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BIU 3013 General English

Assignment 1 : (Video-Recorded Speech resentation!

Make a video recording of a speech based on the topic given below.
The speech should be 4-5 minutes in length. Do not do voice-over.
When doing the presentation you must wear formal attire. lso make sure that
the background setting re!ects the academic speech that you are giving.
"t is up to you how to make the video recording using any of the "#T gadgets
available in the market. $o%e&er' (o)r mar* %ill +e determined +( (o)r
speech presentation onl( and not the sophistication o, the &ideo
$%lease refer to the mark scheme for further information&.
'ubmit the video to the platform provided in My(uru $platform )&.
Do not submit the te*t of your recording.
Make sure that the video can be read by -indo%s .edia la(er and not
pass%ord protected $if linked to +ouTube&. $"t is your responsibility to check
on this and /01 the lecturers&.
2o not post $postal services& your video3
Make sure you do so before the deadline given $%ee* 4&.
%lease %M your lecturer if you are unable to submit on time by providing valid
+our tutor will evaluate the speech presentation based on the mark scheme
,owever- if you read from te*t- your marks will be deducted.
10I5: Gi&e a 6-min)te tal* on ho% the Internet can +e
)sed ,or ed)cation3
ASSIG/.E/1 " (ESSA7 -RI1I/G! (-EIG$1AGE "0#!
Write an essay of comparison and.or contrast on the topic below.
$a&e (o) e&er &isited a place (o) had le,t long time ago and ,o)nd it had
changed considera+l(8 -rite an essa( comparing and contrasting 9the %a(
it %as: %ith the 9%a( it is no%:3
+ou may choose /01 of the following places below and write your essay2
+our previous school that you have studied.
historical place you have visited.
neighbourhood you have lived before.
university that you have visited.studied.
+our essay should not be less than 354 words.
+ou have to plan your comparison and.or contrast essay using the block-by-block
method $refer page )56 of your module&2
Introd)ction %rovide some background information about your topic.
"dentify the two things being compared and contrasted.
'tate the purpose for making the comparison and.or
Bod( "n the 7rst paragraph- discuss the similarities.
"n the ne*t paragraph- discuss the di8erences.
5oncl)sion 'ummarise the main similarities and di8erences.
7nal remark on the importance of the topic.
n e*ample of the comparison and contrast essay using the block-by-block method is
given below2
'everal years ago- " returned to 9idor- %erak- and visited one of
my old neighbourhoods. " had not been on the 'ettlement rea
for more than )4 years and as " walked along the area- my mind
was !ooded by waves of memories. " saw the old houses on the
'ettlement area where " had lived and played. s " viewed these
once-familiar surroundings- images of myself as a child there
came to mind. ,owever what " saw and what " remembered were
not the same. " sadly noticed that the best memories are those
left undisturbed.
Bod( " remembered my old house area- it was bright and alive. The
house area was more than :ust a place to live. "t had vast open
space- or whatever my young mind could imagine. " could go and
play with my friends in the open space. This was always e*citing
because it was spacious and could do many things there to hide
This is how " remembered the old neighbourhood; however as "
said- this is not how it was when " saw it again. <nlike the house
area " remembered- this one was rundown and in despair. What
was once more than a place to live looked hardly worth living in.
The open space was dirty and loaded with old broken furniture.
There were no young kids playing and running around; instead
were a few tough looking adolescents who looked very older than
their ages.
s for the house area when had grown up- it was hardly
recogni=able. The house area was polluted and the plants had
withered. The house area was 7lled with old bicycles- broken
bottles- and garbage. 0ow- instead of 7nding something as
pleasant for the eyes- one would e*pect to 7nd only barren area.
" do not regret having seen my old neighbourhood. ,owever- " do
not think my innocent childhood memories can ever be the same
again. " suppose it is true when they say- >+ou can never go home
'ubmit the essay to the prepared assignment platform provided in My(uru
$%latform 5&. +ou .US1 submit the essay in the platform only. Therefore- take note
of the 2EA2;I/E.
Make sure that the 7le is not password protected.
2o not post $postal services& your essay.
+our tutors will evaluate the essay based on the mark scheme provided.
$Appendix 2&
+ou should have the integrity to write the essay yourself (2o note that
t)tors ha&e the so,t%are to detect plagiarisms&.
0o mark will be given to an essay that contains 34@ or more of plagiari=ed
Aollow the format given below2
o Aont si=e2 )5 point
o Aont type2 Times 0ew Boman
o Cine spacing2 ).5
Bemember that the deadline is on -ee* 10 $54 0/D1M91B 54)4&3
0nline <or)m ("0#!
'tudents will discuss T10 topics given online via My(uru.
1ach topic carries a 5@ mark.
Aor each given topic students must post 0/E response and comment on at
least 1$REE of their colleaguesE responses to get the full 5@ mark.
1ach response and comment must be about 44-54 words in length.
1nter into any of the topics below and start your discussion. +ou can start with
any topic that you like but you should have 7nished discussing all the topics
by the end of the deadline given $-ee* 10&.

1. Do you think holidays are important? Why?
2. What is healthy food?
3. Do you think English is a difcult language to learn?
. Do you think people should recycle ne!spapers? Why or !hy not?
". Do you think that graduates ac#uire enough kno!ledge and skills for
$. What%s the &est !ay to teach manners to children?
'. What are the factors that had led to the leakage of ()*+ science paper?
,. What do you think are some important things parents can do for teenagers?
-. .o! do you think face to face communication di/ers from communication
using computers?
10.What are some things people can do to protect themsel1es from snatch theft?