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Student ID Number: 1130873/1

Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

Lord Ashcroft International Business School
Marketing Essentials
Module Code: BB115009S
Academic ear: !011"!01!
Semester: #$o
Student I% &um'er: 11(0)*("1
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
1" om%an& o'er'ie(
1"1 )istor&$ summar&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!""*
1"# +ranc,es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!"-
1"3 .ision and mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
1"* +rands /%roduct and ser'ices!!!!!!!!!!!!"!""!!"0
1"- +usiness Descri%tion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""""!!!0
1"0 +oard o1 director!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!"""!"""7
1"7 2inancial Statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8
#" S345 anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!"!""6
#"1 Strengt,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!"!6
#"# 3eakness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""10
#"3 4%%ortunit&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
#"* 5,reat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!"1#
#"- 7e& com%etitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!"13
3" Ne( idea or ser'ice 1or t,e com%an&!!!!!!!!!"""!!!!""1*
3"1 S%ecial IM+ 8rou% 411ice!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!"""1*
3"# 9rinted material in multi$language!! !!!!!!!!"""!!!1*
3"3 Increase t,e E:cellent criteria ;Multi$language< 1or sta11!!"!!"1-
3"* Dri'es t,roug, agencies ;Mala&sia and 4'ersea<!!"!!!!!"1-
*" +udget %lan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""!!!!!""10
*"1 Im%lementation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"10
*"# 2inancial 1orecast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"17
*"3 ost anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"18
-" 8a% anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!"16
-"1 5,e recommendation and 1uture marketing strateg&!"!!!!!#0
-"1"1 9rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#0
-"1"# 9lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!#1
-"1"3 9roduct!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!"#1
-"1"* 9romotion!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!"""!#1
0" Summar&!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##
7" =e1erence!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#3$#*
8" >%%endi:!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#-
8"1 +rands ;%roduct and ser'ices<!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!""#-
8"# +usiness descri%tion!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!"""!""#0
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
1+0 Section 1, Com-an. o/er/ie$
1+1 0istor.,summar.
IM+ 8rou% )olding +er,ad ;ommerce International Merc,ant bankers +)D<
,as a lot o1 %rocess to be a regional uni'ersal bank o%erating in ,ig, gro(t, in >SE>N"
> ,istor& t,at s%eaks o1 a %ioneering s%irit in Mala&sian?s banking landsca%e o1
s&nergistic ac,ie'ement"
5,e 1irst branc,es (as o%en in 7uc,ing Mala&sia in 16#* b& using name is
+ian,iang +ank b& 3ee 7,eng ,iang b& manage t,e business 1inancing and
issuance o1 bills o1 e:c,ange" In 1680@ +ank o1 ommerce re%laced +ank 9ertanian as
t,e controlling s,are,older o1 9ertanian +aring San(a Multinational@ 1ollo(ing (,ic, its
name (as c,anged to ommerce International Merc,ant +ankers +,d ;IM+<" 5,ese
com%anies become modern and t,ri'ing 1inancial institution in 1660 centur& and
o%eration in Mala&sia and Singa%ore"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
In #000 centur&@ t,is banking com%an& made t,e ne( brand suc, as IM+
Niaga@ and launc, IM+ Islamic in #003" 5,ere also 1ormatting o1 IM+$9rinci%al
;#00*< International In'estment banking o%eration ;#00*<@ restructuring IM+ 8rou%
e:ercise and launc, o1 IM+ 8rou% as a =egional Ani'ersal +ank in #000" In #007@ t,is
bank (as launc, o1 IM+ 2oundation" 9rinci%al Islamic >sset Management (as launc,
in #008 and in #006@ IM+ 5,ai o11iciall& launc, and launc,ed o1 IM+ Singa%ore" In
#010@ t,e 1irst branc, (as o%en in 9,nom 9en, on 16 No'ember ;IM+ >nnual =e%ort
)istor&@ #011<"
IM+ 8rou% (as %ro'ided or%orate Entities suc, us IM+ In'estment +ank@
IM+ +ank@ IM+ Islamic@ IM+ Niaga@ IM+ Securities International and IM+ 5,ai"
5,e retail branc, o1 IM+ 8rou% no( da& (as across >SE>N region and in'estment"
5,ere organiBed t,e onsumer +anking@ or%orate +anking C Markets C Institutional
+anking and 8rou% >sset Management@ Insurance and 5aka1ul also IM+ Islamic
;IM+ 9ro1ile@ #011<"
1+! Branches
5,is banking com%an& (as ,as major global 1inancial centre and co'ering
>SE>N (it, 1* countries suc, as Mala&sia@ Indonesia@ Singa%ore@ +runei@ ambodia@
M&anmar@ .ietnam and ot,er countries like +a,rain@ ,ina@ )ong 7ong@ India@ Sri
Danka@ A7@ and AS>" >not,er countr& t,at joint (it, IM+ 8rou% as customer ,as
signi1icant business and in'estment dealings" 5,is banking com%an& ,eadEuartered in
7uala Dum%ur@ Mala&sia ;IM+ >bout us@ #011<"
In addition@ t,is grou% ,a'e smart %artners,i%s suc, us t,e 9rinci%al 2inancial
8rou%@ >'i'a %lc@ +ank o1 5ok&o$Mitsubis,i A2F@ Standard +ank %lc@ and Dae(oo
Securities@ and among ot,ers ;IM+ 9ro1il@#011<"
1+( 1ision
>ccording to t,e annual re%ort in #011@ t,is grou% 'ision is to be t,e leading
>SE>N 1ranc,ise in #01- ;cor%orate re%ort@ #011<"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,is grou% mission is G3e (ant in our %eo%le to dri'en a culture dri'en b&
inno'ation to deli'er Eualit& ser'ice (,ilst %ro'iding su%erior returns and 'alue to our
stake,olders" 5,e core 'alues o1 IM+ em%lo&ees areH Integrit&@ Inno'ation@ lient
4rientation@ 5eam(ork and E11icienc&I ;>bout us@ #011<"
1+2 Brands 3-roduct and ser/ice4
5,ese com%anies belie'e can ,arnessing t,e scale and di'ersi1& o1 >S>EN"
5,ere al(a&s (elcome t,e di11erence o1 t,e o%inion@ culture and language and
embracing di'ersit&"
+& use t,is slogan G>SE>N 24= J4AI t,ese com%anies committed increases
t,eir ser'ice to creating t,e 'alue and t,e needs o1 t,e customers ;source: 4ur brands@
IM+ 8rou%@ #011<" 5,e brand o1 t,e IM+ grou% (ill s,o(n on a%%endi: 1 (,ic,
includes IM+ grou%@ IM+@ IM+ +ank@ IM+ Niaga@ M+ 5,ai@ and IM+ Islamic"
1+5 Business descri-tion
IM+ 8rou% toda& o%erates across >SE>N under se'eral cor%orate entities"
5,e& include IM+ In'estment +ank@ IM+ +ank@ IM+ Niaga@ IM+ Securities
International and IM+ 5,ai ;+usiness descri%tion@ #011<
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,is banking com%an& business lines in main market o1 Mala&sia@ Indonesia@
Singa%ore and 5,ailand are organiBed %rimaril& across t,e 1ollo(ing areas" 5,e detail o1
t,e IM+ 8rou% business (ill s,o( in >%%endi: # (,ic, includes t,e onsumer
+anking@ or%orate and institutional banking and markets@ and 8rou% >sset
Management@ Insurance and 5aka1ul"
1+5 CIMB Board of %irector, CIMB 6rou- Leader
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,e IM+ 8rou% )olding +)D board o1 director (as taken 1rom !011 annual re-ort"
1+* 7inancial -erformance
6rou- Managing %irector" Chief E8ecuti/e officer
%ato9 Sri &a:ir ;a:ak 3Mala.sian4
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
2inancial statement &ear ended 31 December #011;>nnual re%ort #011<
;esource: CIMB Annual ;e-ort 3financial statement4 !011
!+0 S<=# Anal.sis of CIMB 6rou- 0olding B0%+
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
E'er& com%an& ,as t,e %resent about t,e %er1ormance" 5,ose com%anies ,a'e
t,eir strengt,@ (eakness@ o%%ortunit& and t,reat" IM+ 8rou% )olding +)D also ,as
t,eir o(n S345 anal&sis 1or t,eir com%an&"
!+1 Strengths
%i/ersified 'usiness mi8
IM+ 8rou% o%erates t,e business across >SE>N b& %ro'ides consumer@
in'estment@ Islamic and %ri'ate banking %roduct and ser'ices (orld(ide ;IM+
+usiness@ #011<" In addition t,is com%an& also o11ers asset management@ (ealt,
management@ insurance %roduct and ser'ices@ 1oreign e:c,ange@ engage in t,e 1und
management and so on"
5,is business (as o%erate under se'eral cor%orate entities t,at include IM+
In'estment +ank@ IM+ +ank@ IM+ Islamic@ IM+ Niaga@ IM+ Securities International
and IM+ 5,ai ;IM+@ 4ur business@ #011<" 5,e mi:ed business t,at %ro'ide b& IM+
8rou% is t,e strengt, o1 t,is Mala&sian +anking om%an&"
0igher returns
5,is com%an& ,as t,e %ositi'e %er1ormance on t,e %ro1it in &ear #011" 5,e %ro1it
%ercentage (as increase **"*6K 1rom #006 until #011" IM+ 8rou% re%orted a record
net %ro1it o1 =M *@031 billion 1or &ear #011@ (,ic, is increase 1-"17K 1rom #010 net
%ro1it ;>nnual =e%ort@ #011<"
5,is banking com%an& ,as t,e ,ig,er return e'er& &ear 1rom #008 until toda&@
best on t,e income statement" 9ositi'e %er1ormance on t,e return is t,e strengt, o1 t,is
!+! <eaknesses
>nder -erformance of 6AM ?Insurance ? #akaful
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
IM+ 8rou%?s 1und management business (as managing b& 8rou% >sset
Management ;8>M<" 8>M manages bot, con'entional and S,aria,$com%liant
institutional and retail 1unds o'er a (ide range o1 asset classes and geogra%,ies ;4ur
+usinesses@ IM+ 8rou%@ #011<"
5,e asset management (as o%erated b& IM+$9rinci%al >sset Management@
IM+$9rinci%al Islamic >sset Management@ IM+ 3ealt, >d'isors ;3><@ IM+$
Ma%letree Management@ IM+ 5rust a%ital >d'isors@ a% >sia@ and IM+ 9ri'ate
EEuit& and .enture a%ital ;9E.<"
Mean(,ile@ all t,e IM+ 8rou% insurance and 5aka1ul joint 'entures and t,e
De'elo%ment o1 +ancassarance (ere managed b& Insurance and 5aka1ul 8rou% ;IM+
8rou%@ +usiness Descri%tion@ #011<" Managed b& ot,er %art& is t,e (eakness o1 IM+
;ise in &one @erforming loans ? loan loss -ro/ision
=ise in t,e non$%er1orming loans and loan loss %ro'ision also t,e disad'antage
o1 t,is com%an&" 5,e non$%er1orming loan ratio to an all$time lo( o1 #"0K 1rom t,e #"3K
in 3L06@ (,ile loss co'erage to 60"8- 1rom t,e bM80"7K in t,e %re'ious Euarter #011
;in'estment researc,@ #011<" 5,at mean t,e all$time 1or t,e non$%er1orming loan (as
increase" So t,is is t,e (eakness 1or t,e IM+ 8rou%"
5,e rises o1 t,e non %er1orming loan e11ect t,e %ro'ision t,at ,a'e" +ecause o1
t,e increasing o1 t,e 'alue@ t,e %ro'ision (as e11ected" So t,at can loss t,e %ro'ision
t,e& ,a'e 1or loans" 3e see t,is as (eakness 1or t,e IM+ 8rou%"
!+( =--ortunities
6ro$ing 6lo'al Islamic 7inance market
IM+ 8rou% ,as t,e o%%ortunit& to gro(ing t,e global Islamic 1inance market"
5,is is because t,e IM+ Islamic is t,e main branding t,at t,ere ,a'e" 5,is grou% ,a'e
a lot business consists o1 S,aria, ad'isor&@ debt market and so on" IM+ 8rou%
+usiness ,as t,e ,ig,er reEuirement 1rom t,e banking market and ,ig,er user in
Islamic +anking management ;>bout us@ #011<
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
IM+ 8rou% needs to c,ange t,e %erce%tion to be global market es%eciall& 1or
t,e Islamic 2inance market" 5,is o%%ortunit& must be used to be a strong om%an&"
0igh in/estment o--ortunit.
IM+ 8rou% ,as t,e o%%ortunit& to in'est t,eir %roduct and ser'ice es%eciall& in
Sri Danka" 5,is econom& countr& is 'er& good t,at t,e 8D9 gro(t, o1 *"8K o'er t,e
%ast 30 &ears des%ite t,e tolls o1 market" In t,e last - &ears@ 8D9 %er ca%ita ,as
doubled to ASN#803 1rom ASN1#** in #00-$ more t,an t(ice t,at India and 9akistan@
and 1our times t,at o1 +anglades, ;IM+ 8rou%@ 9lan #1 December #011<
IM+ 8rou% can %ro'ide t,e brands t,e& ,a'e like IM+ Islamic@ IM+
in'estment bank and IM+ bank t,at %ro'ide t,e 1inancial management ;%ersonal and
cor%orate< and so on t,at needed 1rom t,e consumer and customer in Sri Danka"
!+2 #hreats
6lo'al economic im'alances
5,e imbalance o1 economic global also a11ected t,e IM+ 8rou% %er1ormance in
1uture" +& seeing t,e 1uture and t,e %resent economic situation@ (e can see t,at global
economic (as going do(n because o11 t,e recession in #008 until #010 ;Economic
8lobal =e%ort@ #011<" 5,is %roblem e11ected t,e economic global e'en t,oug, >merica@
Euro%e@ and anot,er strong economic also a11ected"
>s a gro(ing countries Mala&sia also e11ected and 1acing t,e %roblem" So@ t,e
imbalances o1 global economic is a t,reat o1 t,e all com%an& acce%t IM+ 8rou%" In
t,is situation t,is grou% must kno( to maintain t,eir %er1ormance"
Stiff com-etition
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
In t,is banking term@ IM+ 8rou% ,as a sti11 com%etition" 5,is com%an& ,as t,eir
o(n com%etitor like Mala&an +anking +)D@ 9ublic +anking +)D and so on" +ut t,is is
t,e most com%leti'e com%etitor t,at IM+ grou% need to matc,"
E'en t,oug, IM+ 8rou% is a largest banking com%an&@ t,ere ,as need to see
t,is com%etitor" 5,is is because t,e com%etitors ,a'e t,eir o(n %lanning to be a good
banking com%an& in t,e 1uture" In t,e banking industries@ IM+ 8rou% ,as sti11
!+5 Com-etitor of the CIMB 6rou-
5,ere are too man& com%etitor o1 t,e IM+ 8rou%@ t,e major com%etitor o1 t,is
grou% is Ma& +ank in'estment +ank@ >MM+ )olding +)D@ and D+S 8rou% )olding ltd
;IM+ 5o% com%etitor@ #011<
Ma. Bank 6rou-
Ma& +ank grou% is t,e leading 1inancial ser'ices %ro'ider in Mala&sia catering to
t,e needs o1 customer@ in'estors@ entre%reneurs@ non$%ro1it organiBations and
cor%orations" 5,e grou% (,ic, ,as e:%ended internationall& ,as t,e largest net(ork
among Mala&sian banks o1 o'er #100 branc,es o1 o11ices in 17 countries@ em%lo&ing
*#000 Ma& bankers and ser'ing o'er #1 ASD 13- billion@ and market ca%italiBation
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
ASD##"0 billion (it, total eEuit& and total net %ro1it o1 ASD 10"8 billion and ASD 1"-
billion res%ecti'el& ;Ma& +ank )ome@ #011<
AMMB 0olding Berhad
>MM+ )olding ;(,ic, trades as >m +ank 8rou%< control doBen o1 subsidiaries
and titillates@ %ro'iding indi'iduals and business (it, a ranges o1 1inancial ser'ices and
%roduct t,oug,t some 17-0 o11ices" 5,e com%an& allocate in 7uala Dum%ur Mala&sia b&
o%erates business and in'estment banking@ insurance@ and Islamic 2inancial ser'ices"
Ser'ices include asset management@ commercial banking 1utures trading@ o11s,ore
banking@ %ro%ert& trust management@ retail 1inancial and securities ser'ices ;>MM+
)olding +er,ad@ #011<
%BS 6rou- 0olding ltd
5,is bank is t,e largest bank in Singa%ore and a signi1icant %resence t,roug,out
Sout,east >sia b& o11er %ersonal and %ri'ate banking" 5,e com%an& also ,as around
5,ailand@ )ong 7ong@ 9lus 4%erations ,ina@ India@ Indonesia@ Mala&sia@ 5,e
9,ili%%ines and 5ai(an" D+S grou% o(ns a #0K stake in t,e bank o1 t,e 9,ili%%ines
Island ;5,at countr& management@ %ri'ate eEuit&@ and eEui%ment and trade 1inances
;D+S 8rou% )olding@ #011<
(+0 #he suggestion ser/ice for CIMB 6rou- 3ne$ idea4
IM+ grou% no( da& is become t,e uni'ersal banking com%an& (,ic, occu%ied
t,e >SE>N market" >s a uni'ersal banking com%an&@ IM+ 8rou% needs to %ro'ide t,e
best banking ser'ices in globall&" A7or$ard to Be the Best Banking Ser/icesB (it,
t,is slogan t,is grou% can create t,e 'alue and to ser'ing t,e needs o1 t,e di11erence
customers across t,e region"
5,e slogan t,at created is to make sure t,is grou% becomes the best bankers
in global banking service@ t,e best (a&s or solutions is necessar& taken" 5o be t,e
best bankers in globall& banking ser'ice@ IM+ 8rou% needs to take t,e best (a&s
(,ic, is:
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
3"1 made s-ecial CIMB grou- office
IM+ 8rou% needs to make t,e s%ecial o11ice or branc,es t,at %ro'ide %ersonal
and cor%orate ser'ices in multi$language" IM+ 8rou% must build and %ro'ide t,e ne(
s%ecial o11ices t,at %ro'ide t,e dri'e t,roug, ser'ices" 5,e o11ice is 'er& im%ortant to
make t,e customer easier to done t,e business t,at (ant to do" IM+ 8rou% can make
t,e o11ice at t,e strategic area suc, us at %etrol station@ nearb& s,o%%ing center and so
on b& %ro'ide t,e c,eck de%osit@ credit card a%%lication 1orm and so on t,at needs to
1ul1ill t,e customer needs and (ants"
(+! Make all -rinted material in multi,language
Material is 'er& im%ortant to %resent t,e %er1ormance ,as ac,ie'ed" IM+ 8rou%
needs to %ro'ide t,e all %rinted material in multi$language" 5,e language t,at %ro'ide
must di'ersi1& es%eciall& t,e language t,at ,as ser'ices and branc,es be1ore t,at in
>SE>N" 5,e language t,at needs to %ro'ide is Englis, language@ Fa%anese language@
5,ai language@ >rabic language@ S%anis, language@ ,inese language and so on t,at
necessar& to" 5,e material %rinted like credit card a%%lication 1orm@ account a%%lication
1orm@ material in1ormation and so on t,at necessar& needs to make sure t,e customer
needs and (ant is 1illed" IM+ 8rou% needs to %ro'ide t,is ser'ices to be a best
globall& bankers"
(+(Increase the e8cellent criteria 3multi, language4 for staff
>s a Ani'ersal banking com%an&@ IM+ 8rou% needs to %ro'ide t,e e:cellent
ser'ices es%eciall& in t,e customer ser'ices" 5,is is because IM8 8rou% 1acing too
man& customers 1rom di11erences race and religion" +& trends e'er&bod& ;sta11< b&
gi'ing o%%ortunit& to stud&@ t,e em%lo&ee able to s%eak in multi$language" )e e:cellent
criteria ser'ices like multi$language is 'er& im%ortant 1or t,is grou%" 5,e e:cellent
criteria ;multi$language< must %ro'ide b& IM+ 8rou% in t,e bank ser'ices"
(+2 S-eciali:ed dri/e through agencies 3Mala.sian and =/ersea4
Dri'e t,ru is 'er& im%ortant to make t,e customer easier to do t,e business"
IM+ 8rou% needs to make t,e s%ecial agencies t,at %ro'ide t,e dri'e t,roug,
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
ser'ices" 5,e ser'ices t,at need to be like de%osit cas,@ c,eEue de%osit@ cas, de%osit@
trans1er transaction@ and so on" 5,is dri'e t,roug, ser'ices must %ro'ide in Mala&sian
and in o'ersea" 5,is ser'ice is 'er& im%ortant to 1ul1ill t,e customer needs and (ant"
IM+ 8rou% needs to ,a'e more dri'e t,ru ser'ices in Mala&sia and in o'ersea"
Suggestion %ri/e #hrough -icture

Inside the 'uilding

2+0 #he 'udget -lan
During launc, t,e ne( %roduct and ser'ices@ t,e im%lementation table@ 1inancial
1orecast and t,e cost anal&sis" 5,e im%lementation table is necessar& need to make
sure t,at t,e %roduct and ser'ices reac, to t,e customer as t,e user" ost o1 t,e ne(
%roduct and ser'ices also s,o(n on cost anal&sis and 1orecast cost"
2+1 #he im-lementation ta'le
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,e im%lementation table is including t,e ad'ertising@ sales %romotion@ direct
marketing %ersonal selling and s%onsors,i% 1or IM+ grou% in one &ear" 5,e
im%lementation is necessar& to make t,e best %lanning during launc,ing t,e ne(
%roduct and ser'ices"
5,e im%lementation %rogram (as im%lemented in t(o times (,ic, is e'er& si:
mont, in one &ear base on t,e budget t,at ,as %lan" 5,e %roduct and ser'ices (as
launc, in t,e middle o1 &ear #01# (,ic, in earl& Fun" t,e
2+! 7inancial forecast
5,is is assum%tion on t,e 1inancial 1orecast (,ic, in t,ree &ear t,at includes t,e
e:%ected sales@ e:%ected %ro1it@ and e:%ected costs"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
Assum-tion of the financial forecast in ( .ear
5,e 1inancial 1orecast cost is e:%ected in t,ree &ear t,at 1rom Fun #01# until ma&
#01-" 5,e e:%ected cost (as decrease because t,e ser'ices or t,e dri'e t,ru
mac,iner& is as still in good condition (,ic, in #01* decrease 7"1*K and in #01- also
decrease #"6*K"
5,e e:%ected sales and t,e e:%ected %ro1it (as increase because o1 t,e %ositi'e
res%onse 1rom t,e customers"
2+( Cost anal.sis
5,e cost anal&sis includes t,e %roduct@ %ricing@ %romotion@ and %lace"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,e cost anal&sis is including t,e %roduct/ser'ice@ %ricing@ %romotion@ and %lace"
5,is item is t,e cost t,at needs to incur b& IM+ 8rou% during launc, t,e ser'ices" t,e
cost anal&sis assum%tion is in one &ear"
5+0 #he 6a- Anal.sis
5,e ga% anal&sis generall& use to acti'it& o1 stud&ing t,e di11erence bet(een
standards and t,e deli'er& o1 t,ose standards"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5,e di11erence could be used to e:%lain satis1action and to document areas in
need o1 im%ro'ement" 2or IM+ 8rou%@ t,ere at t,e recommendation o1 t,e 1uture
marketing strateg& need to during launc, t,e ser'ices and %roduct in 3 &ear to become
a best globall& bankers ser'ices"
5+1 #he recommendation and future marketing strateg. to close the ga-
5,e 1uture marketing strateg& is 1ocus on t,e %rice@ %lace@ %roduct and
%romotion" 5,e strateg& must rele'ant to make sure t,e %roduct and ser'ices can 1ul1ill
t,e need and (ant o1 customers"
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
5+1+1 @rice
5,e %rice o1 t,e ser'ices and %roduct is must be suitable (it, t,e 'alue o1 t,e
ser'ices and %roduct %ro'ide" G5,e real issue is 'alue@ not %riceI said b& =obert 5"
Dindgren" No( da&@ most o1 t,e %eo%le (ant to ,urr& and 1ast to do somet,ing" 2or
dri'e t,ru ser'ices@ t,at can make t,e customers done t,e business as 1ast as %ossible
t,e& can" 5,e& customer just (ant t,e& need and (ant"
IM+ 8rou% can c,arge (it, t,e 1i:ed %rice 1or t,e transaction" 5,en 1or t,ose
(,o ,a'e t,e IM+ ard can %a& 'ia t,e& card (it,out cas," 5,e %a&ment makes
customers easier to %ast (it,out %re%are cas," 5,e %rices o1 t,e dri'e t,roug,
assum%tion almost increase on t,e %rice be1ore ;current c,arge<" 5,e transaction
c,arges de%end on t,e risk o1 t,e ser'ices to 1ul1ill t,e customer need and (ants"
5+1+! @lace
9lace is 'er& im%ortant during launc, t,e ser'ices and %roduct" 5,e grou%s need
to %ro'ide t,e s%ecial agencies o11ice in t,e IM+ 8rou% o11ice be1ore" 9ro'ided t,e
ser'ices can make t,e customer eas& to 1ind and ask about t,e ser'ices %ro'ide" 2or
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
t,e dri'e t,ru ser'ices@ t,e grou% can %ro'ide it on %etrol station@ nearb& s,o%%ing
centre and ot,er %lace i1 necessar&" 5,e %lace must make t,e customer eas& to reac,@
go and 1ind it as a conclusion must be 1ul1illing t,e customers (ant and need"
5+1+( @roduct
9roduct is t,e most im%ortant in t,e marketing %lan" 5,e %roduct must necessar&
1ul1ill t,e need and (ant o1 t,e customers" 5,e dri'e t,ru and s%ecial agencies o11ice is
necessar& 1or t,e customer" +& %ro'ide t,e ser'ices like %ro'ide %rinted material in
multi$language@ c,eEue de%osit@ a%%lication 1orm on dri'e t,ru ser'ice@ t,e customers
can easier to do t,e business and t,ose t,ings" 5,e ser'ices %ro'ide in s%ecial
agencies also make t,e 1oreign to reac, t,e& needs" 5o close t,e Gga%I t,e ser'ice must
1ul1ill t,e (ant and needs o1 t,e customer like t,ese ser'ices"
5+1+2 @romotion strateg.
During launc, t,e ser'ices@ t,e %romotion must be include in t,e grou%
managing" In using t,e sales %romotion@ a com%an& must establis, t,e objecti'es@
select t,e tools@ de'elo%s t,e %rogram@ %retest t,e %rogram@ im%lement and control it@
and e'aluate t,e result" 5,e %romotion tools use is sales selling@ 1airs and e:,ibitions@
ad'ertising@ %ersonal selling and s%onsors,i%" 5,e %romotion use need must be
%ersuasi'el& communicate customer 'alue and build customer relations,i% ;9,ili% 7otler
et al #010<"
5o launc, t,e ser'ice@ %romotion like ad'ertising@ t,ose include media ;ne(s
%a%ers@ journal@ catalog@ and tele'ision< also t,e internet ad'ertising" 5,e %romotion
must elaborate t,e ser'ices %ro'ided (,ic, multi$language material" 5,e %romotion
acti'ities is 'er& im%ortant to create customers a(areness@ in1orm@ and in1luence t,em
to use t,e ser'ices %ro'ide"
5+0 Summar.
IM+ 8rou% is t,e uni'ersal bankers and launc,es t,e ser'ices and %roduct
across >SE>N" 5,e grou% ,as t,e good %er1ormance and recei'e a(arded as a best
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
banker during o%erate" 5,e %er1ormance 1or t,e earning income (as increase 1rom
#008 until #011 ;annual re%ort@ #011<"
5o be a globall& bankers com%an&@ t,e& are solution need to (,ic, is made dri'e
t,roug, ser'ices@ increase e:cellent criteria ;multi$language<@ material %rinted@ and
s%ecial IM+ 8rou% o11ice" 5,e ne( idea t,at suggest is in1luence t,e IM+ 8rou%
(!92 $ords
*+0 ;eference
Book source
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
9,ili% kotler@ S(ee )oon >ng@ and ,in 5iong 5an@ 1666@ Marketing
Management an >SI>N 9ros%ection@ second edition@ Singa%ore: 9rentice )all
;Singa%ore< 9te Dtd
9,ili% 7otler@ 7e'in D"7"@ #006@ Marketing Management@ 13
edition@ 9earson
International Edition"
Malcolm Mc Donald@ )ug, 3ilson@ Marketing 9lan$ )o( to 9re%are 5,em@
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Fo,n 3ile& C Sons Dtd@ Anited 7ingdom"
9,ili% 7otler@ Mairead +rad& 8" @ 7e'in Dane 7eller@ Marketing Management@
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Internet source
IM+ 8rou% ac,ie'ement ;+est Internet Ser'ices in Mala&sia@ #011<@
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+ank$in$Mala&sia$13867663/ Oaccess at: 10 2ebruar& #01#P
IM+ +usiness Descri%tion@ #011@ OonlineP a'ailable atH
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c,Mg#QirQ1inC%gMg#QirQ1inQearningCt%tMcimbQgrou% Oaccess at: 13 2ebruar&
IM+ 8rou% 1inancial re%ort@ #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
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Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
IM+ 8rou% 1inancial o'er'ie( #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
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IM+ 8rou% co'erage anal&sis #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
Oaccess at: 10 marc, #01#P
Mala&sian to% banking (ebsites in #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
mala&sia$in$#011/ ,tt%://m&tec,kno(ledge"com/uncategoriBed/to%$10$banking$
(ebsites$in$mala&sia$in$#011/ Oaccess at: 10 marc, #01#P
IM+ 8rou% ac,ie'ement #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
Dist o1 largest bankers in Mala&sia@ OonlineP a'ailable at:
Oaccess at: #0 marc, #01#P
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Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials
A--endi8 ! Business descri-tion
Student ID Number: 1130873/1
Module Subject: Marketing Essentials