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24 September 2014
Dear Uplanders,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as the new Principal at Uplands. I have
recently taken up the position having arrived in Penang, with my family, in August 2014. I have lived and
worked in Asia for the past 10 years and have held senior leadership positions in Hong Kong, Singapore and
most recently China. Prior to my teaching career I served in the Royal Navy. I am a passionate traveller
and have been fortunate to have visited, worked and lived in many different countries all over the world.
This background has ensured I have quickly felt at home here at the school and in Penang as I live and work
in a genuinely global community of children, parents and staff.

I feel fortunate in starting my time at Uplands at a very important juncture, its 60
Anniversary. The history,
people and impact of Uplands spans across the globe and it is the intent of myself, the Governors and our
dedicated staff to make this year a truly great celebration of Uplands. Some of the initiatives that will go
hand-in-hand with the celebration are: a focus on Alumni connections (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
other social media), a years expanse of activities / gatherings to celebrate Uplands (including a week of
Alumni focussed activities around the Incorporation Date of Uplands) and the creation of a school led and
organised formal Uplands Alumni, to name but a few.

The nature of an international school is its student, parent and staff body that is derived from around the
world and this becomes an Alumni making a difference across the continents. Please do let us know if at
any time you are coming to Penang and do visit us. We also will have events around the world when our
staff are travelling. Our first Alumni gathering was in Hong Kong and was a small but successful venture.

An email / communication list is being formed so we can distribute information on the upcoming 60

Anniversary, so please inform us of your intent to visit us at If you are interested in
keeping further up to date on your school via our weekly newsletter use and we will
send a copy to you. Uplands is, was, and will remain a place that creates fantastic people and memories.

I look forward to communicating with as many of you as possible over the coming months and years and I
hope to meet many of you when you return to Penang and Uplands.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bristow