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Observation One

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Twitter Feed

This observation was taken on a one-hour window of feed on my own Twitter
media feed. The observations taken here will be listed as X amount of minutes
ago. For example, once I started the observation if there was a post 15 minutes
prior to that my notes will say 15 minutes ago.

Figured World: a group of people, whether it be in a geographical location or
just a similar people on a national or even worldwide scale, that that share
common interests. They also have ways on communicating and interacting
that are considered normal and accepted throughout the world.

The figured world I intend to observe is social media. More specifically I will be
observing the social media platform Twitter. I chose to observe Twitter because of
my enjoyment in reading through the posts people make. Also I find it fascinating
the way people communicate is a cyber environment as opposed to a face to face
interaction. It interests me to see how bold people can become when behind a

My figured world for this portfolio will be Twitter. Typically people tend to frequent
this website on the mobile apps downloaded on their cell phones. It is also
accessible through computer as well. The type of community you interact with on
your feed is completely dependent on you the user. The individual has the freedom
to follow anyone he or she chooses. Your feed can vary anywhere from young
children (yes there are some children) to adults that arguably have no idea how to
use the site. One can also choose to receive feeds from informational accounts that
range anywhere from comedy and humor to sports highlights and even news
stories. Individuals may post small 140 character comments, pictures, and videos..
As far as restrictions go for posting, there are virtually none. People can post
whatever they desire with no restrictions. The only way for it to be removed is to
have enough people report to comment. Still then a harmful comment may not be
removed. Personally I have never seen a tweet be removed even if it probably
shouldve been. But even if it happens to be successfully removed, by then the
damage has been done and the comment has been made. Therefore, it is mainly up
to the community to decide what comments are appropriate and which are not.
Depending on how an individual sees Twitter should be used, they may post things
they find humorous or even may express something that is bothering them in their
daily life. The user can post their ideas no matter how crude, pointless, or immature
it is. For example, one could post something hurtful or rude to another person. We
hear about it all the time and see videos about it but nothing ever really changes.
Younger users of the media source dont understand their actions can hurt other
people and because of this say things to others without thinking. That is not to say
there is not an understood decorum that people are expected to follow when
posting. When talking to another individual in person there are understood rules or
courtesies that are taken into account. You are respectful to the other individual and
not rude. There is no reason why these same behaviors should not be followed
when conversing over the internet. One is responsible, just as in any other
conversation, to think about what they say in order to not seriously offend others.
Now this does not mean that comments made do not offend people in certain
instances. In some cases this can cause some altercations or problems for the
individual not only on the media source but especially later on in the professional
world. In the figured world of Twitter I expect to find different communities based
on interests to a certain topic or age groups discussing a similar problem they are

Actors: All the members in a community that perform their roles or duties that
allow the community to function. This figured world includes a wide variety of
people of all different ages and races.

The Relatable Tweeter: Just like the college student I described in my observation,
there will usually be a few individuals who will continually post about relatable
topics. In this case he brought up the past times of tailgating and football and his
personal excitement for those activities. Other followers noticed this post and all
either favorite or responded to show they agreed with him or felt the same way.
These relatable tweets could be about anything from sports to personal stances but
one always manages to find a couple relatable posts while scrolling through their

The Comedy Poster: This is the individual that will constantly retweet accounts
that post jokes about certain subjects with mass appeal. Like the account that posted
the life is so expensive comment. Its not far off to say that at some point in time
everyone on the Twitter social media source has played a part in this role. Whether
it be a simple joke that was retweeted or a comment made that one felt was
humorous to people we have all done it.

The Pointless Poster: This individual will be in any social media source you can
find. It is unavoidable that there will be at least one person who posts things that
have so relevance or significance to anyone else except themselves. An example
would be the person in observation one that says things such as I need some
entertainment. Most people find these tweets extremely annoying seeing as they are
irrelevant. For whatever reason the posters of these tweets cannot see this and will
continue to post these absurd statement until the day they stop using social media.

The Meal Poster: Though a very small percentage of the figured world as a whole,
these individuals continue to make an entire platform suffer all at once. As they post
their meals that typically look delicious and enticing they aim to make others
jealous. Not only that but they have the ability to make a hungry person that much
hungrier. For example, in my first observation posted a picture of her breakfast at
Panera that looked exceptionally good. Whether they do it just to show people what
theyre eating or purely to make people jealous that is up to the individual but it
seems to be a habit that has picked up in the last year significantly.

Official Sports Account: The name speakers for itself on this one. Anything from
NFL to NHL and everything in between there is a franchise sponsored account that
will posts updates about their teams. Any true sports fan typically follows their
teams. For example in my Twitter feed two common posters are the Buffalo Bills
and the Buffalo Sabres. To them this is an essential account to have when game time
comes. Even if an individual couldnt watch the big game they can still get the
updates in a quick, accessible way.

Artifacts: This is the common interest. The physical object, idea, etc. that is
shared by the community. In this figured world it is typically a sports team or
other hobby or set of values a group of people share.

Therapy: A lot of people post their problems whether personal or not on Twitter
looking for advice or sympathy. In a way people begin using the site as a sort of
therapy. People comment and give their perspective or try and comfort the
individual as seen in my second observation with the girl in legal trouble. To see this
is very encouraging because people will take time out of their day to attempt to
cheer up an individual. In return the individual that was once having trouble can
then help another person also in a dilemma.

Comedy: Another artifact people find important is comedy. Without it life would be
very dry. So we as human beings try to find the little humors in our lives and laugh
about them. For example, the abs tweet in my second observation was made simply
to make people laugh. When someone tweets something comedic it is usually
because they found it humorous. Not only that but I believe its also because since it
made them laugh they want to share it and make someone elses day a little better.

Communities of Practice: These are created when people in the figured world
interact and communicate together in order to explore their common domain.

The Comedians As stated before a good number of people enjoy the humor that is
posted. These groups of people follow each other in order to gain exposure to more
and more funny posts. There are endless comedy accounts as seen in my
observations. Not only that but they share comments or picture they find funny with
others following them in their community.

Sports Fanatics These are the ones that live and breathe sports. If there is a game
on TV you can bet they will be posting about it. They will comment on others posts
and give their input. In their communities there will be conversations, and
arguments, about every sport known to man. When the game is on everyone picks a
side and the cheering starts.

Domain: This is an area of interest or expertise that the figured world shares

Sports: It is no secret that our societys free time endeavors revolves heavily around
sports and sporting events. All my observations had at least one mention of sports
somewhere in it. Anytime sports are mentioned you can guarantee this will arouse a
conversation that could last numerous hours. It can be about any sport, any team,
any number of plays but one will always see a conversation start when athletics are

Music: This comes in many forms on Twitter. One of the most commons forms is
accounts that post lyrics to songs, or other individuals that post song lyrics. Another
way is to post music videos for songs. This helps others show what songs they enjoy
and help relate to others with similar interests.

Practices of the Community: The practices of a community are the actions
taken to learn together as a whole while pursuing a greater knowledge for a
common interest

Discussing the Big Game: One of the practices of this community is to discuss the
big game that is on that day. People will talk about who they think will win and
about the statistics of players. In observation on the subject was USC versus ECU.
Individuals argue back and forth about whos better and why based on facts. In the
end whoevers team wins has the ultimate bragging rights.

Providing Support: One thing about the community is that when someone is
struggling with something and makes it known others will make an effort to help. As
in the case of the girl worried about her legal position. In many communities people
worry about themselves and thats all that matters. What is amazing about this
specific community is that some people actually care about what others are saying
and would like to help.

Literacy Practices: The different ways the individuals communicate in a
figured world or community

Replies: When someone posts an original comment that in itself is a way to
communicate. But to take it one step further anyone that wants can reply to a
comment and share their ideas. This way people form full conversations with other

Favorites & Retweets: To favorite or retweet something essentially both have the
same implied meaning. If someone is scrolling through their feed and sees a tweet
that they agree with or find funny or true they have the option To retweet or
favorite it. To the original poster of the tweet it goes without saying that the other
individual agreed with your comment or found it funny. A tweet can have any
number of retweets. Personally I have seen as few as one and as many as one
million. It all just depends on how popular the account.

Interview Q/A

Explain your thoughts on what Twitter and other social media sources seek to
provide, and ultimately accomplish with their provided service.
The goal of social media such as Twitter is to keep friends in faraway places in
touch. It lets us see what is going on in everyone's life on a daily basis. This would
not be possible in any other form of communication. You can spend 10 minutes on
Facebook or Twitter and see what 25 of your friends have done today. It would be
impossible to call all 25 of those people in the same amount of time just to see what
they have done today.

In what ways do you utilize the social media source Twitter to interact with
peers and the world around you?
I use social media such as Twitter to keep up with my friends on a daily basis, share
joke with friends, and comments on their posts. I also use it to keep up with the
latest news from my favorite sports teams and celebrities.

Compare and contrast Twitter conversation and real world face-to-face
Twitter conversations are usually much shorter than face-to-face conversations and
do not contain as much detail. They also tend to be less personal because you can't
see the person you are speaking to.

Give me your opinion on social media interaction, more specifically Twitter,
and how it is affecting an individuals ability to communicate in a real world
Twitter uses a lot of slang, abbreviations, and short, incomplete sentences. In the
real world you are expected to use real words and speak in complete sentences.
Twitter is conditioning us to do the complete opposite, resulting in poor face to face
conversation and effective communication skills.

In our society freedom of speech is important. On Twitter do you feel people
take that liberty too far? If so how would you propose that problem be
I believe people take the liberty too far in twitter when posting rude, mean, or
harmful things about other people. It is easier to say these things behind a keyboard
but the people posting these things do not realize the harm they are doing to the
person they are posting about. There is no real way to control this other than other
twitter users reporting the post so that it is deleted, but by then the damage is done
and someone's feelings are hurt.

The Observation: Starts 11:15 am September 4

3m ago: Someone posts and say that they just ran two miles, and due to the heat and
humidity, cannot breathe. Another friend jokingly responds to this jokingly says
thats not a bad thing

9m ago: A college student says he is ready to get this tailgate started for the football
game so he can be nice and ready for the game. Another individual comments and
asks what school he goes to. He responds back USC in reference to South Carolina
not southern California. The original comment along with the statement about
attending USC receive three favorites each alluding to the fact that people found it
humorous or are also ready for the USC vs. ECU game.

16m: An individual retweets a comedy account that states BEING ALIVE IS SO
EXPENSIVE. She clearly found this humorous and in total that tweet had received
215 retweets and 100 favorites from various other people.

25m ago: A girl comments and says , I need some entertainment. This seems to be
quite pointless as she is obviously the only one that understands what she is talking

26m ago: A girl posts a picture of her breakfast at Panera. It looks very good to some
people and her picture receives some favorites from other individuals.

26m ago: The same girl that made the last pointless tweet has said This is so
boring. Yet again it has no relevance to anyone else reading it because they have to
clue what she is discussing.

34m ago: An ad for Bud Light is now present on the feed. This is an odd ad to be out
up at 10:45 am. I understand that the company would like to advertise but a more
appropriate time would probably be later afternoon and at night.

35m ago: The official Buffalo Bills page which I follow posts and picture with a
caption. The picture is and edited picture of their quarter back EJ Manuel that blurs
all his surroundings and leaves his a the only sharpened imaged in order to
emphasize his figure. The caption reads SO. CLOSE referring to the Sunday NFL

44m: A college student complains about his schedule and the times that they are
giving away shirts for rush week. He says that his classes are scheduled during all
the t-shirt give away times and wont be able to get one.

50m: Two of my friends from my hockey team want to come visit and ask me when
the most will be going on at the school. I respond that weekends are usually pretty
dead but that they should come during homecoming because there are numerous

1h ago: There is a small picture from and account called Life Hacks that has basic
grammar mistakes not to make such as your/youre, couldve/could of,
their/there/theyre, and of course to/too/two.

Observation Two
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Twitter Feed

Observation: starts 11:45 am September 9

3m ago: A comedy account is retweeted that said I just want to have absolutely all
the pasta and breadsticks. This is obviously supposed to relate to others who want
abs but want good food more. It is in a way making fun of people who complain
about not having abs but eat unhealthy.

8m ago: A boy posts a picture from a lifted trucks account. The account posts
pictures of cool trucks that appeal to a lot of individuals. The particular person is
country and enjoys trucks and wishes to share with others his idea of a cool truck he
desires to own.

10m ago: The same boy retweets another picture from the same account.

11m ago: An account called Filthy Rich Snaps posts a picture of a tricked out Land
Rover. This account posts picture people Snapchat that provide a look into the life of
people with insane amounts of money.

15m ago: UNCC IFCs twitter account tweets saying that there are a lot of great rush
events going on this week and to stay tuned for more details. This tweet was
obviously for fraternities to advertise themselves and try to gain pledges.

18m ago: A girl posts the single word whatever. This is the typical girl who tweets
about things no one understands. It is completely irrelevant and most people dont
understand or care because it is typically relationship problems.

26m ago: A girl posts that apparently she could go to jail for up to 60 days and that
she is extremely pissed at her lawyer. People reply asking what happened and if
there is anything they can do or if she needs someone to talk to for comfort.

31m ago: The Official Buffalo Sabres hockey team page posts about their new draft
pick named Reinhart. They have a link about his top rankings in the draft how they
have two top 10 draft picks. The link is there for their fans convenience.

35m ago: A life hack account posts a life lesson about the most important lessons we
learn in life are sometimes the ones we learn the hard way. Though not much of an
actual life hack it is something that can be inspiration to the individual.

41m ago: A girl posts about getting sick and missing classes. She says she wont be
getting out of bed all day and is happy about that. Again the post is mostly irrelevant
to anyone reading it but she obviously thought she would express this to people.

48m ago: Someone retweets and account that mentions fall weather and its slow
approach. Many people are excited for the season and the particular tweet received
17 retweets and 9 favorites which proves this.

Observation 3: starts 4:45 pm September 11

1m ago: A fact account says It would take 1.2 million mosquitoes, each sucking once,
to completely drain the average human of blood. Twitter is full of cool facts accounts
whose sole purpose is for little entertainments through out the day. Other than that,
its typically useless trivia facts.

10m ago: a life hacking account says for most math books you can get answers to
assignments by simply searching the name of your textbook and then answers.
This was posted because it would be helpful to most likely tons of individuals.
14m ago: A girl posts a picture with a boy. They are hugging and under it the caption
reads Happy birthday. She obviously posted this to show her appreciation for this
person and to show she remembered and cared.

18m ago: An account posts a famous picture from 9/11 of two people jumping out of
one of the towers while holding hands. Its caption discusses how even in a persons
final moments they will sometimes need a helping hand.

19m ago: A girl quotes the song by Kenny Chesney that says tequila makes her
clothes fall of. She was most likely listening to the song and liked the song so
decided to tweet it so other people would think about the song too.

26m ago: A girl tweets and says S/O to Chris for listening to my vent session.
Obviously she was having problems and she needed someone to talk to so her
listened. She decided to show her appreciation by letting people know what he did.

30m ago: Buffalo Bills official page tells all fans to come see them take on the Miami
Dolphins. Then there is a link to lick to go by tickets. They obviously are trying to sll
tickets and gain support from the fans.

34m ago: An account is retweeted that posted a picture of a white Audi R8 with
white rims. The guy that retweeted it must have thought it was a cool car and
wanted others to see it. Apparently so did others because it was retweeted 1000
times and favorite 1500 times.

39m ago: An account called fascinating videos posts a video of a man in a warehouse
knocking over huge shelves with a forklift. The caption under the video says, Think
you had a bad day? This was posted to make people laugh and show even if you
think your day is bad it could be worse.

45m ago: A girl posts talking about how college is a game of seeing how late you can
wake up and still make it to class. It must have been funny to a lot of college
students because 1200 people retweeted it.

49m ago: Someone posts about eating too much McDonalds. This is another tweet
that no one really cares about. It is irrelevant to everyone reading it. She most likely
posted it to make people want hungry and jealous she had McDonalds.

55m ago: Apple has an advertisement for their new IPhone 6. This will be a huge
product release and they are guaranteed to make tons of money. They almost dont
need the ad because everyone knows about it already.

1h ago: There is a picture of a real life collage made of tons of small portraits. After
reading the caption it becomes clear there are 2.996 photos there. Each one is a
picture of an individual that lost their life in the 9/11 attacks. This picture serves to
make people on twitter stop to just think about that day and pay their respects.