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PuraVida 2012 Forecast Team Member’s:

Dustin Enrique Larsen

Suganah Moncrease
Brooke Gifford
Claire Puntenney (Madrona Tree)
Taryn Heyamoto (Madrona Tree)

Team Email:

End User
The end user for the particular product is an 18-25 male whose marital status is single but dating. At this
point in time he has no family and his income falls between low to middle income. His income is typically
spent on disposable goods, while trying to save money because it is his first time living on his own.

2012 is going to see the emergence of Menswear He typically works on average 7.6 hrs during the day (if he is out of school.) His jobs tend to either be
as a prominent force in the world of fashion, internships, entry-level jobs, or retail jobs. His extracurricular activities tend to be TV, sports, exercising and
especially in the business world based on current socializing. He typically either has a college degree or is working towards one.
trends. Looking back in time, we found inspiration His consumer characteristics are that he has a growing sense of individualism. He has varied views of
from the late 1950ʼs-early 1960ʼs which was a
social responsibility – this could be anything from purchasing garments made with eco-friendly materials to
time of extremely positive social mood and a
roaring stock market, the same social mood we only drinking faire trade coffee. He makes purchases based on the convenience of products, their
predict for 2012. availability factors and cost. He makes purchases that can gain him prestige or social status. He also has a
growing tech savvy, which means he could be drawn towards product innovations and “smart” gear.
In times of uncertainty there is nothing more needed than Unity. Past This rocker chic will take on the essence of Based on the above characteristics of the chosen target market, the product proposed would be the perfect
Rebirth is a common desire for everyone after times of Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley while pushing the one for him and would be the best product to maximize profit for the merchandiser.
color trends show that in times of social uncertainty and the
hardship. Spring/Summer 2012 will be a time of rebirth for the envelope in ways of colors, fabrics and patterns.
emergence from a negative social mood, colors tend to be closely
related to earth tones and neutrals with a splash of color (mainly
nation socially, culturally, politically, and most of all
economically. Typically when a social mood is changing from “Rock the Time Clock” inspiration is based on this
primary) to give a distraction and hope for the future. It is from this forecasted trend. It has the same close to the
uncertain to positive, colors are brighter and lighter to show
color trend data (which can be viewed in the figures found in the
just how light the spirits of the nation are. Data to support this
body silhouette as the 1950ʼs inspired suit, but
has become even thinner and narrower to show
Smart Fabrics
Context section) that our color forecast was derived. Color names are
trend can be viewed in the figures found in the Context more of the natural shape of the body. This
as follows: The newest innovations in smart fabrics are temperature sensitive textiles. These special fabrics
section. The color names are as follow: narrower silhouette will be due to the increased
confidence of the consumer. Color will also be help regulate body temperature. These textiles are mainly called phase-change fabrics. The fabrics
Frosted Avenue * Sunset Hydrant * Coppered Autumn * Flesh in the influenced by consumer confidence as are treated with what are called paraffins. According to Junor Campbell, Design and Development
Pure Birth * Rekindled Fire * New Lovers Glow * New Day *
Fast Lane confidence continues to grow. The deep bold red Manager for Mountain Designs, paraffin “change its character. As you get hot it becomes more
Fresh Green * Turned Leaf Cleansed Mint * New Abyss *
Sunshine Taxi * Leafy Bill * Urban Twilight * Crystal Pond * Concrete and black pinstripes express the wearerʼs liquid with all that heat to pass out. As the body gets cold, it solidifies and keeps heat back on the
Lilac Cleansing Rain * Plumb * New Born Petal * Infant Pink individuality, while also maintaining the business
Rejuvenated Soil * Fresh Tanned * Coral world class. 2012 will show dress shirts
wearer.” Another way that temperature sensitive textiles regulate heat is they are treated with
Woodland Cappuccino * Blushing Ivory * Delicate Peach * New York Inherently Conductive Polymers, a pending patent that is owned by CSIRO in Australia. These ICP
Cream * Slate * Midnight Manhattan becoming subtle, and it will be the outer suit
jacket and pants that will be turning heads. allow the fabric to transmit heat and cool the body without any electrical wires. If this technology
could be perfected and specified towards business/formal garments, it would be the perfect
Continuing the throwback to the 1950ʼs/60ʼs textile to use for the proposed product and would be very appealing to the specified target market
Executive Summary: rocker is the skinny tie and the wing tipped black
and white saddle shoe. Rather than just plain
and give an advantage over the competition.
solid colors that were the trends for ties before,
According to current trends, the social mood of the United States is heading toward the positive side, though it this new tie is innovative in both the fabric used
is still shrouded in uncertainty. Based on this data we have put forward a forecast for the colors, trends for the and the pattern in which it is woven. The tie will
be made out of black and white lamé , giving the
growing menswear industry, and innovations in textiles (Smart Fabrics that control the temperature of the body) tie a metallic 80ʼs rocker feel (another period of
for 2012. time where the social mood matches the one we
are forecasting) making it more fashion forward.
The pattern of the tie will be houndʼs tooth, an
Context/Data: innovative take off of the traditional checkerboard
In order for a proper forecast for the future to be made, the past needs to be taken into consideration. Context Source: ABC Online. Smart fabrics. Retrieved November 18, 2009, from
In order to make this look even more marketable
in regards to Social, Cultural, Economical and Political data from the past thirty years was analyzed and then to men entering or already in the work force is to
trends and hidden currents were identified. This provided data that supports our forecast for color and trends use smart fabrics in the construction on the Conclusion
garment, primarily smart fabrics that help control
for 2012. The figures below are compilations of this data: the temperature of the body. This will allow the Times are uncertain and the social mood of the nation is just that, full of uncertainty. The social mood of
consumer to only need to buy one suit for the the nation is coming out of a negative one and beginning to develop into a positive one. The social mood is
entire year, rather than a different suit for each what shapes the culture of our nation. Right now our nation is in limbo. This leads to an increase in
season. popularity of cultural events that explore the unknown and that glorify actions and behavior that would
Houndʼs tooth Pinstripe Lamé otherwise be considered taboo or culturally unacceptable.
Economies are very strongly affected by the social and cultural moods of the nation. The economy is an
indicator of the affects of an already developed social mood. The social and cultural mood of the nation was
negative proceeding the recession of 2008. Consumer confidence was down; unemployment was rising with
jobs scarce. Layoffs were at an all time high, the highest ever post WWII, according to Reuters’ University of
Michigan’s Survey of Consumers.
Social, cultural, and economical factors are all affected and developed before political factors are. The
According to the Forecast of Sales of Clothing by Subsector from the Euromonitor political stance of a nation is usually the last thing affected by the social mood, and is the source that
International Report provided by the Global Market International Database (above image) the citizens use to help correct the problem that they felt determined their mood. Right now the political
subsector of menswear that is predicted to grow in volume the greatest is Menʼs Suits. This is policies that are under debate are ones that will hopefully help move the nation out of its mood of
why our forecast for Menswear will be a strong opportunity for the industry. uncertainty into one of a positive nature.
Based on this contextual data is why we believe that our forecast for color, menswear, and innovation
Illustration By Brooke Gifford opportunities will be the most profitable for the industry.

Other Perspectives:
Statistics show that consumer confidence is on the rise. This boost will hopefully help the economy recover from the recession with American consumers feeling more stable.
The positive attitude will be reflected in the apparel industry with bright and bold colors and more innovative fashion designs. Science will focus on improving technology and
Trends are showing that as consumer confidence goes up, the end of the recession will surely follow. Trends
there will boosts in the human rights movement.
also show that consumer confidence during times of uncertainty are shaking, and could easily slip back towards
the negative side, causing the recession to last longer that anticipated. Examples of this sudden slip back to the
negative can be seen in the above figures. This would cause the colors and styles of fashion to slip back into We determined a major wild card that could greatly affect the attitudes of the American citizens. The first would be a war with Iran. If this were to occur, the United Stateʼs
neutral earth tones with simple styles and silhouettes. economy could collapse again. Based on past trends, this would send the fashion industry back into the conservative zone, simplifying all aspects from color to style to textiles.
This would include Earth tones and more simple and masculine design. If this were to occur, our forecast for menswear could easily be altered by using more muted colors and
and a less form fitting silhouette.