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Essentials to career planning and development
Career planning and development is one useful activity under human resources planning and
development an also useful to employees, student and management. Management has to play
a major role in making the career planning successful. The following measures need to be
taken by the management for making career planning successful. These are the essential to
make career planning successful:
1. Support from top management- support and co-ordination of the top management is
essential for the formulation and execution of career planning of employees as well as
students. Top management has to create enthusiasm among the executives and
encourage them to take interest and initiative in thus useful activity. In addition, funds
and infrastructure facilities should be provided by the top management for career
planning activity within the organisation.
2. Large size of the organisation- large size organisation is one essential requirement
of successful career planning. Moreover, career planning is feasible in large
organisation. Here, long term manpower projections can be made and this facilitates
career planning as per the future needs of an organisation.
3. Proper selection of employees- selection of right type of employees is essential for
the success of career planning programmes. The employee selected should be fit for
the job. In addition, he needs to have enough potential and genuine desire to develop
himself and grow in his career.
4. Fair promotion policy- fair promotion policy is essential for successful career
planning. Employees will take interest in career planning only when they are sure that
promotions will be given on merits and without any partiality and favouritism. If
promotion policy is unfair and defective, employees may get an impression that they
may not get promotion even they develop their capacity for higher positions.
5. Publicity to career development opportunities- wide internal publicity to career
plan is essential for the success of career planning. Such publicity will create
awareness about career development among the employees as well as the career paths
available to him for selection. In addition, they will get information about career
development facilities and procedural formalities to be completed. Here, HR
department play a positive role. In the absence of wide publicity, the response from
employees will be poor.
6. Continuity in the process- career planning and development should be carried out on
regular and continuing basis. This will provide manpower as per the need of an
organisation from time to time. Career planning and development programmes can be
adjusted as per the need of the organisation and also of employees. Continuity is one
essential requirement of successful career planning.
It may not be noted that motivated and sincere and hardworking staff is essential for
effective career planning. Employees should be willing to take benefit of training and
other facilities. People not interested in career development cannot be forced to have
career development. This desire to grow and develop must be there among the
employees. In short motivated employees are essential for successful career planning.
References: Human Recourses Management Vipuls Prakashan