourished us with kindness
and abundance.
Holy 6ne/
for the sake of (our plan
for (our honor,
and because we know
that our parents trusted (ou,
and (ou, in turn, taught them
how to live life
so as to be serving (our purpose.
.e ask (ou to share with us
in the same way.
God, kind -arent,
we live in the embrace
of (our caring.
'ake ours an understanding heart,
+o become aware and
be careful and effective,
in this way to make real
what (ou speak to us in +orah
%nd with so much love.
.hen we study +orah1
'ay we see clearly
what is meant for us to know.
.hen we do 'it4vot,
may all our feelings
sit harmonious in our heart.
0ocus all our hearts* longing
to that moment
when we stand in (our -resence
in both awe and adoration .
'ay we never have to be apologetic
for our love for (ou
+rusting (ou
.e are happy to see
(our beneficent plan unfolding.
'ay (our kindness and compassion
"e available to us
-lease hurry
"ring blessing and peace to us.
Gather us, so we not be scattered
all over the world.
,ift the hold of estrangement from us.
,ead us to live in this world
so that we feel at home in it.
(ou can do this for us.
(ou have assigned us
+o do our special work in life
(ou brought us close to (ou
.e are grateful.
.e hold (ou special.
%nd are filled with love for (ou
"arukh attah (ah
.ho relates to us in ,ove
,isten (ou (israel person,
(Say Your own name here.)
(ah who Is, is our God,
(ah who Is,
is 6ne, @ni5ue, %ll there Is.
+hrough time and space
(our glory shines, 'a2estic 6ne.
,ove (ah, who is (our God,
in what (our heart is,
in what (ou aspire to,
in what (ou have made (our own.
'ay these values
which I connect with (our life
be implanted in (our feelings
'ay they become the norm
for (our children;
%ddress them
in the privacy of (our home,
%nd on the errands (ou run.
'ay they help (ou rela9
and activate (ou to be productive.
)isplay them visibly on (our arm.
,et them focus (our attention.
See them at all transitions at home
and in (our environment
How good it will be
when (ou really listen
and hear my directions
which I give to (ou today
for loving (ah who is (our God
and to act Godly
with feeling and inspiration.
(our earthly needs will be met
at the right time,
appropriate to the season.
(ou will reap what (ou planted
for (our delight and health.
%lso (our animals will have ample feed.
%ll of (ou will eat and be content.
"e careful 1 watch out/
)on't let (our cravings delude (ou;
don't become alienated;
don't let (our cravings
become (our Gods;
don't debase (ourself to them,
because the God1sense within (ou
will become distorted.
Heaven will be shut to (ou,
grace will not descend,
3arth will not yield her produce.
(our rushing will destroy (ou/
%nd 3arth will not be able
to recover her good balance
in which God's gifts manifest.
'ay these values of 'ine reside
in (our feelings and aspirations;
marking what (ou produce,
guiding what (ou perceive.
+each them to (our children
so that they are instructed
how to make their homes sacred;
and how they deal with traffic.
4!ay these #alues of !ine reside
in Your feelings and aspirations9
even when (ou are depressed,
and when (ou are elated.
'ark (our entrances and e9its
with them,
so (ou will be more aware.
+hen, (ou and (our children
and their children,
will live out on earth
that divine promise
given to (our ancestors
to live heavenly days
right here on this earth. 11
(ah who Is, said to 'oses
ASpeak, telling the Israel folks
to make t4it4it
on the corners of their garments,
so they will have generations
to follow them.
6n each t4i4it tassel let them set
a blue thread.
+hese t4it4it are for (our benefit/
Glance at them.
%nd in (our seeing remember
all the other directives of (ah who Is,
and act on them/
+his way (ou will not be led astray,
craving to see and want
and then prostitute (ourself
for (our cravings.
+his way (ou will be mindful
to actuali4e my directions
for becoming dedicated to (our God;
to be aware that
I %m (ah .ho is (our God,
.ho is the one who freed (ou
from oppression
in order to God (ou.
I am (ah who is (our God.B
+hat is the truth/ 11
(ou, (ah, who saved our ancestors
'ay (ou soon
bring redemption
to us also.
I bow before (ou,(ah,
6ur indwelling God, 6ur parents* God,
%braham and Sarah*s God,
Isaac and #ebeccah*s God,
8acob and ,eah and #achel*s God,
Great, -owerful and %wesome God.
God transcendent.
(ou nurture us gently
%nd are kind to us.
(ou, who posesses it all.
(ou remember
How our parents loved (ou.
(es, we trust that (ou
.ill bring redemption
+o us, their children*s children,
.ho chant (our name
%nd love (ou...
6ur -rince, 6ur Helper,
6ur -rotector.
' "arukh attah (ahCC C
'agen %vraham @*foked Sarah
(ou are powerful with worlds Adonay.
.hat is dead, you can make live.
(ou are really capable of helping.
(ou give dew Dand rainE
+o parched earth and souls.
(ou feed all life with gentleness.
(ou invigorate bodies
.ith mercy*s flow.
(ou support us in falling.
(ou heal us in sickness.
(ou free us from compulsion.
(ou keep faith
.ith those now dead.
In (our might,
o one can compare with (ou.
(ou deal out life and death.
(et in all this,
(ou make salvation grow.
"arukh attah (ah, '*chayeh Hametim.
(ou are Holy, (our name is Sacred.
%nd those who daily aspire to be holy,
Sing your Halleluyah all day.
Indeed, (ou are
the Great and Holy God.
' "arukh attah (ah
Ha*el hakkadosh.
(ou, God,
have implanted
in the heart of women and men
and in our society
the need and wish
to rest one day each week.
How blessed are we =
how good is our destiny =
how beautiful our legacy.
.e are blissful
to have been given
to rest on, the seventh day,
so too is it written in (our +orah;
an-n&/rinH #ontra#t
forbIm-anofiK L-rio&
SM5-r-t-&an& br-ath-&o/t+N
%nd through the -rophets in (our service (ou
bInot -nHaHinHinIo/rb/in-
+his is what came from (aH*s mouth.
'ay it please (ou, God,
that we see the day
when all beings
who are weary and e9hausted find rest =
then all of us will be fulfilled
and blissful recipients
of (our goodness.
+hat seventh day
that you have signified and sanctified ,
the most delightful of days
(ou have called it so we may
remember and honor (our creation.
6ur God, our parents God
+ake pleasure as (ou see us rest
.hen we do (our 'it4vot
,et them bring us to Holiness
.hen the study (our +orah
Help us find the part
that is addressed to us
.here we are hungry
feed us gently
.ere we have despaired
give us 2oy
.hen we serve you
'ay it be with a pure heart.
Grant us(ah, our God,
the boon
6f love and good will
+o feel at home
in (our sacred Shabbas
%nd in this way to celebrate
(our holiness
+ake pleasure God,
In our way of praying.
+each us to encounter (our -resence.
'ay we merit
+o pray in (our +emple in $ion.
"arukh attah (ah
Hammacha4ir Sh*chinnato ,*t4ion.
.e are grateful God
and count our blessings
4here in your %ords detail your gratitude
for e#ents in your life9
"arukh attah (ah
Ha+ov Shimcha @*l*cha a*eh ,*hodot.
We pray for Peace
Din your own wordsE
"arukh attah (ah
Ha'*varech et %mmo (israel "ashalom
Rabb Ytzc$a/ Lura
+his version works best when sung to a 0lamenco tune and the 3nglish version is done
simultaneously with the Hebrew.
(6' S3H ,1(IS#*%3, 6#%H11
;6SH2!)HAH SHA""AT !&'()HAH

Your gift
to those who strive with (ou
is 2oy and light
Shabbat 'enucha
Y1! S&H /,Y2SR6A&/ 1RAH,,
;6SH2!)HAH SHA""AT !&'()HAH

Certain of (our holy ways

(ou revealed to us at Sinai
Shabbat and other holy days
we are to keep as (ou commanded
(ou send your healing rays
accept our human ways
Shabbat 'enuchah

Charm is Shabbat for the heart

for the poor and broken people
if all week we were depressed
additional souls are ours on Shabbat
to help our an9ious moods
breathe a rela9ing sigh
Shabbat 'enuchah

Consecrated bride (ou blessed

all other days gave her their blessing
in the si9th and final phase
(ou finished global creation
+here found the sorrowing
calm and security
Shabbat 'enuchah

et go of every form of toil

(ou in (our kindness have commanded
regal auras shine from us
when we keep Shabbat as is wanted
I offer holy gifts
a fragrant sacrifice
Shabbat 'enuchah

What songs of love could I perform

with rhythm and harmony and music
to please your presence holy God<
'y soul delights in her surrender
)o keep that promise God
to your beloved folk
Shabbat 'enuchah

!eceive my worship blessed God

as if it was my life I offered
+his restful, blissful Shabbat day
with ample 2oy and sweet elation
we feel secure and loved
in (our protection God
Shabbat 'enuchah

Your salvation do we trust

(ah God most powerful and mighty
)avid*s heirs 1 do send them soon
to those who do transcend convention
,et 0reedom be proclaimed
and with it space that*s safe
Shabbat 'enuchah

Awesome God who is most High

do look for us and give an answer
redeem this troubled planet soon
be kind and manifest (our caring
revive our trust in (ou
with light and blissfulness
Shabbat 'enuchah

Cherish and #enew (our house

enough the years it was in shambles
.ith (our compassion Gentle God
console the grieving ones in sorrow
who puts her grief aside
to sing (ou Shabbat songs
Shabbat 'enuchah

"ealous to treasure this holy day

keep us well in your remembrance
protect and guard us
wondrous God
+his day and every other day
"eloved do respond
and grant deliverance
Shabbat 'enuchah

Could celebration*s welcome song
be heard by Israel and her neighbors
.hen that vast vision is fulfilled
and all the world is safe from terror
6ur light has dawned this day
and shines in every way
Shabbat 'enuchah
Ye$uda$ Rale1

You, dear Shabbat,

are always here for me;
How fragrant
you linger in my awareness.
oah*s dove found rest and so can we,
.eary ones from the toil of the week.

Honored are you by us,

the believers, -arents and children,
who keep you with 4eal.
-owerful is its message
on the +ablets of stone;
.e sing your praises
in prayer and at meals.

hen at the 'ount Sinai

in covenant we pledged
.e promised in one voice
to do and to listen,
#esponding to (our challenge
we answered together;
(ou God are the 6ne
who imbues us with strength.

Dear and Holy at Sinai

(ou spoke to us;
A!emember and "eep
this )ay one of Seven,
.hen fully you keep
the Shabbat together,
(ou will be refreshed
and with vigor imbued.

How 2ust like a lost sheep, so aimless, you

!emember the Shabbat
your promise and pledge
o evil will hurt you
if you keep the Shabbat
'y rainbow will hold you
in safety forever.B
Here you say some of these blessings to those you da##ened %ith and to your o%n day
3l Shaddai bless you,
'ake you fruitful, give you the increase,
that will become a
source of harmony for people.
0rom 3l, your parents God, help for you/
0rom Shaddai, all the blessings;
Sky blessings from above,
"lessings from the deepest strata below,
"lessings of fertility and nurture.
'ay G1d fulfill the blessing
to %braham in you,
and in your loved ones,
along with you.
.herever, like %braham,
you once were a stranger there,
in that place,
may you be at home.
"lessings of your parents D8acobE,
to add more force
to those of their parents,
DIsaac and %brahamE,
to cap the desires of the ancient hills,
be they upon your head D8osephE,
and surround the heads of your siblings.
God loves (ou.
God blesses and increases you.
God blesses your family and your land,
your income and your holdings,
right here on 3arth,
as God promised your parents.
%ll peoples will bless you.
(ou and your possessions,
will all prosper.
'ay God remove all illness and pain,
all tensions and pressures
you have known...
+he angel who redeemed me,
from all that was corrupt,
may that one bless these children.
'ay my name,
that of %braham and Isaac,
be associated with theirs.
"e blessed in the city.
"e blessed in the country.
"lessed as you arrive,
"lessed as you are leaving.
God decree for you blessing
in what you have stored up
for yourself from before,
through your hands' work now,
right here on 3arth.
+his be your gift from God.
'ay God open for you,
treasures of heavenly goodness,
of earthly timeliness,
to succeed in what you do.
'ay you have good credit,
and not need it.
God be with you and help you
at all times.
'ay you not ever
have to feel shame or blame.
Go in 2oy, arrive in peace.
'ountains and hills sing you on your way.
+rees in the meadows applaud your trip.
)raw waters of 8oy
from the source of help.
'ay you live to the day
that God be so present,
the way we hoped, (ah,
to be present to us all along,
a real help in our lives/
How we will then celebrate
God's helpfulness/
So you say to each other, ,*chayim/
+o you, Shalom, to your home, Shalom.
%ll of yours, Shalom/