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December, 2013

Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services 2012 creates decimal attributes on an
entity that have incorrect precision
The mdm.udpAttributeSave stored procedure in the Master Data Services (MDS)
database currently accepts only decimal scale as input. When a decimal attribute is
created, the database incorrectly subtracts scale (38 scale) to determine the
To work around this issue, update mdm.udpAttributeSave in two locations in the SQL
MDS database. These locations are currently lines 457 and 518. However, depending
on your SQL version, these line numbers might differ. Therefore, look for the
following bold pattern in the stored procedure.
ELSE IF @DataTypeInformation > 38 SET @DataTypeInformation = 38; --
DECIMAL(38, 38) is maximum precision allowed by SQL
+ N'DECIMAL(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(2), 38 - @DataTypeInformation) + N', '
+ CONVERT(NVARCHAR(2), @DataTypeInformation) + N') NULL;';

Notice where @DataTypeInformation is subtracted from 38. Update the code so that
it looks as follows.
@DataTypeInformation) + N') NULL;';

Publishing two or more entities in MDS incorrectly updates the version table and
causes pulls to fail
If you publish two or more entities from Microsoft Dynamics AX to MDS, the version table in
MDS is incorrectly linked with the version flag table in MDS. This issue must be corrected
before you can push and pull data again.
To work around this issue, use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in the MDS
database to update the values for the VersionFlag_ID field in mdm.tblModelVersion so
that they match the model and VersionFlag_ID values from the mdm.tblModelVersionFlag
Data synchronization does not work for the Party, Product, and Vendor tables
Because of issues with import/export and entity design, the Vendor, Product, and Party
tables cant correctly synchronize data in MDM. There is no workaround for this issue.
A machine name that contains more than 12 characters causes synchronization to fail
in MDM
Synchronization in MDM fails if a machine name is longer than 12 characters. To work
around this issue, do not exceed 12 characters when you name a machine.
Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX
The Microsoft Dynamics AX client might stop responding when Enterprise Portal Web
controls are compiled
When you compile Enterprise Portal Web controls by using the Microsoft Dynamics AX client
on a deployment of Windows Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013, the Microsoft Dynamics AX
client might stop responding.
To work around this issue, dont compile the Web controls by using the Microsoft Dynamics
AX client. Instead, right-click the Web control, and then select Deploy Element to directly
deploy the Web control. Add the control to an Enterprise Portal page, and then test and
validate the control in Enterprise Portal.

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Configuration compatibility issues between the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX
and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
When you try to install the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX by using the Microsoft
Dynamics AX installation, the Connector is installed. However, the configuration utility for
this version of the Connector is incompatible with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.
To work around this issue, install the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX by using the
instructions that are provided on PartnerSource:
Enterprise POS stops responding if a POS register is not associated with a device
If you dont associate a point of sale (POS) register with a device, Enterprise POS stops
To work around this issue, when you create the register, enter the device information for
the register. To add the device information, click Retail > Setup > Devices. Enter the
device name, and select Enterprise POS as the device type. You dont have to activate the
device. The status can remain Pending.

Supply chain management
Changes to the public API for the KanbanFindRulesCache class and the
JmgSignInStartPage enumeration
The following changes have been made to the API:
KanbanFindRulesCache class The parameter type for the
KanbanFindRulesCache methods has been changed from LeanRuleCoverageType
to KanbanFindRulesCacheCoverageType. The following methods are affected:
o \Classes\KanbanFindRulesCache\existKanbanRule
o \Classes\KanbanFindRulesCache\getKanbanRule
o \Classes\KanbanFindRulesCache\insertKanbanRule
o \Classes\KanbanFindRulesCache\removeKanbanRule
To work around this issue, the argument type that is passed must be changed.
Because the old enumeration values are preserved, you only have to change the
enumeration name from LeanRuleCoverageType to
JmgSignInStartPageenumeration The JmgSignInStartPage::SelectedJobs
enumeration has been replaced with JmgSignInStartPage::CurrentActivities.
To work around this issue, occurrences of JmgSignInStartPage::SelectedJobs must be
replaced with JmgSignInStartPage::CurrentActivities.
Service industries
A work breakdown structure for a project cant be modified in Microsoft Project
The installation of the components that let users modify a project work breakdown structure
(WBS) in Microsoft Project is incomplete. However, you can modify a WBS in Microsoft
Dynamics AX. To modify a WBS in Microsoft Dynamics AX, click Project management and
accounting > Common > Projects > All projects. On the Action Pane, on the Plan
tab, click Work breakdown structure to open the Work breakdown structure form.
When multiple users enter timesheets in Enterprise Portal, comment dates are
displayed incorrectly
When multiple users are working on the Timesheet Entry page in Enterprise Portal, the
dates in the Comments fields in the lower-left corner of the form might be incorrect.
There is no workaround for this issue.