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HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 1

Export Marketing

By Nadeem Akhtar Janjua

Project Report on HSY sports

By: Saad Asghar (08108182)
Haider Ijaz Butt (08108138)
On: 20/02/2012
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 2

We are very thankful to everyone who all supported us, for we have completed our
project effectively and more over on time.
We are equally grateful to our teacher Mr. Nadeem Akhtar. Who gave us moral support and
guided us in different matters regarding the topics. He had been very kind and patient while
suggesting us the outlines of this project and correcting our doubts. We thank him for his overall
Last but not the least, We would like to thank our parents and our partners who helped us a lot
in gathering different information, collecting data and guiding each other from time to time in
making this project . We all friends put a team effort to complete and make it a great project.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 3

This project is dedicated to Great Almighty Allah who is most merciful and beneficial. This
report is also dedicated to my parents and Respectable instructor whose knowledge & Struggles
brought me to this Height of Knowledge. In the end I would like to dedicate this project to all
those people who encouraged me a lot to make this effort timely.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 4

Purpose of Entering Exporting Business
The purpose of entering export business is
increased revenues and profits
Alternatives to stagnant domestic markets
improving efficiency
attracting better employees and shareholders
Purposes for your export business plan:
The goal of this export plan is to gain affiliations with upcoming the most successful country
regarding sports and sports products. If successful in Germany HSY sports has the potential to
substantially expand its trade beyond the boundaries of Italy and later on some of the European
countries that are having a high markup at the present time.
To prepare best strategy in order to enter in the Germany market successfully
Overall purposes of your export business plan:

To enter in the foreign market with accurate action plans; based on reliable information
Business expansion
Goals aimed at overall purpose:

- Profit maximization
- Provision of quality and unique products
- Develop brand later on.
- Seeking response resulting whether to install the self manufacturing plant

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 5

Product line:
Knee pads
Boxing gloves
Motorbike shoes
Selected product:
Boxing gloves
Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves that fighters wear on their hands during boxing matches.
The term also refers to gloves used in training, though these often differ from competition
gloves. Modern boxing gloves were developed to protect the hands of the striker. Specialized
gloves are now available for competitions, sparring practice and other types of training. The use
of modern boxing gloves typically results in fewer superficial facial injuries but does not reduce
the risk of brain damage for participants, and may even increase it because of the ability to throw
stronger punches to the head without hurting the hands.
Gloves used in amateur boxing are frequently red or blue, with a white "scoring area" to help
judges more easily see and record points. Common weights for gloves in the United States are
sixteen, twelve and eight ounces. Many athletes train with heavier gloves than they will use in
competition as a way to increase endurance.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 6


The use of hand protection in fighting contests undertaken for sport has been known since at
least Ancient Greece. In the 2nd century, Clement of Alexandria credited the mythological
Amycus, son of Poseidon and King of the Bebryces in Anatolia, with having invented boxing
It is generally acknowledged that the inventor of the modern boxing glove was an English
champion fighter named Jack Broughton. Broughton fought, as did all boxers of his day, with
bare knuckles. Broughton developed his glovesknown as mufflersso that the gentry could
practice boxing at the gymnasium without inflicting serious damage. The gloves were reserved
for such uses; all public contests were still fought with bare fists. In 1743, Broughton codified
the first modern rules of boxing. Strangely, his rules make no mention of gloves. Then in 1867,
John Graham Chambers, a member of London's Amateur Athletic Club, published the Marquis
of Queensberry rules. Line eight of the rules reads, "The gloves to be fair-sized boxing gloves of
the best quality, and new." (The rules also mention that no shoes with springs are to be used.)
The rules were gradually adopted for amateur competition, and the use of thinly padded or
skintight leather mitts became more widespread. Still, most public and professional bouts were
fought with bare knuckles.

Boxing experienced a revival in Britain around the 17th century. Subsequently, the popularity of
bare knuckle fights has waned, and they are now of dubious legality in some countries.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 7

The modern padded glove owes its origin to Jack Broughton, who created a form of boxing
glove (referred to as 'mufflers') in the 19th century.
Raw Materials
The skin of a boxing glove is top grain tanned leather, most often cowhide or goatskin
because of their durability and flexibility. Lesser-quality gloves will be made from vinyl,
but most sanctioning bodiesamateur and professionalrequire leather gloves. Some
manufacturers line their gloves with another layer of leather, but the majority use nylon
taffeta. Gloves are stitched with nylon thread and padding is of high-
density polyurethane,

A pair of boxing gloves.
Latex, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam delivered in sheet form. Historically, cotton batting has
been used as padding and many manufacturers still use this material to pad some portion of their
models. Some manufacturers also use horsehair.

The primary design consideration involves the glove's padding. In order for a padding material to
be effective, it must absorb energy by compressing. The more it compresses, the more energy it
absorbs. If a material compresses too much, it ceases to be useful because it becomes simply a
thin layer of dense material. Partly because of this, different weight classes require gloves of
different weights. A glove's weight is changed by adding or removing layers of padding. If the
same glove weight was required for all weight classes, blows thrown by the largest and heaviest
boxers would compress the padding beyond its useful range, while blows thrown by the lightest
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 8

boxers would barely compress the material at all. In addition, many materials that offer excellent
energy absorption also display a characteristic known as memory. Once compressed, these
materials maintain their deformed state for an extended period of time so that the initial blow
with a glove offers normal protection, but subsequent blows are virtually unpadded.
The Manufacturing Process
Patterns and cutting
All boxing gloves are cut, assembled, stitched, stuffed, and finished by hand. The manufacture of
a glove begins with a pattern of the individual pieces. While every manufacturer has a different
pattern, the basic pieces are the palm, which is cut with a slit down its middle that will eventually
form the closure section of the glove; the knuckle area, which is always made from a single piece
of leather to avoid seams; the thumb, which is made from two halves; the cuff, which is cut as a
wide strip; and a thin strip that will be folded over and sewn onto the edge of the cuff and the
closure area to finish the glove. The knuckle piece is cut to be larger than its finished size so that
space is left for stuffing.
Leather arrives from the tannery in large pieces and is laid out on large cutting tables.
The patterns are placed on the leather and arranged to make the most efficient use of that
piece. The patterns are then traced onto the leather and the pieces are cut with large
scissors. Meanwhile, similar patterns are traced onto the lining material and those pieces
are cut. Pieces are made to line the palm, the thumb, the cuff, and the knuckle area.
Assembly and stitching
The leather shell of a boxing glove is first sewn together inside out. Stitching is often
done on an industrial sewing machine with some of the smaller pieces and finish work
being completed by hand. Many of the higher quality gloves are stitched entirely by hand,
and double stitching is used throughout all quality gloves.
The oversized knuckle piece is stitched to the palm piece. The two pieces are fitted over a
buck to assure the correct shape and the seam is gathered so that the knuckle piece
balloons slightly. Gathering the seam also causes the glove to take on its trade-mark
clenched fist shape.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 9

Then, the liner pieces are stitched onto this assembled section and the palm is stuffed
with padding. The liner is left open at the bottom of the glove, where the cuff will be
attached. On many models, the back halve of the thumb piece is cut as part of the knuckle
piece, and the inner half is sewn onto the knuckle and palm pieces. On others, the thumb
is stitched together separately; its lining is attached, and its padding is stuffed. The
assembled thumb piece is then stitched onto the glove.
Stuffing the glove
The entire glove assembly is now turned right side out. As it is more economical for
manufacturers to purchase padding material in standard sheet form, the padding for the
knuckle area is made by layering sheets of the material and then cutting it to the desired
shape. This also allows glove makers to use one standardized thickness of padding for
many glove weights and specifications rather than purchasing or manufacturing a
different molded piece for every glove model.
The pattern for the glove being made is traced onto the padding material and it is cut.
Depending on the manufacturer, pattern pieces may be cut in mass beforehand and kept
in stock for assembly.
The cut pieces are layered to the specified thickness and are stuffed into the pocket
between the knuckle area and its lining.

Finishing the glove
The last piece to be stitched to the glove is the cuff. The cuff and its lining are stitched
together, and the piece is stuffed. The ends of this assembly are not stitched together as
the piece will eventually form part of the gloves closure area.
The assembly is stitched to the open end of the glove piece, closing off all the open
pockets and sealing the glove's padding.
On If the glove is to be closed with laces, a template is laid over the opening now formed
on the glove's underside by the slit in the palm and the open ends of the cuff, and laces
holes are punched with an awl. Each hole is strengthened with stitching, and the entire
lace area is finished with several rows of stitching.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 10

If the gloves are to be closed with hook and loop material, the loop side is sewn onto the
outside face of the cuff, and the hook side is stitched onto the cuff's opposite edge.
A single thin strip of leather is folded over the open edge of the cuff and the lace area and
is stitched in place to finish the glove. The maker's label and any required sanctioning
body labels are sewn onto the back of the cuff and the finished gloves are packaged for
Quality Control
Virtually every country and state has a boxing commission that regulates professional bouts.
Every one of these commissions has its own rules and regulations governing the conduct and
equipment of a boxing match. Most amateur competitions in the United States are governed by
USA Boxing or Golden Gloves, and each of these bodies specify particular requirements for
gloves used in their bouts. What most gloves used today have in common is that they have been
tested by the Wayne State University Sports Biomechanics Department in Detroit, Michigan.
The University tests a boxing glove by fitting it onto a maple block in the approximate shape of a
human fist. The block is attached to a hydraulic ram that can be fired at predetermined rates of
acceleration. The gloved block is fired at a biometric human form (a test dummy) that has been
fitted with sensors that measure impact. The impact readings for various accelerations are
translated onto a scale called a severity index and gloves must fall within a certain range to be
The Future
The most surprising aspect of boxing gloves is how little they have changed. The first
gloves were leather mitts with little or no padding. Today's gloves have added padding to
a greater or lesser degree but not much else. Boxing in general seems to be highly
resistant to both change and regulation. For over a hundred years, fighters resisted
wearing gloves at all. And since then, they have thwarted most efforts at innovation. The
movement to remove the thumbs from gloves, for example, has only succeeded in a few
arenas. Gloves have become more heavily padded in recent years and the padding
materials themselves have grown more resilient, but many experts insist that this simply
allows fighters to punch harder and inflict more damage.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 11

List of Sources of product & industry information:

Cospo agencies
Phone Number 6526049 6527340 (Country Code: +92, City Code: 52)
Fax Number 6527190/527199
Address Motor bike Textile and leather Garment, Motorbike Gloves, Leather goods,
Safety Apparels, All kind of working gloves including Boxing Gloves and Fancy
Email Address cospo

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 12

Star Pak martial Arts
Starpak Group of Companies
Multi-National Group of Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers & Distributors.

Main Factories Located At: Wazirabad Road, Ugoki, Sialkot, Pakistan

Tel: 92- 52-3556611 FAX: 92-52-3556615

Starpak is multi national group whose roots go back to three generations since 1935.
We were the first company in Pakistan to develop and start producting high quality Boxing and
Martial Arts Protection products in 1984 and thus a new industry was born. Starpak now literally
acts as an institution for this industry.

Sarrar industry
Phone Number
6527192 6526049 6526965 (Country
Code: +92, City Code: 52)
Fax Number 6527190-527199

TOP-IN-TOWN sports co
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 13

TOMPAKO industries
Tompako industries
43 Aziz Shaheed Colony
Sialkot Cantt , 51310
Mobile : +92-3006121811
Email :
Email :

Manufacturers and exporters of all kind of leather jackets, boxing gloves, winter gloves, motorbike
gloves, cycling gloves, mechanics gloves, protective gloves, industrialgloves, safety gloves, boxing groin
guards, boxing headguards, boxing chest guards, boxing focus pads, boxing shorts, boxing bag gloves,
boxingshoe, speed balls, boxing equipments, martial arts products, karate shoe,leather garments,
cordura jacketsManufacturers and exporters of all kind of leather jackets,boxing gloves, winter gloves,
motorbike gloves, cycling gloves, mechanics gloves, protective gloves, industrialgloves, safety gloves,
boxing groin guards, boxing headguards, boxing chest guards, boxing focus pads, boxing shorts, boxing
bag gloves, boxing shoe, speed balls, boxing equipments, martial arts products, karate shoe,leather
garments, cordura jackets.....
List of Sources of product & industry information:

Secondary sources
Primary sources
Starpak martial arts
Cospo agencies
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 14

Role of similar businesses:

Other sports Gloves manufacturing companies of similar size are playing vital role in the market.
. Our competitors will try their level best to compete us in terms of pricing as well as service and
HSY sports
To be the recognized sports products leader in export, through total commitment to customer
service, by maintaining our uncompromising integrity, in the support and development of our
People, Communications and Systems in sustained growth and profitability.
To set the standard for excellence in global export through total commitment to quality in people
and customer service, with superior financial results. To solve reliable export services to the
needs of the business community. Reliable services means on-time delivery, undamaged goods,
and correct documentation in case of deviations. To perform continuous business improvement
in order to meet and exceed customer expectation,
Quality :-
By maintaining high standards of quality in the work culture and products that is in exports and
the services that it provide.
By always remaining competitive by world standards and maintaining or else by using market
penetration strategy.
levels that achieve economies of scale.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 15

By delivering goods on time with excellent planning and cutting down the overall lead time.
Development:-By developing cost effective and innovative products without compromising on
Safety:-By providing a world class, safe and hazard free work environment to its
By always keeping its moral standards high and conducting its business with dignity according to
the established rules and regulations.
SWOT Analysis:
Business strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a
competitive-advantage. Examples of such strengths include:
Patents(exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a
limited period of time in exchange for the public disclosure of an invention.)
Good reputation among customers
Easy access to finance
A creative design team
Cost advantages from proprietary know-how.
Exclusive access to high grade natural resources.
Favorable access to distribution networks.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 16

The absence of certain strengths may be viewed as a weakness. For example, each of the
following may be considered weaknesses:
Lack of patent protection.
A weak brand name.
Poor reputation among customers.
High cost structure.
Lack of access to the best natural resources.
Lack of access to key distribution channels.
The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth.
Some examples of such opportunities include:
An unfulfilled customer need.
Increase in the number of gyms and leisure centres will provide new opportunities for the
products involved.
This is general shift towards more indoor fitness activities due to lifestyle changes.
Arrival of new technologies.
Loosening of regulations.
Sports participation in Germany is increasing day by day
Removal of international trade barriers.
Changes in the external environmental also may present threats to the firm. Some examples of
such threats include:
Shifts in consumer tastes away from the firm's products
Emergence of substitute products.
New regulations.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 17

Increased trade barrier

According to Porter (1990), the structure analysis of an industry is
1) The threat of new entrants.
2) The threat of substitute products or services.
3) The bargaining power of suppliers.
4) The bargaining power of buyers.
5) The rivalry among existing competitors.

Background of our product line:
We have selected one product to export. According to our market research Germany is most
interested country in terms of sports products and one of the leading country regarding sports and
related products
- Gloves

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 18

Methods of Exporting

Direct Exporting:
Direct exporting means you export directly to a customer interested in buying your product. You
are responsible for handling the logistics of shipment and for collecting payment.
The advantages of this method are:-
Your potential profits are greater because you are eliminating intermediaries.-
You have a greater degree of control over all aspects of the transaction.-
You know who your customers are.-
Your customers know who you are.
They feel more secure in doing business directly with you.-
Your business trips are much more efficient and effective because you can meet directly
with the customer responsible for selling your product.-
You know whom to contact if something isn't working.-
Your customers provide faster and more direct feedback on your product and its
performance in the marketplace.-
You get slightly better protection for your trademarks, patents and copyrights.-
You present yourself as fully committed and engaged in the export process.-
You develop a better understanding of the marketplace.-
As your business develops in the foreign market, you have
Greater flexibility to improve or redirect your marketing efforts
The disadvantages:
- It takes more time, energy and money than you may be able to afford.-
It requires more "people power" to cultivate a customer base.-
Servicing the business will demand more responsibility from every level of your
You are held accountable for whatever happens.
There is no buffer zone.-
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 19

You may not be able to respond to customer communications as quickly as a local agent
You have to handle all the logistics of the transaction.- If you have a technological
product, you must be prepared to respond to technical questions, and to provide on-site
start-up training and ongoing support services.

Indirect Exporting:
Indirect exporting means selling to an intermediary, who in turn sells your products either
directly to customers or to importing wholesalers. The easiest method of indirect exporting is
to sell to an intermediary in your own country. When selling by this method, you normally are
not responsible for collecting payment from the overseas customer, nor for coordinating
the shipping logistics. An export management company (EMC) is one such intermediary. A good
one will act in all respects as a global extension of your own sales-and-service presence -- more
or less what you are attempting to do on behalf of a manufacturer! EMCs offer a wide range of
services, but most specialize in exporting a specific range of products to a well-defined customer
base in a particular country or region.
The advantages are:-
- It's an almost risk-free way to begin.-
- It demands minimal involvement in the export process.-
- It allows you to continue to concentrate on your domestic business.-
- You have limited liability for product marketing problems
- there's always someone else to point the finger at. You learn as you go about international
marketing.- Depending on the type of intermediary with which you are dealing, you don't
have to concern yourself with shipment and other logistics.- You can field-test your
products for export potential.- In some instances, your local agent can field technical
questions and provide necessary product support.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 20

The disadvantages are:-
- Your profits are lower.-
- You lose control over your foreign sales.-
- You very rarely know who your customers are, and thus lose the opportunity to tailor
your offerings to their evolving needs.-
- When you visit, you are a step removed from the actual transaction.
- You feel out of the loop.-

Direct or indirect exporting???

We approach customers directly in Berlin state of Germany who are working as whole
Our choice between a direct or indirect approach to overseas markets is important as often we
cannot do both. If we commit to an intermediary they may not want to see us selling directly to
customers in their market at the same time resulting in a reduced profit margin.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 21

International Skills
Export assistance and service providers:

- B2B
- Sales Representatives.

Export Assistance
Globes enterprises
About Us
We take great pleasure in introducing Globez importer & exporter, lahore, Pakistan. The owner mr.
Shafique ur rehman & mr. Zahid akram established business with exporting all sports goods, handicrafts,
crystal salt lamps & wide range of garments

We wish that we would become good partners in this field for mutual benefits in the coming times.

The basic business policy of globez importer & exporter is to develop long-term business relationships
with customer and the only way to achieve this is to ensure customer satisfaction. Hence we provide
unmatched customer service along with timely deliveries. We strive towards perfection we sell experience
a client is not just a buyer, he is our partner in success. We welcome you to be a partner in our path to

At the same time if you have inquiries please feel free to discuss so that we can submit samples

For the sake of supporting you to sell our products in your market better, we promise that we could submit
you most favorable offer among the relevant manufactures. Meanwhile, we could also supply you the best
services for the products. So we warmly welcome your any requirements or suggestions about our
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter and look forward to hear from you in future.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 22

Company Profile
Basic Information

Company Name: GLOBEZ Importer & Exporter
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Other
(We Sell):
Boxing Range,Martial Arts Range,Wooden Handi Craft,Crystal Rock
Salt Lamps
Address: H No 16 St No 3 Mian Amir uddin Park Astanae Ayyubia
Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Ownership & Capital
Year Established: 2004

Areas of export related skills where we need assistance:

Safe transportation of products to specific point
In time deliveries
Foreign exhibitions related to our products.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 23

Personnel Required:

- Marketing manager.
- Export/Import Manager.
- Merchandising Manager.
- Customer Relations Manager.
Outside Resources Required:

- Embroidery Services.
- Screen Printing Services.
- Rubber Inject Services.
- Logo Manufacturers.

Mr.Saad Asghar
Mr. Yousaf Rehman(Production executive)
Mr. Najaf Ali(Packing supervisor)
Mr. Haad Naveed(Store executive)
Mr. Abdullah Tahir(Quality controller)
Mr. Uzair Zia(Quality controller)
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 24

Mr. Haider Ijaz
Finance Manager:
Mr. Umair Zia
Mr. Ahmad Aly(Personal manager)
Mr. Hassan Saleem(Transportation manager)


HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 25

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 26

Evaluation of the products to be exported:
Sizes S M L XL
Weight 12oz 14oz 16oz 18oz
Color Blue, Black,
Blue, Black,
Blue, Black,
Blue, Black
Price 650/= 650/= 650/= 650/=

Packing Details:
Packings Available: 25kg, 50kg, 100kg
Selected packing: 100 kg
No. of small pairs in 100 kg pack= 295 pairs (1oz = 28.35gms)
No. of medium pairs in 100 kg pack= 252 pairs
No. of large pairs in 100 kg pack = 220 pairs
No. of x-large pairs in 100 kg pack= 198 pairs

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 27

Geographic segmentation
Germany is a large country in size alongwith the GDP growth, and different styles exist in
different parts of the country. Differences continue to exist between luggage and leather goods
purchasing in urban as opposed to rural areas. In these areas people tend to use items longer, and
are more rational and price conscious. They have more conservative design tastes. Further
moving Berlin in the state of Berlin is the best option for export on the basis of population and
growing trends of sports. In the wealthier urban areas, particularly Berlin, people pay more
attention to the latest techniques and designs in sports, especially for boxing gloves.
Flows of commodities and services in Euro billion

January to
May June
January to
2010 2009
Discrepancies in the totals may occur due to rounding.
1 Exports (f.o.b.) 86.5 458.4 77.4 67.3 387.7
2 Imports (c.i.f.) 72.4 383.8 67.7 54.9 328.5
Balance of
3 Foreign trade (1-2) 14.1 74.6 9.8 12.3 59.2
4 Services 1.1 4.0 1.7 2.7 3.5
5 Factor income (net) 3.3 12.1 3.5 3.7 11.9
6 Current transfers 2.5 19.5 1.5 0.2 16.4
7 Supplementary trade items 0.9 5.5 1.3 0.7 4.8
8 Current account (3+4+5+6+7) 12.9 57.8 1.8 12.8 46.3
Groups of countries

June 2010
January to
June 2010
Percentage change from
June 2009
January to
June 2009
Euro billion %
Total exports 86.5 458.4 28.5 18.2
EU Member States 52.6 279.9 23.5 13.7
Euro area 35.7 191.1 22.0 12.2
Non-euro area 16.9 88.8 26.6 16.8
Third countries 33.8 178.4 37.3 26.2
Total imports 72.4 383.8 31.7 16.8
EU Member States 45.9 244.5 26.1 15.2
Euro area 32.5 173.5 25.4 14.3
Non-euro area 13.4 70.9 27.8 17.4
Third countries 26.4 139.3 42.8 19.8
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 28

As we are neither opening our brand in Germany nor we are self supplying to end consumers so
we dont need to focus on different distribution channels. Therefore we have a very simple
Manufacturer HSY sports Export to Berlin Customer recieve goods from port.
Competitive Analysis:
Competitors in Target market:

Name of Company:
Year of Establishment: 1979

No. of Employees :
Management 10
Skilled 20
Semi & Unskilled 250

Production Capacity: Soccer Balls, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Boxing Gloves

Member of Associations:

1- Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sialkot
2- Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Export Association Sialkot.
3- Sports Goods Manufactures & Exports Association Sialkot.
4- ISO - ILO 9001-2000
5- Associate member of W.F.S.G.I Switzerland

Export To Country: GERMANY, Berlin

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 29

Customers in target market
- Felix Ackermann Import Export
- Iroko Productions and distribution
We are into fashion distribution and looking at getting into fashion manufacturing in the
near future
- Maxxmen fashion
We are a young and rising company in Germany and interested to import all kind of high
qualified clothes for men with overweight, such as sports wear, hand gloves, boxing gloves, knee
pads, safety apparels, shirts, polo-shirts, and pants. So we are looking for a responsible and
serious exporter, who is able to supply us with all or a part of those mentioned garments.
- Iroko internation
We are into unique sports products distribution and looking at getting into fashion manufacturing
in the near future
- Some else whole sellers

Export Marketing Strategy
Competitive Advantage
- Cost leadership
- Product quality
- Inventory turnover

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 30

- Expansion strategy
Expanding the business beyond the global boundaries for the sake of an increased profit and secure
- Differential pricing:
In adopting this approach, the demand-oriented exporter takes advantage of different price levels
in various countries by establishing a different price, based on what the market will bear, for
each export market. The success of differential pricing depends to a large degree on the extent to
which markets can be kept separate. Where markets are integrated, such as in the EU, for
example, problems could arise where the product is purchased at a low price in one country and
resold at a higher price in another country.
Price structure
Margins on sporting are recently at peak due to increasing trends in Germany in recent years, as
a result of intense competition in the supply chain, and fierce competition between retailers who
have been fighting for market share. The consolidation of the market is also bringing additional
pressures on margins, particularly at the wholesale level.
In each trade channel different margins and prices apply, with a total mark-up (including VAT)
of 3.5 up to 4.5 of the Cost Including Freight (CIF) price. The margin figures quoted in Table 2.2
are calculated as a percentage of the price purchased from whom they buy in the chain, not as a
percentage of the CIF price.

HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 31

Terms of sale and payment:

75% Advance payment and 25% on CAD (Cash against documents).
L/C Irrevocable.
Promotional Strategy:
Social Networking.
Sponsorships on sports events
Mass media advertisement
Advertising of sport and sports associations such as the Olympics, Spanish Football league and
the NFL.
Use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes to promote it.
Promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation
Street marketing of sport which considers sport marketing through billboards on the street and
also through urban elements (street lighters and sidewalks, etc.)
Sponsoring different clubs & races.
Perceived image in Germany:
dynamic and innovative
reliable and well-established
analytical solution to observed problems
We will promote our company in such ways that it come up to the above mentioned points.
HSY sports 2012

Export Marketing Page 32

Tag line
HSY ensures you the success without any damage
The Unique Selling Proposition: Finding Your "Competitive Edge"
We will use our USP to promote our company. Imagine that three suppliers provide the same
service or deliver the same product.
A USP that dynamically addresses an obvious void in the marketplace can make a true difference
in establishing your Companys image.
When we were creating our USP we went through following questions:
Answering the following questions will help you create your USP:
What do our customers expect from our products or services? (Quality Products)
Which characteristics do we find unique about our company, products or services?
- In house Production.
- Sales Representative in Italy Milano.
- High quality products.
- R&D.
- Self Import of Fabric.
- Good Customer Relationship management.
- In time production.
- Fastest sampling.
- Stop Child Labor Campaigns.

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Export Marketing Page 33

Which advantages do these characteristics offer our customers?
- Quick Production.
- In-time strategy
- Less Defected products.
- Unique designs and innovative products.
- Attractive colors
Can we really fulfill the promise of the USP? (Yes)
Customer service responsibility for export:
No late delivery of orders.
Consistent quality.

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Export Marketing Page 34

Transporting Method
Transporting or sending of products to Germany will all take place through Air.
Different service providers with precise price range are as follows
Cargo intl
Pakistan cargo service
Ace cargo service
National cargo ltd
Lahore cargo
Price Range
Rs.200 to Rs.400
Appointed service provider
Lahore cargo
Less than 500 kg = 360/-
More than 500 kg = 250/-
Packing details
Customized on the basis of requirement