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Picchi & Company, LLC

December 14, 2009


Lawrence L. Lee, Esquire

Gordon & Rees, LLP
555 Seventeenth Street, Suite 3400
Denver, CO 80202

RE: Amanda Giltner v. Total Sound InfoTainment, and Art Suriano

District Court, Denver County, Colorado
Case Number: 09-cv-4531

I. Case History and Scope of Assignment

Litigation was filed in District Court, Denver County, Colorado. The civil complaint
alleges that the defendant, Total Sound InfoTainment (TSI) was in violation of an
employment contract between TSI and the plaintiff, Amanda Giltner (Giltner). Giltner
alleges that TSI terminated Giltner six months into Giltner’s two year contract.

TSI is represented by the Law Firm of Gordon & Rees, LLP (Gordon & Rees). Gordon &
Rees has requested that Picchi & Company, LLC (Picchi CO) conduct certain research
and other investigative activities to determine the following information regarding

• Address History
• Civil & Criminal Litigation, State and Federal
• Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
• Employment History – Past and Present
• Media Search

Address History
Picchi CO has researched public documents to locate the following POSSIBLE addresses
for Giltner:

• 2704 California Street, Denver, CO 80205 (Feb 2008 – Oct 2009)

• 970 S. Dahlia Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80246 (Sept 2003 – Apr 2008)
• 1185 S. Emerson Street, Denver, CO 80210 (May 2002 – Jul 2005)
• 9123 Mississippi Avenue, Apt 20, Denver, CO 80247 (Jan 2002 – May 2002)
• 1985 Pennsylvania Street, Apt 20, Denver, CO 80247 (Jan 2002 – May 2002
• 1177 W 112th Street, Unit C, Denver, CO 80234 (Aug 1998 – Mar 2001)

Civil and Criminal Litigation, State and Federal Courts

The following are POSSIBLE litigation matters found regarding Giltner from our
Colorado and Federal searches:

People of the State of Colorado v. Amanda J. Giltner

Motor Vehicle
Case Number: 1990T4984
Date Filed: 4/3/1990
Driving without Insurance

Amanda Giltner v Total Sound Infotainment, Et Al

Breach of Contract
Case Number: 2009CV4531
Date Filed: 5/5/2009

Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

A search was made for any bankruptcies, liens or judgments regarding Giltner, no records
were found.

Employment History

Picchi CO has conducted an extensive search for past and prior employment regarding
Giltner. The following has been located as a POSSIBLE employment history for Giltner.

Manorcare Nursing Home

290 S. Monaco Parkway
Denver, CO 80224
Title: Director of Personnel
July 2004 – November 2005
Title: Director of Human Resources
February 2006 – September 2009

Media Search

No media records could be confirmed that related to this plaintiff.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Picchi CO does not recommend further research regarding Giltner. It is recommended

that a brief surveillance be conducted to confirm Giltner’s current employment.

Thank you for the opportunity of providing this service to Gordon Rees.


William J. Picchi
Picchi & Company, LLC